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Found 6 results

  1. So I have traumatic flashbacks when I see the word "brony" because it's so close in pronunciation to a mis-shortening of my name. I'm pretty sure none of these actually happened, but it doesn't make the images in my head any less real. It has to do with my name and being a little too close to my first real friend in HS. Don't look at me that way when reading this. It was platonic, ok? We're still platonic. When someone mentions the shortening and my name somehow being related to pony I claim complete ignorance. I really do. I ask what a pony is. People post the image for the show title or try to explain, then someone says Google It. I then say I'd rather not, and that I heard it was cancer. The general agreement in these circles is that it is, so the conversation about that stops. Eventually. Recently someone said I'm an anti-brony, and I love it. The mask I'm given allows me to peer into their world. Don't love the head image I just got from typing that, but sacrifices have to be made. And basically I think I've infiltrated some kind of pony hating cult or something now. It gets to that when someone shortens my name badly again, purely by accident, and the conversation comes up again the same way. Every time it does though, I see more of the hate for pony. People really talk badly about pony on this other forum I frequent. I try to shut it down of course by saying it's cancer just to get agreement from them and end the topic, but that doesn't always work. Guys, the hate sickens me. Truly it does. Has anyone else somehow "infiltrated" the pony hate train and wants to share their experiences too?
  2. In some ways I'm still an anti brony. With all the misanthropy and pony superiority complex quite a few members of this fandom preaches. That all humans are evil scum and need to be converted into ponies in order to be saved from their 'evil' human nature. Blah blah blah humans are destroying the environment and are evil and blah blah blah! I don't care if we are doomed to die on this finite world. Alien ponies coming to Earth to commit 'soft' xenocide on all of humanity makes me angry. I don't care how perfect mary sue their existence is, I still would want no part of it if these are such hegemonizing jerks, who make long, portentous speeches about all humans are evil bastards and are unworthy of life and deserved to be killed without mercy nor pity. No chance of a middle ground nor peace and love... only death. How many Bronies out there believe just because ponies are live in a much better world than ours give them the right to be total jerks to humans? Does the vast majority of Bronies believe humanity should be treated like dirt beneath the ponies' hooves?
  3. All right, time for a thread idea that might be a cliched concept at this point. So, what anti brony youtuber have you seen that got you angry. Now, I'm not talking your typical commenters, I'm talking about video makers. So yeah, most brony rants I've seen are full of ignorance and use arguments that could be applied to fandoms in general.
  4. when I was first started going on the net for nerd stuff I spent most of it on twitter. where I would hang out with my otaku friends. I met most of my friends there and it's even where I first heard about bronies and MLP. this is a story about a time I met a anti brony. the day started as any other, suddenly I saw a tweet about bronies from someone I had just started talking with recently, I was like "whats wrong with bronies? lol" she didn't realize that I was a brony because my twitter is mostly anime x3 well she went off on to this rant about how horrible we are, showing video's which I'm pretty sure were meant to be satirical consider the guy in it seemed to be cosplaying as a Hitler dinosaur. it was like we were doing some project for a debate club. I was for and she was against. finally before it got too awkward I revealed myself to be a brony. she all like xD lololololol the debate continued... we were pretty much friends at the point the debate started so she didn't start hating on me. she did however aim what she was saying at me. it was like she was a bible thumper and mlp was a demon cult she was saving me from. HAHAAHAHA it was only when I started to compare the hate on mlp to the hate the otaku community, that I made some progress. Do all otaku love hentai? no. do all bronies love clop? no. how would you feel if someone said that all otaku were hentai freaks, and had no life? offended? I thought so. now look at what you're dong. by the end of the debate she didn't hate bronies anymore..... but she still vowed never to watch the show xD lol oh well. too be honest, this is the only time I've ever won in an argument against an anti brony. but I haven't really tried it more than once or twice.
  5. You heard it here, someone sunk so low as the physically harm someone for simply wearing a pony shirt. A kid getting bullied for an MLP backpack is one thing, but physically harming someone for it? I'm starting to lose hope for humanity here.
  6. I know there a lot of topics on haters and trolls but this one is going to be a little different. One thing I have noticed is that brony fandom seems to for whatever reason have different defintions of what constitutes a "hater" or "anti brony" and I think some of the most common ones are flat out wrong and only sew the seeds of misunderstanding and cause more problems. The most problematic one being the one where non fan=hater which is extremely insulting in addition to being inacurrate. Most of us were non fans at some point and many of us including me were surprised and confused at so many teens and adults being into MLP of all shows. Some of us went down the full blown hater route but there were some of us that didn't quite understand it but were tolerant of it which is exactly what I was like before I got into ponies. Then there is the definition of anti brony which even some outside the fandom take which is simply taking issue with certain segments of the fandom. Case in point being this recent interview famous brony youtuber DrWolf did with an "anti brony". This "anti brony" was to his credit civil during the interview and I do not believe he is the type to go out of his way to troll and hate bronies even if his reasonings for calling himself an anti brony are a bit bogus. But therein lies the problem, the term "anti brony" is a loaded term and implies active opposition which again results in misunderstandings in addition to being inacurrate. It honestly dosen't make sense to me why a person who was largely civil freely took on such a term knowing full well the implications of it. The problem with this definition is that if applied to its logical conclusion most bronies would be anti bronies which is a major contradiction. I have my issues with certain parts of the brony fandom, the white knights, the ones who force the show on others or treat it like a religion and a few other examples but I am fairly sure I am not an anti brony but I am anti hater and anti troll. I am because it stupid and immature to go out of your way and antagonise people for liking something you don't and I know what it is like to be unfairly judged for being different. So what is a hater/anti brony? The answer is quite simple, it is someone who actually goes out of their way to hate on and troll bronies. The reasons for this may vary, some actually believe the crap they are saying while others want to take out their insecurities on others and some just have nothing better to do with their lives than to just find an easy target to troll.