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Found 8 results

  1. Made this video puzzle of Applejack and Rainbow Dash tangling. Thought you all might like it! Love to hear your thoughts!
  2. This is my first attempt at a My Little Pony fan fic. It was inspired by someone's drawing. You can read about how I came to write this story in the link to my DA page here I apologize for the bad spelling. This story is old and I wasn't paying attention to the spelling like I normally do. I forget why. Hope you enjoy it anyway. The Accident. A My Little Pony Fan Fic All the ponies in Ponyvile were preparing for the big storm the pegusi had planned. It was going to be a big thunder storm,complete with lighting. The Apple family was busy trimming the apple trees to prevent fires by taking the loose branches down as usual. However this time they were running late. Applebloom had wanted to learn how to trim down branches since she now felt she was strong enough and old enough to do so. So AppleJack took in upon herself to teach her sister the correct technique of looping a rope around the branch and pulling it down. “You can get a rope and pull the small branches down by looping the rope around them just like I did when Rarity helped me clean up the park near Twilight’s house.” said Applejack Applebloom tried her best to do as her big sister said but she wasn’t having any luck. “I’ll never get it right” she sighed. Her ears went down behind her head. Applejack saw this and tried to encourage her “Aww keep tryin’ you’ll get it”. Applebloom tried pulling harder. The branch finally came down but the rope she was using broke. “Oops” “It’s okay. Just go get another rope” said AppleJack. “I’ll go get one out of the barn” said Applebloom and ran off to the giant red barn. “Hurry back!” said Applejack just as the sky darkened and the winds got stronger. Applejack continued to pull branches down as fast as she could. A small raindrop landed on her snout. “We better go inside” yelled Big Mac. Applejack nodded and ran towards the farm house after Big Mac. The rain got stronger as they got inside. Lighting flashed. “you younguns got inside just in time” said Granny Smith. She looked and saw only Applejack and Big Mac standing in the doorway drenched. “Where’s that little Applebloom?” Granny wondered out loud. Applejack’s eyes widened as she suddenly remembered that Applebloom had gone to the barn all alone. Applejack was horrified that she had let her sister out of her sight at a time like this. “I’ll find her!” Applejack said as she rushed outside once again. The storm was getting more dangerous by the moment. Applejack knew she shouldn’t be outside but she also knew she had to find her sister. More lighting flashed. Meanwhile Applebloom had found her rope and was ready to rejoin the branch removal when she heard thunder. She remembered Applejack had told her not to go outside during a lighting storm. Applebloom decided to stay in the barn until the storm cleared. She went to the center of the barn because the noise of the thunder was freighting her. Going to the center of the barn at that second saved her life. A loose branch near one of the barn’s glass windows was suddenly stuck by lighting. It burst into flames. The branch crashed into the barn window. It narrowly missed Applebloom by just a few inches. Applebloom screamed. The hay in the barn caught fire and the fire begin to spread. Applejack hoped Applebloom had stayed inside the barn so she would at least be dry. Until she saw flames and smoke coming out of the barn windows. She heard a distant scream. “NO!” Applejack cried. She raced toward the barn. She prayed in the back of her mind that Applebloom had escaped or maybe had not been in the barn at all. She reached the door of the barn. A huge cloud of smoke greeted her. She coughed as she ventured inside. The smoke was too thick for Applejack to see anything. “Applebloom!!” she called out. She heard nothing. Applebloom was low to the ground holding her breath. She had covered her nose with her front hooves to prevent herself from smelling the horrible reeking smoke smell that filled the barn. Applebloom thought she heard a faint cry but she couldn’t be sure because of the crackling noises which flooded her ears from all sides. “Applebloom!!!” Applejack called again. Every inch of AppleJack’s brain and body were telling her to get away from the fire but her love for her sister overpowered her instincts to flee. “Applebloom!!” she called one more time. This time Applebloom heard Applejack. “AppleJack!” Applebloom called as loudly as she could. Applebloom tried to get closer to where she had heard Applejack’s voice but was blocked by a large wooden piece of the barn. “Help!!!” Applebloom cried. Applejack finally heard Applebloom. She felt around with her hooves until she found Applebloom blocked by a wooden beam from the barn ceiling. Applejack lifted her sister up with her mouth and got her outside by breaking a window and dropping Applebloom out. Applebloom felt grass under her hooves and knew she was outside even though she still couldn’t see anything. AppleJack jumped out the same window. “Run!” Applebloom did as she was told. Little did they know Applejack and Applebloom were running in opposite directions. Applebloom ran for the house but Applejack had been disorinated from the smoke and was headed for the gorge at the other side of Sweet Apple Achers. AppleJack started to feel weak from the lack of oxygen. She tripped on another fallen branch and tumbled down the gorge. She passed out. Applebloom reached the house. Big Mac and Granny smith were so relieved. The gave Applebloom a big hug. “I’m safe thanks to Applejack. She rescued me right App-Applejack’s not here!” Applebloom screamed. Granny Smith and Big Mac looked at each other bleakly. Rainbow Dash started clearing the clouds after the storm when she saw something usual in the gorge. “What’s that?” she asked herself. She flew down closer to investigate. It took her a moment to realize what it was. A pony. “What are you doing down there?” Rainbow Dash called as she hovered a few feet above the pony. Rainbow figured the pony had not heard her so she got even closer. “Applejack? Are you okay?” Rainbow Dash landed and saw AppleJack lying on her side completely still. She ran over and tried to shake AppleJack awake “AppleJack?! Can you hear me? What happened?” She turned AppleJack onto her back to see if she was breathing. AppleJack’s breathing was so faint that Rainbow Dash couldn’t hear anything. Rainbow Dash wasn’t a doctor so she obviously didn’t know what to listen for. Rainbow Dash saw her friends’ scraps and burns and thought the worst. “NO!!!” Rainbow Dash cried. Rainbow Dash began to cry into AppleJack’s chest. “How can you be dead? Don’t leave me and our friends!” Rainbow Dash saw all the memories of her friendship with AppleJack flash before her eyes. A tear fell and landed on AppleJack’s face. AppleJack felt a cold drop of liquid land near her left eye. She opened her eye half way. Luckily Rainbow Dash happened to see this. Her heart filled with joy. “You’re okay!” Rainbow Dash said excitedly. Rainbow Dash hugged AppleJack. The hug made AppleJack’s body hurt as she moaned. “Sorry” said Rainbow Dash letting go of AppleJack. Rainbow Dash knew she had to get help for AppleJack but she didn’t want to leave Applejack alone. Luckily Rainbow Dash spotted Fluttershy and Twilight with her new Alicorn wings flying overhead. Rainbow Dash raced up to meet them. “Twilight! Fluttershy! AppleJack is hurt and needs help!” Twilight and Fluttershy exchanged a worried look and followed Rainbow Dash. “Oh, my goodness! What happened?!” said Fluttershy when she saw AppleJack’s condition. “Remember what Applebloom told us about the fire...” Twilight and Fluttershy thought about what had happened a few moments ago. Big Mac and Applebloom had told Rarity,Pinkie Pie,Fluttershy and Princess Twilight to come to Sweet Apple Arches at once. Applebloom had also tried to find Rainbow Dash but couldn’t track her down anywhere. The rest of Applejack’s friends met at the farm house. “The barn caught on fire when the branch hit the hay. Applejack rescued me by dropping me out of a window. She told me to run. I figured she was right behind me but I saw no sign of her when I got to the farm house”. Applebloom explained. “This is awful!” said Pinkie Pie. “Oh my stars! This is the worst possible thing!” said Rarity. “We’ve got to find Applejack.” said Twilight and organized a search party. Pinkie and Rarity would search the east side of sweet Apple Arches and Twilight and Fluttershy would search the west side. The teams spit up. Rarity and Pinkie Pie saw the destroyed barn first. They showed it to Twilight and Fluttershy. Everyone was shocked. The barn was nothing but a few charred pieces of wood. Twilight and Fluttershy thought back to the present moment. “The fire certainly caused the burns but I wonder how she got all the way out here.” said Fluttershy. “Beats me. She was out cold when I found her.”said Rainbow Dash. Twilight flew off to find Pinkie and Rarity. “Rainbow Dash found Applejack!” called Twilight. “When did Rainbow Dash join the search party?” Rarity thought out loud. “This is a party?!” asked Pinkie Pie. Rarity rolled her eyes. Twilight lead them to the gorge.
  3. Apple Jack needs more love. Yeah Hasbro gives her some attention but My Little Pony Friendship is Magic needs ,more episodes around Apple Jack. She is my 2nd favourite pony and for Disney Fanatic loves Apple Jack and she does need more attention. So hear me give some love to all pony s ! -_- I speak for nearly all of us Apple Jack feels like this and we do not want that or Ashley Ball (voice of Apple Jack and Rainbow Dash no idea how she can do it!) Where are Apple jack lovers? SPEAK TO THE WORLD APPLE JACK LOVERS SPEAK ! Bye !
  4. Life in Ponyville, outside of the usual events like a parasprite invasion or a revenge-seeking, all powerful megalomaniac kicking out the librarian, tends to be laid back and typical. Which Applejack doesn't mind. However, after the CMC cause more problems due to influence from a newcomer in town, Applejack gathers the girls to fix what the CMC did. But then a mysterious creature ends up attacking Applejack, and while she survives and seems fine, it isn't long before she starts acting strangely. It's up to the usual group of ponies to figure out what's going on before it's too late. Hello everyone! I am making of an animation based on the Applejack fan fiction, "A Hairy Problem". I'm going to start with the first two or three chapters of the fan fic once everything is settled. Every episode will have 18 - 22 minutes in length. EDIT: This is an audio series now. Voice actors are still needed! Mane Six Applejack - LittleMissBloo Twilight Sparkle - A.K. Yearling Rarity - Pink Mist Rainbow Dash - Neon Fire Pinkie Pie - A.K. Yearling Fluttershy - Pink Mist Apple Family Granny Smith - Pandora/Bloo Big Mclntosh - StormwingThePony Apple Bloom - Pandora/Bloo Other Nurse Redheart - Lyrafinish Lyra Heartstrings - Lyrafinish Bon Bon - Little Lizards Sandalwood - Star Burst Princess Celestia [open] Princess Luna - Little Lizards Sound Designer/Editor/Special FX Christmas Doge Musicians/Music Flakers Christmas Doge
  5. Hello every pony! Here is my first fan fiction, titled: "The Rematch." It is a bit long but I like writing in detail. I've attached the original file because I included imagery in it. Much of it is screen shots from the show I found through Google and my own art. If I just so happened to grab artwork of yours, please let me know and I will immediately remove it! I hope y'all enjoy this. It explains part of Lucky Star's background and is essentially a sequel to Season 2's "The Last Roundup." Enjoy! PS - Please let me know if any of you would refer I paste the story in an actually post! :3 Thank you all so much! I look forward to your feedback! PPS - I had to reupload the file as there were some formatting issues. PPPS - There! NOW they're fixed!....again! TheRematch.docx
  6. Hello everypony! Today I'm going to present my very first fanfiction. I'm stuck on it, though. I do have a little bit of inspiration left and I need some help on how to continue it. I've had possibly two proofreaders and one very helpful person helping me with my fanfic! Thanks Lightning Fluttershy! However, I do need someone with experience who can help me continue to the next part. The fic is titled Only a Background Pony. No side comments about how you're seeing a "trend" about AJ being called background pony, please. This is just an idea, not an argument. Fiction in spoiler. I'm stuck after that point. So, can anyone with writing experience help me continue this?
  7. Currently I'm writing a fanfic based on AJ and I want to know what you think is the best title for it. Summary: Applejack wants to know if she really wants to be, or was meant to be just a simple, humble apple farmer. She explores her past to find out what really made her go that way. Suggestions for new titles are appreciated! I'll add them to the poll!
  8. Hello everypony, Leaf Shade here! Thanks to all who voted on my poll for my fanfic. However, I don't plan to start without getting a for-sure title first, so I decided to work on a short story. I thought back to how I felt when AJ was called a background pony, so I thought of an idea. Making a story based on that, how Applejack feels when treated that way. I barely did the first 100 words, but you may read it if you wish; I'll need proofreaders to check for conventions, too. You may also give ideas! ^-^ http://www.fimfictio...Background-Pony Oops, almost forgot. The password is ********. I won't give it now since it's in rather a mess, but I'll give the pass to somepony who would volunteer to proofread it.