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Found 2 results

  1. The First Era: Twilight moving to Ponyville and ascending to princesshood (seasons 1-4); the pre-movie era! The Second Era: Starlight getting reformed and getting taught under Twilight's wing - whatever her destiny is remains to be seen at the end of the season (seasons 5-7); also the breather era since the movie is pretty much continuing where the Mane Six left off back in season 4. When season 8 releases, it's going to start the Third Era - the post-movie era! With the movie outta the way, the main cast can have a huge amount of development in their lives without consequence! The question is: what's this era going to do with their lives? What's next on Twilight's list now that she became a princess, and taught everything she knew to Starlight? Are we gonna continue where season 4 left off in? Are we gonna continue following Starlight around? Or is this gonna be completely new? If you ask me, I think this era is gonna start Twilight taking Celestia's place! After all, Celestia has been running the kingdom for over a thousand years, and most of the time without Luna, and you think she might want to retire? Could Twilight start to slowly take her mentor's place, and maybe seasons 8-10 might do just that, and that will conclude the series? That's what I believe! It's in Lauren's vision to be Celestia's successor, and when she wants something, DHX does all in their power to make it so! Fluttershy Leans In made that quite clear when Flutters was in the same scenario!
  2. Iunno about all of you, but season 4 was almost the perfect season in the show! Why? Cause it has a really intense story that connects some of the episodes, all the characters recieved a fair share of development, and all they all had a fair share of episodes too. Yes, there were a few bumps here and there - I know alot of you didn't enjoy episodes like Somepony to Watch Over Me, or Trade Ya. But I believe there was a perfect balance to everything in the show, and even for a kid's show, it had the best overall story any of the seasons could have! All the writers and developers should be thanked for that, but also Meghan for being an amazing leader through it all! Seasons 5, 6, and 7 were all amazing in their own way! Season 5 had the awesome premiere and a ton of fandom nods! Season 6 fixed Spike and Fluttershy, made great use of Trixie, and brought a new perspective to dragons, griffons, and changelings alike! And finally, season 7 has other fan-panderings and amazing development for all the characters (so far)! But none of that can beat season 4 in my book! Those other seasons had alot of story flaws, an unbalance of character episodes and development, and the Mane Six and the princesses seemed way too helpless at times, and characters were way too OOC alot. Season 4 wasn't perfect either, but it had a balance of things, and an awesome theme to the main arc! Seasons 5-7, they're good, but they're not connected to the main arc of the show. Since the movie was in production during this time, the main MLP story seemed to have a sudden halt to the main storyline. Seasons 1-4, they're Twilight's arc; seasons 5-7 are Starlight's arc; and when season 8 starts, it's going to start a new era, a new mission for Twilight and the main cast! When that time comes, I would be honored if Meghan were to continue where she left off in season 4, and perhaps to start wrapping things up for the series. Give proper conclusions to all the main cast and supporting characters, so the series can end with a bang in season 9 or 10, whichever!