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Found 3 results

  1. It took two hours, but I did it >:D (Just click it and zoom on the page to see it :P)
  2. Anyone who knows me knows I have always loved a good game. My love of gaming started all the way back to the original NES system, and I treasured the hours I spent getting new games, learning them and conquering them. Eventually my old NES gave up the ghost, and the games went off to a pawn shop. Now I am trying to revisit those old classics and recapture some of the magic I felt before. It is no secret I have become somewhat disillusioned with games in the last few years.. they have become bigger, louder and flashier.. but not necessarily better. Not saying they suck, but they just don't capture my attention the way they used to in the past, which is not necessarily their fault, just my own feelings in general. So this is my own personal little adventure to recapture some of that magic... to revisit the past and travel up into the present. Is it going to take a long time? You bet it is.. but that is OK.. I will have fun all the same. And that is what ANY game is supposed to be about. Now, to say I had a lot of NES games is an understatement.... a major understatement... and honestly is a story for another time. But for now let's just say I had a lot of them... and having so many of them, there were games I loved, and games I played once and then hid at the bottom of closets to never be touched again. I went through several systems, all the way up the PS3 where i finally just got tired of it all and slipped out of the market for gaming for awhile. For the sake of simplicity, this blog entry will only be for the NES classic system. I am not sticking to ONLY NES games, and have plans to move up nto SNES, Genesis and later systems as well, and I still may pop on some PS1 and 2 games here and there as well.. but at the moment I am mainly trying to concentrate on NES games. Also, I am mainly concentrating on games I used to own and games I have heard about and just never gotten around to playing that interest me. I won't replay everything nor finish everything... let's face it, some of the old stuff was pure garbage and I won't force myself though that crap... but I will at least mess with it a bit if for no other reason to remind myself why I hated it. I may end up putting up reviews as well.. but I dunno, I have never been keen on reviewing games. I do usually have a couple of games going at once as well. I was playing Dragon Warrior for example for a couple of weeks there, but in that time I also replayed Blaster Master, A Boy and His Blob and Bionic Commando. (Exploding Hitler never gets old!) The main reason for this is my favorite genres are RPGs, but as much as I love them, at times they get tedious and I need to break off and play something else. I am open to suggestions and discussions on the topic as well. I love sharing thoughts and opinions and learning what other people are enjoying. If you do suggest something and it is not something I loathe, or appears like I will loathe, then it will go on the list. I will update this as I have the time and interest. Sometimes work burns me out and sometimes I just am not in the mood to play. Also, just because it is on the list does not mean I will get to it anytime soon since as I said, it will change as I have time and interest.So we will see how it goes. Feel free to message me with any thoughts you may have. And yes, i am mostly running through the alphabet, although that is not a hard fast rule. It is more for convenience than necessity. List of NES games played and/or completed 8 Eyes 10-Yard Fight 1942 1943 A Boy and His Blob Abadox Adventures of Bayou Billy Adventures of Lolo 1, 2 & 3 Alfred Chicken Alien 3 All-Pro Basketball Anticipation Astyanax Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Baby Boomer Bad Dudes Batman Battle Chess Battletoads Bionic Commando Blaster Master Bubble Bobble Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle Cabal Capcom's Gold Medal Challenge 92' Castelian Castle Of Dragon Castlevania 1, 2 & 3 Chip & Dale's Rescue Rangers Code Name Viper Commando Conquest of the Crystal Palace Contra Cool World Crystalis Dance Aerobics Darkwing Duck Defender II Deja Vu Demon Sword Dirty Harry Double Dragon 1-3 Dragon Warrior 1&2 F-117A Stealth Fighter Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf James Bond Jr. The Jungle Book L'Empereur The Legend of Zelda Metroid Micheal Andretti's World GP Super Mario Bros. 1, 2 & 3 Currently playing/looking into Battle Kid 1&2 D&D Dragonstrike, Heroes of the lance, Hillsfar & Pool of Radiance Dr. Mario Dragon Warrior 3-4 Ducktales Faxanadu Festers Quest Final Fantasy (Will play a better version though) Ghostbusters Ghosts and Goblins Goonies II Gradius Guardian Legend Gunsmoke Edited (12-1-16): Finished a couple of games and updated lists. Fuck some of these games, seriously.
  3. Hello! A little while back, I was thinking about arcade games and such, and I was thinking of the thought of creating a series(album thingy) to release all of my ideas for this concept. I named it 'BangHammer EP'. I found that LaserPon3 had released a download to the 8bit sounds from the Comic Con game, and I decided, "What the heck? Let's add those samples to BangHammer!" Thus, creating 8BITMLP, my fanmade track. I hope you enjoy, critique is appreciated! I plan to release this "series" later on in the year.^^ http-~~-// Edit: XraYZ has also created a remix for this series.^^ http-~~-//