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Found 11 results

  1. You have to say something very random about whoever will post after you, Then he/she answers "True" or "False". Then he/she will say something random about the next pony after him/her. EXAMPLE: TPAM likes "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic". Whoever posts next will answer like this: True, Ponies are so cute, That's why I like this show. or False, I don't like it. Everypony understand? Let's begin... TPAM doesn't have an Xbox 360 Elite.
  2. When I die I want to be put into a biodegradable urn with soil and a tree seed in it. I want to be planted somewhere nice and grow. To be able to be helpful to others even after my death is a nice thought. Maybe I'll have animals live on me or maybe I'll be cut down for use. Just the fact that I might help makes me feel better about my death. What about you?
  3. There are many theories of what life may be like after humans die, but that's not what i'm asking you today. I sure many have your own theories on the so-called afterlife but what i want to know is if you could decide how your afterlife is. What would it be like, who would be their, would it be on earth or some place else, How would you fit into this place. I would love to hear your thoughts on how your afterlife plays out. This thread is simply meant to ask if you could create your own afterlife what it would be like, It does not involve your theories or beliefs on the topic.
  4. Remember in "Bats!" how the mane 6 have to sacrifice the Apple family’s big apple to save Fluttershy? Well, we never see what happens when Granny Smith and company come home to see their contest entry compromised. So picture this: after the events of “Bats!”, Granny Smith and company come home and find that Applejack cut their big apple they were entering in the contest. What do you think happens next? How do you think Granny Smith reacts to the big apple being cut and compromised?
  5. Start with 1, then go up. Do this as long as you can. If the last post is over 10 minutes, start back at 1.
  6. I used to be a pony hater too you know. Sometimes call it gay Due to popularity. Well...... I tried to watch episode 1 in youtube. It was an amazing experience! Now I continue watching all season one to three! I am now a brony! How about you guys? Do you used to hate MLP but loved it now or you love it before and now?
  7. Somebody was having a conversation with me about this over Skype and I decided to put my view on this subject into this blog. I should start off by saying that I don't believe there is an afterlife, and then I'm going to delve into why I'm okay with that. The way most people describe an afterlife is some kind of realm/world you go to once you die and live in forever. Personally, that sounds like a punishment to me, no matter how comforting. You know why? Because that would mean that even in death there is simply no escape from unhappiness. It would make my existence feel more like a prison than like my greatest gift. It would mean that life never ends. At first that might sound great, but, after enough time, everybody wants to die, I mean, there is only so much time before you start going insane due to the repetitiveness that would be eternal existence, it sounds kind of torturous. He brought up an interesting point saying to me: "But you'd be dead, wouldn't that mean that the human psyche is no longer in effect?" To which I replied: "But, your personality is in large part caused by said human psyche, so without it, you wouldn't really be 'you'." Some people go crazy after a DAY of repetitiveness, forever can't really be that different. And on top of that, this after life would either A.) Feature no other people (Go crazy by isolation) B.) Feature no Real People (Matrix-type scenario, probably drive you crazy) Or C.) Everybody else who's ever died (Feels like a horrible public pool type place until you go crazy) And that just sounds absolutely horrible no matter what way you slice it. An After life would mean that even death is meaningless, and that there is never a way out. I don't want that, seriously, who would? That's why I take heart in the fact that once I die, I'm gone. I just don't exist anymore. In a way, it's quite a bit more merciful than an afterlife actually, because it makes my life that much more meaningful and special, rather than it being like some kind of goddamned loading screen for the real thing (AKA an afterlife). Thank you for your time.
  8. This thought has been making me think really hard for the past few days and I think I should get your guys ideas on it. Now back in the 70's and 80's Pen and Paper Role-players were the most ridiculed Fandom. Now I think it's safe to say that our Fandom is on par with that, simple MLP avatars and names are enough to set off flame-war. Now of-course this wont last forever and it will die down in the coming years, but what's next? What kind of Fandom do you guys pictured being the main one to be ridiculed in the future? I'm thinking the next ridiculed Fandom will be sort-of founded off what Bronies started to pave which sort of was the idea of, "Girly doesn't always mean bad." But in some completely different show, maybe not even one intended for younger audiences. Thoughts?
  9. I know it's a little late, but I've wanted to do this for a while. A lot of what this is WAY outside my comfort zone. I make the head larger then the body to show a larger emotion. It have no legs, because I couldn't fit them on the thing correctly.
  10. Due to immense boredom and lack of interest (in the form of essay-writing) I thought it might be fun for people to draw themselves before/after finals! Your picture can be based off of your prediction towards/of past experiences with final exams. They can be pony or non-pony. (Though, this is a non-pony thread...) It doesn't have to be drawn by you, and you can choose any person you'd like to represent yourself. Just be sure the character stays consistent -- i.e. Don't turn into another person. I think I'll do well, but studying for them is going to be a b@#$%... Current me: My predicted outcome: (Feel free to exaggerate a little.)
  11. Hello, Here is my first attempt at pony art, it is of my OC "Equity Court" (meaning fair court, based off of my Criminal Justice major in college) This is really my first time drawing since... like i was 11 xD The background was just thrown together, I mainly focused on the pony itself.. Also, for some reason, the jpg is not as high quality as the origional, so it may be a bit blurry, I will attempt to fix it later... hopefully that fixed it