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Found 10 results

  1. Hi there! So I finally got up the guts to put up my art instead of just you know hiding it under a rock or something like usual. I am only putting up a few of my favorite works from my Deviantart account. I just started drawing Poines alot this year so I have a lot of growing to do still. I am totally open to constructive criticism! Thank you for taking the time to look at my art!! Sunburst Artwork! Derpy Hooves Cheese Sandwich (traditional art version) Chesse Sandwich (Digital version) Applejack Mylilpegasister's OC Autum Rose (Art Trade) Big Mac Royal Guard Coco Pommel
  2. So I was bored yesterday, and came up with an idea for a picture. I'm no artist, but I hope it turned out decently. Tell me what you guys think about it!
  3. Hi Everypony! It's me again. I'm Flutterpride, and I'm 19 Year old amateur music producer, singer and DJ. When I was written in the Welcoming Plaza, Adorkable wrote me to do in this forum separate topic for my work, so here it is! I hope you'll enjoyed it About that i'm just a beginner, you can told me what i'm doing wrong, and what is good. My last remix: All the rest of my songs are on my Soundcloud.
  4. These are my OCs, Clover Heart and Midknight Courage. Sources: This is my first time doing a vector, so please be kind. I know Clover's mouth is weird. I had a lot of trouble with it. Alo, I think I didn't understand the whole left hind leg in the original image, so it may look weird. Some of the lines in Midknight's mane and tail are a bit rigid and not smooth. I think I was uncertain how to make them smoother. Maybe also just laziness and not wanting to redo the lines. That'll probably be a downfall of mine in vectoring. For the most part, I'm happy with it. Way, WAY better than anything I could draw by hand, anyway. So, yay!
  5. So on a whim I decided to draw an eye. I suck at facial proportions so I just left it at that. I like it, definitely better than I usually do so I am happy.
  6. Well, after some ponies convinced me to post it, here it is. A little sketch of my OC's head. I practiced a few heads lately. Damn pony heads. Heads... Ah, I digress. Here, one drawing: Criticism is welcome!
  7. Well, I finally bought some paper and pencils... Not sure if it's good. Actually I have seen many better ones out here and I know what my mistakes are, but I simply lack in skill and practice, I guess. Or even in talent... But anyways... Here, have one Applejack! Criticism is welcome!
  8. When I was browsing through the Fan Art section yesterday, I became so jealous of inspired by some ponies artistic abilities that I decided to draw a pony myself. I grabbed what I had access to (a ballpoint pen and a paper with some printed text on it), to see if I could draw anything whatsoever. I have never really been drawing at all before this, so I was pretty happy with the (quite flawed) result. Drawing felt very satisfying and relaxing so this got me thinking, that if I draw one pony every day, I might get better at this! So that is what this thread is for. Me drawing a pony every day. Hopefully, my "skills" will evolve. If not, I'll just give up. Like I said, I have never really been drawing at all before, so I know nothing about this whatsoever. Yesterday's major buck-ups: *Her left eye is really weird. *The hindquarters are quite messy and sort-of the wrong shape. I imagine this will be the most difficult part to get right. *I shouldn't have put a Twilight-style tail on there. It doesn't match her mane. *Don't use a damn ballpoint. *Don't use a paper with text on it. Other notes: This was a very casual doodle, so I only looked at some reference pictures whilst drawing. At first, I was only thinking of drawing the head, which is why the body goes through the text. In the end, I pretty much rushed the hindquarters when I lost my patience. Her cutie mark is a ballpoint pen. Tonight, I will actually look at a drawing tutorial, and try to draw Twilight. Hopefully, this will get interesting.
  9. I came up with an idea I thought could make an interesting short story. It's pretty gloomy and sombre, so quit now if that's not your thing. The story is somewhat inspired by H. P. Lovecraft, which becomes more prominent later on. I just wrote the beginning for it (it won't actually be very long at all) and would appreciate some thoughts on my writing style and on how interesting the text is. Note that it's supposed to be rather laconic and colourless; that's a choice of style. Many thanks to anyone willing to comment!
  10. So I decided to finally post something here... Pretty much to see what people thinks of what little I've done done so far~ A recolour of Rainbow Dash, apparently called Holly Dash... She apparently doesn't have wings, but oh well... Forgot that part. Made using outlines and stuff~ A crazy idea/request a friend of mine wanted to see... A hybrid between Rainbow Dash and Spyro. Done pretty much in the same way as Holly Dash, but was more complicated as I needed multiple references. So what do ya think? My dA if anyone's interested... EDIT: So much support... Just while I ate dinner? Wow... Inspires me to try harder on whatever I'm drawing at the moment~ Thanks!