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Found 37 results

  1. This is an 8-Bit cover of 'You're In My Head Like a Catchy Song', a song from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - S07E13: The Perfect Pear. I really liked that episode, which motivated me to do something productive, so I did an 8-bit version of the song soon after watching the episode. Made in FamiTracker. I'm still kinda bad at it, so don't expect fireworks. Enjoy!
  2. Hello everpony! Sometimes speeding up/down and doing other kinds of science on tracks brings interesting results. This time, I've reversed my cover and I liked what I heard immediately. That's why I've decided to recreate it by flipping the song upside down and remix it a little. It still may sound off and weird, but I tried to not modify it that much. The flipping process itself took maaaany hours, as I had to re-do the whole song after all. So... Basically it's a mess, that sounds like a reversed track, with some editing to make it less messy. With that being said, if you'll reverse this remix, you'll definitely recognize the original song. SCIENCE!
  3. NOTICE This thread contains spoilers from season 5. Hello everybody! I had making an 8-bit cover of "The Magic Inside" from S5E24: "The Mane Attraction" planned for a long time and finally I've decided to put my hoof on that. I'm really proud of it as initially I thought it will be a disaster, but thankfully it turned out to be not that bad. Yeah, I totally believe in myself. I hope it's likeable!
  4. Faux Pas 45 7-bit Something Sizzlor Auger Clocker
  5. Hello everypony! /) I'm still toying with 8-Bit music and I think I'm slowly making some progress! :-P This time, I want to show you something, that I'm proud of, even though I know it's far away from being perfect. At least I've tried! Enjoy!
  6. Hello everypony! /) First off, please note that I'm not a musician, nor have any experience at this, so go ahead and tell me how terrible it is! Okay, so more than a year ago, I found few 8-bit pony songs that I loved. In their descriptions, I've found the name of the software, that was used to make them. I got curious, so despite the fact, that I never was into music making and the lack of any knowledge, I've started toying with it. After having fun and failing so badly, I've decided to test what I've learned in about a week and make an 8-bit pony song by myself. Because I couldn't find 8-bit version of 'Shine Like Rainbows', I've decided to put my hoof into it. :-P So here it is! Shine Like Rainbows in 8-bit, that I've made more than a year ago! I hope it's actually not that bad! Enjoy!
  7. BETA 1.0 This is a NES-like Platformer Shooter similar to Contra. Two brothers are 'kidnapped' to the Game World by The Virus. It asks them to gather data from various games, which would grant it more power. Once the request will be fulfilled, the brothers will be brought back to real world. But what will happen next? Is the game world in danger? Do Super Coolstory Brothers find another way? > Unique Gameplay! (As for RPG Maker) Engine' scripts are totally reprogrammed > LOCAL MULTIPLAYER! > Bring Back Memories From Your Childhood! > Original Soundtracks! > Original Sound Effects! > Old-school gameplay! (8-bit style) COLOSSAL ANT - A murderous ant. For some reason it damages humans when touched and HOLY BALLS! It takes few bullets to kill and is annoying to hit! Drastically upscaled so you can see. Spuder - Dis Spuder can shoot cobwebs all over the place. It can't aim properly to be honest. Wox - A hybrid of a wolf and a fox. This cute dogie will gladly run through hug you. Rock - It has hard character. It wants to prove, that you don't need life to move and not be grounded. SMALL DATA CHIP - Increases DATA value by 1 BIG DATA CHIP - Increases DATA value by 3 SMALL HEART - Restores HP by one heart BIG HEART - Restores HP by three hearts 1UP - Gives one Extra Life Time - Gives some Extra Time Planned Items: Heart Container - Increases maximum life by one heart Super Coolstory Bros! BETA 1.0 IMPORTANT NOTE Google Drive and related to it sites assume, that this file is dangerous. That's because games made in the 'RPG Maker' series have an uncommon file type (custom compression), which isn't trusted by antiviruses. It even says, that the file is dangerous right after I create it, which is ridiculous. Nevertheless, I don't take any responsibility for potential harm. I'm just letting you know how things look like, but it's worth to be careful anyway.
  8. This is a cover I've had a for a little while but haven't released. Anyway, here it is. Enjoy!
  9. so I have done a LOT of music in my time, and I am slowly trying to get it out there - I have about 125 of them posted on youtube, out of about 320 to go, and I have been told I should boost my youtube presence more.. so I have been trying to do that. I have done a lot of remixes, as well as originals - a lot of my originals are already posted on youtube, as well as entire years worth of unmastered collections, but now I will focus on individually mastering old songs I have done. At the moment I am focusing on Earthbound - today's song: Pokey means business! you can hear it here and if you go to the video you can find its soundcloud link, as well as links to my website or you can just go to my website here hehe: enjoy!
  10. A medley of songs from BlackGryph0n and Baasik's album, IMmortal! Tell me what you liked and didn't like about it, it's incredibly helpful for future releases of mine!
  11. I've uploaded another 8-bit cover - Friendship by Aviators! As usual, constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.
  12. So I made this little video. It's not much, just a looping gif but I think it turned out pretty good. For those of you who don't know, the cat is Sakamoto from Nichijou. and here's a cute little gif version
  13. So I really dig chiptune. It may possibly be because of my earlier gaming days but hearing the stuff really calms me down (after a hard day especially). Chiptune is also called 8-bit and the music made from arguably archaic computer and gaming console chips. You guys can share 8-bit tunes from any form of media, etc. Here's an 8tracks playlist I particularly like that features a lot of it~ : (click the image)
  14. I dunno why soundcloud makes audio sound muddied.
  15. Heyo! This is an interesting choice of song that I'm using for filler while I work on other songs, so if we have any NSP fans out there here ya go!
  16. I've just released a brand new 8-bit cover, this time of September by The Living Tombstone (feat. MicTheMicrophone and PinkieSkye). I've tried to add a higher cutoff and a bass boost to make the chiptune sound less piercing and more smooth. Tell me what you think!
  17. Heyo, everyone! Over the past half-year, I've been compiling my 8-bit compositions and covers (all MLP based, of course!), and now 6 of my songs are available as a digital 22 minute long EP, called KINGDOM! The songs included are: 1. The 8-Bit Brony Medley (8-Bit Cover Compilation) 2. The Fall of Twilight's Kingdom (8-Bit Original) 3. Another End (8-Bit Cover) 4. Make a Wish (8-Bit Remix) 5. Nightmare Night (8-Bit Remix) 6. Rainbow Factory (8-Bit Cover) This album is pay what you want! That means you can pay anything from $0.00 to (if you so choose, crazy guy) $1,000,000 (don't.)! Have fun and happy listening!
  18. Nothing too awesome... Just an extended version of another song I made. BUMP since this got buried And is it complicated to comment. I mean really. 7 listens and no comment.
  19. Eh, it's not too special nor is it anything exciting some comments would be nice >>
  20. Ok, Chip here again. My last music genera post thread didn't do too well, but I think it's because of the fact that not everyone knows what chiptunes are. So... I decided to make something a little broader. Welcome to... CHIP'S VIDEO GAME MUSIC THREAD!!!!!! I think that this thread will be a little better, because many people play video games, so, in essence, many people also listen to video game music, and there are remixes and things of video game songs, so if anyone comes across a cool video game song remix, post it in here! Ok, here we go, I'll get us started: Listen and weep.
  21. Just spent about 7 hours making this, just thought I would share it. imo it turned out well, but I would also like to know what some of you guys think.
  22. A couple years ago, I decided to try my hand at a "retro remix" of one of my favorite songs. This is Dream Theater's "Panic Attack" (which was in Rock Band 2), as played on an 8-bit NES. Sequenced with FamiTracker. (And in case you're wondering, this is not just an "NES-style" remix - I have actually played this on real NES hardware, using the RetroZone PowerPak cartridge (it's a CompactFlash card reader that lets you play NES ROMs and .NSF music files on real hardware). (Unfortunately, the forum won't let me upload .NSF files.)
  23. It would be a light mystery Buy Free.wav (I'm not good at music, but I made thing because I bored. I made with FamiTracker. It's not done I don't think it will.)
  24. Hey, Chip here (At least that's what my gaming friends call me), and I thought, seeing as we already have a metal thread (thank you Crispy), I was wanting to put up some chiiptunes or 8-bit game music up here for my peeps to jam to. I've loved this type of music for as long as I could hold a game controller, and I just thought that I should share the chippy love! Here's something to start us off, a little Anamanaguchi!!!