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Found 2 results

  1. I didn't really like the gameplay I saw for Ambient.Prologue. Thought it was a bit too cheesy. So, I came up with this for the start of a sort-of story: Wonderwasteland Summary Ray, age 14, and Spot, age 9, are in a winter wilderness. The player doesn't know yet how they got there. They have a discussion about why the sky is blue, introducing the "goddess" of Earth, Celestia [no relation to Princess Celestia; this is an alternate universe ;3], and her influence and power over the Earth. Ray has a pale white coat, a black mane with light-blue stripes, and is usually outfitted with dark-colored clothing. Spot has a pale orange coat, a yellow mane, and is outfitted with light-colored clothing. They are both female unicorns. They traverse the wilderness (teaching the player movement), have chats, and come across a cave. They have finally found a place to stay for a couple of days while they try to find civilization again. They settle down while Ray grabs her hunts down a rabbit for Spot, teaching the player the mechanics of using tools. Ray then hunts down a few more rabbits for food for the next couple of days, and they eat (teaching the player how to use tools to shape the environment). But as they are eating, a tiger comes out from a tunnel near the cave. It smelled food and wants it. It starts chasing after the duo, and they run for their lives. Ray, scared as heck, takes Spot and hides in a tree, closing her eyes as she awaits her demise. She opens them. Day suddenly turned into night. The tiger can't figure out where they were and heads off to devour the meat. Spot askes Ray what happened with the sun. Ray doesn't know. The title sequence appears, and the duo run off to find somewhere else to stay. Eventually Ray and Spot figure out that they have the power to raise and lower the moon and sun respectively. They don't know how they got their powers or how to really control it, but they know a lot of ponies aren't going to like that. So, as they are trying to go back to their village, they start to realize possibly how they got here and the danger of going back. But they keep trying anyway, because the village is the only safe place they know. As far as gameplay mechanics go, I've thought of this: You can cycle through different items you're able to store in your inventory and use them on the environment. At the beginning you can only store 2-3 items, but as the game progresses, you are eventually able to store an infinite amount of items and tools. Your health bar starts at three segments, and increases as the game progresses. Running out of health = u ded All enemies hurt you by 1 segment (2 if it's very powerful), but more powerful attacks can stun you or cause status effects. You have an energy bar. This bar decreases when you're, for example, sprinting, attacking, and getting hurt. It can be regenerated by not moving, resting, and using items on yourself that increase your current or max energy. Your max energy can also permanently be increased through gameplay. Having high energy grants you bonuses, such as faster movement speed, health regeneration, more powerful attacks, shorter negative and longer positive status effects, and at the very top, extra health segments. Low energy grants you debuffs, such as slower movement speed, less powerful attacks, longer negative and shorter positive status effects, and at the very bottom, when you run out of energy, passing out, which means you can't do ANYTHING for 15 seconds. Pass out again within 15 minutes and you're dead. Wonder if this could work...? It seems cool to me.
  2. I'm pretty sure this goes here. I double checked to see if there's a thread like this already. this is supposed to be a trailor btw, one might need to scrub though the video. I don't know what to think of it as a whole. I won't be surprised if this is cancelled because... Hasbro. The only positive I can think of, is that the animations and movement are ideal for what I imagine a really good MLP game to be. Here's Jim Sterling's reaction video to it. It's cut a lot shorter. So what do you guys think of this?