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Found 33 results

  1. I was wondering why some say this. Like, NO she's NOT. She is ONE OF THE MANE characters. * I think she's one of my favourites, and has a lot of depth in her character. She's hardworking, cares about her family, and wants to be ambitious in working at improving herself. How is that petty? Also, the toy merch is dumb, she deserves a hat at least! (i can't believe Ashleigh Ball voices AJ & RD, since their voices contrast by like a lot).
  2. Okay, wot? This episode (Applejack's Day Off), seriously wot? When we finally got back from the spa and actually watched AJ feed the pigs, all I kept doing was tilting my head and thinking, what the heck are you doing AJ? This is how you feed pigs? Like seriously, I kept thinking that AJ can't be this uh, idiosyncratic with doing chores around the farm.... by that I mean, EVERYTHING SHE DID FOR DOING HER CHORES SEEMED COMPLETELY ILLOGICAL, POINTLESS AND STUPID! (well okay not everything.) AJ can't be THIS moronic to not noticing when some step becomes unnecessary or that she has already fixed up the original problem?! Like seriously, AJ, you can't be this moronic to not notice?! Let me break this down. Chore 1: Feeding the pigs steps involved Open and close gate run to other side of pen and try to scare pigs to the direction of the feed trough Imitate chicken dance to scare pigs again to eat hang over pen with a fishing rope with corn as bait (accidentally) knock over bucket of food into feed trough Cause of problem gate door squeaked (scaring pigs). later fixed by AJ some time ago. SERIOUSLY, what competent pony would continue to do all the above complicated and unnecessary steps if you ALREADY fixed the original problem... ages ago!!!! AJ, YOU FIXED THE GATE ALREADY! Place food into feed trough, how hard is that?!!! Chore 2: collecting the eggs steps involved individually put chicken feed infront of each chicken to get them to come out of their pen so that one can collect the eggs. Improved method Place large amount of chicken feed outside of chicken pen to feed ALL chickens at the same time, allowing one to collect all eggs quickly. Cause of problem: ??? (none. simply less efficient method) Chore 3: Irrigating the crops steps involved water each lane of crops, individually, one at a time. Requiring one to turn on and turn off the main water valve to water the next lane. Improved method simply open all valves and turn on the main water valve to water all the lanes at the same time. Cause of problem: Most likely there was a leak somewhere in the piping which originally caused AJ to water each lane one at a time. Most likely AJ PROBABLY fixed the leaky pipe some time ago again. Chore 4: Repairing the wire fence steps involved cut out wire from the main wire roll, to fit the size of the hole made in the original fence. Fumble around and try to manually tie and connect the wire to fill the hole. (pain in the butt to do without opposable thumbs) Improved method Cut out a whole strip of wire and replace the whole section of the fence that has holes in it. Cause of problem: ??? (Cutie Mark crusading ?) Side-note: Actually there is some legitimacy in doing AJ's original method, but that's based only on a heuristics cost issue. If the cost to replace the whole section of fence outweighs just cutting out a small snippet of wire, then someone might have legitimate reason to do it. That being said though, since AJ's an earth pony, the trade off though, is the amount of labour and time it takes to try and manually tie the section of wire back into the face, which is something that should also be considered. This is basically explaining a stop-gap measure to fixing something. The likely trade off is that if you replace the whole section of fence, you save time and probably labour in trying out the improved method (but at the cost of using up a lot more wire, which if the wire is expensive, but not be a desirable outcome). And this whole, she got “stuck in a routine and didn't notice the issue/fixed the issue”, I'm not buying that with AJ. AJ isn't incompetent to not notice when she's doing unnecessary steps to solve a problem. She can be a stubborn work-aholic, but not incompetent. (Or at least I don't believe that, but what are others thinking?) The episode I felt was very medicore, wasn't the worst. But just, really? This is sort of the main conflict of the episode? Like, I seriously feel that AJ was literally “dumbed down” for this episode to work. Does anyone feel that's a bit insulting to AJ's character? Did anyone else feel that way?
  3. This thread was inspired by A Talking Dragon's thread "After Fluttershy, rank the mane 6 in terms of kindness" List the members of the Mane 6 from least to most emotionally stable, in your opinion. My list is: 1. Pinkie Pie 2. Fluttershy 3. Rainbow Dash 4. Rarity 5. Twilight Sparkle 6. Applejack (Note: this is subject to change)
  4. It's pretty much a comin these days in the EWF (Equestrian Wrestling Federation,) you have alot of underrated talents in the roster that alot of people would like to see succeed, but they are constantly shunned away into the midcard and ponies like Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer, Trixie, etc. pretty much decide the world title for themselves every PPV. But it seems like a Southern Pony by the name of Applejack, who has been constantly kept down in the midcard now gets her chance this sunday, at the biggest show, Equestriamania. Applejack is somebody who everybody can relate to. She comes from a family of farmers, never got anything handed to her and had to work hard everyday. While the opponents in the Main Events, the champion Twilight Sparkle and this years winner of the Canterlot Rumble, Rainbow Dash, are already big stars. It was originally planned to do a match between Twilight and Rainbow, which many people just saw as a tool, for Rainbow to promote her Wonderbolts career, since she is just a part timer these days. The crowd pretty much shat all over the current Main Event plans and wanted to see Applejack. But now it seems like, that they actually get what they want. But to get into the Main Event, she has to fight Celestia in the opening bout of Equestriamania. If she wins, she gets in the Main Event. If she dosen't, Celestia buried another Talent. I can tell you already, this will be one hell of a show.
  5. That's my first digital drawing ever, I just made it with GIMP from one of my drawing.
  6. Hello! This is my remix of '12115' by PrinceWhateverer~! I hope you enjoy! ^^ I'm glad to have had the chance to make a remix for such a good friend of mine. --- Soundcloud Stream : Bandcamp (Download) : --- Original mix, master, composition by PrinceWhateverer Art by Dreamchan PrinceWhateverer on Youtube : PrinceWhateverer on Facebook : PrinceWhateverer on Google+ : Pronc on Soundcloud : --- Otarine on SoundCloud : Otarine on Bandcamp : Otarine on Youtube : Otarine on Twitter : Otarine on Facebook : ---
  7. Okay guys I saw the teaser for Bloom and Gloom. And then AJ sang. ...Wow my heart has taken a serious blow.
  8. Does anyone find Applejack's singing voice to be a bit annoying? I feel like Ashleigh Ball does a little too much over-emphasizing on certain words when she sings as Applejack compared to some actual country singers.
  9. made an applejack sticker/badge thing for when I go to my first convention! ;3; I'll probably make a small print of this too available after I add a background
  10. Ok I just wanna here some thoughts on the upcoming documentary film "A Brony Tale" coming out this July starring Ashliegh Ball. I'm really interested in what the movies gonna be like and I'd like to hear every ponies thoughts on this.
  11. I had the idea for this one when I saw the following picture Cloudchaser? I didn't know you were an Apple... I'm actually just here for the apple pie... It's admittedly sub-par, but I hope you like it. Criticisms appreciated (don't hold back, I want to know where I screwed up).
  12. hey bronies I would like to know which headphones would you guys pefer out of all of them available in stores and on websites c:
  13. So... Applejack! I love her character mostly for being so strong and dependable and I wish I'd be more liker her. She was a great motivation for me, when I went through a depression. I started to watch MLP a short while after my sickness started and it really helped me to forget about all of my worries. You know, it was something to distract myself from everything else. Heaven knows how much I needed it. Applejack caught my attention immediately, maybe because she was the bearer of the Element of Honesty. Nowadays it's hard to be honest. I know, what I'm saying, because I'm quite a good liar and I spent years pretending that everything is alright. I was also betrayed by someone very close to me. My friend lied to me for more than a year and her only explanation in the end was something like "I didn't want to hurt your feelings". Because, you know, pleasant lie won't hurt me as much as brutal truth. All of these experiences were painful, of course, but thanks to them I learned just how importart it is to be sincere. Not only when it comes to communication with other people, but also with yourself. For years I was hiding who I really am. It isn't really important now why or how, but I did. And I'm not proud of it. Applejack is representation of everything I ever wanted to be. She's strong, both physically and mentally. She's always ready to sacrifice for her friends and would never leave them. She shows that simple things, like family and passion can make you happy. You don't need to have a big goal in your life, because you can find happiness in something seemingly little. It's something what I really appreciate about her, maybe because we don't often see characters like that. Usually it's all about big goals and dreams, revenge, destroyed childhood, romance, etc. It's what used to make the character good. But Applejack's biggest strenght is fact that she doesn't need it. She knows how to enjoy the little things. For me, it was always very hard. People in general have a tendency to complain about... well, everything. Especially in my country. It's some kind of a hobby for many people here But Applejack? She's a negation of this and I love it. Actually, I believe It's the reason enough to love her. I always wanted to be an artist. It's part of me - I live to create. Honestly, I'm more like Rarity, when it comes to things like that. But Applejack helped me to learn one thing: even if I won't become the artist I can still be happy. I don't need to be succesful, even if I'd like to. Who knows what future is going to bring? I want people to know my name and my art, but in the end it isn't as important as family, friends and simple happiness coming from doing what I love. Besides, I always saw my passions as a little wierd. Applejack is the kind of character, which shows that you can be even just a simple farmer - if it makes you happy, then it's alright. You shouldn't be ashamed of who you are. You should think about yourself and people close to you and do everything in your power to make your dreams come true, no matter what others think. It's not about them. In the end only your happiness really matters. Honestly, Applejack is much more valuable than many fans give her credit for. People just need to give her a chance. That's all it takes.
  14. Let's end with all this ''it's impossible to create a good episode about Applejack, because she has no flaws other than her stubborness''. I saw this argument so many times and I'm really getting annoyed everytime I see it, because it's so untrue! She's stubborn, that's right. But she's also prideful, bluntly honest, impatient, overprotective, sometimes has a tendency to be closed-minded or rude, etc. People just for some reason choose to not see it. She's interesting character and I believe that there's still a lot of possibilities to write good episodes about AJ. Episodes, which aren't about her family or farm (because that's another argument against her I saw). For example, I once wrote in different topic about her hospitality. She treated Twilight as a member of her family, when she arrived to Ponyville in the first episode of MLP. It would be great to see episode, in which someone takes advantage of it. It could be a great opportunity to make a lesson about how important it's to be careful, because not everybody is worth your trust. Or maybe episode, in which Applejack sacrifices herself for her friends in some way? And we saw before that whenever faced with danger, Applejack conquered her fears, why not let her do it again, in her own episode? Another argument against her is that she's too stable. Well, so why not episode, in which she has a emotional breakdown? It would be hard to write a good episode like that, but not impossible. Let's show the world that she's as interesting as other characters in MLP. And what do you think about it? What would you do?
  15. Hello everypony! So you may know of me and my blogs already, but if you haven't I'm Dil and I created Southern Belle AJ. Click here for the magics! Southern Belle AJ is a meta-comic of sorts, I write stories based on or inspired by questions from my followers. The first outing started as an impromptu comic written one evening to explain a relationship between Applejack and Shining Armor, the next story revolved around Sweet Apple Acres being attacked by giant cats, which culminated in a grand finale that... well I wouldn't want to spoil it for you. Nevertheless I gained 200 followers in two months and I want to keep going. To catch up with Applejack's adventures, check out the meta-story archive here So as I push on with the meta-stories I am simultaneously trying to improve the quality of the comic as a whole, working at higher resolutions with more detailed lineart and, recently, introducing colour. Sadly this means that I'm spending longer and longer on each panel and my posts-per-day count has dropped because of it. What I would like is for a like-minded artist to help share the burden, be it inking, colouring or providing luscious backdrops in order to preserve a quality product that can be enjoyed by all. Now I'm aware that this is the Everest of optimism, but if you don't ask you won't receive. This is not a paid position, all work is done purely for the love of MLP and a desire to tell interesting and heartfelt stories in the My Little Pony universe. You will, however receive FULL CREDIT for all works and co-authorship of the blog should you wish to stay on long-term. You will receive a share of all donations, but this is not guarantee of a constant income. If you would like an example of what I'm asking for essentially I need someone to turn this: Into this: One thing I would like to make clear is that this will require commitment, I plan on creating panels for the foreseeable future so I'd prefer not to have to find new partners a few weeks down the line should you change your mind. I won't pressure you or set strict deadlines but conversely I expect a basic level of professionalism. Any questions please ask, I look forward to hearing from you all!
  16. First off I was a little hesitant to start this topic just because there has already been multiple threads discussing the subject, but not exactly in the way I want to. Actually, I don't really want to even discuss it so much as I want to create a simple poll. This thread asked whether you thought the show should not have left the episode so open ended but I'm interested to know how many of you after watching the episode think that Pinkie is in fact related to the Apples and those who don't. Leading up to the episode I didn't think they'd end up being related and even after watching it the first time I still didn't think so but after watching the episode a second time I noticed something that I think might be a tiny hint that changed my mind. Remember the "Jenga" scene before the credits where Pinkie pulled a scroll from the bottom of the tower but it didn't collapse. Golden Delicious did the exact same thing with her pile of books. the similarity between the two scenes does look very intentional. Now I might just be looking for any coincidence but isn't there some sort of epigenetic inheritance thing (wow mixing genetics with MLP, I've sunk to a new low) where certain genetic material is passed down directly to the new generation from the previous. Maybe GD and Pinkie both inherited the same "Jenga Master" Gene from an ancestor. I'm at the point where I'm just laughing at myself now so I better stop but I hope you get what I mean, like when family members share the same habits or skills. Anyway if you could at least leave a vote that'd be appreciated.
  17. Apples!
  18. I wont bash myself since its my first, but I am somewhat very proud of how it turned out I think I should have added more vectors to it though
  19. Hello once again, everypony! So I've been absent from the forums as of late but I was working hard on yet more pony art! So people might now that I was thinking of starting an "ask Applejack" blog on tumblr, and well I did it. It's called "Southern Belle AJ" (for those who are curious, a Southern Belle is an archetypical character in American culture, the picture of grace and civility of the southern state's upper class, In short a "Beauty from the South"). What started as a light-hearted back and forth between myself and the tumblr community, with them asking questions and myself drawing the answers, quickly escalated into a whole meta-universe in which Applejack and Shining Armor had a fling some time in the past and, currently, Sweet Apple Acres becoming besieged by giant cats. Yes, the SBAJ blog is now a full-blown meta comic, with the story being shaped by YOUR questions and suggestions. Visit Southern Belle AJ here The Great Cat Plague chapter one here Chapter two is ongoing right now! Any follows and/or reblogs would be greatly appreciated, and remember to ask AJ any questions/ give any suggestions that come to mind. I'd also greatly appreciate any critique/suggestions for improving SBAJ, any meta-story ideas, plot lines, subject matter etc. It's all useful! Edit: Just uploaded the Shining Armor Incident in its entirety, make sure to read the text for a description. Read it here
  20. Thought I'd give humanized ponies a whirl. Also AJ and Rarity are adorable.
  21. Well it was only a matter of time, I'm gonna be making an "ask Applejack" blog titled "Southern Belle AJ" and would like to spend a bit of time customizing the page, only, I have no idea how. Essentially I'd like it to look something a little like this: A consistent theme, rounded edges, an orange tone with red apples marking the dates in the main blog section. Of course, I can supply images but I have no idea how to use HTML to put it all together. If there is someone out there with the know-how who could perhaps help me sculpt this blog into something awesome and inviting I'd be more than happy to pay you to make it a reality. I don't know exactly how much would be fair so feel free to PM me and we'll settle on a price. EDIT: I think I might need to enlist the help of a vector artist to get the banners and buttons right, I only work in raster and that might look a bit sloppy on a webpage. Same deal, send me a PM if you can help!
  22. I am planning to write a fanfic involving AJ's parents. I only have one problem. I can't think of any good names for them. I need a couple of good apple family names, anypony got any? Thanks for any help and the ones I choose will get credited.
  23. so, after learning that Applejack's parents actually DID pass away, i felt a drive to make a sort of tribute to such a hardworking mare for losing something so close to her. so i made this.
  24. Pony avatars I made so far. If you wanna see somepony other then the mane 6 (ill make those anyway) Tell me.
  25. I went to my first anime convention yesterday, and I got tons of cool stuff, much of whihc was pony related. Most importantly though, I got my first plushy! Applejack! It looks great. I didn't get my favorite (Fluttershy) because the Applejack one's mane seemed better. Also, there was a really cool, giant Twilicorn, but I didn't get that because I'm not a very big Twilight fan and I don't like the whole Twilicorn turn of events from the season finale. There was another stand selling plushy's but hey all had Derpy eyes and dreadlocks hair, and they weren't made very well. Anyway, I love my new plushy, and I even slept with her in my bed last night.