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Found 7 results

  1. xyae


    A redraw of Applejack I did. It's a lot better than the older one I drew, if I do say so myself. Though there could be an improvement on the hair to make it look softer.
  2. I don't know if this kind of exe game is scary or just wants to boogie woogie oogie oogie! Even though this didn't paid my expectations of a good atmosphere and scare, at least it gave me one thing: IT MADE ME DANCE! NYEEEEEEEES Don't ask why Tails Doll and Ben Drowned is here. It's confusing that way. If you like this video, then lick the like! Rape the Subscribe button! And comment me with your words because I feed at them. GIVE ME ATTENTION!
  3. Apple Jack needs more love. Yeah Hasbro gives her some attention but My Little Pony Friendship is Magic needs ,more episodes around Apple Jack. She is my 2nd favourite pony and for Disney Fanatic loves Apple Jack and she does need more attention. So hear me give some love to all pony s ! -_- I speak for nearly all of us Apple Jack feels like this and we do not want that or Ashley Ball (voice of Apple Jack and Rainbow Dash no idea how she can do it!) Where are Apple jack lovers? SPEAK TO THE WORLD APPLE JACK LOVERS SPEAK ! Bye !
  4. Do you have that much hate for a character that you would leave them injured, or would you help despite your feelings toward them? Edit 12/05/13: Due to many questions, "lying injured" can mean a broken leg (thus unable to stand up), mortal wounds, or a trip. You decide how hurt the pony is.
  5. We all have favorite ponies that we always look at and make fanfics, drawings, etc. for. We all have a reason for liking them, too. So what's your reason? Who's your favorite pony? When did you start having that pony as your favorite? What episode, scene, or fanon made her/him your official favorite? Why did you like him/her because of that?
  6. Okay so I sketched another Applejack but without her hat. She's just too adorable I really couldn't resist. (I'm bad at drawing apples, so her cutie-mark isn't the best.) And sorry about the lighting in this picture as well. ^-^' Brohoof /)
  7. Okay everyone, just for kicks I am going to do a series of blogs giving a little analysis on each of the major characters in MLP and a few secondary characters and even the occasional background pony. I first decided to begin this project with the best pony, Applejack oh did I mentioned that Applejack is best pony? Because that is kind of important. Okay okay so I will try to be as non biased as I can with these but you are going to get my 2 bits as well after all. Applejack dosen't have very many haters but there are quite a few people that think she is a boring character because of a perceived lack of defining traits. Part of this is because though she is in alot of episodes there aren't as many focusing directly on her as there are for most of the other characters. Though thanks to the Apple Family Reunion and Spike at Your Service episodes in season 3 people are taking a second look at her. She is not as hyperactive as Pinkie Pie, dosen't have the OCD like qualities and slight anal retentiveness of Twilight Sparkle isn't a drama queen like Rarity dosen't have the shyness or quite as many fears as Fluttershy or the brash arrogance of Rainbow Dash but in my own humble opinion is still an interesting character. I think the genius in her as a character is her simplicity Applejack is perhaps the closest thing the series has to average person or pony in this case yet still has a compelling story to tell. As the middle child of three siblings after her parents passed away she has to grow up much faster than most ponies by acting not only as a sister figure to Applebloom but also a mother and had to take the reigns of the family business of Sweet Apple Acres apple orchard along with her older brother Big Macintosh. Hard working and representing her element of honesty quite well she can sometimes push herself way too hard and is often stubborn and often reluctant though in recent episodes a bit less so to ask for help. And though she isn't as detail oriented as Rarity or Twilight Sparkle she can sometimes as she has done in the Apple Family Reunion episode for example try too hard and fail to see the big picture. To me this was very touching as I felt much of this was driven by a desire to honor her parents memory by making the reunion one everyone could be proud of. Applejack is very set in her ways which can be both a good and a bad thing, it is a good thing because she has some strong old fashioned values which I think far too many of us have forgotten like pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps and earning your way. Being honest, faithful and keeping your word not only to your friends and family but to everyone else even the Flim Flam Brothers as she has said "a deal is a deal." It is also a bad thing because she is often very stubborn and has a difficult time admitting when she is wrong and also has a slight temper. And she was the quickest to side with the Appaloosans and the most reluctant to listen to the buffalo and was the one with the notable exception of Pinkie Pie that judged Zecora the most harshly in Bridle Gossip. Applejack may be a simple farmer, but she is proof that simple does not always have mean bland or boring. Even when she is acting as the voice of reason she is a varied, interesting and compelling pony that just happens to sell apples and apple accessories (I couldn't resist making that joke).