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Found 47 results

  1. This made me cry a little. Please watch it, and post your response.
  2. So, i asked the pizza place to draw a pony for My friends and me. This is what we got, not what i expected, but its still awesome
  3. I was sitting in a field, and I was picking at the grass. I accidentally picked a clover.Looking at it, I realised that it had four Leaves!!!I couldn't believe my eyes!I thought such a thing was make-believe! Has anyone else ever seen/found one?
  4. So while reading an article on flight, I came across a link to this. It's a rather huge undertaking, but the very concept of this project for me is astonishing. It may sound like the far-fetched dreams many early inventors had around 200 years ago, but think about it: now we've got serious advancements in lightweight materials, chemical reactions, and electronics. I think with some proper legit funding and a little more practical insight, this could become a reality. What do you think? Leave your comments! MEET PROJECT FALCON 12A. Project website Full feasibility study Interactive 3D model YouTube video
  5. redaxted

    My Blog!

    Hellooooo! This is my first blog... Ever! That's right; I've never blogged before XD I'm gonna be posting some nice pictures and GIFs I've made here, along with all my art. But for now, hello everyone and welcome to my blog.
  6. *takes a deep breath* Well now... that was certainly an experience, wasn't it? :comeatus: This... all of this... where do I even begin? Welcome back, everypony, to the 100th episode edition of "Batbrony Reviews." If we're going to start somewhere, I suppose it's best to start by saying just what this was, at least in my own opinion. This was everything I expected, everything I did not expect, and so very much more. It was basically a fanfiction made into an episode, if you want to be blunt, but it was more than that even. It was a love letter in every sense of the word: to the fans, to the show, to the background characters, supporting characters, main characters, and everything we love about the world of Equestria and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. 100 episodes, and we've finally reached that point, the point that few shows ever do, even long-lasting, successful ones; we have reached the point where the creators and the fandom have acknowledged in both canon and fanon love and mutual respect for one another and their creations. It's a beautiful thing, really, and it made for a wonderfully chaotic and somehow beautifully balanced time this episode. Let's dive right in and fully take in every bit of wonderful, shall we? This review won't be in any particular order, because it really doesn't matter for an episode that had so very much. It's going to be more of a... well-thought out fangasm, if you will. What did I love, here? I... LOVED... EVERYTHING! I know that that's not the case with everyone, and that's perfectly fine if people had complaints or different levels of appreciation of this episode, but for me, it was perfect. I loved every single bit of this gift, and that's what it is, a gift from DHX that they gave to us and put together with tender, loving care. M.A. Larson, perhaps both the most beloved and at the same time infamous writer of the show, was the perfect choice for putting this episode together, especially in the post-Faust MLP. Only Faust herself could've possibly outdone him if she were still attached to the show, but I don't think even whatever she could've put together would've been quite as delightfully insane in that Larson-y fashion that only he himself, the master of trolly writers in MLP, can manage. Larson has now officially become my favorite writer of the show for this episode alone, and for that, he has my everlasting gratitude. No, wait, I actually mean it this time! Every savory bite of this delectable masterpiece was delicious in its own unique way. Lyra (Ashleigh Ball) and Bon Bon/Sweetie Drops (Andrea Libman) were hardly surprising in their appearance, but they were surprising in just what exactly DHX did with them. First, I was completely surprised by the fact that Bon Bon not only received such a bizarre background that had no grounding in the fandom whatsoever, but also by the fact that she was the focus of the subplot and not Lyra. Upon thinking about this further, I realized it was quite brilliant, actually, in its own insane way. Not only did they not meet expectations by simply taking the easy route with those two, but they also came up with an amazingly zany explanation of Bon Bon's alternate name, Sweetie Drops, that somehow managed to make both canon. But perhaps even more brilliant than that, they found a way to please both those who ship Lyra and Bon Bon in the fandom, and those who do not. Technically, in canon they are nothing more than best friends; they hammered it on the head quite a bit in fact to the point of ludicrousness. But there was also so much shipping fuel in their interactions together, that Lyra and Bon Bon shippers can't possibly even be mad. DHX went as far as they could to embrace both interpretations in canon, and I still can't believe they managed to pull it off. I've seen some Lyra and Bon Bon fans in this thread arguing since the episode aired about what is and isn't canon, but I implore you, no matter what you believe, please don't! You're both right, and there's no need to! It's rather remarkable, that way, isn't it? Friend or ship, either way, we all win! Continuing with the Big 6 of background ponies, Vinyl Scratch and Octavia Melody's (Kazumi Evans) bits were just as amazing. I know dubstep's not everyone's cup of tea, but I for one adored the classical music/dubstep cross they put together, and their ride through town on Vinyl's bass cannon was nothing short of spectacular, glorious insanity, topped off by them literally jumping the shark. I really like that Vinyl has no voice, as well; it would've been really easy for Nowacking to agree to do her voice, but then she wouldn't be able to do fan projects anymore, so I really appreciate that, if DHX did approach, she held out, but DHX found a rather clever alternative. Instead of trying to find an alternative to Nowacking, they seem to be content keeping her as a silent character, and it oddly seems to work for her. Octavia's voice, provided by Rarity's singing VA, is very close to EileMonty's and suits her nicely as well. Their house is too awesome for words to describe (and I'm sure Two Face wouldn't mind living there either), and it was so much fun seeing them throw their musical noggins together. There wasn't really anything in the way of shipping fuel with those two like there was with other characters, but that worked just fine for them; I've always preferred thinking of them as best friends and housemates rather than an actual couple compared to other pairs in fanon. Twilicane: "You thought I was dead, did you?! HAH! Foolish mortals, I can never die! I simply return time and again to amplify the awesome and simply confuse you even more!!!!!!!" Moving on to some of the lesser bits of the episode, we had the surprise return of Steven Magnet (and his canon naming as well) as, of all things, Cranky Doodle's very own "Best Beast" for his wedding, and boy oh boy was he fun to watch. Steven's always been a favorite Season 1 character of mine, even if he'd only ever been in the first episode before today, and Lee Tockar's exuberance in the role is simply infectious. He's one of those characters who, no matter how over-the-top he gets, manages to not get at any point obnoxious, but instead is just a delight to watch the entire time. And to top it all off, despite freaking out Matilda about halfway through the episode (because of course he'd freak out a bride on her wedding day ), he had a very affectionate moment with his apparently best friend, Cranky, at the end of the episode, as well as a sweet nod to Rarity's own generosity that she'd extended his way in Season 1. Gummy's existential inner monologue was simply too epic for words to describe, and for me, he is from now on best pet, no doubt, sorry Tank, you're awesome, he's just awesomer. That was probably the most surprising moment of the episode for me, though it oddly makes sense for Pinkie's beloved alligator that he would be the only pet in all of Ponyville to ponder the meaning of life (on a regular basis, I'm guessing). Amethyst Star had her own small bit taking over the organization for Matilda's wedding (both voiced by Brenda Crichlow, that's certainly confusing), but it was very cool learning more about her, she's one of my favorite unicorns in all of Ponyville for sure. The Flower Trio of Lily Valley, Roseluck, and Daisy (Cathy Weseluck, Kazumi Evans, and Ashleigh Ball) of course had their own little moment of over-the-top dramatics (or rather, several), and even the royals made a surprise appearance in ways we're not accustomed to. Shining Armor apparently gets super emotional at weddings along with Cadance, and Celestia and Luna's little sibling-spat was too adorable and hilarious. Speaking as a sibling myself, I loved that, every bit of it, because it felt so real, and yet it was also a side to those two that we'd never gotten to see before. But in the end, listening to Mayor Mare's heartwarming words, they reconciled as all siblings always should over little stuff like that (especially if you're both over 1,000 years old :comeatus:). Besides all that, basically every single other background pony in existence popped up in some regard. The CMC had a quick bit, Bulk Biceps was there, Filthy Rich, Button Mash, Truffles, Berry Punch hugging a barrel of cider, Thunderlane, Colgate, Carrot Top, Cloud Kicker, Mr. and Mrs. Cake along with Pound and Pumpkin Cake, Raindrops, that pony with the jelly-fetish, the sofa-and-quills salesman, the tennis-player with the world's greatest mutton chops, Lotus and Aloe, Hayseed Turniptruck, Pipsqueak, Cloud Chaser, Flitter, Featherweight, a completely random Changeling, and oh so many more, pretty much the entire town, in fact. Matilda and Cranky themselves were quite delightful to see again as well, especially getting to learn more about both of them. I love that Cranky is this cheap bastard and, despite even finding the love of his life, still a curmudgeon (just seems to fit him well, I guess, but a lovable curmudgeon, mind you), and Matilda was too funny in the beleaguered-bride-on-her-wedding day role. But in the end, their wedding was a smashing success, and I'm sure no matter how much we see of them in the future, in the show's universe, they shall have a long and happy life together! Main characters? GET THE BUCK OUTTA HERE! Now of course, those of you who know me will know that I've been building up to what, for me, stole the show here. What really made this oh so special for this particular brony. I am talking, of course, about the incredible, amazing, awesomeness that was Derpy Hooves (Tabitha St. Germain... again) and Doctor Whooves (Peter New). Oh my, where to start with these two. There's just so much to say. If I didn't love Derpy so much, I'd say that Peter with his performance alone stole the whole show altogether. His accent was amazing, the mannerisms were spot on (and this coming from a non-Whovian), the references were not too hard for non-Whovians like myself to understand, but still abounding throughout, I could just go on and on. I loved how he got so easily absentminded throughout the whole episode, always going from one random activity to another, and I loved that Derpy seemed to be the only one who really got him, too. His bowling with the Big Lebowski-ponies (with the Dude actually getting a voice, of all things) was too epic for words to describe, but it was somehow surpassed by his bits at the end, if you can believe that. Derpy herself, well... she was everything I could've hoped for. She is and always will be my best pony, and I can't thank DHX enough for what they did for her. Bringing Tabitha St. Germain back in the role even though she changed the voice (in fact, I actually liked this voice more than her original, and MUCH MORE than that dreadful replacement they came up with after "The Last Roundup" controversy, it sounded like Derpy but also more feminine than her original, which makes sense when you consider that Tabitha originally thought that Derpy was supposed to be a boy), putting her in the spotlight, making her both derpy in her behavior as she's always been but also completely lovable, exuberant, and in the end helpful, oh, and muffin refunds, it all worked so perfectly. There were, however, two things I loved the most about her. The first was that, interestingly enough, despite starring in this episode, Derpy (and the same can be said for many background ponies here) was still a background pony. Her activities, like all background ponies, were just one small-drop in the bigger picture of what the story of Ponyville and the lives of all its citizens are, and it was actually quite apparent. All of these subplots happened alongside each other without really running into each other or colliding, and it was quite frankly amazing. The other thing I loved, with all my heart, was Derpy and the Doctor. At first, it seemed like they were just extremely close friends. But at the end of the day, DHX did something I never in my wildest dreams thought they would do. They gave just enough for fans to reasonably claim that Derpy and the Doctor is a canon ship. If you don't interpret it that way, that's perfectly fine, but for me, their affectionate hug/snuggle at the end, her telling the Doctor he looked like a million bits in his amazing scarf, even booping their noses earlier in the episode in his lab/home, that's enough for me to say that they are, in my book, a canon couple. No one can take that away from me, and it warms my heart that DHX would be willing to do something like that for those of us who love shipping those two in this fandom. They were adorable together, they were perfect in their performances, and I loved every single minute of them. They were by far the highlight of this episode, for me. What else can ya say but ALONSY!!! Ships... who ever said they couldn't be canon? But wait, there's more! The Mane 6 were here, yeah, shocker right? They were fighting this crazy awesome looking monster called a Bug Bear (which apparently Bon Bon has a history with and also looked very much like a literal panda getting thrown at us... oh Larson, you!). But what I loved more than anything was that they were very much in the background the whole time, until the last scene, of course. And boy oh boy what a last scene, that was. Mayor Mare herself almost stole the show when she delivered the moral of the episode, and this, this was the genius of the episode summed up. Her speech was DHX's way of saying, "this has been great fun, but this has been more than simple fan service or pandering." This, for them, was genuine love and affection. Love for us, love for each and every one of their characters, love for the world they've created. Every story in Equestria is special in its own way, everyone in this show, at DHX, in the fandom, in the world, has a special story of their own to tell, and that should be celebrated as much as possible. That speech took the episode from silly, zany, off-the-walls amazing to sincere, genuine, respectable writing and fan-love, not just fan service. They wanted to make sure this 100th episode would be a thing to remember, and boy, did they ever succeed. Ending the episode back with the Mane 6, Twilight declaring her love for her friends and the town of Ponyville and all its inhabitants we've come to know and love. What better way to end such an episode could you have asked for? That's all I have to say about this one, guys. What else is there to say? Everyone will have a different opinion about this one, but for this brony at least, this episode is perfection. It is the greatest slice of life (fitting enough considering that was its very name ) episode of MLP I have ever seen, probably ever will see, and I will always love this with all of my heart and treasure the fact that I have gotten to share in the love of this show, these characters, and the folks who have created them, with all of you guys. This is Batbrony, resident Bat-lover of Derpy and all things background ponies, signing off. I'm off!!! *cue dramatic and joyously exuberant exit* Thank you for being such a special little town, Ponyville, for all of us, in oh so many ways.
  7. I discovered this a few days ago: I am very impressed by it. It was animated almost single-handedly by one person with about two background artists. I've looked all around this site with all the searching tools and such and I do not see anyone making a topic specifically about discussing this piece of art in general.
  8. They do. They can write with a pencil held between their teeth. Rainbow and AJ could support the weight of a pony with their teeth. Rainbow ripped part of a barn apart with her teeth. Ponies raised a barn with their teeth. Not enough has been said about pony teeth.
  9. Come one, come all! Come and witness this amazing thread of the Great and Powerful Trixie! The Great and Powerful Trixie will now take all your questions, Trixie figures, if that loser Twilight Sparkle has her own ask thread, then obviously if The Great and Powerful Trixie had one, it would blow that loser's right out of the water! Trixie knows and you know that Trixie is the most talented pony in Equestria, so you may feel free to ask about or simply revel in Trixie's Greatness. There is enough of Trixie's greatness for everypony, rest assured. Now, Trixie, in her benevolence and magnanimity, will now answer all of your questions. Ask away, and be awed by Trixie's amazing answers!
  10. So I thought I'd share this. I made this song about a few months ago, and it's about another show called The Amazing World of Gumball. I'd appreciate it if you would take a little of your time to take a listen.
  11. Well. My first blog entry. To get started, I'd like to talk about Fluttershy. This pony is more than merely adorable. Well, OK, she is, but she is also much more! While for some, Fluttershy may seem like quite a one dimensional character compared to the rest of the Mane 6, she has plenty of depth herself. I'd like to talk about this pony in some detail, especially her role in Keep Calm and Flutter On. So there are spoilers below, be warned! Well, as her name she suggests, she is very shy. Also, since she represents the Element of Kindness, she is very compassionate! These two traits are what I love most about her. If she lost her shyness, I'd be very sad... Fluttershy finds it hard to put herself forward and express herself. This and her shyness makes social interaction difficult for her. On top of that, she has an intense fear of performing in front of others. As something of a by-product of being so shy, Fluttershy is a very timid pony, so she has a tough time in frightening or dangerous situations. Unfortunately, her wings have a way of locking up when she gets scared, stopping her from flying! However, in a situation where it truly matters, she finds the courage to do what is necessary. Fluttershy also is very skilled at taming and making friends with animals. We've seen her tame a grouchy dragon and a dangerous cockatrice! She is also adept at understanding their emotions and thoughts. Perhaps one of the most amazing thing Fluttersy has ever done was helping to reform Discord in Keep Calm and Flutter On. This was amazing for anyone to do, let alone someone as timid as Fluttershy! Despite this, Fluttershy knew exactly how to help Discord become a better...dragon/chicken.goat/pony, showing that she understands a person's heart better than any of the Mane 6 ( who, quite frankly, weren't very helpful. ) She was able to put aside her timid nature and place faith in the wild and unpredictable Discord's heart, something that must have been quite difficult. Not only was she willing to ignore and put up with all the mischief Discord was causing, she even defended him as a true friend would, saying that it was only natural that he would not be perfect. And then, at the end, was Fluttershy's greatest test. As Discord's friend, Fluttershy asked him to fix his mischief. But before doing so, he challenged Fluttershyto remove her Element and never use it against him, if they were true friends. Perhaps this was a test of Discord's to prove Fluttershy's sincerity. And she certainly passed! To be able to put that much trust in Discord is something very amazing. When Discord did not keep his promise, we see Fluttershy getting genuinely angry at his lies and breaking of trust. But despite this, she kept her promise not to use her Element! However, she informed Discord in an unceremonious way that he was not her friend if he was going to lie to her and use her. Discord didn't realize till then how he would feel about breaking the trust of such a kind-hearted individual! He discovered that it wasn't even fun to do so after she had trusted him so completely, and thus, decided he wanted to keep that trust. And so we can see that Fluttershy won that battle of hearts, proving that she was more compassionate and trusting than any of the 6, and truly the Element of Kindness and compassion. Not to mention, proving that she was anything but a weak character! She proved she was strong of heart, strong in passion. So much passion is not easy to come by! Don't ever change, Fluttershy!
  12. Hello! Thanks for clicking on this blog, whether it was accidental or not, and welcome to the first excerpt of Universal Dimensions! Before anything, I would like to say that this is NOT pony fan fiction. Completely original and started from scratch at Google Documents! If you enjoy the first excerpt, and there is even just a few people requesting another excerpt, then I will gladly post another! Please, leave your opinions! This is all from scratch on Google Documents. If there are any grammar mistakes or any odd wording, remember that it is a rough draft. Not publishing format. It is always heavily debated with whether or not magic is bad. And, even though I always come to like it, and that I approve of it, I usually can’t deny its bad causes, which has come in many ways for everything. I believe magic is absolutely necessary for everything; after all, without it, I never would have completed my “big mission.” Magic is everywhere anyway, at least in my universe. It is used by your enemies, by you, and it flows as a powerful energy through everybody and through nature. It is only a natural force of power. Not only is it natural, but it is the basis and core of power for Angel and Daemon powers… Daemon powers, specifically. Daemons use dark spirited magic for the effect of triumph and strength, but Daemon magic is so “loose” and difficult to control that it instead is used as a much more powerful offense: curses. Curses come in all sorts of forms, but the overall definition for it is just Daemon magic enforced as an illness of cruel transition; in other words, dark spirited magic “approved” by Daemons to bring stress inside one, and duress on one. In fact, curses are one of the most dangerous effects of magic. They have different effects, varying through loss of self-control, head traumas, weaknesses, turncoat, and even Daemon transformations. Those who are infected with certain curses that grant strengths usually turn by to Daemon magic instead of “standard” magic. Standard magic is a privilege granted to regular humans, but it was never written as a rule for we people to take advantage of other powers. Standard, or nature magic, is a very strong force, with the powers of ice, fire, weather and plant life, but it just does not have such the abilities as of Daemon and Angel magic. Sure, there are staffs and weapons that consume magic for dozens of different effects, but the very magic comes from inside of you, so only those who are capable of magic, may use magic. Many people are trained by others to use magic. Very few carry it as an innate ability they are born with, people such as me; except I don’t remember ever being young. I don’t even know my precise age, which could possibly be late thirties, maybe even forties. I just always felt like I was there. Not since the transportation, but I can appreciate and like for what this place is, what my world is! Such a place for limitless discoveries and combat, with creatures of all sorts, almost everywhere you go… Such creatures also means such Daemons, and there seems to be more Daemon energy pulsing through life than Angel magic. Magic isn’t even performed by humans very much anymore; we Mages aren’t very easy to come across, and there used to be such a countless army of Mages, from what I know. But that was meant to be before I came here, and I feel like I am the only one of magic abilities. Axial and I, at least, but he is a Daemon anyway. I probably shouldn’t even think about that, him being a Daemon, for even he is attempting to redeem himself and become an Angel again, but, with honesty, he is a long way from such an event, considering his actions and attitude since the first day we met. I still wonder to this present day if it was the best of my destiny to meet Axial. I do respect him, but, hell, he has a nerve for everything; but, like I said, he is a Daemon, but I do not know if that personality is natural for dark spirits. I still remember everything that happened the first day I met him… It was as soon as I stumbled into this universe, after I had successfully finished my “big mission,” which I am not going to mention for a possibly long period of time, where I just found myself rummaged into the dirt ground. My body was aching from the universal warp explosion that sent me here, and even I refused to let myself. I rested there, with my face carelessly buried in the dirt, and just kept debating with myself what to do. It was only a few minutes when I felt some strong kicking against my back and a man’s voice. “Hey, kid, come on. You okay?” I lifted my head up and looked to my left to see a tall, armored man with bloody cloth strapped over his shoulders on each side. His chestplate was engraved with some sort of chain of symbols, leading down in what I supposed would be some sort of message. He wore a mage’s hat, and finally, he had wings. Huge wings, for a magic-enhanced human to have at least. His appearance made me look weak, comparing him to me in my robes, but these were the robes I have begun my life in, and what I shall end it in. Even though he saw I have noticed him, he kept kicking me anyway. “That blast better have been an accident. I don’t want any people screwing around with nature or coming to this place.” He helped me up from the ground, and when I finally stood on my weak, tired, sandaled feet, he studied me back and front. I didn’t move, mostly because I was extremely tired, but because of the glimpse I had of his sword and long assault rifle. After about a few minutes, he finally approached me and asked me, “What’s your name?” I ignored the pain and answered, “Crossten.” He looked at me with a disgusted face. “You are named Crossten? There was only one, noble Crossten, and he isn’t to be named after!” He came closer to me, too close for comfort. “What is your real name?” I don’t understood why I never rebelled against what he said there at that moment. He did seem intimidating, but I knew it myself that I had the strength and stance to “tell him off” about that. But instead I just stood there, with a blank face. He looked at my robes again. “You look like a Crossten fanatic, that’s for sure. Look at your clothing, trying to make a fake hero of yourself.” He felt the blood stains, my blood stains of the robes. My final battle had left many marks of blood and bruises across my body, and even one, long, fatal scar across my right eye, directly from the one sword that I dodged for my life. “Even hurt yourself to get the same look,” the man continued to criticize. Irritance was growing upon me. “I say who I am, and I am Crossten.” He prepared to backhand me, and I easily put my arm up to defend it. Instead, he lowered his arm and sighed. “Come on, obviously you are hurt.” He begun to walk back from where I supposed he came, and he waved at me to follow him. At the time, I didn’t know where the hell I was, but, just considering what previously occurred before the “teleportation blast,” I just figured this was all another universe. So I followed him, despite that our first encounter wasn’t so friendly. I walked about a few yards behind him, and he looked back at me continuously. Somewhere halfway during the walk, he asked me out loud, “What are you?” I could only guess he was asking whether I was an Angel, Daemon, or just a human, so I answered human. He stayed quiet for a minute, and I decided to ask him, “What about you, then?” He stopped walking immediately, and he slowly turned to me with a depressed face. “Uh, Daemon.” He gave me an unintentional cold stare, and I just strangely nodded. In the universe I came from, Daemons are hated as a major enemy; I mean, there isn’t too much to explain why. In reality, they are just Daemons that are hated. So if he is a Daemon, and he is this comfortable around me, then it must be normal for such beings to walk “up here.” I asked him anyway. “What are you doing here, then?” I could hear him grinding his teeth together, and he stopped and turned to me again. He sighed. “Look, I don’t know who you are, but I am just gonna tell you this now, just so you don’t wet yourself about it later. I am a Daemon from, of course, Hell, but, as you should know, we are ‘fallen angels.’ I didn’t like or believe my fate. So I escaped, oddly as it may sound.” He continued walking, and I followed.
  13. Since my last post got locked and I was told that this was a good example of what should be on GD I figured I may as well post. Let's see how long this one takes to get locked or whatever. I don't have a favourite food, and even if I did I don't care enough to say it right now.
  14. It seems like anyone with a mic and a computer can give input on various issues in video form. So i'm thinking... why don't I? I have things to say and points to make! And even if I am wrong, I would love to discuss with others! But should I really go through with it? What are your thoughts?
  15. HOORAY I FINALLY DID IT!!!!!! I built my first computer ever today... and jesus was the experience.... well interesting I guess! First things first, I did NOT go through this without problems, I made some pretty damn stupid mistakes which I'm surprised haven't come back to bite me. So the first thing I did was install the CPU... The biggest mistake I made was umm.. not putting the CPU in properly... I had taken the words "put it in gently" a little to literal and assumed it was in place, and when I put the stock cpu cooler on I noted it was moving around a lot... only to pick up and see the cpu stuck to the bottom of the fan.. OOPS! I fixed it very quickly and was amazed I didn't fuck up the pins. The next oh so fun part was trying to hook the retention's of the fan to the side. this took me so god damn long because it just wouldn't stay, I'd say I spent about half an hour before I got it right. After this I installed the 4GB ram as you can see in the picture above and got ready to place the motherboard into the case. Before doing that however I placed the powersupply, hard drive and optical drive into the case, because they were easy to install (Close up of HDD) Now I installed the mother board into the case, the case came with some pre installed motherboard standoffs however I needed two more for the MB I was using. The screws all worked very well and I was starting to get close to the end of the build. Now that the motherboard was securely in the case I now decided to hook everything together, here's a before and after picture. Before After: Everything was all connected, it was complete!! I hooked up the power cable and got ready to see the PC boot!! .... and it didn't I was confused and wondered why it wouldn't work however by this point it was late at night and decided to wait til morning to see the problem. Now by morning time all sorts of things raced through my mind, did I break the CPU earlier? Did I scratch the motherboard? Is the PSU fucked? ...nope it was none of that after all! After a couple of hours tinkering with the MB I actually found out the connector to power the MB... was loose... once again oopsie So here it is... my first boot! The computer is now waiting safely in a box to be delivered to my friend! If anyone is interested in building a PC I would HIGHLY recommend doing it, it was such a fun experience!
  16. How fast does the merch sell out at Babs con?
  17. All actors have to start somewhere, and not all of them can be Orson Welles in Citizen Kane. Sometimes you've gotta start small. Like, Matt Smith playing younger Ralph Fiennes in In Bruges levels of small. And you don't often get the most accurate impression of what these actors and actresses will be. You watch Harrison Ford as a bellhop and you would never say "Yeah, total badass." You see Sam Rockwell as that mouthy teen in the Foot's warehouse in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but how could you know that he'd become one of the most weirdly underrated actors ever? No, seriously, he's great, go watch Moon. But sometimes you can look at an actor's debut and see what kind of peformer they are going to be right from the get go. From the first frame of their debut, you know they're gonna accomplish wonders and capture the hearts and minds of entire generations. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Nicolas Cage's first role.
  18. Well, this turned out pretty well considering it is my first, but I definitely want to get way better than this stuff. I would love some critique, you don't have to be a world renowned artist, just tell me what you think, no matter how nitpicky you think it is. Thanks!
  19. Hai everybody! I've seen this kind of thing trending lately: people are blogging about why they love their favorite character. I haven't seen much in the way of Princess Luna. So I'm going to make a number of blog entries that sort of outline why I love her so much. There won't be much in the way of regularity when it comes to this. I may post something tonight and then I might post tomorrow and then I won't post another reason for another few days. I have other things going on. And my reasons don't have to be the same as yours. I don't expect them to be. Anyway, without further adieu, let's get this started. Today, I'm going to be going over my first reason: Luna's color. Okay, I know this is about as deep as the kiddie pool but bear with me. The color blue. It's my favorite color of all. Blue means a lot of things to me, personally. There is always a lot of hidden context in the color blue. When you're feeling blue, it means you're feeling sad. Or maybe you feel sympathy for someone who feels sad. But Luna's blue isn't a bright blue like the sky we generally think about. It's a deep, mystical blue. When I think of Luna and her coat color, I think that there's more to this pony than meets the eye. There is still so much to know about this pony...Who will hug her first? The Season 4 openers blew me away. I knew there was a transformation. But the way they did it far surpassed my expectations. It was dramatic and heartbreaking simultaneously. To see Celestia and the look on her face...knowing she'd have to do what she did and that she might regret it for the next 1,000 years. Did I cry? Not on the outside. But there was more to it than what Twilight's flashback gave us. Luna felt shunned and ignored. Perhaps the denizens of Equestria forgot that it was Luna's duty to enter their dreams and comfort them. Alas, her job was a thanklesss one. Despite her amazing power (as it is never mentioned if Celestia has the ability to do something like enter dreams and since this power would be useless to her prior to Luna's turn and subsequent banisment, she probably doesn't), it's pretty likely that everyone forgot she even existed since her time of activity was during the night. It would have been easy to forget that she was there under the doctrine of "out of sight, out of mind." . And what's to say that anything is different now in comparison to what it was 1,000 years prior? Ponies still sleep at night. Luna is good. She enters dreams and comforts ponies. But that's exactly the way it was before she turned. This leads me to believe that Luna doesn't want to turn again, but it's a battle she fights on a daily basis. She just does a good job of keeping it a secret. That is why I love her coat color. Blue is deep and mysterious. I feel like there will always be so much more mystery surrounding Luna than there ever will be with Celestia. Plus, blue is just a beautiful color Keep it up Luna. Your fan club loves you. (hugs)
  20. I just finished watching "Bronies: the unexpected adult fans of my little pony friendship is magic" (I know I'm a little tardy to the party on that one) but it made me realize how amazing everyone in this community is and how proud I am to be a part of it. I am so thankful I have the ability to escape the world and come to a fandom that fully understands me the way that this one does. To all you artists, musicians, animators, voice actors, fanfic writers, and whoever else; Great job and keep up the amazing work. Thank you to all of you. You are all truly 20% cooler (I can't believe I went there either.) I extend to all of you the highest of brohooves. ............../\ ............./..\ ............/....) .........../..../ ........../..../ ........./..../ ......../..../ ......./..../ ....../..../ ...../..../
  21. Audiobooks! Art Requests! Song Covers! All coming soon to this blog! I have decided to make my small blog more festive, and, I am! I will commence this with an audiobook reading of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. This audiobook will feature StevenEarthPony's voice as well as mine. I will be taking requests for audiobooks here. I will be sharing my art here, as well. I will take requests by PM now, as well. All specifications will be made over a PM. And yes, I will be commencing song covers, as I have access to a good microphone. I will be personalizing all songs, or, at least most, by taking songs down an octave to my Bass vocal range. Hopefully y'all won't mind me doing such. I'm hoping for Stave 1 of A Christmas Carol will be out next week, and will be wrapped up by Christmas. So, all of this and more is now here for you! Enjoy!
  22. I think life is generally cool, but some things take life's coolness up a notch. I'm talking about those moments where everything feels perfect and what ever stresses us out doesn't matter, at least for that brief moment in time. For me its... - Going clubbing: I love the nightlife and going out with friends. I can easily dance the night away, get lost in the music and forget what ever stresses or worries I may have for that brief moment. I've always enjoyed myself whenever I've gone out to clubs and when I leave, I feel this (not drug induced) sense of euphoria for lack of a better word. -Exploring the city I live in and taking pictures: I love walking around and taking pictures and find my city stunningly beautiful. When I'm walking around, I feel like I'm apart of something bigger if that makes sense. There's so much life and stuff to do here. - Drawing, listening to/ playing music and playing sports also can put me into my own little world for a bit. So, what moments make your life 20% cooler ?
  23. Like the title says, it's been a year since I became a brony. I just wanted to say, everyone has made this year one of the best years of my life. Not only have I made amazing friends, I got over my shyness, I'm getting better at controlling my depression (Even if it's not that much). On top of that, I've also found amazing art, music, and fiction. There was a point where I was losing interest in the show, but that went away completely once I found MLPforums. So, basically what I'm trying to say here is: Thank you for making my life so much better, and just being an amazing fandom in general. That's pretty much all I wanted to say. If this is posted in the wrong place, please tell me.
  24. Soooo since this thing I made has way too much SWAG to be posted in the art section...dis belongz here Anyways BAM Just look at dat poster guys, amazin' but yeah I was totally lazy while making this. the text looks shit and stuff . .... ps. toast
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