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Found 41 results

  1. Are there any user made apps on this site, like a signature maker or a cutie mark creator? If so, could you post a link in your response? I'm new to this, so thanks for your patience!
  2. What is the name of the MLP App music when you're going to purchase Gems?
  3. Brony+ will be something new, something hopefully big, it's nit just a thing like creating a new Community on Google Plus or a group on MeWe, it's a special thing, a new application everyone will be able to use and i hope it'll get to it. The application will be done in hopefully around three months, maybe four.
  4. I am just doing this poll because I don't know what people prefer, although MLP is on Netflix so... I know MLP may just be taken off of Netflix, but there still is a chance it just means that they will add Season Eight, isn't there?
  5. The models for the MLP app game are soo cute. It's pretty much the main reason I keep playing it. Lol. Anyone else play the app? I used to be really far in it, but a few years ago I deleted 2 years worth of progress to free up space on my phone. I started again a little bit ago and I'm obsessed.
  6. Hi Everypony!! not sure if this was the right place to post this but I have to share this glitch with you all before it gets taken away. I have discovered a glitch in the official mlp game specific to the gem mine mini game. I believe this is exclusive to laptops or pc's, okay so when you are in the mine hold W on the keyboard it will activate a permanent shield I don't know if this helps but I'm always using a 5 star twilight sparkle as the passenger also the when you collide with something the shield will be down for a half second or more and you may even have to press and hold W again to reactivate it. this glitch will not be around forever so share it or tag Ponies here who you know play the game so we can make the most of it. Also again I'm not sure if this was the right place to post this so it might get moved or removed from here. ENJOY!! AND HAVE FUN MINING!! P.S. yes I am a 26 year old man playing this game don't judge me lol also it's a glitch so don't always assume it's going to work so keep trying to dodge things.
  7. As much as I love this site so far I can't write appreciate the mobel support on some devices. All memes aside, if there is an app for this it would be nice to know. Also if there isn't I could help make one, I'm going into the field of computer science and with the aid of Visual Studio and Google I would probably be able to make one over the course of a few months that would make the world allot better for mobel users.
  8. Gameloft has gotten me to my last nerve. As I was playing for Hearts and Hooves Day, a sweet new pony called Lovestuck, who had the same design as Twilight Sparkle (but with different colors), appeared in the store. But when I got to the store, I noticed something very very very unfair. She cost 600 motherbucking gems! This is unfair, and it's greed. Gameloft is trying the fleece the brony community. But we won't let this go on no longer. I have already had to spend $11.00 on the game, and I won't spend anymore. Let us join and restore fairness to this game.
  9. Has anyone else downloaded and tried the new MLP Puzzle Party app for phones? Just curious what you think of it so far, some hi-score and ways you could see it being improved perhaps? So far I find it a fun diversion and I can see spending some lunch breaks playing this. I am embarrassed to admit I gave an audible hooray when I found myself stuck with 1 move left and managed a game board clearing parasprite combo in the last moment. I got a few looks for that one let me tell you.
  10. So if somepony were to create an app where you could talk to each of the mane six before you sleep would you download it? I mean, I for one, have always dreamed about doing that. To the point where I would create a version of them in my head and have a conversation with them before sleep. I just recently heard about what is called a "Bishi" app which is, for those of you who don't watch a lot of anime, "Pretty Boy" when translated into English. What the app does is it gives a selection of "Pretty" anime boys for you to choose who are attractive and have their own characteristics. You can choose to sleep talk to them or...I'm not sure what else but they just talk to you and say sweet things and is very fulfilling if you are lonely. But nonetheless I would like to invite you, if you know how to create an app and want this app to be available to the Pony fandom come and join me in creating this app for ALL PONY LOVING HUMANS TO ENJOY! Also, if you feel that you have a good grasp on any of the mane 6, or famous background ponies, let me know and we can compile a list of things for them to say. Thanks for reading! With lots of ponylove- the Wandering Mare.
  11. Is there one? If not have the admins considered one to be made?
  12. Title is self explanatory, anypony play spiderman unlimited?
  13. So I was looking for a place were we could share some Friendship Games dolls Zapcodes. I didn't find any. THIS IS ONLY FOR ZAPCODES YOU CAN SCAN ON THIS APP- Equestria girls app
  14. Hello, just found this nice little iPhone app, not sure if there is an android or windows equivalent, but it's called pony unite. It features a bunch of dedicated pony radio stations such as fillydelphia radio, best pony radio, and a bunch of others, it also has events and podcasts. It seems like it's not widely known, so I just wanted to share it with the rest of the brony community and get everypony jamming to some awesome music.
  15. I have been playing this game, and it seems no one I know plays, but a whole ton of random people do. I was wondering (as I was playing it just now) if anypony has played it or is. If so, I would like to add you as a friend, and maybe play you if ya wanted. :l If you have a phone or some kind of app playing device, I would like to say this game should be put on it, but it isn't for everypony. It's a collector's card game that's multiplayer. But when you play your cards, they affect a tile board with four towers that can be captured and two main castles, one for each player. The person uses the cards in his/her hand to destroy the enemy's castle any way he or she can. It's fun for someone like me, and I'm hoping to play somepony I can finally chat to about it (not over the top with it, but just to share thoughts and ideas). Anyways, PEACE!
  16. Hi, I've been playing fine for a few weeks not a single problem - but as soon as I start on Canterlot I got to "uncover expansion square and 4 laughter shards" when I tapped the square to uncover it crashes and put me back in Ponyville when I reopened the app. Now my app won't even open any suggestions? I don't really want to reset my progress as i have done so much in Ponyville. P.S. Sorry if this doesn't make much sense lol.
  17. dead

    pony.FM app

    Ok, I am sure this has probably been asked for. A pony.FM app that let's you listen on your device (iOS, kindle, android) but instead of having to dowoad it as mp3 from your computer it could just download and be played through the app. I was also thinking that you could add in a radio like pandora where you can set it to a certain genere to play. It plays songs from that genre, and you could like/dislike songs to hear them more or not to hear them again. And of course, then music would be from the fans that have submitted there work. And I do plan on making a few tracks myself in the future. thanks if u read and support my idea
  18. Just wondering whether there is ever going to be an app for MLPForums. Don't really know the hassle of getting an app onto the market but I'm just wondering if anyone had ever considered it. Me personally might not use it but I know people probably will. Just wondering that's all.
  19. EDIT: fixed 'ransom' typo From the readme: First, install Droidscript from an Android app store. Open the spk file. From there, you can make a shortcut to directly run You Are SO Random from the home screen. This repo contains the Javascript source code, but it will be available already, should you wish to add features to the random search besides minimum word count. At the start, you will have the chance to log in to your account. Then can you shelve your serendipitous stories for further fanatical feasting or dutiful downloading! Cheers, Sideburn Etic _____________________________________________ Changelings are nothing more than oxytocin-powered 3D printers.
  20. Does anypony here play the MLP: FiM mobile app as well? Because I was wonderkng if I could add y'all aa a friend there. Would be quite rad to have somepony to visit other than Celestia.
  21. Hello, I just started to play the MLP app game on ios and android. However, I don't really know anyone else that plays it and was hoping some of you might help me. My account is : Thegrimreaper0011 Anyone who still plays the game, feel free to add me! Please, help a fellow pony out
  22. Hello everypony, I've been wondering about a possibility that only unicorns can be alicorns. In the first episode Celestia used her "unicorn powers to raise the sun at dawn" and in the smartphone app intro cutscene in the tale of the two sisters "the younger unicorn (Luna) refused to lower the moon." ( ) Looking at Twilight formerly a unicorn and Cadence - arguably either a unicorn if you follow Lauren Faust's vision or a pegasus in one of the books, there's no way other kinds of ponies e.g. earth, crystal, maybe pegasus can become alicorns. What do you think? I've searched the forums and hoping this topic is not covered yet...
  23. The MLP mobile app won't load up past the "Hasbro Gaming" screen. Can somepony PLZ help me? I've been playing that game since I got my tablet, and I've put SO much time and effort into it. (not to mention the fact that I was only a couple daily bonuses away from getting Rainbow Dash).
  24. I believe that it would be a good idea to have an app for the forums, so you can post pictures, comments, videos, and topics even when you don't have access to a computer. This app by my opinion should be free, and as easy as possible to use. Or it could be like the computer, just on your phone, I actually don't know if you have done this already, but if you haven't, please take this in to consideration. Thank you for your time, and have a nice day. /)
  25. I recently saw the green "Get Free Gems" button in the gem window on the MLP mobile app on my Android device. I clicked the button to watch the video, but no video showed up. How do I get the video to show up? Also, I read online that you can get free gems by downloading other apps. Would any of you know which apps will give me free gems?