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Found 27 results

  1. I think that video games, movies, and everything else is a lot better today than they were in the 1990s.
  2. What do you guys think about these creepy Friends fan theories circulating around internet? .. Btw, this is only for fun and discussion so please dont get pissed off. Let me know ur opinion..
  3. I grew up in the 90s and so are a lot of the other people on this site, and I was thinking about how fun it could be if there was a thread were we can discuss the 1990s, talk about TV, fashion, Music, trends, that kind of stuff. I was more of a late 90s/early 00s person, having been born in the real early 90s, teenager 90s things weren't targeted at me, unlike my older siblings. For example my sister had a whole bunch of those Grateful dead stuffed bears (at least that's what I think that's what they were), as well as had a bunch of rock and roll stuff like posters and things in her room, so that's what I think about when I think about stuff for teenagers in the 90s from my perspective as a kid at the time. (that and I may have secretly watched an episode or two of things that I was not allowed to watch, like South park and Beevis and Butthead, and Celebrity Death Match). I made threads about the 80s and 2000s too.
  4. What are somethings that seeemed very certain, taken as fact or old practices that stood true in the 90's but hold no weight now.? Ex: You need to practice cursive. Because you always use cursive in college. Cell phones blow up gas stations Apple computers was gonna go bankrupt. A college degree guarantees you a career. Your turn
  5. So I was on a "90s-show-blast-to-the-past" marathon SO whats your favorite show from the 90s, and what made the show special to you? Samurai Jack was my favorite show, because of its action and animation style. I also liked it mainly because I watched almost every episode with my dad . From the awesome futuristic club episode, to the flash back of his childhood episode. Now you've heard enough from me. NOSTALGIA OVERLOAD GO!
  6. Hi there, everyone. Is anyone else here a fan of this 90s cult classic? I wasn't even born yet when the show premiered, but my dad was a fan from the beginning and his enthusiasm for The X Files has rubbed off on me.
  7. You hear 90s kids shout it all the time, "Cartoonz today suk, 90s waz bettar!!!". And while we have had some terrible shows come out these days, does anybody really even buy that nonsense? People seem to forget that the 90s had just as much mediocre, terrible, or just plain forgettable cartoon programming as today. The thing is, we have gotten older and have become more aware of the animation industry output than we did as kids. Not to mention a lot of shows you may have watched as a kid, may not hold up as well as you'd expect when you watch them today. Remember Mike, Lu, and Og? Yeah..... And I really don't see how you could call this decade terrible for cartoons. This is the decade that brought us Adventure Time, Regular Show, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Dan Vs., Korra, Archer, Wander Over Yander, and of course, Friendship is Magic. Some of the most well-written and creative cartoons on TV today. Don't judge this decade just based off the crap Nickelodeon shovels out, and don't base the 90s off shows you actually remembered as a kid. Every decade has gems, every decade has shit. Quality has no time limit.
  8. Now cartoons have been around for a long time for like over a decade and I feel like each era had some unique cartoons coming out. But the talk I hear a lot about is with 90's cartoons with shows like Spongebob, Rocko's Modern Life, Hey Arnold, Arthur, Dexter's Lab, Powerpuff Girls, Ed Edd n Eddy, Courage, Recess, and Animaniacs. And yeah there are a lot of 90's cartoons I like but what makes that era so good that makes it stand out from cartoons after the 90's or even before? Because I mostly hear 90's cartoons getting praised, cartoons after that getting bashed, and cartoons before that getting ignored. Was it like the golden age of animation, or the most creative era or what? If many 90's cartoons were made today instead of in the 90's they would probably get much more hate than they actually do. But I feel like cartoons that came before the 90's are being ignored. I mean in the 30's and 40's there were cartoons like Mickey Mouse, Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry, Popeye, etc. and 60's had cartoons like Scooby Doo, Flintstones, and Jetsons, and 80's had cartoons like Smurfs, and Ducktales. I thought the 30's, 40's, and 50's were considered the Golden Age of Animation. I mean saying 90's cartoons are better than 2000's or 2010's cartoons would be like if I said cartoons from the 30's, 40's, and 50's are way better than the 90's, and 90's cartoons don't compare to the timeless classics like Looney Tunes, Mickey Mouse, Tom & Jerry, and Popeye. I mean if the 90's were the first decade we got some famous cartoons I could understand better but there were plenty of great cartoons that came before the 90's and yet a lot of them get ignored and that's really sad.
  9. What do you wish was still made that they don't make anymore. All I can think of at the moment was those Oreo cakesters they used to make almost 10 years ago. I will post more things I remember if I can remember them.
  10. Even though I'm a 2000s kid, I wish they could bring back all the old Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network shows. They are waaaaaaaay better than what we have on today on those channels now. Rule: no hate allowed on this topic and ABSOLUTELY NO flame wars about what generation is better. I know I may sound a little like I'm worrying too much, but I have the sinking feeling this topic will have problems. Last thing, if this topic does get out of hand, I will ask the moderators to remove it.
  11. I was intrested to know what others favorite cartoons from their childhood? Here are my top 5 1. DBZ Toonami Ftw 2. Ed, Edd, & Eddy- "Butter Toast.." 3. Animaniacs 4. Courage the Cowardly Dog 5. Beavis & Butthead
  12. I've noticed some interesting cartoon threads tonight so I thought "Why not remake a thread I made a while back that didn't get a whole lot of attention. So what is your least favorite 90s cartoon. The 90s did have a lot of great cartoon but there were some that were not that good, so here are mine My little pony tales: okay that was predictable but that show is extremely corny and even more cliched than fim. those cartoons that are based on video games: I know some of them came out in the 80s but some lasted into the 90s. These shows had rushed animation, bad voice acting, and were extremely cheesy. The only good thing I could say is that they would sometimes be laughably cheesy that they could cause memes (excuse me princess) Rocket Power: I'm probably gonna get some flack for this don't worry I'm not against you if you like the show, I just found it boring and too "we're totally skater dudes and use outdated slang" for me and the characters weren't that interesting to me Catdog: I'll probably get even more flack for this but I find this show really hard to sit through. This show could get mean-spirited sometimes and that's kind of pet peeve of mine and when it's not doing that, it just bores me to death. Also the characters are kind of dull and a little bit of jerks Anyway I probably got some people angry so what are your least favorite 90s cartoons discuss away *runs away from angry mob that would probably chase me*
  13. I just had a wave of nostalgia thanks to boredom. (Due to no new pony episode last weekend) It got me thinking, we all used to watch all these good shows back in the 90's... But what was your MOST WATCHED show from any line up? My list will contain mostly shows from Canada's YTV and Teletoon, since I am a proud Canadian here on the boards! My list is not accurate, but will be close to how many times I watched a certain show. 1. Video and Arcade Top 10 (recorded it on VHS almost all the time!) 2. Pokemon 3. ReBoot 4. Hamtaro 5. Rugrats 6. PowerPuff Girls 7. Fairly OddParents (still kinda funny) 8. SpongeBob SquarePants (first few seasons only) 9. Stickin' Aound 10. Battle B-Daman (was interested only for a short while) 11. Sonic Underground 12. Are You Afraid of the Dark? (I remember somewhat watching this show) 13. Totally Spies So... what were YOU'RE most watched shows of your childhood?
  14. (Hopefully I can get out of this review without getting too much flack and...) Oh hi there guys, it's me Chikorita, back for another review. Today, I'm gonna be delving into some of your childhoods, not my childhood in particular, but some of you older folks' childhood. That's right, I'm tackling some Nicktoons of the 90s. Now, before we start, I'm just gonna say 2 things. One, yes, I do find some of these shows overrated mainly due to how over glorified the 90s is on the internet (Seriously I can't click on an old CN or Nick commercial without seeing the comments section filled with "BRING BACK THE OLD SHOWS!"). But just because I find something overrated, doesn't mean I hate it (Frozen is an example of this). Two, I'm not covering every Nicktoon from the 90s, just ones that I really wanna talk about. I've wanted to talk about some of these shows for a while now so I decided to lump them all into a review. So without further ado, let's do this! What better way to start this out then with the first Nicktoon that aired, Doug. All right, the premise is a middle school kid named Doug is basically living life in middle school with his friend, his crush, and the bully (Good job with the voicing Billy West!). That's pretty much the premise. Now, I will say this, my opinions on this show are pretty much the same as the Nostalgia Critic which is not good*holds up flame shield*. All right, I'm not saying it's a bad show but it's just a bit generic. If you've seen those shows that star teens in school, you get this show just more tolerable. The problem is like I said before, the show is generic. The characters are pretty basic and kind of bland. The only character I liked was the dog Porkchop since he did some funny gags. but other than that, I found the show generic and kind of boring. I've seen people praise this show for kind of the same reasons as FIM (relatable characters and great morals), but I feel another show I'll talk about in a bit pulled this off a lot better. So, 6/10. The next show I'll talk about is Rugrats. I find this show overrated but better than Doug. The only reason I find it overrated is because I don't find it the best Nicktoon (The best imo would be like Avatar, Danny Phantom, Rocko, early Fairly Oddparents, or early Spongebob). Rugrats is one of those that went through what usually happens to long running shows, seasonal rot. Basically, I found the first like 3 seasons pretty decent. They had some interesting ideas for episodes, some unexpected jokes that were surprisingly funny and some nice references. But then they started adding more characters. There was Dil, who was just a plot device and was annoying (Seriously, it was an easy job for Tara Strong. She just had to fake cry.) And then there was Kimi, who was basically just a female version of Tommy and that's it. And don't even get me started on the spin-off All Grown Up *shudders* 7/10 Next it's time for one that I like quite a bit, Rocko's Modern Life. And before you ask, I find Ren and Stimpy overrated, not bad, just not what I'd watch. Anyways, this show's plot is about a wallaby who lives in O Town and basically follows his live there. This show I really like. It's got an interesting, define set of characters, some adult jokes that are even more cleverly hidden than Rugrats to the point where they are Animaniacs level. How I'd describe this show is like early Spongebob if it took more risks. Huh, probably because the Spongebob creator, Stephen Hillenburg was a writer on this show. Anyways, this show gets a 9/10. Next show I should mention is another show I really like, Hey Arnold! This show basically just follows the premise of a boy named Arnold who lives in the broncs, and that's about it. Well the premise is simple, it actually manages to be interesting. Seriously, when this episode has a good episode, it's like, Pinkie Pride level good. Arnold's Christmas is an example of this. Not much to say but this is the show that I feel does the relatable characters and morals better than Doug at since these characters were more interesting and it has delved into some deep stuff. Just see Arnold's Christmas and Helga on the Couch if you don't know what I mean. Overall, this gets a 10/10. Now, I'm gonna group these two together, The Wild Thornberries and Rocket Power. Wanna know why I grouped them together, because, both shows I feel suffer from the same problems. They're not premises, but just not really that interesting. Rocket Power I find worse since it's held back by outdated skater slang. Both are actually pretty boring to watch. Not to mention, I found the pacing in these shows to go very slow. Like each episode feels like 2 hours to watch. Adding the fact that characters are pretty uninteresting in both and you get a basic show that can be used as background well you're surfing the web. Overall, I'll give both these shows a 5/10, directly down the middle. Now, we get into the 90s Nicktoon that I actually hate with a burning passion. Catdog! *Pulls out flame shield again*. Don't worry, I can explain why I loathe this show. The premise is simple, a cat and a dog are morphed together. Now like most kids probably did, my question was as a kid, "How do they go to the bathroom?" But nitpicking nostalgia aside, the only things I like about the show is the voice acting (which is done pretty well by Jim Cummings and Tom Kenny respectively) and the catchy theme song that's hard to get out of your head. Everything else is downhill from there. First off, let's start with the characters. Most of the characters on this show are unlikable jerks. We've got Cat, who can range from being sympathetic to a total jerk, Winslow, who is just an annoying roomante who acts like an a**hole to them. There's Rancid Rabbit, who is basically the Red Guy from Cow and Chicken if you make him even more unlikable. And of coarse, there are the Greaser dogs, who's whole purpose in the show is to beat up Cat and Dog, usually for no apparent reason. You see the problem here? Not only is the only decent character Dog (who he even can get annoying sometimes) but the whole show feels mean spirited by giving characters in the right unnecessary punishments. Like in one episode, Cat wants to throw a party but it ends up boring. Winslow throws a more fun party. The rest of the episode is Cat being tortured by this party. That's not funny that's just cruel. At least Ed Edd, n Eddy knew how to properly punish characters. Also the fact that just like with the two shows mentioned before, the show is just full of slow pacing. an 11 minute episode feels like 11 hours to me. If you like the show, that's fine, but I'm not one of those people who likes it. This show gets a 3/10. So yeah, here's my thoughts on some of them. I didn't go into all of them since I feel some of them are basically what others think like early Spongebob. So not much else to say but, hopefully I won't get too harsh of hate mail.
  15. any nicktoons from the 90s will work.
  16. Hey all! Here's my Wednesday song post! Wish That I Were More Thanks for listening!
  17. So I found this article today,0,642714.story#axzz2vEBOkQf9 Apparently, Stuart Snyder, the president of Cartoon Network, is resigning at the end of the month." Stuart Snyder is kind of the guy who is infamous for ruining Cartoon Network and making poor choices, like adding live action shows, canceling Toonami for the first time, and canceling action cartoons that had dedicated fanbases. So what do you think about this? Discuss away!
  18. Some of you might remember the 90's tv show inspector gadget, and after seeing some of the thread here i decided to throw my gadget hat into the mix. The rules are simple, just type "Go go gadget" and then something random like: " Go go gadget muffin" or "Go go gadget thread" and to start of
  19. Atomic Betty- It ruined the Jetsons for me, and Betty was annoying. Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, whatever it's called- It gave me seizures, it was a disgrace to anime, and the only reason I tolerated the show was for Yumi. The theme sounds like it says "Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumiko", and Yumiko is my name! COME ON CARTOON NETWORK! The villains (Julie, the opera teacher, etc) are laughable and terrible. They can't even try so hard to be evil! The background graphics were cheesy, Yumi sometimes made really disgusting-this-doesn't-belong-in-anime faces, and sometimes, I just wanna slam my fist into Ami's face, she was such a hog! They treated the Japanese as they were total idiots, Kaz was ugly-looking, and overall this show sucks hair-covered Tootsie Roll Pops. Any variation of Pokemon- Hate the show, but love Pikachu. It's like these girls who hate Invader Zim or don't even know what it is-and they're wearing gir merchandise.
  20. In my opinion, the 90s were one of the golden ages of video games. We got so many things out of it; Sonic the Hedgehog, the SEGA Dreamcast, the SNES, and many more. But, those are just some of my favorites. What's your favorite game-related stuff from the 90s?
  21. I made of list of the top 15 metal albums of the 90's, in my opinion. So what do you think? Agree? Disagree? NOTE: I may expand this list in the future.
  22. I grew up with a lot of great stuff, too much stuff to keep to one topic so I will only mention a few notables. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles classic series: the gritty, dark and violent comic may have come first but the 80's and 90's cartoon brought the turtles into the mainstream. I have been a turtles fan for over 20 years and still am, back when the cartoon aired I had nearly every toy you could imagine and watched that show religiously. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was the first fandom I ever became involved with and am still glad to say I still am one. I saw the 2003 series and it felt like falling in love all over again and I have been eagerly watching the 2012 series since it premiered and with the exception of a few nitpicky things here and there I love it because it combines the silly humor from the classic cartoon with the darker elements of the 2003 series and the original comics. Power Rangers: This was another thing I was into where I had nearly every toy you could imagine and never missed an episode. I may no longer be into this fandom but still have some very fond memories of it. Batman the Animated Series: This show is what started a love affair with Batman that is yet to slow down. I have seen many different versions of Batman throughout the years but this is without a doubt my personal favorite. Animaniacs: I love that the HUB has started airing this show, it is like they took the best of the old school cartoons and combined it with clever modern (as in modern back then) and old school references into an entertaining cartoon that never took itself too seriously. Hey Arnold: Like MLP it had great morals and lessons and presented them in a way that while it was simple enough for children to understand were profound enough to where even adults could apply them without being too preachy. And it was an all around entertaining show with engaging, relatable characters placed in very interesting situations.
  23. Okay, so it occured to me last night, that the 90s was a great time for kid shows, as they were classic, funny and had so many great songs. The theme songs were also well made. I'd have to say these were my two favorite 90s kid shows right here The second of these shows was where I picked up the habit of singing so much as a kid.
  24. The past week I recently moved into a new house and have been unpacking loads and loads of stuff throughout the week. I found this sunday news article in one of the boxes I was cleaning out. When I found this I was both shocked and confused?! Check out the date on the newspaper! Dec. 25-31 1994 o.O!! I have never seen this before ever *the newspaper*. But I loved watching the re-runs of tiny toons as a kid :3. That show was just so awesome! Buster & Babs "No relation" Here is something for Valentines day too
  25. Simple, just talk like it's sometime around the 90's "Hey! did you hear about the new Playstation console? I'm planning to get one for Christmas! Or I might end up getting a Nintendo 64 instead. Both consoles look like a lot of fun to play with!"