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Found 17 results

  1. As the title says really. I am curious of how many of you guys are taken I am currently single
  2. Hi everypony! as the title says, i'll be taking questions!
  3. As the title says ^^ Since there is nobody above me, i won't rate Also, if this kind of thread is already existing, sorry for that ^^; There is only one rule: You have to rate between 0-10 number out of 10
  4. <Hi everypony! So, i asked my brother Blue Rain to make me an ask a pony thread on this forum So hit me with your questions
  5. Just like the title reads
  6. Come in and don't be shy. My hands are very nice and smooth. :3
  7. Hullu :3 I just wanted to wish everyone a amazing thanksgiving, or turkeyday, or whatever today is to you Hope you eat lots of food and pie!
  8. Oooh, you ponies should know this by now X3 Both for those who played it on the N64 (like me<3) and on the 3DS (Lucky you :3). This is the beginning title theme song of Ocarina of time :3 Though I know it doesn't sound exactly as played out as the legit song, too much of blowing off air x.x But hey :3 pretty<3 On this one, I needed to look at the tabs. I kind of forgot a bit of the song X3 hee hee
  9. My school bag is on it's last legs (Thanks to those darn textbooks =_=) So I am looking for a new school bag. I'm just wondering how sturdy Loungefly's MLP bags are. Oh and by the way, these are the two I have my eye on:
  10. Hello... I am Flandre Scarlet... And im Hatsune Miku! Ask us anything!
  11. Which are your favorite 3 ponies, What is your favorite Element of Harmony, What do you like about the show? Answer these if you want also I'll do my answers !! I like Derpy, Scootaloo and Octavia My favorite Element is Loyalty and I like the show because even for a kid show its hilarious and has lots of jokes and the ponies are cute!! -EmberWing *Brohoof* /) * (
  12. About a month ago, our friendly neighborhood @@Apple Bloom, posted a status update asking for ideas for a new username. I gave him several ideas there: HE REJECTED ALL OF THEM He didn't like them! But later... ...I made an even better suggestion to him, in the privacy of skype: I don't know, but I found his response really encouraging. He seemed excited: So...two weeks later, I decided to draw his new avatar. :3 I hope he likes it:
  13. I get to start an ice cream business with Woona! Umad, bronies? :3
  14. Hey Y'all! Here a Game where you Say what the Users avatar above you Reminds you of :3 I'll Start: Nothing, Chu Don't Exsist! ~Crystal
  15. POEM DEDICATED ENTIRELY TO ARYLETT AND HER BIG TUSH :3 I'M SORRY ARYL I STILL LOVE YOU AND YOUR BIG BUTT <3 --- Arylett's Big Tush --- Arylett's big tush Set full out to crush Anything and anyone That comments on her butt Arylett's big tush Stuck in doorways all the time Never on, but always off Should their length not be of 15 feet Arylett's big tush Perfect cushion all the time Always room for guests on too Resting on her hams Arylett's big tush Love it just as I love her This poem was just for her now I'll be resting on her hams :3
  16. Star Fox 64 is a classic N64 game, and considered the best in the series. The game lets you take control of Fox McCloud, the son of James McCloud, the former leader of Star Fox, a mercenary for hire group. Prior to the setting of the game, the Star Fox Team: James McCloud, Pigma Dengar, and Peppy Hare were sent to check on the banished mad scientist Andross on the barren, lifeless planet Venom. Pigma betrayed his colleauges for money and later joined Andross' own mercenary for hire group, Star Wolf. James was killed, and Peppy barely managed to escape. He telled Fox about his dad's fate, Fox swore vengance on Andross. Years later, Andross mounted an attack on the Lylat system with his newfound army, conquering every planet, until Corneria was the last bastion of power in Lylat. Fox recruited ace pilot Falco, mechanical wizard Slippy, and veteran Peppy. These four furry animals would free Lylat from Andross. Discuss anything about this classic game.