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Found 9 results

  1. Though Music is the main piece of art to the Artist. The little extra piece of Art also includes the Album Cover. So do you have a favorite Album cover? Note: Please keep album covers SFW. I'll start with my favorite which is "Welcome" By Nu-Metal band Taproot I like the artwork/photo here because it shows something to question whats behind that door. It can be anything that leads out to something uplifting as you escape darkness. And the music is pretty good on this album too!
  2. I have some new projects im working on with other brony musicians and ive just had FOE on the brain and since one of the songs is FOE based i just cant get enough of this gritty art design!!! and it definitely screams metal!!!
  3. One good thing about when i do my music is the fact i design my own album artwork.
  4. If an album has an awful/cheesy/hilarious/disgusting cover, would it turn you off the actual music from the album? How about vice versa? Would amazing cover art make you more interested in listening to the music? For me, bad album art is off-putting. Listening to the music would end up reminding me of the cover art. I prefer it when the art and music are both good. Of course, albums could end up with multiple cover arts...3 of Ildjarn's classic albums for example got re-released with new art, and I like the new covers much more than the originals. They're simple and creepy, but in a good way; they're not off-putting or vomit-inducing like [stuff]grind and certain other metal covers. This topic applies to albums of any genre, not just metal.
  5. Inspired by the many "Top favourite _________" threads, varying from music to gaming, I decided to create a thread that gets noticed barely. The art. I want you guys to post your favourite album art, whether it be regular albums, special edition LPs, rare as all hell cassettes, whatever. Just show what makes it your favourite album art. One of my favourites has to go to the self-titled Sodom album, because while the front cover/box looks simple, clean and epic... The album art for the lyrics booklet looks much more... creepy, for a lack of better term. And then there's the Tyr albums The Lay of Thyrm and Ragnarok, which both look sweet. And finally, there's the Punishment for Decadence original art. When the album was re-released (w/o the band's consent), they released it with a different album art - as the original one was available only on record. Now, your turn.
  6. i will type all bangerz songs lyrics or any one can share any song from bangerz here i mean lyrics ofcorus or cover he/she made Have fun
  7. Well, for my 3,000th post for Brony badge, I'm gonna use it to brag about my self (fitting right?). Here's the project that gained me my first bit of attention in the brony community, ponified Muse album covers. Maybe you remember the EQD post which they were featured in. http://www.equestria...collection.html In Chronological order: Showbiz (1999) Origin of Symmetry (2001) Absolution (2003) Black Holes & Revelations (2006) The Resistance (2008) The 2nd Law (2012) Singles
  8. This is on my deviantART page but I thought I'd share it with everypony here. So I have the show on iTunes but i didn't like the artwork so I made my own.
  9. Im not sure how many other people do it but i saw that the new Best of Pony Tunes Vol.2 album came out and i was very eager to change the muitiple album covers to something i liked better. Im very proud of these especially the first one, i hope you like them. Any feedback helps alot. ^ For some great ones i thought were pretty great ^ I really like that one actually Hope you liked them!