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Found 6 results

  1. I usually have a knack for taking stadium tours of professional sports teams. So far I have taken stadium tours of: -Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City -Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara. I know that it's not that many but it's a start. Places that I would like to go and take tours of are: Lambeau Field in Green Bay MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford Heinz Field in Pittsburgh US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis United Center in Chicago Madison Square Garden in New York Staples Center in Los Angeles TD Garden in Boston Air Canada Center in Toronto Saddledome in Calgary Bell Centre in Montreal Little Caesars Arena in Detroit (once it's built) Which stadiums have you visited or would like to visit?
  2. One of America's last surviving multipurpose arenas from the cookie cutter era is nearing the end of a long, remarkable run. Making its debut in 1961, DC Stadium was home to the NFL's Washington Redskins and Major League Baseball's Washington Senators. It was renamed in honor of Robert F. Kennedy in 1969 after he was assassinated while running for president. In 1972 the Senators moved to Arlington, TX and became the Rangers. But it was Washington's NFL team that had the longest and most successful tenure at RFK. Between 1982 and 1991, they won three Super Bowls. Then in 1996, the Redskins moved to the brand new FedEx Field in nearby Landover, MD. For almost a decade, only minor league teams would call RFK home. That changed in 2005 when Major League Baseball returned to Washington. However, RFK was only to be a temporary home through 2007. Their long term ballpark opened in 2008. I made my only visit to RFK Stadium in 2007 to watch the Phillies take on the Nationals. It was as big and impressive, if aged, as I was expecting. Moreover, it was strange to be in a cookie cutter stadium that outlived the one in my hometown. Philadelphia's Veterans Stadium had a much shorter lifespan from 1971 until it was imploded in 2005. Since the Nationals left, RFK's primary occupant has been Major League Soccer's DC United. The venerable structure has worked well enough for a time but advanced deterioration is now taking its toll. Furthermore, almost every other MLS team plays in a soccer specific stadium. After a number of false starts, the United will finally get a new stadium of their own in the 2018 season. Here's a brief overview of RFK's history. And here is a news report from 2014 that shows just how RFK is falling apart. To follow up on my previous blog, the Schuylkill Mall closed its doors at the end of business on August 31. The attached movie theater will continue to operate until the end of the year.
  3. Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've posted on MLPF. I'm here to ask if anyone is interested in an RP my friend is hosting on skype, called MBF (Multiverse Battling Federation). First things first, this is a NON-PONY RP. While you CAN play ponies, most people will be playing characters from many different series. Not even sure if this is the right place to post this - I was active on this forum for about two whole years and yet I still never figured things out. Anyways, you may be wondering, "What is MBF?" Well, dear reader, allow me to explain. MBF is a fighting roleplay, hosted on Skype (so if you're interested, please tell me your skype and I'll add you) where anybody can play any character from any series in existence, so long as they're not ridiculously powerful (though we have exceptions for that as well). So long as nobody else has taken a character and placed them on their 'roster,' you can play said character. It's a romp. We RP fights in all sorts of arenas, from video game maps to completely made-up worlds. Not only will people be fighting with crazy matchups in crazy scenarios, but we usually have announcers and other people participating in different ways. Something to note, here, is that MBF has a heavily wrestling based feel. Fun staged fights and all that jazz. Characters aren't supposed to really have a motivation for fighting each other - while they certainly can, and it makes fights a lot more intense, usually they don't have to. It's really a do anything you want fighting RP. If you're interested, message me and/or reply to this post. PS - I might need to test you a little. Boss's orders!
  4. This is the Not-Skyrim Elder Scrolls Thread. Why? Because we already have a thread for that. So, discuss the games, or something. My thoughts below: Arena - fun game, kind of repetitve and shallow though Daggerfall - it's... so....HUGE! Morrowind - *gushes for ten hours straight* Oblivion - wish the open-world-ness was funner. Had great quests tho What do you think EH?
  5. Well, since Skyrim, the fifth installment of The Elder Scrolls game came out today, it's only appropriate to make a thread on such. Feel free to talk about all things Elder Scrolls, not just Skyrim, but Oblivion and Morrowind as well!
  6. Hey guys, this is my second PMV. The song is off Spyro: year of the dragon, and its sort of a Luna Tribute, seeing as the music fits her . If you like it, please like or even subscribe . Thanks alot everyone /) Any advice is appreciated ...or advice Thanks guys!