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Found 33 results

  1. Hello, I'm making a new outro for my YouTube channel, and I'm wanting to add my pony OC animated. Nothing complicated, just her flying above text or maybe sleeping against it. I can of course pay, but nothing over $5*CAD Send me an email if you're up for it! Thank you!!
  2. Out of boredom, I was checking the MLP Film's IMDb page to see if any new names appeared there. One name I was never expecting was Eric Goldberg. Eric is man responsible for the Character Animation of several Disney projects Genie from Aladdin, Phil from Hercules, Louis from The Princess and the Frog, and Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh (2011). Now he's apparently become the Lead Animator of the MLP Film. I still couldn't find any Official confirmation on Eric's involvement which is why I'm saying POSSIBLY, but let's hope to God it is. MLP Film Page: Eric's Page:
  3. Hey everypony. Thought I put this up cause I have a plan, yet it may take a while to get this up and running. However, I am currently finishing up one of my fan-fic: My Little Pony: The Day Equestria Stood Still Now this story, I want to turn it into a Fan Film, but a film with a length of 2 hours............yes, 2 hours long. As a Halo Machinima Director, Writer, and Voice Actor, thought I change in direction, and thought it would be nice to add some action and sci-fi to MLP a bit. I'm gonna give a run down on the story, as well as a list of characters, and a crew to assist me on this. So, to start thing off: PLOT: This fan fic will be a mix of genre's, with some action, sci-fi, and dark type (not to dark though) of setting. Now to being, this story will feature a non-canon, who will be the main antagonist of the story. This villains name is Khaoios, having a sort of reference to Greek Gods, Koios/Coeus, and Prometheus. The story focuses mostly on the Mane 6, and all of Equestria's inhabitants will play a role, into learning more about the Alicorn and what way they could stop him. The setting of the story will be all over Equestria, as well as out in orbit. Rather not spoil the rest, but once im done writing the story, I will post it here. *This fan film, will infact have some resemblances like in the main series where certain episodes are a mimic of some games, tv, and films. I will reveal that info later. WHAT I NEED (no limit): Animators/Artists Editors Script Writers (Once im done with the regular story, I will PM you the story) Musicians (You can freely create music to fit the moment of the story. I will also add some of music you hear in Machinima's) Sound Designers (I will be adding some familiar sound effects, most of them are explosions, glass breaking, roars/growls) Voice Actors/Actresses (I will need a lot, and may ask a few well known ones on youtube as well) COMMUNICATIONS: I will be setting up Skype (b/c one of my pc's has a problem, so we will be communicating mostly through there). Want to say one thing, though, there is no rush whatsoever into making this fan film. I am looking forward to seeing volunteers, VOICE-OVER ROLES:There will be a lot of characters featured in this fan film, so I will provide a list below for all of you, Also, if you want, feel free to drop a demo file, so I can hear them which would be great, Here are demos lines for each character: - Fan Film Audio Demo Lines 1 - Fan Film Audio Demo Lines CAST: Main Protagonists Twilight Sparkle - OPEN () Rarity - OPEN () Pinkie Pie - OPEN () Applejack - OPEN () Rainbow Dash - OPEN () Fluttershy - TAKEN (@@EbonyTails-VA) Spike - OPEN () Supporting Protagonists Princess Celestia - OPEN () Princess Luna - OPEN ( ) Princess Cadance - OPEN () Shining Armor - OPEN () Doctor Hooves - OPEN () Main Antagonist Khaoios - TAKEN (@) Other Characters (Some of these characters will have short or long roles) The Wonderbolts (Consisting of Spitfire, Soarin, and Fleetfoot) - OPEN (ALL 3) - Spitfire () - Soarin () - Fleetfoot () Cutie Mark Crusaders (Consisting of Applebloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle) - OPEN (ALL 3) - Applebloom - TAKEN (@,) - Scootaloo () - Sweetie Belle () Big Mac - OPEN () Zecora - OPEN () Derpy - TAKEN (@@PrincessLena) Daring Do (Yes, she will make an appearance, the story will reveal her role) - OPEN () All other minor characters, (There will be lots of them, so if you want to voice a minor character, post the name and image of the character). Doctor Cabaleron - (He will also make an appearance, yet he will remain as a neutral character working alongside Daring Doo and the Mane 6) - OPEN (@@Theo) - Minor Characters (@@Mushroom Mutate, @@maydrock, @@Flareon, @, @@Windsmith, @@PinkiePieJr, @, @, @@EngiFalcon, @@KalaTurtle, @, @@Shadow Mist) CREW: Director - @ Assistant Director - @ Writer - @ Editor(s)/Script Writers - @@LZRD WZRD, @@TheSydeGuys Film/Film Editor - @, Special Effects Editor - Animators/Artists - Musician(s) - @, @, @ Sound Designers/Editors(s) - @
  4. ---------The Heroes Of Harmony Project--------- MLP & SSB Crossover With Original Characters Introduction: Hello my name is Nova Ink, and I am a Beginner Animator and Director of Nova Animation Studios. I'm a very ambitious guy. I've been studying and analyzing animation for 2 years. I don't have a lot of knowledge on animation, but i know i can get this done in 2 or 4 years depending on the work and the time we have. I'm planning to get started next year since a lot of Animators are busy i am trying to get better with my skills. The Project Itself: The Heroes Of Harmony Project is a My Little Pony and Super Smash Bros Crossover Animated film With Original Characters. The Animation is Show Style with more Visual Graphics and hand drawn moments of the Animation. the music will be compose into a epic and orchestrated and some of that style of My Little Pony. The Story: This story is about a pony named Digi, who had a troubled childhood because he lost a good friend and his father died at sea. When he turned 21, he discovered that his parents’ shop was going to close down if they don’t pay, so he went to Las Pegasus to win a game tournament with a bits prize. The mane six were sent to a friendship problem, which happened to be in Las Pegasus. Rainbow dash enters the game tournament because she craves competition, but during the tournament Dash, Digi, and the other Mane Six ponies get both warped into the game world, and the only way they can get out is to participate in a tournament in the game world (the City of Smash) and “Settle It In SMASH!” What we need: We need Animators, Script Writers, musicians, voice actors, voice actress and editors. ​The Characters: Main/Protagonist Digi Bits: Age: 21 Height: 4-5’ feet Weight: Slightly skinny Body: Light Skyblue Mane/Tail: Turquoise Eyes: Lime Green Sex: Stallion (male) Cutie Mark: blank flank Clothing: Pony: An orange and slight grey Fox McCloud hoodie. Anthro stallion: Talent And Hobbies: Talent: Good Gamer Hobbies: Digital and Sowing artist Personality: Sarcastic, video gamer, loyal, friendly, nerdy, sometimes a jerk, prankster, competitive, respectful he wants to be the very best at games and art as his hobby. he is very competitive and very respectful to players whether he loses or wins. He has no friends but soon has a friend that he could trust. Love Interest: Slight love interest in Rainbow Dash but does not go anywhere. Place Of Origin: He lives in a family run comic book store with his family located in south Ponyville. Race: Pegasus Rainbow Dash: Age: 20 Height: 4 feet Weight: Semi-athletic build Coat: Cyan Blue Mane/ Tail: Rainbow Eyes: Magenta Sex: Mare (female) Cutie Mark: Tri-colored lightning bolt (red, yellow, and blue) with a white cloud Clothing: None Sexual Oration: Straight Talent And Hobbies: fastest flyer in Equestria, training to become a Wonderbolt Personality: Brash, tomboyish, loyal, sore loser. She will always be there for her friends even when they don’t need her. Place Of origin: Cloudsdale Race: Pegasus Pixel Sprite: Age: 7 Height: 2 feet Weight: Average Coat: White Mane/ Tail: Teal blue Eyes: Lime green Sex: Colt (male) Cutie Mark: Blank flank Clothing: Black and green Space Invaders cap Talent And Hobby: Arts and crafts; video game designer Personality: Sweet, looks up to his brother, generous, helpful, insecure about himself, artsy, nerdy. He wants to be like his brother and hopes he gets a cutie mark. Place Of Origin: He lives in a family run comic book store with his family located in south Ponyville. Race: Unicorn Twilight Sparkle: Age: 18 Height: 4-5 feet Weight: average Coat: Lavender Mane/tail Dark purple, light purple, and pink Eyes: Purple Sex: Mare (female) Cutie Mark: Pink star with small white stars around it Clothing: None Talent And Hobbies: Studying, Magic Personality: A bit of a bookworm, friendly Place Of Origin: Canterlot Race: Alicorn (formerly Unicorn) Pinkie Pie: Age: 18 Height: 4 feet Weight: A little extra weight due to sweets Body: Somewhat pale/neon pink Mane: Bright Pink Eyes: Blue Sex: Mare (female) Cutie Mark: 3 balloons (1 yellow, 2 light blue) Clothing: None Talent And Hobbies: Throws parties for any occasion, baking/eating sweets Personality: EXTREMELY hyper; random at times; has the strange ability to break the fourth wall Place Of Origin: Pie Family Rock Farm Race: Earth Fluttershy: Age: 19 Height: 4 feet Weight: Skinny Body: Pale yellow Mane/Tail: Pink Eyes: Teal Sex: Mare (female) Cutie Mark: 3 pink butterflies Clothing: None Sexual Orientation: Straight Talent And Hobbies: Caring for animals in and around the Everfree Forest; singing Personality: Very shy; bit of a pacifist; somewhat taken advantage of Place Of Origin: Cloudsdale Race: Pegasus Rarity: Age: 20 Height: 4 feet Weight: Average Body: Off-white/cream Mane/Tail: Purple Eyes: Blue Sex: Mare (female) Cutie Mark: 3 blue diamonds Clothing: None Talent And Hobbies: Runs a boutique in Ponyville; lives with her little sister Sweetie Belle Personality: High class; ladylike; bit of a drama queen Place Of Origin: Ponyville. Race: Unicorn Applejack: Age: 21 Height: 4 feet Weight: Somewhat muscular Body: Slightly pale orange Mane/Tail: Blonde Eyes: Green Sex: Mare (female) Cutie Mark: 3 red apples Clothing: None Talent And Hobbies: Apple bucking Personality: Honest, trustworthy, will always help a friend in need, hard worker Place Of Origin: Sweet Apple Acres/Ponyville Race: Earth Spike: Age: 7 Height: 2-2.5 Feet Weight: 200lbs Body: Purple with light green belly/ears and green scales Eyes: Green Sex: Male Clothing: None Talent And Hobbies: Being Helpful, organisation, wooing his crush (Rarity) Personality: Naive, Childlike, helpful, kind, a little selfish Love Interest: Rarity Place Of Origin: Canterlot Race: Dragon Minor Paper Clip: Age: 32 Height: 4 feet Body: Tannish Blonde Mane/Tail: Brownish blonde Eyes: Green Sex: Mare: (Female) Clothing: Green Apron Talent And Hobbies: Talent: Organization Hobbies: Cleaning the Store Personality: Hard working, helpful, mother, caretaker, loves her kids but gets mad at them when they do wrong but still loves them Spouse: Eight Bit Place Of Origin: She lives in a family run comic book store with his family located in south Ponyville. Race: Earth Pony Eight Bit: Age: 33 Height: 5.5 feet Color: Body: Sex: Stallion (Male) Clothing: Space Invaders cap with glasses Talent and Hobbies: Talent: Playing video games Hobbies: Sewing Personality: Insecure, Friendly, he loves kids and his wife, respectful, helpful, workaholic, artistic, Spouse: Paper Clip Place of Origin: He lives in a family run comic book store with his family located in south Ponyville. Race:Unicorn Fox Mccloud: Age: 29 Height: 4 feet 8 inches Race: Fox Color: Brown and white Sex: Male Clothing: Green jumpsuit, White coat, Red handkerchief, and Red and black boots Talent and Hobbies: Flying The Arwing, Doing barrel rolls Personality: Leader, bold, courageous, Love Interest: Crystal Place of Origin: Corneira Mario “Jumpman” Mario: Age: 30 Height: 3 feet 1 inch Race: Earth pony Color: Red and blue Sex: Male Clothing: Blue Overalls, and Red hat Talent and Hobbies: Jumping, plumbing, golfing, Spinning, saving princesses that are in a different castle Personality: Gullible Love Interest: Peach Place of Origin: Mushroom Kingdom (From a stork) Princess Peach: Age: 29 Height: 5 feet 1 inch Race: Unicorn Color: Pink and gold Sex: Mare (Female) Clothing: A pink dress with a light blue emblem and a crown Talent and Hobbies: Golfing being kidnapped by bowser, Personality: Carefree, bribes Mario with cake Love Interest: Mario Place of Origin: Mushroom Kingdom Zelda: Age: 28 Height: 5 feet one half inch Race: Unicorn Color: Gold and White Sex: Mare (female) Clothing: A white and gold dress and a golden tiara Talent and Hobbies: Magic, transforming into shiek, being cooler than peach Personality: Calm, respectful, and strong Love Interest: Link Place of Origin: Hyrule Link: Age: 29 Height: 5 feet 2 inches Race: Earth pony Color: Green and Golden mane Sex: Male Clothing: Green tunic with a green hat Talent and Hobbies: Breaking pots, breaking into people's home and taking their treasure, cutting grass, saving zelda, Personality: Loyal, honest, powerful, brave, cunning, strong (He can carry a boulder in his bag and can run normally) Love Interest: Zelda Place of Origin: Kokiri Village Falco Age: 30 Height: 4 feet 8 inches Race: Falcon Color: Blue and Red Sex: Male Clothing: Red jumpsuit, white coat, grey boots Talent and Hobbies: Flying The Arwing, Doing barrel rolls Personality: arrogant, cocky, Rouge Place of Origin: Corneria Villans/Antagonist Ganondorf: Age: 35 Height: 5 feet 7 inches Race: Centaur Black and gold Sex: Male Clothing: Black and Gold armour with a black cape Talent and Hobbies: Kidnapping zelda, getting ultimate power, Personality: Rough, mean, rude, Place of Origin: Gerudo Valley Bowser: Age: 35 Height: 6 feet 8 inches Race: Reptile Color: Green and gold, with red hair Sex: Male Clothing: A green shell Talent and Hobbies: Kidnapping peach, lava baths Personality: Mean, overpowering, Rich Love Interest: Peach Place of Origin: Bowser's castle ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Places: Ponyville: Digi's House/Eights in Bits game store Ponies That Live There: Digi, Digi´s mom, Pixel Sprite Purpose: Selling Games through a Family Business Exterior design: Hay rooftop like the majority of houses in Ponyville, wooden framework, walls itself made from lighter wooden Planks, a sign on the front door with a gaming controller, Glass window panes, a few Flower beds around the house itself, two stories tall. Interior design: Lower Floor consist of the store itself, with a few shelves of games some being collectible board games,card games as well as selling some comic books , it includes a counter/desk where a worker would be taking bits for the products sold and taking care of the store itself. The walls on the inside of the store itself should be decorated with posters of different Video game Characters and perhaps some wall papers for upcoming games. There would also be stations where you would be able to try out games as well, and maybe a storage room. Upper Floor is where the family itself lives at, with rooms in ponyville style like a kitchen, a bedroom for Digi, a bedroom for his parents maybe with two beds even though his dad isnt here anymore, a bathroom and a living room with some gaming systems Downtown Ponyville: Purpose: Offers many Buildings around which sell various things to Ponies, therefor a hotspot for other Ponies to come here, as well as being the place to find out information about activities happening in the town, such as certain competitions as well as were sometimes speeches are held. Sugarcube Corner: Ponies that live here: Pinkie Pie, Mr and Mrs Cake Purpose: Selling different sweets in the store such as cake, pie, ice cream etc. as well as hosting Parties for other ponies Rainbow Dash's House Ponies that live here: Rainbow Dash Purpose: Home of Rainbow Dash Las Pegasus: NERD convention: Purpose: Holding gaming contests for the sake of entertaining Ponies as well as giving gamer Ponies chance to show what they got and perhaps win some good prize money Exterior design: a rather gigantic convention hall, like many Buildings in Las Pegasus is a large cylindrical cloudy structure, housing conventions it has many spotlights outside as well as a sizeable crystalline dome at the top which would sparkle in different colors when certain conventions were taking place for everypony to see. There were a few windows on the structure which were essentially holes in the structure itself. The entry Area would consist of a set of double doors with a big Banner above it for informing other Ponies of what was going on inside. Interior Design: Inside Ponies who enter the place are greeted by a ticket booth where ponies pay fees to get into whatever convention is being held at the moment. Also around the entry area are various stands which sell food, drinks and other goodies which are great for having there when watching exciting events. Nearby are also a bunch of spots for other ponies to sell other things like at any convention and Then further inside another set of doors lead through a rather dark wall into the main area of the Place itself housing hundreds of seats for Ponies who were ready to watch spectacular events happening in front of their various eyes, and a big stage for Ponies to take place in competitions as well as for some to hold speeches. Like any stage this one has many spotlights so the viewers have a better time seeing things in the otherwise rather dark place. Also the seats are arranged in a circular way around the stage and above is the crystal which can also be seen from the outside Pixelland The Great Plains: Design: Pixelated Flowers, Grass plains , Blue skies, a few clouds as well The Gamers Mountain: Design: Huge Mountains with caves, some clouds, as well as snow at their peaks Diamond Cavern Design: dim caves with many colorful and sparkling Diamonds, Jewels etc sticking out of the walls Smash City Design: Huge Colorful City with many iconic and special and crazy buildings in the background as well as many flashing lights and spotlights being all pixelated Police Station: Purpose: Holding Criminals Exterior Design: cylindrical Metal outside with a few windows on the walls as well as a double door as an entry area with small spotlight above it Interior Design: a few cells inside as well as a counter and a few seats for a waiting area Shopping Mall: Ponies living here: Mable and Sable Sisters Purpose: has a haircut place as well as Clothes, Furniture and many other Products others may buy there Design: a rather big Mall with a variety of colorful Shops everywhere Digis Game Appartment: Design: Mid class Apartment, rather nice place to live in , with a design that resembles somewhat of a gamecube, there are all necessities inside one would need to live here such as a bed and a computer as well a small kitchen and a bathroom Downtown: Design: Many Big giant pixelated brightly colorful Skyscrapers that do look a lot like something from tetris as well as many spotlights and flashy signs on the buildings Lylat system: Corneria: Purpose: Planet for animals and other Creatures Mushroom Kingdom: Peaches Castle: Kanto: Final Destination: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to Help: You Can Help by adding on Skype the user name Darcybelle3 and you can email me at What would you do: you will be doing the task of that skill for this project and you will be credited for helping this project in the credits ​Will this Project Stay Alive: i am honestly sure the project will stay alive with all my heart and support for it Team: this will be coming soon and it will have a document of the whole team ^^ thank you with your cooperation and support with this project.
  5. Hello! We need a wide range of Creative Bronies for a project. The project is called 'Fear and Loathing in Equestria'. It will be a full length pony SFM film. We are currently looking for a large range of volunteers. This includes Voice Actors, Script Writers, Audio Editors, 2D animators, Editors, and Musicians. We need quite a few Voice Actors for Extras and Background Ponies. We also need musicians who can play and arrange film scores and rock. If you are interested send me a message or leave a reply stating how you would like to contribute. We're thankful for any and all help in creating this project! Please ask any questions you have. -Sincerely, The Management
  6. When you think about it the main flagship portion of any staff of any cartoon/animation/anime franchise are the animators/graphic designers. Yet the writers and voice actors get all the credit. I have a difficult time finding the names of the animators/graphic designers in the ending credits and even hard to find them on the net. Granted there are animators that also play writer at the same time... which comes to show that animating is harder than writing. Animation isn't easy work. But why aren't they getting the love they should be getting? Is celebrity status something they are just not suited for? Is it a racist thing because lots of Asians are in the animation department, that's the thing I really can't find the names of the animators that designed "animish" looking animated shows... I can find a studio or two but it's probably because credit is not given from international studios. This isn't just a race thing but it seems the same kind of treatment is given to Marvel illustrators. Stan Lee gets all the credit for absolutely nothing but the illustrators that work also as writers are snubbed and some of them have to fight real hard to get noticed or at least co-author recognition like the case of Steve Ditko who is the real creator of Spiderman and the comics.
  7. We need animators for the Brony Entertainment Network. Simple as that. Contact me at for further information.
  8. Hello Every pony. I thought i can bring something up for my project that is in progress. it Might take while to do this but i want to get this up and running so far i have 20 Bronies that are helping me with this and i just want more help to get this project running. Five Nights at Blu's: Crossover fan film This is a crossover film of Five nights at Freddys and MLP i got this idea from the Mike Schmidt comics at tumbler and i have to say it is very well done so i want to make my own version with a OC the reason why is i want to be more original and that is made by me and our team and i just love the idea of this project now another thing is Blu Spark why is he a wolf well the reason is it is part of the story that he can change to a pony and a wolf like a ware wolf so it works like that and why is my OC a wolf i just love wolfs and i got this from Dr wolf with more of a original look and that is what the project is. but my little toon is a canceled project why well that idea does not work and its just to random but Five nights at blu's will. PLOT: The Plot is about a Blue Colt turn in to a Animatornic and turn back to life. The plot starts that Blu was Bitten in the Bite of 87. Foxy put the Blue colt in a spare blue wolf suit. Blu was a Animatronic for a very long time he was possessed by the fith child as he gets very angry. He wished that he was alive and see alot of great things in Equestria so hey climbs up to the roof and hears a voice that would guide him to life. 3 years later Blu is a alive pony/ wolf he has a bad apartment and a very bad job he works at Freddy Fazbear Pizza and so far got a raised to the day Shift. he also has a meeting at Las Pegasus so he fly's away with his wings but a bad storm comes in a a flash of lighting hits his wings as he crashed at a village could Ponyville. he has not that much bits as he bought a cupcake at Sugarcube Corner. he meets the mane six as they where giving him a welcome to Ponyville. blu just left and goes to the train station to buy a ticket he lost his ticket he heard a voice somepony said they have a extra ticket the mane six have one so Blu goes with them for a big adventure of his life. WHAT I NEED Animators/Artist Editors Script Writers Musicians Sound Designers Voice actors/ actress Spoilor: QuoteQuoteQuote Some one Dies COMMUNICATIONS: I have a group called nightmare studios so add me on skype by darcybelle3 and the name is Biscuit and we are good see yea there VOICE-OVER ROLES: i Will have roles and if you want to do a roll please post it : > CAST: Main Protagonists Blu Spark - OPEN () Twilight Sparkle - OPEN () Fluttershy - OPEN () Pinkie Pie - OPEN () Rarity - OPEN () Apple Jack - OPEN () Rainbow Dash - OPEN () Spike - OPEN () Supporting Protagonists Princess Celestia - OPEN () Princess Luna - OPEN ( ) Derpy Whooves - OPEN () Discord - OPEN () Dr Hooves - OPEN () Freddy - OPEN () Bonnie - OPEN () Chica - OPEN () Foxy - OPEN () The Puppet/ Marionette - OPEN () Main Antagonist Golden Freddy - OPEN () Toy Freddy - OPEN () Toy Bonnie - OPEN () Toy Chica - OPEN () Toy Foxy/ Mangle - OPEN () Purple Stallion - OPEN () ​Other Characters (Some of these characters will have short or long roles) Cmc - 3 OPEN () Apple Bloom - OPEN () Scootaloo - OPEN () - Sweetie Belle - OPEN () Bon Bon - OPEN () Lyra - OPEN () Dj Pon 3/ Vinyl Scratch - OPEN () Octavia - OPEN () CREW: Director - @Biscuit Assistant Director - @kiwi Writer - @Biscuit Editor(s)/Script Writers - @ice chan,@nightmare Film/Film Editor - Special Effects Editor - Animators/Artists - Musician(s) - @lightingrunner Sound Designers/Editors(s) -
  9. UPDATE: I have found my animators (More are welcome btw) I will post the Audition roles soon. Hello Everypony, I am currently looking for some crew member's (Eg. Voice actors, animators, video editors ect.) for my new project "The Ninth guest" a murder mystery. If you would like to join, please contact me here or email me at I will show the cast in a while, but first ill need some time to get things sorted. Thanks, Beat Striker
  10. Hello my Name is Biscuit And welcome to the Pegasi Animation Studio's. We are here as a team to work on animation productions. and we need your help with ideas and make projects big not as for you but a whole team. i will explain the project on a privet message but if you want to help please privet message me or message me on Skype by darcybelle3 then you will get a name could Biscuit and what will pop up is a rainbow dash robot head. so if you want to be part of a team please help that would be writers,animators,artist voice actors/ actress and editors and of course the musicians so please help and leave a message on the forum thanks for your cooperation. : D
  11. We have a full voice cast and a few animators, right now we're searching for more animators, puppet-designers and story-board-artists/concept artists. I really hate advertising like this bout out of my 300 Skype contacts choosing all of them/contacting them all and pissing them ALL OFF was really a bad choice looking back on it >_<! ++++ I'm also apart of a smaller group called PonyDubs where we'll be dubbing/pardoying comics, scenes, clips, animations, & parodying songs & dubbing them. Right now we're working on a lot of Disney songs and trying to parody the lyrics over to make them 'ponified'. Poor Unfortunate Souls Reflection Somepony To Love Dig A Little Deeper This Is Nightmare Night Kiss De Mare I Just Can't Wait To Be Prince Luna's Reply + Lullaby For A Princess Luna's Let It Go Luna's Lament Those are a list of songs we have done so far, and yes I know Somepony To Love is from Bride of Discord - dont remind me but I hope to do a dub-over/redub of that series and then maybe animate a few scenes here and there, but that ones way off into the future. Here so far is what we have for animation project ideas - Chianti - Autumn Starlight - [Writers List] Quill N. Lead - Chiibii - Alex Gray - ???? [Composers, Lyricists] Chiibii - Skybolt - Marcato -
  12. I have an idea for a short video(s) based on my on my oc's backstory. Artists, I will need I guess vectors for the animators to work with. Of course I'll need a sample of your work, and I will choose who I will have draw. So if you're interested, post your samples below.
  13. Yallo! Last time I was here I needed VA's, and now I need an animators(s). You may have seen one of my posts on Equestria Daily for seeking VAs, but I don't need voices I need an animator. Somepony who I can trust too. This IS a series and goes over the original MLP FiM series a bit. It will not be the same animation as the MLP FiM show though. It will be slightly different because I do not wish to receive a cease and desist order from Hasbro like poor JanAnimations. So if theres any respectful animators out there looking for a project, Friendship is Derpy is the one!
  14. Storyline: After sweeping every single traces of disharmony,Equestria stood in a peaceful state for days. However,there is still one enemy hidden in the depths of Equestria. An enemy Celestia fougth moons & moons agos. Armed with the Elements of Harmony,Princess Twilight & co. will have a long & torrid battle against the ruthless Spirit of Death... What i will need: -Animators:I'll need both Flash & 3D animators.The Flash animations will have to look as close as the show's. -Editors -Story-boarders -Script writers:Without ones,the film will be as good as the Twilight saga. -Musicians:Because MLP without musics is not MLP.There will be mainly orchestral ones. Speaking of music,the film will also intend to have songs just like in the show. -Sound Designers:The ones who takes care of background sounds. -Mixers Contact: I'll be mainly posting my Skype account. Have the best of luck! Crew: Animators: ShootingStarMLPFIM, SparkGlasses Editors: Stallion Hoovrick,~Alicornification~, Soren Nightwing Script writers: LZRD WZRD, Sweets, dusk.night,PinkCupcake21, Stallion Hoovrick, roguesoul, Harmoy's Echo, BlueSkittleWolf Lead Script Writer: LZRD WZRD Story-boarders: Sweets, Dawn Wing Musicians: Myself, Thunder-Dash, Pinkcupcake21, websterhamster, child of the night, Arkane Sound Designers: Stallion Hoovrick, child of the night, Jerry, Arkane Mixers: Arkane, Jerry, Thunder-Dash
  15. does anyone wanna skype? i'm working right now....and I need people to talk to... but i have preferences....they need to be...good at drawing(so we can relate more)...older than 15...and...not...super...immature... i don't know....i'm cool with everyone but i'd prefer you fit the above criteria... and as a sign of good faith...theghostofmarzani is my skype name... and by not immature i don't no fart jokes or vulgar humor and stuff...that's fine..its just seekers...or loud obnoxious inconsiderate types...
  16. Our series: "Equestria: a Hidden History" is in need of artists and possibly Animators. As well as voice actors/actresses. We currently have three provious stories, if you'd like to see what we're about first. We've recently had a few changes to the cast, and writer. So the feel of the show is shifting towards a more canon feel. And I would like to animate it if possible. If not, that's fair, but we still need artists. Here are the last three episodes: Anypony who wants to animate them, let me know, and I'll be very grateful. And (of course) you will be credited for you work. This includes being named as animator in all future episodes. PM me or Masterchaoss for details. Thank you all for taking the time to read this. Oh! As a side note: there will be Discord, so we need some pony good at drawing (and voicing) him! Cheers! Actors: audition in the Casting Call thread:
  17. Hello everypony!! We'll as you can see from the threads in Creative Resources that I and my awesome rap battle writer SkulllBuster are starting a series known as Epic Pony Rap Battles of MLP. I need animators to animate the Rap Battles and Voice Actors because it requires Voice Actors to make this. IF YOUR AUDITIONING FOR ANIMATOR LOOK HERE: If your auditioning for animator I need an example of your work and you must qualifiy under these. • Active on the Forums • Dedicated • Can animate 8-12 2 minute videos IF YOUR AUDITIONING FOR VOICW ACTORS LOOK HERE: If your audition for Voice Actor you have to show an example of you voice acting. BE SURE TO HAVE A CLEAR MIC. You can audition for..... •Twilight Sparkle •Zecora •Rainbow Dash •Lightning Dust •Pinkie •Octavia •Lyra •Vinyl •Soarin and Spitfire •Male and Female Shadowbolt Others..(Say who they are and I will tell if there in) Bye Everypony P.S Tell me if more info is needed
  18. Hey everypony. My name’s Julia, and you’ve probably seen me post something like this a couple of times before. Well, this time I’m serious about my project plans. This time I actually finished a 19-page script featuring my pony OC Padlock Keys and my good friend’s OC Private Eye (she’s known on the forums as Private Eye, on DA she’s known as Frail-Ice). First things first, I don’t have all the money in the world to go out to this project. Though some money can be spared in order to pay for some situations – not all the times. I can discuss that privately with some people. Though please don’t bombard me with prices right away! I am looking to do this all for free and all volunteer work would be highly appreciated. Again, I can offer SOME pay depending on YOUR SITUATION (always willing to help bronies out!) but don’t bombard me. Anyway getting that off my chest, I need animators, storyboard artists, composers, puppet-riggers, the whole enchilada. There are already two people who are voicing the main characters, and that is Keikoandgilly (voice of Doctor Whooves) as Padlock Keys and Jalokim VA - Voice of Private Eye. I’ll go over the list of whom I need for VA’s in a bit. And also, don’t think this is a worthless project for everypony else, because I hope that eventually I can let everypony else contribute. Meaning, if you have an OC – you might end up as a background character in the episode. There are a few OCs already made-up whom I don’t want changed, but as far as background characters who don’t have roles go, I might let you in so yes, it won’t be worthless depending on what you can contribute. BUT WAIT, don’t be submitting your OC to me just yet, wait for me to explain what’s going to happen okay? I need voice actors and actresses. TAKEN – PADLOCK KEYS. PRIVATE EYE. OPEN – BLUE BONNET (OC). ICY FROST (OC). HEROIC MIND (OC). VIOLET ROSE (OC). CHA-CHANG (OC). GLOW STICK (OC). WIND-CHIME (OC). Before I get voice actors/actresses I need sketches of these OC’s and color references, please and thank you. I need sketches and concept art for myself and I need color references for the possible animators who are going to be working on this and the puppet-riggers. I DO NOT want voices for any other character that I do NOT have artwork for, the OCS listed under OPEN are all ones that I do NOT have artwork for. I need artwork for the listed following – BLUE BONNET. ICY FROST. HEROIC MIND. VIOLET ROSE. CHA-CHANG. GLOW STICK. WIND-CHIME. Here are descriptions of the OCS. Icy Frost first appears in the episode as a wandering stranger, for comic relief at best. Much like how Cheese Sandwich does, he wears a sombrero and a Mexican-styled outfit. Just, he has a mustachioed-face and he’s kinda scruffy. He’s an Earth pony and he’s all white with a yellow/blond mane. His cutie mark are two green maracas. Blue Bonnet is a white and blue (more like a baby blue, not a dark blue) Pegasus pony who has a ruby-red mane and her mane is sort of curly, her cutie mark is of two lacy-ballet-shoes. (her cutie mark is pink). Glow Stick has a green body (not too green but subtle) and a yellow mane, his cutie mark is a big yellow star. Wind-Chime’s cutie mark is never shown, but he’s a white unicorn much like Blue Blood but with a black hair and a mustache like Icy Frost, but he’s more scruffy and old looking. Cha-Chang is a large grey and white stallion and his cutie mark are dollar signs, he’s a unicorn and he’s often wearing a tuxedo-like-outfit. The pictures don’t have to be perfect, but try to make more than one sketch on a single sheet so that way it doesn’t waste anything/paper/space. etc.! He and I script by TheBigAnimation.docx He and I script by TheBigAnimation.pdf
  19. Hello every pony my Name is Biscuit639 and I am here to tell all of you Bronys and Pegisisters our big project me and my high school club are working on a MLP FIM crossover film so far we got the plot and the team but we need more people to get this project done of course you saw my fan fiction well that was not finished well when the fan fiction is done that's when we almost finished the film but we need help of course I need mlp flash puppets well yes I need flash puppet creators to make me mlp puppets for the film well I can use the double rainboom puppets but one problem its a crossover so I will say that we just need the double rainboom puppets nope we need ocs and a lot more so if you could help us that would be great here is the staff we need Animators needed voice actors/actress needed flash puppet creators
  20. Hey everypony, I've always wanted to make animations but couldn't find the right website, if you can help I would appreciate it. Also I am planning on starting making a animation and I need your ocs and animation skills! Heres what I need: Storywriters: RarityRainbow (Head of production) repsol rave Voice actors/actresses for OCs OCs (I need 4 main characters, and about 20 or more background ponies) Pumpkin Sunset (RR/ Me) Main Crystal (repsol rave) Main Pastel Sketch (zenofan1) undecided Helpers Animators Other And here's some plotline Something strange has happened in the center of Canterlot…four brave ponies are called upon by Celestia, the chosen ones of the prophecy of old… Ponies in Canterlot are panicking, something dark and never before seen has come, Celestia places her trust in these four ponies… but can they do the seemingly impossible? Thanks for your help and consideration, RarityRainbow
  21. So, i'm working on making a pony dubbed version of "Black Swan" For fun. I'm going to be doing most of the editing,but I need Voice Actors.I'm into making dubbed horror/thriller like movies. Nina: Fluttershy Lily: Lightning Dust (Pink Mist) Leroy: Soarin Mom: Pinkie (She cares for rainbow dash so much) Rude Girls: Rarity and Fluttershy Beth:Twilight If you want to audition just send me your voice clip or animation and i'll check it out.This is for fun,remember that. I don't look for people who are pro's.
  22. (TEMPORARILY CLOSED DUE TO SCHEDULE GLITCH, WILL RE-OPEN ONCE THE PROBLEM HAS BEEN SORTED OUT) Ok so, I have a big project in mind, and i need voice actors, animators, the whole shebang, i will be in charge of story boarding so ill be in charge of the whole thing, but I do need A LOT of help. Voice actors: just have a good mic and do your best, a lot of characters are involved. roles: Applejack: (Pink Mist) 'How long has this been here?' 'Not big on honesty are you?' Twilight Sparkle: (OPEN) 'No Friends? how is that even possible?' 'What IS that?' Rainbow Dash: (OPEN) 'How did you do that?' 'How fast can it fly?' Rarity: (OPEN) 'You would think that with all this stuff the seats would atleast be fairly comfortable.' 'That was truely hideous' Pinkie Pie: (Tellab Artz) 'How can he be sad and happy at the same time?' 'Party time!' Fluttershy: (Pink Mist) 'Where is everypony?' 'How can he do such aweful things?' Princess Celestia: (OPEN) 'We barely escaped' 'We would be... dead. If it was not for discord' Princess Luna: (OPEN) 'what of my sister?' 'Noooo!' Spike: (OPEN) 'Twilight! you have been gone for so long, i was getting worried' 'Dragons arent very understanding' Queen Chrysalis: (rascal61) 'Why would I help you?' 'My Armies are capable of defending ourselves, we do not need you' King Sombra: (OPEN) 'I do not have the strength' 'Leave me' Discord: (OPEN) 'This is going to be so much fun' 'I can't wait' Spit Fire: (OPEN) 'This is absurd' 'Fine, we will help' Ansikt Veksler (MALE) (has limited personality, I will explain why to whoever gets the part.): (OPEN) 'Don't, even, think that curses do not exist.' 'Your environment is your weapon.' minor roles: random Wonderbolts: (NLR Information Minister) 'Bolt down!' Cherilee: (OPEN) 'Get him to a hospital!' Flash Sentry: (OPEN) 'Don't you even touch her!' Changeling Royal Guard: (NLR Information Minister) 'Halt!' Dial Switch (Female): (OPEN) 'I hate you' 'no I do NOT want to update Jahvah' Various Royal Guards (must be able to make different voices): (NLR Information Minister) 'Not one move' ---Animators--- I am hoping for show accurate animation, so if you can use Flash animation that would be great. so just send me a demo of your skillz and ill take a look at it. I will need between 5-10 animators. ---Music Makers/Sound Makers--- Just do what you do best, ill leave it up to you to compose it, ill just provide you with the moods, and you do the rest. also i may need a few sound effects, and by a few, i mean a lot. -Thunder Dash -Pierce Strine ---------- if you are interested just send me your demo, and what you are hoping to do. send it to (its not a personal email so dont yell at me about internet safety and stuff). and if you like, post your auditions in the thread as well. if you want to be a voice actor then send me a demo of 4 lines, 2 from the show, and 2 lines that you made up on your own that were not said in the show. If you have any questions just let me know. Thank you
  23. You ever think that the employees and bosses over at Hasbro ever visit MLP forums? What about the production staff, the writers, editors, animators, and composers over at DHX? You think they ever visit? And how about the Voice Actresses? Think any of them have ever stopped by?
  24. Anybody know of any good MLP:FiM animators/cartoonists who make shorts or series? I have some ideas I'd like to pitch with them.