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Found 670 results

  1. here i will be posting the animations i have made. there are many, so i will be either posting old ones, or new ones starting with this one because its the one that moves the best
  2. (Yes i know this is an obscure random cartoon. It's Cinco De Mayo, don't judge me) Who watched this?
  3. Okay, i wouldn't be surprised if people don't remember this show, but it can't hurt to talk about it, especially after that frankly embarrassing reboot/"continuation" that ran on Disney XD.
  4. I'm surprised there isn't a thread for this yet. Seeing as many of you like dem japanese cartoons, feel free to list the last ones you watched here!:D I recently finished Bungou Stray Dogs and TTGL.
  5. I recently started watching some old kids shows from when I was younger. One of them is Garfield and Friends. I remember being a Garfield fan when I was younger. I read the comic strip books, my parents recorded the prime time specials, and of course I remember the Garfield and Friends Saturday morning cartoon that ran from 1988 to 1994. I remember a number of the episodes very well, though some more than others, but I just recently got the DVD's for the show. So now I would like to ask what everyone thinks are the greatest Garfield and Friends episodes. I'm referring to individual segments as they did 3 segments per episode. These can include both the Garfield and US Acres segments. So. which episodes do you think are the best?
  6. I really liked Dark Heart as a kid.
  7. What are some animated shows that can crossover?
  8. What animated reboots would you like to see?
  9. Johnny Test is getting a new TV show for 2021!!!!!!
  10. Does anyone hear contribute to the community? By contribute, I mean do fanwork like fanfiction, art, animation, cosplay, ect. Personally, I don't. I am a terrible artist, not willing to write fanfiction, and have no knowledge in cosplay.
  11. Who else loves this show? It's so awesome. It feels like an old Batman cartoon from my childhood grew up and matured with me.
  12. Who else loved this show growing up?
  13. Ooh, let's talk this show, shall we? This was one of the best cartoons on Kids WB!
  14. This dropped on Netflix last year with the first season in January and season 2 in October with an interactive special, To Steal or Not To Steal, coming in March of this year and a season 3 announced just today! Does anyone else watch it?
  15. Since there was no official thread for the new animated series, Hazbin Hotel, I took it upon myself to create it so that there would be a thread for it where people can discuss their thoughts and ideas about the show as well as to further hype for more episodes, fan over certain characters/waifus/husbandos and even talk about other things like how it is amazing that we see a bunch of independent creators can come together to work on something like this without the backing of a corporation which often limit the artistic freedoms when it comes to attaching their names/labels on said shows. This animation was spearheaded by Vivziepop, also known as Vivienne Medrano, who went ahead to form a group called SpindleHorse Toons, a collective of amazing artists and animators working together to make videos and toons. In any case, the pilot was officially released on the 28th of October on Youtube close to Halloween. This cartoon is not meant for younger viewers as it contains a lot of adult material. What do you guys think of the series so far? Any characters that you in particular love (I think you know who I love )? Do you think this could be a testament to artists not requiring the backing of companies? I've gone ahead and also added in Helluva Boss which is a separate animated series by the same artists and Vivziepop that still takes place in the same universe as Hazbin Hotel does. Perhaps Helluva Boss could be a separate topic of its own, but as it stands, we can talk about it here as well~
  16. I thought it was averagely ok until the dogs episode and Harley Quinn / Batgirl episode. It was so good, I thought I could be very optimistic about the show's future if they could pull that out. But I'm still a bit skeptical about how the show is going to explore and resolve the dilemma that the character's arch enemies are actually their best friends in real life. It's inevitable for them to face the truth, and if they do a good job doing it in a right timing, I'm going to be very surprised. Anyway, what do you think of the show?
  17. So, I watched season 3 of Attack on Titan recently and I was curious of what people thought of Levi’s big decision in the series? Do you think he made the right call? What would have you done were you in his situation and why?
  18. I like Sailor Mars the best. She is hardcore!
  19. This is a thread in which we discuss all things related to Disney's past, present and future. Rules: No hate, no off-topic posts, and no NSFW content.
  20. How would things be different if Spongebob got picked up by Cartoon Network instead of Nickelodeon?
  21. I have a Twilight Sparkle 3D model, but the latest versions of Blender are ruining it. I downloaded the model from CreatorOfPony's DeviantArt page.
  22. By today's standards, most anime importing companies comply with the intended target audience, but in years past, it's a different story to some. For example, the original 90's Sailor Moon, which is all along designed for adolescents, was edited to make it look like as if it were for suitable for young kids. In fact, in my childhood, I never even thought it was a kid's show at all.
  23. Any fans of the She Ra reboot on netflix? I have seen the first 4 seasons waiting for season 5.