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Found 16 results

  1. I got this idea when I saw this who wants to be a millionaire question.
  2. I'm working on an Alternate History Story about my made up nation: Tresasia/Transasia. It is so far just a 'page' with information and history of it from 1396 AD - 1479 AD (planning on making it go all the way to present day). Still a work in progress but I want opinions on it, I will turn it into a proper story once it is finished. Sit down, you may be here for a while:
  3. I would have the following: Fluttershy (Kindness, Polite / Timid) Vinyl Scratch (Generosity, Expressiveness / Low attention-spam) Minuette (Laughter, Outgoing / Immature) Soarin' (Loyalty, Bravery / Lazy) Dr. Hooves (Honesty, Intelligence / conceited) Sonata Dusk (Redemption, Forgiving / Unintelligent) I would choose these characters because there is a balance of race (2 Earth, 2 Unicorn and 2 Pegasus) and they're two stallions included. I also think their personality and backgrounds are very unique to each other (not to mention, some of them are my favorite characters ) There traits have been altered a skosh, but only to make their personality's more balanced. Who would you have?
  4. Title says most of it. Are there any alternatives that work with flash things? If not, could someone please help me figure out what's wrong? It's really dumb, and it's been happening for a few weeks now (I believe).
  5. So for the longest time, I listened to pop "Top 40" radio. However there were certain songs that I liked that felt different than the others... I more recently discovered the Radio Station X107.1, which is a "New Music Alternative" station in Georgia. I listen to it all the time now! Still, for the longest time I didn't really even know what it was. What about you? Do you like it? I finally have an answer for that terrible "What kind of music do you listen to?" question!!!
  6. Hey guys! Me and VaceslaV made a ska band! I'll be posting songs as they are released here. If you'd like to hear our music as soon as it gets released simply subscribe to our youtube channels! DEFEND PONY SKA 23MAR15 "Let Me Into Your Heart Cover" ------- EQD SPOTLIGHT 24MAR15! 15MAR15 "The Princess is a Bomb" ------ EQD SPOTLIGHT 17MAR15!
  7. Instead of posting a new thread EVERY TIME I make a new cover I figure I should just post all my covers here! NEWEST: Babs Seed (Pop-Punk) Find the Music in You (Ska/Punk) BBBFF (Acoustic Rock) Becoming Popular (Pop-Punk) Raise This Barn (Rock) OLDEST: Art of the Dress (Pop-Punk) <---------- Needs to be redone >.<
  8. Hellooo! I simply loved Maud Pie last weekend. She was awesome. So, anyway- I finished a soft acoustic/alt rock track inspired on her a few days ago, and I'm glad to share it with you all. I hope you enjoy it! Cheers, and thanks for your time!
  9. Have a love song from Shining Armor to Cadence!
  10. I want to make a thread where I can discuss bands such as Sonic Youth, The Pixies, Nirvana and Alice in Chains. I was going to just call this the "alternative thread" but I know if I did people would just end posting stuff like Coldplay. Anyways, post away. EDIT: Just so this thread doesn't die out, I'm allowing Radiohead on here.
  11. Whether you realize it or not, music is vitally important to every person in the known universe. And always has been. Since the beginning of time (Or just a bit after that point). My point is, the fact that music of all shapes and forms has even existed through these long periods of time is in itself proof that it is a magical thing. Music, as i stated, has been around a looooooooooong time. Singing and instruments were invented for entertainment, and no matter what you believe the beginning of time looks like, it is undeniable that a short period after humans came to be, music was created. Minstrels, bards, (I think those were contemporaries, but whatever.) , One-man-bands, bands in general, composers. All of these transcend time and culture and carry themselves from their origin point on. Ok, let's get to the juicy stuff, why i love music so incredibly intensely. Literally any music you can think of, i love it. But not for the reason you might think. Music, in itself, is perfect. You heard me. It's perfect. Now, not every form of music is perfect.(Form is important. I define form as like, genres. Dubstep, classical, alternative, hard rock, screamo. Those are forms.) And what i mean by that, the idea of music, the idea of putting notes and tunes and chords together is absolutely, 100% perfect. Why, you might ask. Because music, is perfectly tailored and labored to be a pleasurable experience for expression of emotions and feelings, for EVERY SINGLE PERSON THAT EXISTS. That's why music is perfect. Every person in existence has some music they like. (They might not have found it yet, but i promise you it exists.) Every person has a genre they can identify with and thoroughly enjoys that specific genre or collection of genre. Any music that person identifies with can be an expression of themselves through some other medium. It's beautiful, truly. And i know, that sounds weird and a little creepy to think that music is truly beautiful, but honestly, think about. What else in existence is so perfectly crafted that every person, all 7 billion of us, can have a piece of it, and love that piece in particular. It's absolutely incredible. Now, this might trip some of us up, the fact that you may personally hate another genre, hate it with all your heart. I'll address that. Someone may actively hate, let's say screamo, just because that is commonly hated on. Someone may hate screamo with all their guts and might just want to scream (See what i did thar? :3) at everyone who enjoys it. That's your own prerogative, firstly. No one can change your mind but you, so if you want to hate something, do it.(Really though, dont hate anything. Nothing deserves hatred. I promise.) You might ask yourself, 'how can music be perfect if i dont like this and someone doesnt like what l like?'. That question right there is why music is perfect. You dont have to like everything! But everyone has something! Everyone can have their own piece of themselves. The only thing that gets in the way is unnecessary hate on other people's likes. It truly gets irritating. If someone likes something you don't, you don't have to dislike the person or for that matter that piece of music you dont identify with. Just acknowledge that everyone is different and that you dont have to dislike anything, just accept it as something you dont prefer and let the others enjoy it. Ok, i think i've dragged this out long enough, i can talk for hours on this. If anyone is actually interested in more (I highly doubt that, i doubt anyone will read the whole thing anyway xD) i'll happily write more. But for now, i'll leave you with this! Remember, like what you like, let others like what they like, and just be happy enjoying your own slice of perfect <3
  12. Here's a new song that I wrote and composed. AeroDaFox did an awesome job with the production. Critiques are always welcome.
  13. What if the Mane Six were background characters? Tell me who would be who and why. I want to hear other bronies' perspectives seeing that alternate universes are quite popular in fanfictions (Lunaverse )
  14. Wow, this is my first blog post in aaaaages! I can't believe it's been so long! I felt like it was time for another blog post, and since not much is going on in the MLP world and I have nothing else I'm really interested in enough to talk about right now I decided to check out this song, enjoy ! Icon for Hire are a more recent band. I thoroughly enjoyed there first album "scripted". The song Cynics and Critics was released as a preview of there upcoming album (name of which is not released yet) and comes out in a few months time ! So here it is: Now I may be a bit biased, but LOVE this song. I have listened to it for an hour straight, to see if I could find any flaws in it or anything that just starts to annoy me and currently I haven't. The backing music really fits, and the alternating fast and slow singing sections (making it almost impossible to learn the words to the verses) fit together seamlessly giving the music added depth. The mix of guitar and bass and electronic music is something that they did very well in the first album, and I think this song is a prime example of how in this genre the merging of the 2 styles of sounds should be done. The way the rythm of the song changes from the verse to chorus is also something I really like, keeping the song "fun" and not repetitive and boring as some song are.. The singing varies from rock singing, to very bouncy almost reciting of the lines to straight talking. Once again I feel they merge the different types together really well (aided by the perfect backing music for each moment) to really give a great alternation of styles/sounds through the song to keep in interesting all the way through. Overall, its a great showcase of the merging of different styles of singing and electronic/classic rock. With great sections to air guitar to, as well as parts truly great fun to sing to it makes the whole song a joy to listen to. I would give it a 9/10 and recommend everyone who likes rock music to listen ! Thanks for reading, feel free to leave feedback!
  15. Dusty Soul


    This is a new song, I've had in mind for a while. It was orignally going to have vocals, but then it fell through as I fell in love with the instrumental. I don't know what genre it would fit into though.
  16. Some of my studio sessions from the past couple years. These two are covers. Mostly intended to experiment with various recording methods and breaking in new gear. I have some original work, but it isn't ready just yet. ----- Weezer, "Don't Let Go" (Green Album, 2001) TECHNICAL NOTES: Drums (2 tracks): "Pop Up" kit from the Alesis QuadraSynth rack module. Like my previous projects, I had to hand-craft the drum lines and/or hammer them out on my Yamaha KX8. Now that I have room for a kit, I'm shopping around for a real digital set. Guitars (2 rhythm, 1 lead): LTD H-100 with Rocktron Rampage R80 amp and the classic CryBaby Wah. Nothing all that special here. Wah is always fun, and the green album uses tons of it. Bass: Squier P Bass with a Line 6 Low Down Studio 110 amp. I learned a lot about bass post-production while working on this project. In particular, I ended up spending a long time tweaking the EQ so the bass could stand on its own without muddling the floor tom or the lower rhythm guitar line. Vocals: AKG Perception 120 condenser mic. I wasn't too thrilled about the need for so much vocal compression on this ended up coming out a little squashed. At least the actual harmonizing was easier than I expected. I don't think I practiced much, if at all. I just fired it up and ended up with usable takes right off the bat. Between the time that these tracks were recorded (about 8 months ago) and now, I've increased my range about half an octave on the high end. I'm not sure if it would be noticeable if I redid these two tracks since they use a very limited range as it is. Oh well. My next project will require a little more dynamics in the vocals department. Studio: Lexicon Omega I/O interface running Steinberg Cubase 4. For this project I was less lazy than usual. I even took the time to properly fade in/out all tracks where applicable. That means there should be no more noticeable breathing, fret noise, clicking/popping, etc. I think I applied each track's EQ in a more structured way, too. In the past I didn't spend much time balancing the tracks' EQ against one another, but I kind of had to for this song (mainly due to the big difference between the two rhythm guitar tracks). After tweaking the fade ins/outs, the project ended up being exactly three minutes long. I'm not sure, but I think their studio version was 3:04. The difference is probably due to some extra white space at the beginning, since it's the album's opening track. ----- Fear Factory, "Final Exit" (Mechanize, 2009) ARTISTIC NOTES... The song was written as a tribute to the book of the same name. It's about a belief in every human's right to decide how and when they want to die. This is a topic that strikes a chord with me, since I too resent the various cultural and legal institutions that would rather keep a person in perpetual pain rather than let them face their end with dignity. PRODUCTION NOTES... This project was a little rushed. Hell, I had to do all of the vocals tracks within a 2 hour's pretty obvious that I did the outro vocals about an hour before singing the (cracking, out-of-tune) last chorus, following the bridge. Anyways, I'll redo those when I get the chance. It's easier to take 2 minutes to unload the (padded) walk-in closet and run my 1/4" (headphones) and XLR (mic) cables and lay down some vocals tracks than it is to tweak the guitars, preamps and track configurations anyways. The original album version is nearly identical, note for note. However, it includes a ~4 minute outro segment (since it's the final track on the album), which I have not included in my version. Eventually I'll add's just a piano and some miscellaneous synths, feedback, delay, reverb and compression to elongate the refrain a couple dozen times. There are a few long-ish segments with no lyrics. This is because the 3rd verse in the album version is audio exerpts from the book itself. I might add these into my version or just remove the 3rd verse entirely. TECHNICAL NOTES... For the most part, I'm using the same PC-based setup as before. It's Steinberg software controlling a Lexicon Omega for all audio and MIDI I/O. Bass amp is a Line 6 Low Down Studio 110. Vocals mic is an AKG Perception 120. Some things about this project that are different from my previous projects... Guitar: - Using an Ibanez S7420 (2010 model) for the first time... - Through a DigiTech RP1000. I used this for compression, distortion, chorus, delay and reverb on the 3 guitar tracks. - No amp this time; just the RP1000. Later this year I'll pick up the legendary Peavy 6505+ and a stack. - Standard 7 string, detuned to A. Bass: - Using the same bass, but restrung it with Ernie Ball strings. - E is now a 120, detuned to A (rather than buying a 5 string model). Synth: - Actually getting some use out of my Yamaha KX8 and Alesis QSR's string sections. On that note, same Alesis DM5 drums, as usual. Sequencing: - Had to dig out the manual (on PDF) to figure out how to get Steinberg's Cubase LE4 to dynamically change time signatures and tempo. It's subtle, but it changes to 5/4 timing at measure 89, then right back to standard timing. Also, the tempot fades from 110 down to 90 between measures 116 and 132. This was a huge load off of my back, and it might inspire me to do some of that whacky 13/8, 7/8 and 6/8 stuff that's been bouncing around in my head for the past 5 years.