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Found 13 results

  1. So I made a Twilight Wallpaper at least, took a bit of a simple abstract way to it and kept things in simple colors and just layout. No effects have been used and added in the texture background to fill out the outline of Twilight in all her princess glory! Just kept to shapes if anything as a frame in expanding out and stuff. Took me about a week in mostly just the layout killed me which always does in moving things and kinda brushes to use and just playing around with it.
  2. Just a simple wallpaper with Vinyl and making it Abstract if anything in having a block of mostly anything it seems it being sick. Kept to mostly blue and green hues and smoke and smudging to get some texture in some places to spread it out. Had to keep it also with a bass signal in the back to keep in the throws of music we all know this pony is known for in the shows we love. Put some soft glow in on the Vinyl and in parts of the wallpaper in a low highlight in a few of the places also to add some depth in small ways. Music notes in white and a soft neon effect to wrap up the whole thing! Adding in the sort of minimalist style on the render of my own... Render: Wallpaper:
  3. Hello, I'm new here. So here's my art, it's a bit abstract and a bit improvised. And this improvisation ended with Pinkie Pie being turned into a mermaid. Weird, huh? c:/ Well the second picture is just a quick sketch of Pinkie's cutie mark. I guess that's all. By the way, I'm just a novice, so It's quite hard for me, I want to try to draw on a computer, but I don't know how long it will take, probably forever?
  4. Me expressing myself through pencil and paper. The text in that one picture means "It is therein." These pictures are 3-4 years old I never showed them, because I was afraid.
  5. I grew this out from the center, changing color periodically
  6. Hullo~ This is a problem I've been having.. I'm a little new to the brony fandom (Hi!) and have really been wanting to come up with an OC for myself. Like, a character that would be -me- if I was in Equestria. I'm just so freaking demandingly picky when it comes to character design. As part of the furry fandom, I've been the same character, Sai the Skunk, for ten whole years now. I want to get this right, and being as obsessively silly as I am, I've spent a long time agonizing over this. So far I know that I'm a unicorn. Blah blah details blah light tan details long blond mane blah details light effeminate build blah blah blah pegasus blah...but anyways, I hit a snag when it came to my name and cutie mark. It's almost existential in its question. Who am I? What represents ME.. It's not a silly character. My love for computers and video games, or fighting and substance abuse, or cross dressing and faggotry, or health food and origami, just...don't feel like they could represent this character. I want something that envelops who I am at my core, not just a passion or something I'm good at or my job. As for who I am, well, I'm a quiet, kind of girly and shy gay man on one side, and a through and through west-coast punk on the other. I can fight -very- well despite my appearances and have a love of martial arts, though I prefer gentleness and a meek demeanor, being sweet and nice to people and especially good with animals. My strengths lie in logic, a monk-like level of control over my emotions, top-tier people and social skills and a fantastic grasp of the English language. Those along with wit, reflexes, a completely unbound sense of humor and a drive to be the kind of change I want to see in this world. An abridged personality assessment, I know, though I wouldn't mind expanding if there's interest. I also don't mean to come off as some kind of elitist or Mary Sue, as I know I'm -quite- flawed in -many- ways, but part of the fun of cutie marks is nobody gets them over the things they're -bad- at. But anyways.. Is there any way to turn that into a cutie mark? How far can you take concepts so incorporeal and abstract to turn them into a butt tatoo? Does anyone have any ideas or thoughts on what I could use? Questions for me? Maybe stories on how you came up with a cutie mark that really means a lot to you? Or just expansion on these string-of-consciousness ramblings? I'll be very eager to stay active in this thread and keep the discussion going if you share. I'd love to hear from you all..~
  7. I just want to know what you guys think of this style. Should I continue using it? Or stick to my current style. (If you don't know my current style, you live under a rock... Patrick Star.)
  8. So, I get bored in school a lot. I also like doodling. Therefore art. Being in school, this is all just pencil in paper. No real intent other than to look cool. Also, sorry for bad picture quality. Update 2/23/13 Update 7/4/13
  9. So I re-visited my good old work, which can be found here - And I kinda like it. So hope you will download and enjoy it! Here is a link to it - -K97
  10. So, I had a go at making a Fluttershy wallpaper. Constructive criticism please, this is my first one. (of many I hope :3) I used two vectors, (Fluttershy and her cutie mark.) ______________________________________________________________ Here is my Rainbow Dash one. I don't feel proud of this one, I spent about 20 minutes on it, and it didn't turn out well. (to me). :c
  11. Well guys, You know how I do abstract art and all. I know you've been curious as to see my works.. so I present to everypony.. MY WORKS OF ART! I really hope you guys like them. I know I didnt fully color it in.. but this is what I got so far. I might go back to the ones i didnt finish coloring. The ones I didnt start coloring yet will stay black and white. Walla.
  12. Here's a couple non-pony wallpapers I've done in the last week. The first is a wallpaper I made for a band that I like. I was reluctant to upload it to deviantART because I felt people would be like "Eh, never heard of them" and ignore it. So far, I've been right. However, I posted it on the band's page and they loved it! The second one was mainly an experiment. It was my first time making a wallpaper with a C4D render.