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Found 60 results

  1. Obviously, but that also leads to another thought. Could this also lead towards a new theme song? I hope so. What do you guys think? Would you favour the idea of a new intro song, or would you perfer that they stick to the familiar?
  2. Already got used to her alicorn version, but her Unicorn version was good as she was. How about you?
  3. Yeah, I get that it's a portmanteau of Twilight and Alicorn, but it makes no sense to me. Twilight was a unicorn originally, and the "-icorn" part is in unicorn as well, so it could easily refer to unicorn Twilight. If she has to have nickname, it should be "Alitwi" or something, not Twilicorn (but ultimately they all sound bad to me.)
  4. Okay so I have said quite a few times on here that I am not a fan of twilicorn but despite my misgivings I am trying to at least look on the bright side and can think of a few ways this might still work. Before I begin though I have noticed that several critics of twilicorn have said that this could work if it is temporary but I do not agree with this. Sure the way twilicorn was introduced may have been pitifully lazy writing but to simply grant alicorn status out of nowhere and then take it away as quickly as it was given would also be lazy writing and lazy writing cannot be solved with more lazy writing. 1. Twilight as princess of friendship: this will probably happen regardless of whether or not this actually works out so it is highly unlikely that Twilight will leave her friends. Think about it, she is the element of magic which is a combination of all the other 5 elements of harmony and the title of the show is "Friendship is Magic". Expecting the princess of friendship to leave her friends would be like expecting Cadence as the princess of love to not be with Shining Armor. Twilight if anything will need her friends more than ever as she gets used to her new responsibilities as a princess, Rainbow Dash could teach her about flying as some have pointed out for example. Rarity could teach her about some of the finer points of high society etiquette though I am sure Twilight is well versed on it being Celestia's apprentice a little sprucing up though never hurt anypony. Applejack could help her sort through all the BS, suck ups and flank kissers trying to get in good with the new princes that will inevitably come her way. Pinkie Pie could help cheer her up when she is feeling down or discouraged and maybe make it a little less likely to have Lesson Zero moment. 2. A rational explanation as to why the coronation was so abrupt: there are many different potential scenarios I have come up with in my head and most of them involve some kind of emergency. We all know that alicorns get a massive power boost so perhaps whatever threat is lurking required Twilight to take this power boost a bit sooner than Celestia had originally planned. It could be a new villain or the return of an old villain it could even link to why Celestia wanted to reform Discord. There is nothing that will completely get rid of the abrupt nature of this change but it can be smoothed over slightly with some good writing. 3. Twilight's power grows slowly over time: my biggest concern with twilicorn was that Twilight would become too powerful too fast making her a Mary Sue. But having great power dosen't mean you have complete control over it, during this one flashback scene where it showed how Twilight got her cutie mark she had a massive magic surge which not only caused Spike to hatch from his egg but to temporarily grow into a fully grown dragon. Thanks to her years of training and study she has much greater control over her powers then she did back then but turning into an alicorn is far more significant than simply slapping a pair of wings on Twilight. We don't know how big of a power boost that Twilight got but we know that is probably fairly substantial. We saw from Magic Duel that while Twilight was far more powerful than your average unicorn still had her limitations and as a alicorn if this is done correctly will still have some limitations. Simply put if Twilight is able to perform the kind of spells Trixie did under the influence of the alicorn amulet right off the bat than I am going to be seriously pissed. If written correctly Twilight could learn to master those kinds of spells and other high level unicorn and alicorn spells gradually over the course of a few more seasons.
  5. Twilicorn gets so much hate,but I love it. Especially when it's handled properly in a fan/fim fiction.
  6. What is your favourite season finale until now? I enjoyed a lot the season 5 finale. Tirek is such an interesting (and intimidating) character. That final battle, and all the Discord scenes were gold. <- Deviantart post.
  7. ..... Or atleast trying to know how they're supposed to work.
  8. So I saw this at a Toy R Us store today. While it may not seem like anything out of the ordinary, it's actually quite significant. At first glance, it doesn't look that unusual. It's just any old pony toy set, save one critical detail... Twilight is a unicorn! Sure, you're probably thinking it's just from an older line of toys, right? There's no way this could have been made after 2013. Why is this significant? It shows that Hasbro is finally acknowledging Twilight Sparkle as a unicorn. This is actually quite unusual, especially in a time where they insist on Twilight being an alicorn princess. "Princess Twilight Sparkle" is an official registered trademark that has been used by the marketing department almost non-stop, with literally just about all official (not just licensed) merchandise of Twilight since 2013 being exclusively Twilicorn. Nowadays, whenever you look at anything MLP-related, you don't see the Twilight as an antisocial unicorn bookworm, you see "Princess Twilight Sparkle™" the alicorn princess of friendship and so on. But now, for the first time in years, I'm finally seeing unicorn Twilight in official merchandise again. Could this be a possible sign of unicorn Twilight returning or is this all just wishful overthinking?
  9. As we all know, Twilight Sparkle becoming a princess in the Season 3 finale was a huge game-changer. I love the idea of Twilight solving Starswirl's spell and saving her friends in order to become a princess, but if this is the reason that she became a princess, I feel that Twilight should've went a step further in her discovery. She "solved" the spell by pairing up her friends with their corresponding elements of harmony, but to me, a solution like that to a spell like this is not satisfying enough. The use of the elements of harmony in the finale left me with some fairly legitimate questions. "What would happen if somepony that wasn't in the Mane 6 got their cutie mark switched like in this episode? How would they regain their memories and change their cutie mark back if they did not have a corresponding element of harmony?" These are some thoughts that I've had for a while now, and although this is a bit late for discussion, I'd still really love to hear everypony's thoughts on this topic. Please let me know any and all of your theories and/or solutions that will justify Twilight earning her royal position. Your participation in this discussion is greatly appreciated.
  10. So Twilights a princess, and she's not complete as the princess of friendship without her friends. Their mission now is to solve all anti-friendship problems in Equestria and beyond, patrolling the streets stopping feuds, gangs, and dying traditions. What could we call them, exactly, that we have? Are they like the police? army? national guard? freedom fighters? girl scouts?
  11. I never noticed... but why did so much Bronies want or think that Alicorn Twilight would be temporary...? It wouldn't make sense! It would be like Scootaloo suddenly flying in one episode, but it wouldn't be noticed or mentioned, as if she was always able to fly, then the next episode she appears she can't fly. It would just be illogical.
  12. Why I think this is A FIGHT Tirek absorbed the magic/flight/strength of everypony in Equestria and DISCORD, who can cause choas on a level of a whole country. The power of everypony + Discord = 4 Alicorn Princesses because Lord Tirek said "It appears we are at an impasse" after the battle between Twilight and big ugly red guy. Im just going to assume what I said before The power of everypony + Discord = 4 Alicorn Princesses When Tirek absorbed the alicorn magic, this accounts for Celestia and Luna who can move the sun and moon with their magic. His power (may have a little more than) doubled upon obtaining the alicorn magic. Tirek would have been able to move the sun and moon if he wanted to, he was no joke. You may be thinking that celestia and luna are able to move the sun and moon because thats what theyre born for. However, in the first episdode, very beggning, Celestia was seen moving the SUN AND MOON taking the duties of day and night. Celestia could move planets out of orbit if she wanted to. Tireks no joke, his power was beyond that of the four alicorns combined. ** Could the Hulk beat him? Is this a one sided fight? If so how long would tirek last?** This is world war hulk by the way
  13. Hey everypony! So sorry for not beong active lately... But I thought I'd start a new topic. ALICORNS OC'S!!!!!! I just want to say this. I hate alicorn oc's... They are usually very overpowered, no backstory, related to the princesses in some way, dating one of the mane characters, or is just complete mary sue. Don't get me wrong. There are some good alicorn oc's. When the creator actually spends quality time and puts creative thought into it. But its as rare as flying unicorn... With enough work, it is possible. But is still quite unlikely. Now I will link some examples below. Or you could just google bad alicorn ocs. may add more later :3
  14. made a twilight sparkle sticker to help ease some stress of college finals coming up ;3;
  15. Just seeing where the consensus is now that some time has passed and the idea has had some time to sink in in the community. So, now that time has passed, has your opinion of Twilicorn changed?
  16. Hello everypony, I've been wondering about a possibility that only unicorns can be alicorns. In the first episode Celestia used her "unicorn powers to raise the sun at dawn" and in the smartphone app intro cutscene in the tale of the two sisters "the younger unicorn (Luna) refused to lower the moon." ( ) Looking at Twilight formerly a unicorn and Cadence - arguably either a unicorn if you follow Lauren Faust's vision or a pegasus in one of the books, there's no way other kinds of ponies e.g. earth, crystal, maybe pegasus can become alicorns. What do you think? I've searched the forums and hoping this topic is not covered yet...
  17. Right. So. Twilight's journey has her going from small time librarian to princess. I realized the journey is almost exactly like that in Fable III. She has to get friends. Which is gaining the trust of the leaders in Fable III. She has Overthrown Sombra. Who is like Logan from Fable III. And she eventually becomes a Princess. Which she does not get right away after overthrowing Sombra. Unlike the Prince. Who becomes king and struggles making important decisions. Twilight is also struggling. Do you see the resembalance?
  18. Things I'd like to see: Another Luna-centric episode. Actually a Celestia episode would be cool as well. A return of Gilda and/or Blueblood. A least a crumb of background for Scootaloo. Have them do something with Discord, at least some cameos. BRING BACK DERPY!!!
  19. Look at what Hasbro has done to the show we revolve around. Yes, yes, yes, it said, "C'mon, it's a girls' show"; yet the more-or-less appreciative fans would hate the changes. Some would even want it to be made in their way! (e.g. , , ) What do you think?
  20. As you know there were and are some complaints about her new status and i actually never followed what was the people's bigger issue about her change. So just out of curiosity i started this poll. Even if you haven't any problems with it, what of the two changes about Twilight do you like less?
  21. one down five to go (the quick FlutterShy background I did doesn't count). If you think there are some things I could change about the background to make it better please tell me and I will try and fix it.
  22. Behold! the Princess Twiligh Sparkle! We got Solar Empire, New Lunar Republic, Royal Hive, Candence Oligarchy and Discord Anarchy... so what shall Twilight Sparkle's faction be called? Reunited Equestrian Kingdom? Twilight Theocracy? --Tahirih
  23. I was so unsure/frustrated about Twilight becoming a princess just as much as most people. I just couldn't see this new plot point working for season 4 and on. And for the longest time I kept thinking to myself... "Why am I so frustrated?!" Well, I've come to the conclusion that I was mostly frustrated NOT with the fact of her being given the responsibilities as a princess/leader, but more of the TITLE that Celestia had given her: Princess Twilight Sparkle. I actually see her becoming a fantastic leader over Equestria as time go by. She will definitely have acquired more knowledge of magic, friendship, and even leadership than Celestia several years from now. I can see her as the greatest leader that Equestria has ever known, no doubt about that! So...why does she need to have the title as "Princess"?! The title "Queen", "Ruler of Equestria", or "Ambassador" would make much more sense to me! You see, nowadays when most people, especially young girls, think of "princess", they think of the "Disney" princess archetype. Many say that they are not at all role models to be followed, that they hardly ever take their own responsibilities and just look for a "knight in shining armor" to come save them. Nobody thinks of Twilight as that kind of person...ur...pony. She's the opposite! She takes action, gets things done, is extremely organized, and becomes wiser and wiser all the time. And she was given the title of princess by someone who, many can agree, never seems to do anything except raise the sun, give simple advice, and just be a mentor/teacher. This isn't to say that Celestia is completely useless, but we always root for Twilight much more than Celestia when it comes to saving the day. In fact, Celestia is always the damsel in distress, while Twilight is the "knight in shining armor"! Anyway, it's safe to say that I'm getting more and more used to seeing the wings on Twilight, symbolizing her new status as princess. So I'd really like to see Twilight do three things before the whole series ends... Get married (not to Flash Century!) to someone compassionate, understanding, wise, a great leader, and a bit of bookworm like her. Take responsibility over her own land/empire. Yes, that would be awesome! Combine all her findings on friendship and make it into a sort of magnum opus of Equestrian Literature! Let me know what you think.