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Found 4 results

  1. There'd been many reformed antagonists: Luna, Starlight, Sunset, Discord...... There're also many antagonists that are still considered evil (totally or partly): Cozy Glow, Tirek, Queen Chrysalis..... Which of the following predictions do you prefer? 1.There'll be no antagonists left not reformed before G4 ends. Or, at least, EACH villain will be explained overtly to be good in one way. 2.There'll be, at least, one antagonist left not reformed before G4 ends. Or, in another word, there's REALLY unchangeable darkness in Equestria. I choose the latter. Sorry for my poor English. I'm not a native speaker.
  2. I've just noticed that every main antagonist in EQG has been female. Sunset, the Dazzlings, anyone of note at Crystal Prep, Gloriosa, Juniper Montage, what's her face from Forgotten Friendship (yet to see it). There's plenty of male villains in the show, but none of them are all that relatable. None of them come from the same backgrounds as the mane six. It's always some evil despot from a far off realm. It's never a stallion with a grudge or a thirst for power. I mean the closest were Flim, Flam and Iron Will, but do we really see them as villains worthy of a two parter, let alone a movie? Yet we don't even get characters like those in EQG. If they're not shoehorned as romantic interests or henchmen to the queen baddie, they're pretty much background filler. Do the guys not suffer the same issues? Do they not crave the adoration Juniper desired or feel the desperation Gloriosa did? Do none of them get drunk with power like Sunset once was? Were none of them manipulative like Cinch or pushed to lost control like Sci-Twi? Any good reason why EQG hasn't experimented with male antagonists?
  3. We've had a wide variety of main antagonists thus far for this pony show, all of them with a different set of powers, personalities, appearances and even species. All these villains are unique from one another, and if put into a room with each other, it'd be interesting to see how they'd interact with one another, and if any fights inevitably sprang forth. I've been wanting to make a topic comparing the four main villains and their powers for a few days now, and I've finally gained the motivation. Please give your own thoughts on the topic and your own order of most powerful to least powerful villain, of which you'll find at the end of the topic, as well. Nightmare Moon: Corrupted Princess of the Moon When this show first started, we were handed a mare of the night, of whom was sealed on the very moon she once controlled. Her back story a sad one, Nightmare Moon emerged from her prison and promptly sought out to ensure Equestria would drown in a never-ending night, so that all her subjects would finally respect and appreciate what she saw as so beautiful. Displaying a wide variety of powers in her relatively short amount of screen time, Nightmare Moon has been shown to be capable of: -Mane Manipulation: Her ethereal mane, though reminiscent of smoke, can preform various tasks and is capable of touching others. It can thus be used for both attack and defense. -Weather Manipulation. She caused lightning to sprout and attack several armored guards that tried to seize her. Nightmare Moon, as a Shadowbolt, was later able to cause the fog to converge and drown out Twilight Sparkle's voice from reaching Rainbow Dash. -Rapid movement & Infection of Objects/Terrain. She can transform into a cloud of purple smoke, not unlike her mane, and can use this form to travel long distances quickly, as well as seep into trees and even the ground to create avalanches and cause objects to change appearance. -Shape-shifting. An advancement of her previous ability, the claw in the manticore's claw and the Shadowbolts are two prime examples. It's also debatable on whether or not Celestia was actually imprisoned or kept somewhere by Nightmare Moon, though Nightmare Moon hints towards it when she mentions that the ponies will 'never see their princess of the sun ever again'. It is also known that in order to be imprisoned into the moon one thousand years ago, Celestia required the Elements of Harmony to do so. Judging by these factors, and her abilities, it goes without saying that Nightmare Moon is a match for Celestia, if not a bit more powerful. Discord: Spirit of Chaos & Disharmony With season two's anticipated premiere came the introduction of the greatest villain to have yet grace MLP: FiM's existence. Discord, the spirit of chaos, disharmony and strife among ponies, is an ancient evil fought by Celestia and her sister Luna well before Nightmare Moon's corruption, one thousand years ago. Believed by many to be a creature that's existed since the beginning of time itself, Discord is a singular entity representing a fundamental law of nature: chaos. Playful yet sadistic in his own right, Discord's raw power is easily the most omnipotent of any of the villains shown on this show thus far: -Warping Reality. With no effort whatsoever outside the snap of a finger, Discord can reshape reality, bend the laws of physics and do feats of magic that others find all but unthinkable. -Removing logic from the world around him. More like an add-on to his previous power; even when he isn't currently present, Discord's chaos is able to spread and develop all on it's own. Applejack's trees and corn stalks, Fluttershy's bunnies, and even the sun and moon themselves *which began raising and lowering at random* were all effected by the Draconequus's chaos when he was nowhere to be found. This points to the idea that by simply existing in the world and causing chaos, his power spreads outwards and effects everything naturally. -Personality Discordation. Through mind games, looking into his eyes or even through a single touch, Discord can turn a creature into their pure opposite, personality-wise. -Shape-shifting. Like Nightmare Moon, Discord is able to alter his own appearance. He put his face into a balloon, turned into butterflies, and even put his own consciousness into a glass rendering of himself. -Teleportation. He's able to teleport. Discord has been shown to possess magical abilities off the scale, of which he can execute with almost no effort. As far as raw power goes, he trumps basically every other character, villain or non-villain, in the series. The only way to stop him is through the Elements of Harmony, which were used by both Luna and Celestia long ago, and the Mane Six in modern times. Queen Chrysalis: Empress of the Changelings And so came the most anticipated teaser Hasbro and the HUB have given thus far. The 'wedding finale' of season two was easily the most publicized build-up MLP: FIM had, and it's main villain, though unexpected, did not fail to deliver. Queen Chrysalis, resembling the classic Disney villain more than her two predecessors, is the leader of a parasitic race called the Changelings. These creatures feed off of emotion, specifically love, instead of blood, and they breached Canterlot and nearly took over, with Chrysalis herself almost gaining Shining Armor forever. Clever and deceitful, all but Twilight Sparkle were fooled by Chrysalis's charade as the beloved Princess Cadence, wife of Shining Armor: -Shape-shifting. Like the previous two villains, Chrysalis can perfectly shape-shift. She uses this ability to take the form of a someone her target loves, then feeds off of that love to gain power. -Emotional Parasitism & Mind Control. Through a spell, Chrysalis was able to keep Shining Armor under her hole-filled hoof, all the while growing stronger off of his love for her costume, Princess Cadence. -General of the Changeling Army. Whether through a 'hive-mind' effect or through a traditional 'leader and subordinate' relationship, Queen Chrysalis commands an entire legion of Changelings, and can get them to do anything with a single demand. -Fluctuating Power. Through her consumption of love, Chrysalis is able to temporarily gain power artificially. She surpassed Celestia in strength due to this, and directly defeated her. -'Banishment' Magic. She is able to banish ponies of her choosing down to the crystal caves, which apparently cannot be teleported out of or gotten out of by other magical means. While Chrysalis does have some skills of her own, most of her power comes from her army at her command, or her ability to feed from the love of others, which, like all parasites, is an assumedly temporary effect. Without the power she's taken from someone else, Chrysalis is probably not as strong as Celestia, and wouldn't have defeated her like she had in the second part of the season two finale. King Sombra: Ancient Tyrant of the Crystal Empire He seemingly took over the entire Crystal Empire by his own will and power, and then proceeded to rule with an iron hoof, practically enslaving the crystal ponies by putting them in chains, until he was eventually overthrown and imprisoned within ice in the Arctic North by Celestia and Luna. Upon his return, he surrounded the entire kingdom within his darkness, waiting for the moment for Princess Cadence Tyrannical and more malicious than any of the three primary antagonists seen prior to his introduction, Sombra is a dark unicorn tyrant who brings another unique villain type to the table: -Dark/Black Magic. As demonstrated by Celestia to Twilight, Sombra possesses intense black magic that seems to also incorporate black crystals, not surprising seeing as this is the Crystal Empire. -Shadow & Darkness. Sombra was turned to Shadow by Celestia and Luna long ago. He now commands a gigantic, seemingly endless amount of black darkness that encompasses his form. This blackness is infectious, and has the power to cause black crystal to emerge from the ground, or even corrupt buildings. -Immensely Powerful Curse Magic. Before his defeat, Sombra was able to put a curse on the Crystal Empire that caused it to vanish into thin air for a thousand years. -Intimidation. As shown by Twilight's interrogation of a specific Crystal Pony, the mere mention of Sombra and his rule causes fear to the Crystal Ponies. This may be how he so easily took over and then maintained his rule over entire empire seemingly by himself. Though he was mostly depicted as a creeping darkness type of villain, he is easily the most cruel of any of the villains we've seen thus far, having actually enslaved the Crystal Ponies. He's agile and can morph his darkness and shadow form to cause black crystal to form out of the ground, and is also capable of vast magical feats outside that, including curses. He may not have had much character development, but he was powerful, nonetheless. Lord Tirek: Power-Hungry Beast King A unique and terryfying creature from a far-away land, Tirek used deceit, thievery and betrayal to get what he wanted; all of the magic in Equestria. He went from a sneaking thief to a demonic deity capable of draining even the great powers of Discord within two episodes, and showed off malice and cruelty that no other villain has shown to the same degree, thus far. From imprisoning all three princesses and the Mane Six, to fighting an OP Twilcorn in DBZ-style combat and holding his own, Tirek left an impression that neither the ponies of Equestria or the fandom that watches them will ever forget. Sinister, completely void of any redeeming qualities whatsoever and more ruthless than any other villain, Tirek's arsenal grew along with his detestable personality throughout the two-part S4 finale: -Magic Drain. Presumably a unique form of Dark Magic, Tirek is able to drain the magical essence of any being he comes into close contact with, stealing their magic and adding it to his own. -Levitation Bind. Rather than a unicorn horn, Tirek uses a foci point inbetween his duel centaur horns to use magic. His dark orange shadow magic allows him to bind opponents in powerful telekinesis. He uses this often in conjuction with his Magic Drain ability. -Shadow Blast. Tirek's primary choice of attack is a powerful beam of energy that blasts from the foci point between his horns, where he focuses magic. This blast increases in size and power whenever he does the same. By the time he duels Twilight, it's a force to be reckoned with. -Portal Summoning. Once powerful enough, Tirek's shadow magic is capable of ripping open time and space, opening portals to presumably anywhere he chooses. He sent the princesses other than Twilight to Tartarus using this ability. -Immense Strength. As Tirek absorbs magical energy, his size and physical abilities increase as well. He was capable of throwing, breaking through and outright blowing up rocks and other solid objects using only his fists or body. Like Chrysalis, Tirek absorbs power from others in order to come out on top. However, because we witnessed him in a weakened form, and he never stopped absorbing until he became all-mighty, we're never really sure what his 'default' power was, when he was shown to be rather large and bulky in the storybook legend. What we do know is, his method of gaining power is far quicker, more straight-forward and outright superior to Chrysalis's method of gaining power, allowing him to trump her with ease in the 'parasite power' category. -- In my own view, this is the list of most powerful villains from most powerful to least powerful. Discord. Discord is a spirit with godly powers. He strolled right into Ponyville, snapped his fingers, and the entire region went to hell in a hand basket while he acted like it was nothing. He's easily at the top. Lord Tirek. Although he absorbs power from others like Chrysalis, he was shown to have some amount of power on his own, by comparing his size from the storybook to his modern forms. Additionally, his method of draining and cunning intelligence means he's far more able to attain that power, and very quickly. He is below Discord, because Discord still has more base form power than Tirek does. At the end of the day, Discord still doesn't need to drain power to be strong. King Sombra. Sombra appears to be immensely powerful for all the reasons I mentioned in their specific section, and they seem to have even greater power than Nightmare Moon or Chrysalis, but certainly not as powerful as the neigh OP capabilities of Discord and Tirek, which effectively puts him in the middle. Nightmare Moon. Nightmare Moon is at least equal to Celestia if not a little stronger. This puts her next on the list. Queen Chrysalis. Call me racist to Changelings, but come on she's a parasite; without her army and without any artificial power gained from someone else, Chrysalis has little power to speak through only herself. She was surprised she beat Celestia and remarked that ''Consuming it (the love from Shining Armor to Cadence) has made me even more powerful than Celestia!" Key word. 'Made'. She's last on my list because while she can consume power to get more powerful, she doesn't seem to be more powerful than the other three villains naturally, whilst they all are powerful naturally.
  4. So we had the Mane 6 Elimination. (Fluttershy Wins!) It was fun! So I said there should be an Antagonist Elimination! A couple of ponies agreed with me, so I will comply! ^RULES^ Each time you post you must +1 to a pony's score and -1 to an others. You can not add & subtract from the same pony's score in one post. Once a pony hits 0, they are eliminated and their name must be removed from the list. You can not vote for that pony anymore until the next round starts. Game is over once there is only 1 pony remaining. (which we all know will be Discord) On game completion it is up the the next poster to reset all pony values to 10. Assuming the game lasts that long. Copied and Pasted from Mane 6 Elimination ^ Babs Seed (10) Diamond Dogs (10) Diamond Tiara (10) Discord (10) Flim and Flam (10) Garble (10) Gilda (10) King Sombra (10) Nightmare Moon (10) Queen Chrysalis (10) Silver Spoon (10) The Great And Powerful Trixie (10) Prince Blueblood (10) Lightning Dust (10) First Death!: Garble (YES!)