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Found 6 results

  1. I think Rainbow Dash is sleeping on the job or she let Discord help her! I mean, just a few days ago it was 77 degrees here now it's snowing?! This is just crazy!
  2. What's the best prank that you have ever pulled on April Fools day? Personally, I haven't done much. I'm kinda shy and don't get into the spirit of the holiday, though I would like to one year.
  3. Okay, Since It's April 1st, And I haven't seen one of these threads around I've decided to make one. So. Whats the biggest april fool you've given/recieved? Videos are welcome
  4. Today, I was looking at my YouTube videos, intil' I came along this video that I saw on the YouTube's main channel. This is video is about how YouTube is going to pick a best video winner on the entire site. Fellowed up by that is that YouTube will shutdown (maybe) at 2023. Thats right, if its not an april fool's prank by YouTube, the site will be shuting down, for ten years. Let me know what you think of this on this video. Is it a prank, or not?
  5. Tomorrow is dust. April Fool's Day. We're all slated to die. The administrative bastards up top can't handle us anymore and they think they can just pull the plug, end everything. Not me. I, Twiliscael, have spent the last year creating a fallout shelter specifically designed to withstand whatever holocaust that is slated for tomorrow. For the low price of 50,000 bits, you can ensure a space for you and a loved one in our state of the art facilities. April Fools will not be our final day. We will begin anew. Our facilities include private bedrooms and bathrooms, for your living needs. Our cafeteria is equiped with the most expensive and effective cooking equipment and chefs. We have a pool, a library, a recreation room, arcade, and gym for your entertainment purposes. Full medical treatment in our clinic will keep you happy and healthy. As you can see, we are here to save what individuals thay we can. Space is limited, so reserve your place now. Any survivor of last April Fool's day will tell you in great detail the horrors and utter devastation caused. I only wish I had proof. I am currently on my mobile device within the bunker. The proof is on my computer's hard drive. You've got to believe us. Together, we can not only survive. We can thrive. Together, we can rebuild from the ashes. Down with the fachists. Down with the administration. And down with Zoop.
  6. My favorite month is September for many reasons - Beginning of college football (Michigan Wolverines) - Beginning of NFL season (Detroit Lions) - NHL and NBA are in preseason or on the horizon (Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Pistons) - MLB playoff chase (Detroit Tigers) - POTENTIALLY the beginning of a new season of MLP:FiM So basically all event-related things as stated in the 2nd question of the poll.