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Found 7 results

  1. Pretty much what it says on the tin. Came about when I decided that the usage of that line in a inebriated state was hilarious. This could have been a lot more adult/sexy/disturbing, but I already have a series of obese blimp ponies that I'm runnng. I don't need this on my conscience too. Have a link to the deviantART, if you like. Now would probably be a good time to state that with school happening within 24 hours for me, my art output will not be as consistent over the next few months. But I'll still be as active and productive as I can, soooooo...
  2. Tonight's card opens up with a long standing rivalry, DJP0n3 vs. Octavia! Then another brutal encounter between Laura the Zony and Presto the Changeling! Next up, Zecora faces Broken Dreams in a 15-minute Iron Man Match! Who will prove to be dominant in this grueling matchup? In singles competition we have Lyra facing Flim of the Flim Flam Bros. Which of these will prevail, and will it help propel their team to a tag team title match? In the Main Event, we have the Cloudsdale and Million Dollar Champion, Dream Baker, going head to head with the vicious brawler Apple Cider. Who will emerge victorious in what should be one violent confrontation? If you like these vids, remember to like/fave/share/subscribe! Also, let me know in the comments if you prefer this format or single matches!
  3. King Sombra goes head to head with the towering zebra, Red Line. and Cloudsdale Champion Apple Cider goes one on one with the Million Dollar Champion, Dream Baker. BOTH titles are on the ling in this epic confrontation!
  4. Click pic for video! CCW United: Cloudsdale Championship, I Quit Match, Apple Cider vs. Broken Dreams A hard-fought match for the Cloudsdale Championship! Please remember to like, fave, share, subscribe, or comment!
  5. Card subject to change without notice! Zecora vs. Vinyl Scratch Tag Team: CCW Tag Team Champions King Sombra & Discord vs. Rainbow Dash & Rarity Presto vs NLRCW Champion Ditzy Doo Canterlot Champion Apple Cider vs. Rangbi Main Event: Jinjo Bytes vs. Dream Baker Remember to like/fave/subscribe, and share with your friends! Also, you can now follow us on Tumblr at:
  6. Well, I made another piece of fanart last night and it's once again humanized ponies I tried to make it look like an old-fashioned beer ad. The only problem with this is how I drew Pinkie's legs... So, what do you guys think? Advice is well appreciated!
  7. As we know, the Flim Flam Brothers are history when it comes to advertising and selling their cider around the farms at Sweet Apple Acres ever again, but I'm confused about something- should they have let them stay for the quality of their cider? In the episode, they boasted that their machine, the Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000, provided a cider-making service that was faster and better than that of the Apple family. We know that they were obviously faster, but there wasn't really a time where we actually seen anypony actually drink their cider, except that one time during the song where Granny Smith took a sip, and appeared to like it a lot. Yes, there were 3 customers who drank it too, but it was the tattered, debris-filled cider as a result from the abused power of the 6000. So, honestly, we probably will never know what anypony else thought of their cider, or if it was better than the Apples'. For all we know, if it was better, and if they haven't rushed their efforts in the contest, they could've possibly still won and taken over Sweet Apple Acres. I personally think that the Apples should have altered the original 75-25 profit deal, that way they could've worked side-by-side selling the best cider probably in all of Equestria. But, back to my point, do you guys think they made the better cider, and could've easily worked aside the Apples in the cider business?