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Found 3 results

  1. (I know this is not a show discussion. I was going to post in Events but I'm not able to) Forget Area 51! On September 23rd, 2019, we will be raiding Hasbro studios. We need to look for G5 spoilers, renew FIM for a 10th season, and, of course, see them lil' ponies!
  2. I need a few things from you. 1.What is your strategy for entry 2.Who are you going with 3.What happens when you are there 4.How are you leaving. 5.What are you doing after. My post/example. Going to use my Legend of Zelda Flute for the twister to port me safely in with John Mcclane, stuff the aliens in my Fallout 76 canvas bags, and fly away in a spaceship. Then I am going to set the Aliens free but one comes back to be my friend n play videogames all day n help me sneak away from the FBI.
  3. Secrets, conspiracies, the unknown, and advanced aerospace technology have always fascinated me, and where can you get all of this into a nicely wrapped clandestine package? Area 51. Now i don't buy into the "Roswell UFO", "Alien Autopsy", or any sort of E.T. Theory that surrounds the base myself, but i'd like to know what you guys think is going on in there. I myself have taken the extraterrestrial highway to get as close to the facility as i possibly can, wasn't very eventful, but i expected as much, i'm planning another excursion to Rachel NV for this summer, hopefully bringing with me a high powered telescope to get some live shots of the base from the top of Tikaboo Peak, the only mountain with any sort of visual range to the base (This is unfortunate, as the Government claimed formerly public land that had great views of the base, but this is typical, considering the classified work being done). I'd like this thread to be used to share some of the trips you may have made to the base itself, or your theories regarding what's going on at the dead shores of groom lake.