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Found 13 results

  1. What are those special things that make you happy or calm? When I'm frustrated sad or stressed I have those certain things I can do and feel almost immediately better. It doesn't have to be something you do either it can be a smell or a sound too, just anything that gives you tranquility. Those things for me would probably overall have to be Drawing or painting, I find it very meditative and I could never be anything but happy when doing it. Also Ice cream on a hot day, And cuddling my cats.
  2. I have enjoyed my time since I have joined here & was interested to know what were some of the things that you love to do on the MLP Forums? Whether it be making new friends to discussing about various topics with other user's. I have enjoyed meeting some really cool people on here and became friends with them . So what are some of your favorite things about the MLP Forums?
  3. While there is a great number of fantastic artists, musicians and advisors on the forums, it seems that there is a distinct lack of sports related threads that discuss what us fans do to keep ourselves both entertained and fighting fit. So what kind of sport do you participate in? Do you even like sport? This is where people can discuss what positions they play in on their Sunday football (soccer) team, how far can you hit a golf ball with a 3 iron and how many times you've accidentally hit somebody in the face with a basketball while trying to pass it to them. Enlighten us with your sporting experience! It doesn't matter if you do it regularly or not, if you're professional or you just kick the ball around with a few mates at the local part. As a good host I shall start! I go to a kickboxing class about 3 times a week. I absolutely adore it, it keeps me fit and I love going to events and competing. I'm not brilliant at it but I've won many fights with my clubs own fight shows and a few county tournaments. Now you go...
  4. Very self explanatory, just describe your hobbies in detail, if you have one. If you don't, just list hobbies that you would love to partake in but never seem to have the adequate time for.
  5. (Combine if there's a thread like this; not exactly good with the search box for some reason ) Anyway, what are some weird things you've said or done in your sleep? Here are some things I've said in my sleep: My mom said I said, "Do you even lift?" in my sleep. My mom said I said, "'Merica!" in my sleep as well. I can't recall much else...How about you all?
  6. It's starting to warm up a bit around here despite being spring, but what's everyone's favorite summer outdoor activity? When I say that I don't mean sports such as basketball, football/soccer, and so on. I mean things like bubble blowing, frisbees, put-put, jump rope, hula hoops, hop scotch, chalk drawing, horse shoe, cornhole, you get the point. Personally I like hula hoops, bubbles, chalk, and basically anything else, summer activities (basically ones you would do in your childhood) are best activities. Even sitting on the porch enjoying the breeze counts, it is a lovely time after all.
  7. I'm just curious to see what people are interested in and how they stay active. I currently do track and cross-country, and I enjoy them most of the time, except, you know, when I have to do the running (LOL) I also play the trumpet, but I'm not too good. I enjoy it, sill
  8. So I am starting a sort of hangout club at my school for the lonely and depressed kids and I need some super duper ultra mega fun ideas for things to do! I've thought of a few things, but my mind is going everywhere atm and I need some help. Note this is non-brony related so no pony activities please. -General Chat (Of course!) -Movies -Video Games -Normal Games (Board to verbal to hopefully athletic) -Community Arts & Crafts -Homework Help Sessions -Field Trips to other places like a bowling alley That's all I got... plz help! List any school appropriate activites and party games you know that would be fun to do! If not please tell me whats the most fun activity you've done w/ your friends. Thanks! Edit: I also need a symbol for the club. Any ideas?
  9. Just wanted to know because I met one Pagan Brony/Pegasister on a site and I wanted to know are there any other Bronies and Pegasisters who studies Paganism and/or Wicca.
  10. Very simple. What is something you suck at, but want to master? You know, something like learning the best strategies at a board game, how to be skilled at a videogame, or anything you can think of. I really suck at solving a rubix cube, but I want to learn how to solve it. So, I look up techniques and advice online so that I can figure it out. I then keep practicing and eventually master the techniques and can solve the cube in no time at all every time.
  11. I recently found out that I am not in fact the only brony in my very small school. I happened to be around when four girls in my class were discussing conventions and one of them mentioned the upcoming Crystal Fair brony-convention held in Finland in the summer of 2014. I had suspected them being bronies for a while already, and I had been thinking how to ask them about it. Seeing my chance, I threw in a comment: "Oh, yeah. I'm totally going there" Result: They all look at me totally flabbergasted for a moment and then one of them asks me: "Do you watch ponies?" To which I answer: "Yeah, I do actually" Their faces literally lit up and they were like "YES! We're not the only ones!" After this we chatted random stuff for a while, after which I say, completely as a joke btw: "There's so many of us, we should totally have a meetup or something" Like I said, it was a joke, because there's only five of us, but they get all excited and ask me when and where. So, now I need some fun things to do at a brony-meetup with four girls (and one other guy possibly, found out he might be a brony too). Any ideas? Of course we're probably going to watch some MLP, but anything else? I've never actually been at any meetups, so I really have no idea what people usually do in those.
  12. Yes my dear Bronies and Pegisisters I'm about to embark on an epic journey of fitness! I just got the Insanity program from the Beach Body Co. I'm going from flab to fit. But I could really use your support. I've tried fitness programs before and failed do to lack of motivation. I'm thinking of making a video journal of it, but I'm not sure if I'll do that. Anyway, It'd be grate if I could get some support, and maybe some of you could even take on the challenge with me. Update: Well I just got the program and did the first video wich is the fit test. I didn't pass I'm so out of shape! round is a shape I've got a long road ahead of me and I'll need all your support to help me reach my destination. I'll start using status updates so I don't have to keep updating this thread. If you want to support me just follow that.
  13. So what are some things that you used to enjoy as a child but after years of growing up and other such non-fun stuff have lost interest in? For me, personally, my tastes in food have changed completely over the years. I used to eat just about anything (except for spinach; that stuff is just gross), but nowadays I'm extremely picky because my taste buds just don't agree with a lot of food. As a kid I LOVED mushrooms, these days I wrinkle my nose in disgust at them. Same thing goes for onions and many other things. I don't know what happened. @_@ As far as an activity that I used to do as a kid that I no longer do, I don't enjoy collecting Nintendo memorabilia anymore. I suppose it's probably due to the fact that I have to buy my own knick-knacks these days, but the passion for such a hobby just isn't there anymore. No more Mario figurines, so long Luigi plushies and au revoir stuffed DK toy! I don't even know where my old collectibles are anymore. :/