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Found 43 results

  1. As you might remember, i once opened a thread talking about the best disney animated villains. So i thought, why not ask about the heros and protagonists as well? Same rules, you can choose for multiple characters and you can comment why you picked, or you don't. In some movies, i put in 2 or more protagonists, if i feel it was important, so take this poll with a grain of salt, it's just for fun.
  2. A goofy, floofy animation of Paprika from Thems Fightin Herds. A ridiculous animation idea that came to mind as I was drawing Paprika for the first time yesterday. I don't really plan to take it beyond this rough animation stage, but it still cracks me up as it is.
  3. I did that animation the whole day long because I was bored. There is my OC named "Downgrade" Chili Pepper (because she was literally downgraded from fire horse to pony). So I did a random scene from my head. Also notice that the text doesn't match to lipsing because she actually says it on Russian. Or just imagine that's sort of "anime" lipsing. I drew it barely in Photoshop frame by frame. I was curious about how hard it could be. And I realized that it was not so difficult as it looks like. As you see I also was experimenting on lights and colour pallette. By the way, some people said that they read that in Pewdiepie's voice.
  4. Hello Everyone! I am currently working on a youtube channel to make my own Pony animations. While I am working on my first video, I decided to make a tutorial to show people how to make there own! Here is the video: If you find the video hard to follow, here is how to do it written down: Link To Pony Creator: CODES TO USE IN PONY CREATOR: 1: 000005000352336000018325006026013000344000000000 2: 000316355007348359010340006010288000354000000000 3: 000316355026348359007354006001284001357000000000 4: 000300356032003348010346025351260034343000000000 5: 000333356032003348010341025351256089322000000000 6: 000341351024003348008346025347292064337000000000 7: 000344354016013348356351027342315057348000000000 8: 000350358008302348017351350355309057349000000000 9: 000358000000302357017015352345333057332000000000 10: 000008358348302002018343009349349049328000000000 11: 000321358359334356018342005010000017339000000000 Full Tutorial: Step 1: Go to Pony Creator (link above) Step 2: Create the pony you want to animate Step 3: Paste the first code found above in the "pose" section under "advanced" (at the bottom) of the pony creator game. Then save the image in a new folder. Step 4: Repeat Step 3 for ever single code. Step 5: Move all Frames saved into a video editing software. Step 6: Make each frame move approximately 4 pixels (I find this to work best) in one direction. Then your done ================================================================ Post any questions in the comments
  5. What do you guys think about Disneys newest movie from this Trailer? To the shock of everyone, i didn't liked Zootopia as most people did. But this smells like Disney Magic. And i taste the adventure and fantasy in my mouth.
  6. Reviews aren't really my thing, and I think my feelings towards the film "Inside Out" can be succinctly condensed into three sentences:
  7. I was spending this christmas day with my family and my nephew and my niece where also with us. My Mom borrowed some of my Disney movies from my shelf and we watched Dumbo, Bambi and sleeping beauty, which are some of the older disney animated movies. While i watched those movies with my family, i thought to myself that these movies are really great in their own right and that they shouldn't hide behind some of todays classics, because these days, we rather talk about how great modern animation is with studios like Pixar, Dreamworks and Disneys newer movies. But does that make Walts movies actually worse then these? I think movies like Pinocchio and Bambi are some of the most beautiful looking and emotional animated movies i have ever seen. Fantasia is still a masterpiece in it's own mind, for turning classical music into animation. I don't wanna make this an old vs. new debate, considering i like modern animation. But i think we should give these movies a bit more attention, since they helped build what he have today. How do you see it? Do you like these movies, or do you think "out with the old, in with the new"?
  8. This was something I did out of boredom. Pinkie Pie doing a cute little dance. This also marks my first My Little Pony Animated image.
  9. Walt Disney Studios debuted their first animated feature film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” in 1937. Through the years they have produced a total of 55 feature films including the most recent, "Zootopia." Which decade had the best Disney animated films? NOTE: The films listed are purely by the Walt Disney Animation Studios. PIXAR FILMS WILL NOT BE INCLUDED. I personally like the 1990s very very much. 3 Of my top 10 Disney movies are in that decade and The Lion King is one of my all time favorite movies. Eventhough Pocahontas is the only really weak movie from that decade, the quality of the other movies makes up for it. What are your favorite decades?
  10. Anyone has ever seen an old 80s animated movie from Argentina: Ico, El caballito valiente (translates as Ico, the brave little horse) Finally a fandub did a subtitled version of the movie in English. Watch the subtitled movie here:
  11. This doesn't just apply to the Academy Awards, but as well as Golden Globes, Annies, and/or various others
  12. This is a fan club for the character Mavis from the Hotel Transylvania movies
  13. There's the second short of FG, in English if you managed to watch the Spanish leaks
  14. Right, so I've been on a little bit of a kick as of late, and this stuff kinda deviates a good bit from my other art thread. So, I want to slowly accumulate some stuff of this type, and maybe get a little feedback on what ponies I should try to do next (assuming I stay on my kick). These are somewhat inspired by RPG dialog images I've seen kicking about, and my long afternoons kicking around on game maker programs without getting anywhere substantial. Anyways. I was playing around with Buffy and Roseluck most recently, with Roseluck still lacking even blink animation. Mostly, I was just getting base images ready, in the event I want to move forward with 'em. The first set for Lyra that started all of this for me: Anyways, would this be something people would be interested in seeing more of? If so, are there any major ponies y'all would like me to try at?
  15. At this point, may as well do them all. Right?
  16. I did another. Apparently I'm making a set.
  17. Just wanted to animate today. So this is what happened.
  18. Well I feel like this would be the approriate place to share some stuff ive made with the art community (there mp4 vids so ill leave the youtube for 2 reasons. It wont kill my dropbox bandwidth and it allows me to gain feedback easier. Also enjoy twilight shipped with rainbowdash and buttons mom yelling at shadyvox (no its not eli monty who voiced the buttons mom in this animation. Just lex yellen at shadyvox for correcting her spelling. sooo uhhh ya... whatcha think? Buttons mom animation Twilight rainbow shipping (SFW just kissen before anyone complains dont worry i know the rules) (alternate version of above video) Let me know whatcha think guys any feedback is good feedback (this is the correct way to post here i hope....O_e)
  19. Alright, In my last pixel art thread for Rarity, @Bradicuda asked if I had done Pinkie Pie yet. Well, that sounded like a pretty good idea, so I went ahead and made this. Let me know what you guys think, and hope you like it!
  20. Hello! I decided to do a bit of pixel art, and ending up creating this one of Rarity. Let me know what you think of it, and hope you guys like it!
  21. Something that I have noticed about modern video games is that the cutscenes have such high production values that they are just shy of having the level of detail of a mainstream animated movie... enough where people are watching them online all by themselves in lengthy YouTube playlists, usually with the gameplay included, but also usually with the person playing the game doing it as swiftly and smoothly as possible. Okay... now video games are actually getting more and more at the level of Hollywood budgets, but just barely. That Tomb Raider game from 2013 apparently cost $100 million to make. Grand Theft Auto V was like $200 million, and stuff like Watch_Dogs, The Last of Us cost about $60 million to make. But when you take into account the fact that these video games essentially include animated segments that total up to, for the big-budget games usually at least two hours, but often-times something like six or eight hours... then simple math indicates that if the same people making animated segments for these games produced two-and-a-half-hour animated movies, standalone, without any of the actual video game... then you basically have a product that costs... something like one third of sixty to one hundred million dollars. In the fully-animated movie industry, that is actually very modest. How long is your typical DreamWorks or Pixar movie? usually around the 100-minute mark, or maybe 110 or so minutes. Kids usually don't have the endurance for a two-hour-plus movie. For a fair stylistic comparison, consider the 2011 film The Adventures of Tintin. Very realistic graphics, kind of had a AAA hardcore video-gamey vibe to it. 107 minutes long. Cost $135 million to make. There are a lot of us out there that want certain books and stuff to get turned into either movies or TV series... but the subject matter doesn't appeal to that broad Hollywood demographic, or has subject matter with kids in danger or some other taboo subject that would be way too controversial or impossible in live-action (The Hunger Games and Ender's Game had to tone down their stuff a lot) However, if we utilize the animation and motion-capture standards of stuff like Tomb Raider or The Last of Us, then that stuff would be more economically viable, a lot more. Slightly less detailed animation is distinctly cheaper, because two hours worth of Tomb Raider or The Last of Us cutscenes probably cost like $30 million at the most. Anybody else want a larger, more diverse and adult line of animated drama movies to get made with these economics?
  22. Now I'm not talking your crossover fanart, I'm talking actual crossovers that aired on TV. So the question is, what is your favorite crossover. It's only occasionally it happens but when it happens, I usually remember it. My favorite ones would probably be Jimmy/Timm Power hour. The two shows actually blend together pretty well despite the different art style. Honorable mention goes to The Grim Adventures of the KND. So discuss away!
  23. Hey, guys! So I'm pretty sure I'm not the only big Disney fan here (right? Right?). Anyway, this is the place for Disney fans to talk about their movies and stuff My favorite Disney movie would have to be Treasure Planet, it's quite underrated IMO.