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Found 10 results

  1. Is this the Equestian Nation anthem? Or at least the closest Hasbro will get to making one?
  2. So, I finished this orchestral track about two days ago. It's for a national anthem competition on Equestria Amino. I figured I'd share it here so I can get some feedback (note this is a completed track). The main melody was inspired by A True True Friend, mainly the chorus, I figured that a melody similar to that would work great for a National Anthem. Hope you guys enjoy!
  3. Who doesn't love a pipe organ belting out music loudly? I certainly love it. Here's something different. After programming an adjustable pipe organ on my Korg Kronos workstation, this piece came along. It's an anthem dedicated to Celestia. I'd like some feedback please. Note this is a completed track.
  4. This might give some interesting results. Given that MLP Forums is on the international English-speaking web, intuition would say that most would likely be from primarily English-speaking countries. The reason I chose to put attention on the language of the national anthem is because that language would most likely be a big part of that culture's identity. Perhaps not totally (I'm looking at you, Quebec) but large enough.
  5. Hey guys, Considering how diverse the world's national anthems are, I decided to start a poll where you guys can vote for your favourite national anthem! Here's a huge chunk of the anthems right here! You can always look it up as well! Anyway, my favourite's this here anthem, just because it's very patriotic and musically rich: Well, get voting then! After a period of time, I'll publish the top 10 national anthems according to MLPF!
  6. Yes, I signed it. I'm quite surprised that it has that many signatures in almost two days (as of now). It's probably not going to reach 100,000 but, signing it won't hurt.
  7. Does anyone know the lyrics to any anthem in Equestria like the Ponyville anthem, or the REAL Cloudsdale anthem not how Spike sung it. Anyone know?
  8. It's been almost a year, and I still get teary eyed at this. It seems it's been longer than a year since those Boston bombings. I probably shouldn't feel so strongly about it. It almost feels like this happened in my town, when I live in South Carolina. I don't know, maybe It's just all my favorite teams come from Boston. Maybe I'm just a softy. I don't know.
  9. Hear ye, hear ye! The World Cup is in need of a new trophy! One that best exemplifies the epicness and splendor of Best Character of MLP! One that glimmers and sparkles underneath the limelight! This is YOUR chance to shine! Submit to me your best concept of a World Cup Trophy by March 15th and you could have the winning character's name engraved on YOUR TROPHY for all to see! Make sure you give a place for the best pony's character to be engraved though! On the other hand, if you are talented with writing music, then I suggest you compose a World Cup Anthem! I need something upbeat, something epic, and something unifying! Submit to me your song, complete with vocals AND instrumentation by April 19th, and you could win a chance to broadcast your anthem before we perform the World Cup draw on May 12th! All entries must be sent to me through private messaging with the appropriate titles: "World Cup Trophy Entry" AND/OR "World Cup Anthem Entry" Good luck to all involved! And may the most talented... win.
  10. if you could choose a brony anthem? what would you choose? i personally would choose this song: (go ahead and listen to it all the way through, it just gets better!) i know it came out ages ago, and that just about everyone has heard it. but still! i like it!