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Found 30 results

  1. Here is the Inspector Gadget Theme Song on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here:
  2. hi everybody! how are you?? I love 80s generation of ponies, and i usually look for gadget about these old little ones... I found these custom dolls! what do u think about it??? I totally love them!
  3. As I was born in the 90s, I completely missed the 80s. But... I think a Nostalgia thread for those that were in the 80s should exist. So here is a thread for you 80s folks to talk about movies and fashion and TV and overall other 80s stuff. Here is the 90s Nostalgia thread. And the 2000s thread. In any-case, I now like some things from the 80s, like transformers and movies so I guess there are things younger people can talk about even if it wouldn't be nostalgia for us. As for me, am planning an 80s themed week, where I listen to 80s music, play 80s video games, and wear 80s fashion. Watching 'Back to the Future' is totally on my list. So any-ponies here have any suggestions for 80s week? go ahead and share some ideas please!
  4. Y'think we'll ever get some 80s style music in the show at all? Like maybe during a chase sequence or something, or even a musical number with an 80s style beat to it, like 80s classic rock or new wave? Like a Kenny Logans style musical number, or Madonna! That would be awesome!
  5. Today, another great star of 80s music has left this earth. Prince died today with 57 year of age, supposedly through a flu that he got a week ago and has lied in a hospital since then. Prince became famous in the 80s, where he became famous for songs like Kiss, Sexy MF and Purple Rain, where he got an oscar for. RIP Prince, i hope you will laugh forever in the purple rain.
  6. Since we all know music from the 80's is the best I decided to make this thread. What are your favorite songs from the 80's? Post songs you like here and discuss why you like them! Maybe you have a favorite group from the 80s? Anyways, here are two of my favorite songs! A-Ha's Take on me. This is a must have on every toplist for the 80's! And I really love Forever Young. I can listen to it over and over. I searched and looked 12 pages if this thread excisted, I could not find it. If it does, just merge
  7. Alright boys and girls, let's do something fun! The Wonderbolts need an awesome, cheesy 80's (or maybe even 70's) theme song, so let's compile a list! Share with us fellow memers at least one song you feel captures the atmosphere and badassness of the Wonderbolts! p.s. This ain't no Wonderbolts debate thing, if you don't like 'em, I'm sorry, but this is something fun for us Wonderbolts fans to do to keep us busy.
  8. He's the greatest, he's fantastic, wherever there is danger he'll be there... Danger Mouse, one of the heroes odf my childhood, got a reboot on CBBC. Judging from the first 2 epsiodes I watched, it is amazingly well done, slightly modernized, but still keeping the classic's charm.
  9. Best 80's parody movie ever.
  10. Surprised there isn't a thread for this show. Macgyver was a 1980's TV Show about MacGyver, who macgyvers his way through problems, such as saving people from a nuclear disaster or keeping a farm safe from army ants (that episode was disgusting). It's one of the only live-action shows that I like.
  11. Currently, watching Gen 1 MLP & loving it! I started w/ the first two "movies" (well they were sort of movies). Anyways, the poniverse was rich with talent from the get go. The voice actors had already done loads of work prior to MLP, like Sandy Duncan, and others like Nancy Cartwright would go on to bigger things (Simpsons) while others were doing their best work while doing MLP - Peter Cullen otherwise known as Optimus Fricking Prime! The feel is very 80's w/ Gen 1 . . . almost too much so. Anyone who has ever watched Dungeons & Dragons the series sees a ton of it in Gen 1 MLP. Even voice actress Katie Leigh was in both. The original story (for & from Hasbro mind you) is very true to the heart of the original my little pony concept. A girl who likes and rides real ponies (Megan) is whisked away from this world via a flying horse over the rainbow to a magical land to be part of the adventure. Pretty much most 5-9 year old girl's fantasy during the 20th century. Now every girl in America could have their very own little pony for only 9.95 or whatever they were fetching back in 85. So yeah any Gen Xer who likes G.I. Joe, Smurfs (lots of pre-pony in that), Transformers, Etc. Etc. could like Gen 1 if only he/she would open up his/her to equine possibilities. If you like Friendship is Magic you never would have had it if it was not for the cootie-filled lameness that was Gen 1. Seriously, most of the original concepts, and to some extent characters, were set back then. So all hail the original Toy Makers for giving us MLP! BTW. First Post
  12. So I've decided to make a thread that focuses on New Wave/Synthpop music. Anypony here listen to this type of music? If you do, feel free to post your favorite bands and songs that fit into this genre of music. Even music videos are good. Here are some bands I like: - The B-52's - New Order - The Cars - Depeche Mode - The Police The list goes on Some songs I like: - Rock Lobster - The B-52s - True Faith - New Order - Blue Monday (both original and 88) - New Order - Never Let Me Down Again - Depeche Mode - Message in a Bottle - The Police The list goes on
  13. This thread is dedicated to the golden years of the 80s and 90s. Describe you're best founded memories you ever had as a child growing up in those years and tell us what year was the best year for you and why. Also tell us what was you're favorite cartoons and toys and TV shows and movies from those years.
  14. I think one of the good things (of MANY) in this finale was Discord's relationship with Tirek. They are both villains from two totally different eras of thinking and it shows. Tirek evokes a very satanic image; the horns, cloven hooves, red skin, corrupting good, imprisoned in Hell etc. This was typical of the time he was made. Look at his counterparts Mum-Ra or Skeletor. At the time, the big fear was what was classically related to death and the infernal or demonic. Discord, inspired by Q, is more geared toward the existential horror that came with the new millennial resurgence of Lovecraftian themes and ideas. His hodgepodge appearance, inexplicable powers, and the unsettling atmosphere he creates all evoke something similar to Nyarlathotep. Further hammering the contrast home is how they are introduced and what they do to their victims. Tirek is introduced in a dark alleyway, obscured by shadow, and his true nature, cloaked. His first line is whispered insidiously, claiming a pony's magic and cutie-mark (perhaps symbolic of their soul?) as his own. Discord is introduced by casually altering the dimensions of his environment, his antics almost playful. His speeches though, reveal dark and twisted truths to his audience, the break or make them question their very purpose of existence. When the two team up, it's almost like a mythological crossover version of the Joker and Red Skull team up.
  15. First off I have to say that the finale of this season was a major let down for me. When I heard that Tirek was coming back I thought that Hasbro had planned on adding in some of the more famous G1 ponies as well but...I was wrong... I was thinking that Hasbro had planned on having some of the G1 ponies team up with the mane 6 to fight Tirek. Tirek was not as he should have been. Scorpan and Tirek are NOT brothers. Scorpan was actually a prince that was turned into a monster by Tirek when he took over his kingdom. With that out of the way...On to the actual topic. Not only has Hasbro brought back Tirek but they also mentioned Firefly. Does this mean that they are in the process of securing the rights to use Firefly in the show as well as other G1 ponies?
  16. Anypony listen to The Cult? They are my favorite 80's band and they still make new music today!
  17. I don't know if any of you know of this Canadian series, but I did some pics of the anti-hero from the series named Cyril sneer. Also if I was in the animated series.
  18. Because I don't get the Hub here in Canada, I have to watch it on the YouTubes. (This feels like cheating) I remember watching a rerun of it on TV one time in the 90's, but nothing much else about it. I sometimes wonder why I was born too late when all the good stuff was about to disappear from television. Is there anyone who actually likes and watches ALF besides me? I find it to be still funny after years, even if I never saw much of it back then. "You are no longer a cat, you are a bagel." LO F-ing L!
  19. Some of you might remember The Rockafire Explosion, who played in Showbiz Pizza Place franchises all across the country before they were slowly converted into Chuck E. Cheese’s franchises in what’s known as “Concept Unification”. Here’s something you might not know: they’re still around. -Perhaps you’ve seen the Auqabats on The Hub Network; but you might have not yet seen their encounter with The Rockafire Explosion in this video: -Here’s the band’s tribune to Davy Jones of the Monkees: Now, how would you like The Rockafire Explosion to cover a song from MLP:FiM (say, Pinkie Pie’s Smile Song)? Perhaps some of you might want to drop the band’s creator Aaron Fechter a request to make it happen.
  20. I was looking at the Billboard Hot Black Singles charts from the '80s, and I happened to see a song called "Crack Killed Applejack" by General Kane. The single peaked at #12 on Hot Black Singles (now known as Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs) in November 1986; it didn't chart on any other major Billboard singles chart at the time. The B-side of the single was "Applejack's Theme". I found a YouTube video of "Crack Killed Applejack"; there doesn't seem to be one for "Applejack's Theme". [video=] The song has no relation to the character Applejack or My Little Pony other than the name. I just thought it was funny that there was an actual hit rap song with "Applejack" in it.
  21. Hey so I'm curious. What are your opinions on Classical, 80's and basically Modern music today. Mainstream mostly. I picked these for a reason so I just want to know, love em or hate em
  22. As one of the lead writers of this song - and out of a need to promote independent artists - I feel it is here that I should share with you all the release of my band's first ever single, the titular track from our self-produced debut album-in-progress, Bringers of Dusk: We will be working on mixing more of our songs to release periodically over the Summer, so if you like what you hear, give our page a Like on Facebook to stay abreast of our up and coming releases. If you don't like what you hear...well, can't please 'em all, now can we? Lyrics:
  23. After watching a certain show that we all love, I felt the need to re-watch "The Last Unicorn" after witch I re-watched "The Lord of the Rings" cartoon trilogy (although fellowship and two towers were sort of lumped into one) and "The Hobbit". And I got to thinking, I haven't seen alot of old cartoon epics so I watched "Fire and Ice", "Wizards", and "Heavy Metal". Are there any other really good sci-fi/fantasy flics that I should know about?
  24. I grew up with a lot of great stuff, too much stuff to keep to one topic so I will only mention a few notables. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles classic series: the gritty, dark and violent comic may have come first but the 80's and 90's cartoon brought the turtles into the mainstream. I have been a turtles fan for over 20 years and still am, back when the cartoon aired I had nearly every toy you could imagine and watched that show religiously. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was the first fandom I ever became involved with and am still glad to say I still am one. I saw the 2003 series and it felt like falling in love all over again and I have been eagerly watching the 2012 series since it premiered and with the exception of a few nitpicky things here and there I love it because it combines the silly humor from the classic cartoon with the darker elements of the 2003 series and the original comics. Power Rangers: This was another thing I was into where I had nearly every toy you could imagine and never missed an episode. I may no longer be into this fandom but still have some very fond memories of it. Batman the Animated Series: This show is what started a love affair with Batman that is yet to slow down. I have seen many different versions of Batman throughout the years but this is without a doubt my personal favorite. Animaniacs: I love that the HUB has started airing this show, it is like they took the best of the old school cartoons and combined it with clever modern (as in modern back then) and old school references into an entertaining cartoon that never took itself too seriously. Hey Arnold: Like MLP it had great morals and lessons and presented them in a way that while it was simple enough for children to understand were profound enough to where even adults could apply them without being too preachy. And it was an all around entertaining show with engaging, relatable characters placed in very interesting situations.
  25. Here's a place I was tempted into making after seeing all the other threads like this. Here, you can discuss your favorite rock bands of the 80's, including straight up rock n' roll, metal, the hair bands, etc, along with just the topic in general. Have fun, and here's some Vinnie Vincent Invasion.