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Found 7 results

  1. toycityadventures

    MLP Trivia Challenge Video

    Hi friends! We love mlp dolls and collectibles and want to test our fellow fan base to see if you can name these MLP Minis! The madness all takes place at the Toy City Adventures channel - Thanks for watching - brony 4 life!
  2. Chevette

    The Ass-Tattoo Adventurers

    So you might be asking "Emperor Kuzco, what the FUCK is this SHIT?" and I'll tell you. This is what happens when you have really really really far-out, far-fetched and just plain obnoxious ideas. I have screwed around enough with the good ol' computer editing world to put together really random things fairly quickly without excessive amounts of software doing so. I actually just used Microsoft Paint and a free program called I'm sure you fancy-dancy Photoshop users could do a better job, but as you can see, this image is exactly what it states "Doing absolutely nothing of any importance whatsoever." So, what is it? I'll tell you. A while ago on the good ol' thingy we call the XBOX Live, Jimmy Carter and I began referring to the Cutie Mark Crusaders as the "Ass-Tattoo Adventurers" just out of plain whateverthehell mode. In our "Ass-Tattoo Adventurers" we didn't have Scootaloo, Applebloom, or SweetieBelle. We just had Scootaroo, Applebroom, and John Denver. Why John Denver? Well I'll tell you. We don't exactly like that little white one. Or the big white one for that matter. The only white one we like is the one with the radical guitar and the sun glasses. Alrighty, I probably deterred you away from this topic with just the topic name to begin with, so here is the freakin' picture. Take it for what it is. There really is nothing more.
  3. Harmonic Revelations

    Humor Harmonic's Equestrian Adventures

    Warning: The Following Story contains: Intentional Cliches, intentional butchered grammar and spelling, Lots of randomness, and String cheese. Chapter 1: Rude Awakening Chapter 2: Da Mane Sixx Chapter 3: Making Plans Chapter 4: A Royal Welcome Chapter 5: To Teh Cave Chapter 6: New Friends, and teh convention Chapter 7: The blade of trooth Epilogue
  4. Just finished up another fan work of Button Mash. This time featuring his famous, "Stache" scene. I like how it turned out overall. Final: Sketch: Original Scene: Haven't seen Button's Adventures yet? Watch it here: Previous Button Mash fan art:
  5. Just finished up this funny little image featuring Button Mash. Took a good while to complete but I'm happy with it overall. Hope you like it. Final: Ink: Sketch: Original Scene: Haven't watched Button's Adventures yet? Check it out here:
  6. Shardikku

    FIC UPDATE...Finally..

    As said- The update is complete! Finally! It took a fair while, and is a bit on the short side, but now my field is set, and I'm back in the flow after dealing with several problems, both Fic-related, and personal. the next chapter will be longer and will be out a little faster than this one. Suggestions ARE taken into consideration, so, y'know, leave 'em if you have 'em. Let's see what happens next..
  7. As you may have been able to tell, I have indeed started on this new fic: The Adventures of two best friends. Link: Yeah, It's my first shot at a proper fic, with decent layout, style, and cuteness. Yup, cuteness, from me! ..I'm trying my best, but I've never written anything so nice and friendly before (No, seriously, usually someone gets killed, but no, not this time..) I've already worked out what I'm doing for the next chapter, but any suggestions are welcome. Could do with some useful feedback. Nice as it is; telling me to go to rehab for an 'adventuring addiction' is not that helpful, contrary to popular belief. The next chapter will probably be out on Saturday or Sunday, after that I'll have a huge load of free time, so we can expect a few chapters over the Christmas holidays, (Mainly because we'll be going up to my Relative's place for a while, and he has no Wi-Fi, so I'll just take my Netbook and write!...) Any suggestions, criticalness, cover-art ideas, questions, general randomness, Blueprints for the new secret weapons, etc. are welcome, ....I thought of something to say here, but I've forgotten now.... Thanks in advance for any help, etc.