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Found 6 results

  1. I've noticed some of my old art threads in Requestria were archived, and I'd like to know how this system works, Is it limited to requestria? How long does a thread have to be abandoned before it gets the Archive Hammer? ( Arrow? Blast? Fist?) Is there anyway I can still search them out? as the "Topics I've Started" Filter, no longer shows the threads
  2. In this thread we will be collecting all of the references throughout the show so when we rewatch the episodes we can go "Oh hey I got that reference." To submit put it in this format: S0E00: Reference Example: S1E02: The ending ceremony is a reference to Star Wars A New Hope Please put all season 5 behind spoilers Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5 Equestria Girls Equestira Girls: Rainbow Rocks
  3. This thread is for the archiving of Pony-related fan works that have been removed from Youtube, etc. by Hasbro. Currently, the entire Friendship is Witchcraft series as well as the deleted MLP Online demo are archived here. Everything is uploaded in the highest available quality. Due to the large size of some videos, downloads may be in multiple parts. A program such as the freeware 7-Zip is required to open these multi-part files. Note: I do not own any of these videos. The copyright is owned by the original creators, and, if video from FiM is used, Hasbro. The official site of Friendship is Witchcraft can be found at Master Link (Folder with All Pony Stuff) Currently Uploading: none Table of Contents: SherclopPones (Friendship is Witchcraft) FiMFlamFilosophy (The Mentally Advanced Series and Rainbow Dash Presents) Pony-related Games (MLP Online demo)
  4. Ok... so I realized that the Character Archives here are not used anymore. But it's always bothered me on why they still exist if they're not being used anymore. Why don't they all get transferred to the more recent character archives section? This link's what I'm talking about.
  5. These are my favorite icons I have used at some point. I decided that for the sake of archiving them for your viewing pleasure, I will post them here. I did not draw these, by the way. And because I'm not a thief, the title above each avvie links to the source picture so that you know where I got the pictures and to give well-deserved recognition to the amazing artists. Vote on your favorite avatar in the poll above. 150x150 150x200 Also, if you're wondering which one my personal favorite is, that would be icon 9.
  6. Apparently, Hasbro gave Ponyarchive (the premier site for pony torrents) a cease and desist letter requesting the site's shutdown. Ponyarchive reluctantly did it, but with a "middle finger" to Hasbro. Screenshot of Ponyarchive's site is attached. Honestly, I think that note Ponyarchive put up is the worst thing ever to come out of a loving community such as this. It completely goes against what bronies promote (understanding and tolerance) and, at the same time, bites the hand that feeds us. What are your thoughts on this? P.S. I've also heard about some drama on the MLP Facebook page, but haven't looked into it. Anypony knows what happened? For your education: Cease-and-Desist: http://en.wikipedia....ease_and_desist Ponyarchive's Site: *Linked Removed - Site currently has a trojan according to EquestriaDaily, don't visit it!*