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Found 9 results

  1. ANIMATED VILLAINS ONLY Give me your top ten favorites. I wanna learn y’alls taste in this. Personally for me it’d go 10. Gaston 9. Cruella Deville 8. Mother Gothel 7. Oogie Boogie 6.Maleficent 5. Ursula 4. Jafar 3. Hades 2. Scar 1. Dr. Facilier who’s incredibly underrated tbh Honorable Mentions include Syndrome, Zira, Randall Boggs, Hopper,Ratigan, Yzma, Captain Hook and I know I’m going to get flamed over this but Frollo Again no live action villains or at least give them a separate list Just don’t mash them in with animated ones Kay.
  2. Please for the love of God do not argue on this thread, just say which one you like and what you like about it. Don’t insult either side okay. Personally I’ve always enjoyed both. The only thing that kind of gives Pokémon a teeny bit of an upper hand (not enough to consider it better than the other just like a tiny lift above) is that I never really played much in the way of Digimon’s games(I’ve only played the first 2 Digimon world games on the ps1)but have played multiple Pokémon games.(as in I think a game or two in the case of gen 2; for each gen, except the gen 3 remakes and ultra moon) As for the anime? I’ve seen about the same amount on both sides. I’ll admit Digimon’s later series aren’t great but I can at least watch them every now and then. Same goes for Pokémon. How bout you. Which side. Or are you like me and choose to stand in the middle. Designs? Honestly, I don’t have a side here; both sides have their good ones and their ridiculous ones and the kind of stupid ones. Like granted Digimon has wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more mons than Pokémon so there’s a chance there could be a lot more dumb ideas for a mon on their side to you but eh.
  3. What do you hope to see? What are your expectations? Will it be as good as the 70s Star Trek cartoon?
  4. So just as the title said. I will share mine later on but go on ahead and share your favorite anime/manga characters and why.
  5. nostalgia is a HUGE thing right now, and many companies are taking advantage of that. (Disney, especially). a lot of tv shows from the 90's are resurfacing with fresh reboots since 2017- from Rocko's Modern Life and Fuller House, to She-Ra and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. But what is Hasbro doing? Are they hopping on the nostalgia train, like the many others? Should they? A Third Party company by the name of Bridge Direct, has been making retro My Little Ponies from gen 1, since the brand's 35th anniversary, last year, but Hasbro far as I've seen, isn't doing much. They have quite a few IP's on their animation side- Moon Dreamers, Potato Head Kids, Glo Friends- all of which could be brought back, just as Jem and the Holograms were, fairly recently. (I'm looking at you, Moon Dreamers) . This animation in particular had a very strong 80's feel to it, as it aired in a programming block with "My Little Pony n' Friends". So it could be interesting to see how it would go from that to something more modern, if ever it was brought back, for the nostalgic crew. What do you guys think? Should Hasbro be getting more on board with the nostalgic hype, beyond just My Little Pony and Jem?
  6. I just had the craziest April Fool’s Day idea ever: Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon could air each other’s shows on their own channels. Steven Universe on Nickelodeon and Spongebob on Cartoon Network. I know rights issues would get in the way of something like that happening, but you have to admit, it'd be a great April Fool's prank.
  7. This is just IMO, but Netflix has been putting out better cartoons than CN, Nickelodeon and Disney Channel these days. Dragon Prince and Hilda are better than most of the content the big 3 have been churning out lately. Why do you think that is?
  8. Has anyone been watching this series? I've seen pics floating around, and I never really got around to watching it until now. I love it!. Scaredy Bat is adorable and polite! And I instantly fell in love with Misery!!! She's like a goth Sobble!!!! Adorable!!! What do people think of this series?
  9. Well uhm. I couldn’t find an actual topic for this unless it’s like buried really far into this section of the forum so here’s a topic for them. I put them together to avoid needing to make separate topics for them. How many people remember these shorts? They were pretty much the only things worth watching KaBlam for IMO. With the former being the one that was always a short on the show and one that was on it quite often but not always. Personally I’m a bit more into Action League Now! since I watched it more often. It was and still is a massive comfort show for me. It’d get me through my day in multiple years of my school years. I adored it and still do. Life with Loopy was and still is pretty comforting too. I just love the animation style for both shorts. And I’m hoping there’s more people around here that remember either or both shorts as fondly as I do. If you don’t well. Here’s a link for every Action League Now! episode on my YouTube channel And here’s playlists for all 4 seasons of life with loopy on a different channel I highly recommend checking both shows out. They’re both really great.