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Found 3 results

  1. Hiiii! I'm new here and wanted to share a few cosplays of mine! Anyone else that cosplays!? Cosplaying is so much fun,to be a diffrent person fora day or two. If you have cosplayed just show it! I love to meet new cosplayers that like Mlp!
  2. So I was drawing yesterday and finished up a little Ahri (A character from League of Legends) sketch I had started earlier. Please tell me what you think about it! ^^
  3. So... I moved into my Fiance's place a few months back and well... lets just say my fiance has been hiding something from me. At first I thought it wasn't a big deal, until she was being suspicious of course... So one day when she left the computer for a few minutes, I find that she licked a guy on the cheek in her skype logs. Do note this is a guy she likes/loves "More than a friend" and I was getting onto her about it and she told me. "It's a friendly gesture" Um... no it's not... I've never once done such a thing towards my friends online or in person. The best I'd do is give a hug to a friend. So I'm not really sure what to do about my fiance... if I should leave her or try and make it work... So I need everyone's input on this... Is a lick to the cheek more of a sexual action, or "friendly" action? I really can't turn to anyone else for answers on this matter... and thank you all for reading, please reply to the blog with your answers. It will help me decide on what to do... thanks. >.<