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Found 88 results

  1. Are there any moments in the show or episodes involving your favorite pony that dissapointed you or just made you go seriously WTF? For me it is Somepony To Watch Over Me because of how insanely out of character Applejack was in that episode. We know Applejack can in some circumstances be overprotective but that side was exaggerated way more than was justified without even the slightest semblance of a proper buildup to make any of it believable. I haven't had an episode piss me off this much since Magical Mystery Cure though to be fair this episode thankfully isn't as craptastic as that one.
  2. I saw this on deviantART, and I just wanted to share it here. This is hands down the best and most awesome thing I have ever seen in my life.
  3. In the episode Apple family Reunion, I know that the 2 shooting stars at the end of the episode represent AppleJack's parents. However, I've read 2 different explanations for this. 1. Her parents have passed away. 2. Her parents are traveling sales-ponies. I know that Lauren Faust originally wanted AppleJack's to be dead, but Hasbro thought that would be too dark of a subject for children. So.. Are the shooting stars the OFFICIAL hint that her parents are really dead? Or does it symbolize that they are traveling and selling, but still proud of her? Does anyone know the official conclusion? I'm just confused as to which of the 2 explanations is actually true >_< AppleJack is my favorite pony, and if it is confirmed that her parents are dead, I'll be really sad because well... That is really depressing for me :'(
  4. Back in Season 6, Apple Bloom met this dancing colt with stage fright named Tender Taps. She helped him get over his fears and earn his cutie mark, and it's safe to say that there may be something between Tender Taps and Apple Bloom. This sparked a shipping between the two by the fans, and one wonders if the writers plan on taking the relationship between the two any further. It would make for some great character development for Apple Bloom, showing that she's growing up and such. Is there a possible chance for either Sweetie Belle and/or Scootaloo to get shipped with a coltfriend anytime soon? Do you think we'll see more with Apple Bloom and Tender Taps in Season 7?
  5. Hi everyone! I did a cover of Applejack's Lullaby to Applebloom about getting her cutie mark. Let me know what you think and also let me know what I can do to improve my singing voice since I haven't really sung in a long time.
  6. We are happy to announce that part two of our Doctor Whooves audio drama is now up. The Return of Sister Of Mine (Bloody Misaki) - The villian has been reveilded and it is up to the Doctor to not only save all the ponies who were a victim of Sister Of Mine's attack but to save his companion as well. Will the Doctor make the ultimate sacrafice to accomplish both? We welcome your comments. Enjoy!
  7. I would consider myself a moderate brony. The show I find abnormally captivating for a children's show and I am drawn to the community which is centered on it, but i don't obsess about the show and never became extremely excited about it. That changed today when I caught the second half of the episode Brotherhooves Social for a couple of reasons, and it also makes me wonder whether there are any other parts of the series which cover at all alternate gender expressions or identities in a positive way. So, I had to poop this morning after 8-10 hours of slumber, but both bathrooms were occupied. Rather than sit or stand and only contemplate how badly I needed to poop, I decided to turn on the TV and see if MLP was on. It was, and it was an episode I haven't seen before (and there are quite a number of them). I immediately see this rather large pony trying to convince some panelists that he was a mare. I wonder whether I'm seeing Big Mac pretending to be a female, and wonder why he is going through such horrible strain and pressure to enter this competition to begin with. Rainbow Dash was amusing since she realized "Orchard Blossom" was Big Mac and said, "Don't think I'll take it easy on you just because you're a stallion!". Big Mac acts embarrassedly and inadvertently breaks the table the judges are sitting at. MLP is usually amusing in various ways, so this was not remarkable. Anyway, cut to the point immediately after Big Mac/Orchard Blossom basically rampages through to the finish line like a super-heavy panzer, and his clothes disintegrate. Everyone knows by now (and many before then, I'm sure) she is really a male, and Applebloom basically excoriates him for the futile attempts to come across as a mare and never be found out. The moment that engenders a heretofore unprecedented level of pride in the show is when the judge says essentially, "That's not why we're disqualifying him. We knew he was a stallion all along. We have very loose standards for what counts as a sister." Additionally, the judge comments that his behavior was not only unladylike, but unponylike in general. I don't believe I've ever seen or heard of a show meant for children which has at all strayed into this territory. I admit since I'm transgender and a femboy I am naturally going to have a different resonance and be fixated on this. However, the fact remains, the show subtly but clearly took an affirmative stance on gender crossing. I'm sure I previously thought about whether they would ever do this or touch on sexual orientation, possibly lamenting the apparent infeasibility of such a stand given the show's main demographic and our societal norms. I honestly had no idea they had done this before. I'm surprised conservatives haven't taken up arms over this episode, since it basically told children it's okay to identify as and act as the other gender (though the children this show was designed for likely won't understand this). One of the reasons I gravitate towards bronydom is the overwhelming LGBT acceptance and lack of regard for gender norms, and I am extremely pleased the show's writers and directors found a way to have the show match this attitude. I was also moved slightly to tears at the end when Big Mac confesses the reasons he did all of this and Applebloom's response. It was a very poignant and admirable moment in an episode I already became extremely fond of. It was emotionally compelling without being ultimately saddening or otherwise upsetting. So, did anyone else react as strongly to this episode as I did? Are there any other episodes which have similarly transgender-friendly moments that I have missed?
  8. Forgive me for posting this if the CMC have already earned their Cutie Marks. I'm a bit behind on the show, but I plan on catching up this weekend! I just wanna know what you all think the CMC's Cutie Marks will look like if they get them in future episodes. I think that Apple Bloom's Cutie Mark will be three apple blossoms in a triangular shape, Scootaloo's Cutie Mark will be her scooter, and Sweetie Belle's Cutie Mark will be a bell with treble clefs on each side, but that's only my thought. What do you guys think?
  9. My first REAL commission <3. I hope everypony here enjoys it! Have a safe and sp00ky Halloween tomorrow. May Luna watch over us all!
  10. Who is you're favorite member of the Apple Family? Mine is probably Apple Fritter
  11. The Cutie Mark Crusaders are the basis for this kick plot song! and now you can download it for free on SoundCloud!
  12. (Please note: the following points raised are from my perspective and not official in any way. Feel free to add your own and discuss.) From the title, it may seems odd as they are ones who needed to learn the lessons to get their cutie marks. What I am going to discuss is about the kind of lessons that we can expect from the show when they do eventually get their marks. The writers seems to be finding the best way to push the CMC toward their marks and it seems like that they are getting closer. However, there is a mix feeling about them getting their cutie mark and not getting it. I support what the writers are doing right now with the CMC as it would still keep them in the show despite eventually getting their marks. They tackled these issues lightly with "Bloom and Gloom" but I feel that they are either setting up something here or they are doing it early so that they can keep avoiding going into the eventually end. The issues arising from the cutie marks and what would happen to them was a good setup for conflict. I feel that the writers did a fantastic job of framing the problem through the CMC's individual worries about the future, they also made a subtle link to how we sometimes worry about the uncertainty of the future. In a typical format of a story, this is what I would call a build up to a climax. The climax would be the unavoidable conflict between the CMC when their friendship is tested due to their talents. They became friends under the same umbrella of being blank flanks. I mean, look at Twist. It would be interesting to see this as an episode in the show to see, given the tension that the build up is going for. Next, I am thinking about who would get their marks. Thanks to "Show Stoppers", we all know what they are good at already so there is a loss of the unexpected and guessing fodder. "Bloom and Gloom" gets more right but I am not going in that. Twilight has been doing well in guiding the CMC in the right direction: Apple Bloom is getting to learn more of what I would interpret as the subtly behind alchemy and getting her to calm down and be patient so that she may soon see the way to her mark, Sweetie Belle is learning magic for unicorns and this is what I would call the discipline and confidence that she needs to eventually get her own mark, Scootaloo is learning basic mechanics and this is what I would say is the most obvious of the CMC and what Twilight was going for was that she would soon see her love for her scooter and lead her to her marks. From pure speculation, I think Scootaloo might be the first CMC to get her mark. She had one key episode in "Flight to the Finish" and her mark seems to be the most obvious comparative to her other two friends. According to the brony analysis community, they raised a point that I like to add: Scootaloo's main issue is that she has to face limitation both physical and emotional. Limitation can also spark adaptability to play with their limitation and overcome what seems like a hurdle. So who do you think might get their marks first or do you think it is possible for all 3 to get their marks at the same time? Do you think we will see this develop eventually or will the writers try and avoid this for as long as they can?
  13. Original post on fimfiction: On fimfiction the story will be updated more frequently. Queen Chrysalis and King Sombra have joined forces, now one of the biggest wars is roaming over Equestria. Ponies and other creatures are living in poverty and fear. Only a few years into the war and Princess Celestia and Luna have already fallen to their grave. Many of Twilight's friends were long gone by that time. Twilight was nothing without here friends so reached out to Sunset Shimmer since her magical strength was dearly needed. Unfortunately, the two alicorns had to hide themselves in the deepest caves of the Crystal Mountains, not wanting to be taken prisoner by the so called new rulers of Equestria. Now there are rumors that the two princesses are looking for three ponies who are destined to destroy the darkness that is roaming inside Equestria. Join them on their journey back to harmony. Prologue Chapter 1: The wall
  14. Since you guys liked my Pinkie Pie drawing so much, I decided to color in another of my MLP drawings. This time it's Applebloom! Here's the original: I hope you like it!
  15. I had a long hiatus from traditional art so they might not be perfect. and random ↓ Enjoy!
  16. this is something I drew a while back for that episode "bloom and gloom " Find it on my deviant art:
  17. You agree to let them stay at your house for a few days. As usual, they try to come up with new and creative ways to earn their cutie marks. After some considerable time rough housing, they break some pretty expensive items (ie. a TV, desktop, antique furniture, etc.) You know you need to punish them to ensure they don't do any more damage for the rest of their stay. How do you do it?
  18. this is something I drew a while back for that episode "bloom and gloom " Find it on my deviant art:
  19. One of my favorite moments from the Ramble Rant about their love of grimdarks that Lost Narrator and Scribbler had awhile back.
  20. Okay guys I saw the teaser for Bloom and Gloom. And then AJ sang. ...Wow my heart has taken a serious blow.
  21. Chugging right along in Season 5, we're already at the first CMC Centered episode, and while I didn't have much to take away from, there's one big point that makes me enjoy it. Tell me your PoI's below, and leave a like on the video page. It helps out a lot
  22. Princess Luna and the CMC? So now each of the CMC have gotten a personal visit from Luna in their dreams to help them over come fears and teach them a life lesson or coming of age lesson but why? Yes we know Luna has a gift for dream walking and such and helps ponies but it seems these three little fillies are getting a more personal time with Luna than normal. So why? Could Luna be starting in mentoring these three? Does she know or have plans for them? Given her sister became a mentor/teacher/friend to Twilight and she ended up being a Alicorn in example. Are we looking at Luna's own personal students in the making of a next gen? Who knows? Any thoughts or feed back?
  23. Finally i finished my new Art based on Episode of today I hope being good for all my friends :3 Based on my own style of Art