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Found 17 results

  1. Hello Everypony, This is Cast Executive Director of Equestrian Tales, we'd like to start bringing to you a small series of behind the scenes visual articles, to help the fans learn how this stuff is done, or simply for anyone thats had an interest to see the process. We have hosted several panels since 2014 on the animation process in hopes of educating others, and sharing a little bit of the fun that goes into our stories For today's example I'd like to use a setting many original generation fans should recognize. Paradise Estate, she was the home of the original cast of ponies fro the generation 1 tv series, and will be returning to the MLP universe within our story. Our pilot and main story begins in the old Ponyland found in the original generation, if your interested in seeing more plans are to post another article tomorrow about the re-imagination of Dream Castle another original location also playing a part in this new series. Hope you enjoy, if you have questions please ask. Lets get into it! First up, for those who have never heard of Paradise Estate, this is the original design and how it looked in generation 1- (sorry for the small image) Firstly our crew wanted to try to preserve the original design and feel of the structure, as well as pay respects to the generation that started all of this. As a team we researched the entire series to find as many shots and angles as we could of this structure, including the toy that gave us a great 3D perspective on the entire building, and its layout. From these our settings designer Ruffu began to draw a few ideas that would start the process of its re imagination. These are the first drawings to come from this process- As you can see the structure is nearly the same as the original design from the TV show, however adapted with the over grown forest and broken elements as our story takes place many years in the future of the generation 1 time line, so we took into account the passage of time, how it would effect a mostly stone structure left unattended or cared for over many many years. In this next image, we decided for the scene in the pilot this structure will first appear in we needed only one of these angles as the rest of the scenes containing this build take place inside it, we picked a zoomed out shot, then added the needed extra elements to it for the scene to play out as we intend it to. Here is an example of the changes to the image, from its original concept drawing- As you can see the image was shaded to bring the depth of growth and how far the forest has invaded the structure, we also added the river in front of the building that will also play a part in part 2 of the pilot episode. This was the final image to be approved before going to coloring, where all the details are added. Here is the fully colored setting- At first we wanted to maintain a direct link to the original show, keeping to the pink colors and blue accents of the structure in the original design, but making aged and broken. This was a once happy home loved and cared for by the ponies, ponies now long gone, we wanted to preserve memories, also have that reflect in the design. This estate is broken, left to time as are the contents inside, a forgotten memory longing for the day ponies return to fill its halls with laughter once again. As much as we loved this design we realized we needed to update it to serve the story being told later in the series, so Paradise Estate went through one final over hall, and redesign. Much of the elements of the original were carried over however we wanted to give it the sense of majesty and beauty that we wanted to represent the characters, creators and fans of the original show. Here is the final design that will appear in the pilot- This is the final design as stated before, combining the elements of the original design, bringing in the river element, the over grown forest, as well as other elements we needed for the animation of this scene. With the intended new animation and design style of the series we needed to up the scale of the design and the colors to reflect as a tribute to the original show. When put with one of the characters the blend and effect convey everything we hoped it would, and will show a small example of what the animation style of this new series will look like once the traditional backgrounds are put with the character rigs. We will not vector these backgrounds, we want to maintain a level of fantasy and an older time, so we wanted to bring in as many traditionally drawn and designed elements as we could to help farther the story we are wanting to tell. Final Design with character Ink Heart as a test subject- This has been a small look at the behind the scenes of creating a setting for an animated production, for each and every setting thats added into the world we spend a great deal of time researching everything from basic architecture to make sure things are looking and operating correctly in animation, to spending hours watching MLP to get everything right, and understand what made it special to the show, and the fans it created. If not for Gen 1 we wouldn't have FiM, mlpforums, and lets face it many of our lives would be pretty different right now, so this is our way of honoring and paying respects to those that came before us, and making sure they are never forgotten. That concludes today's article. If you like the art you have seen here please pop over to our crews site at he has a lot more art then just pony, and we are truly blessed to have him with us for this production. If you have any questions about this process or any others about animation or story production please leave a comment, or fill free to PM me. Tomorrow I'd like to bring to you another article on the development of Dream Castle and the kingdom of Old Canterlot, also based in the original generation. Thank you for your time and hope this helped in some way, these articles will get better as we keep writing them. Keep it Pony everyone.
  2. Out of boredom, I decided to make a Wikipedia page for the 2017 Movie of MLP. I've now sent it in to be reviewed, but for now their buried in submissions so I wanted some input on how and what I can Improve or add to the page while I'm waiting. Not to sure how to put in the picture of the logo yet but I'm trying to. P.S. I'd like to thank SubZeroSilver on Wikipedia for helping organized and edited a lot of the article to make it seem more professional
  3. Title and photo taken from the Huffington Post article. Readable HERE. The gist of it: Some guy wouldn't allow a gay man to cut his son's hair. And yes: Because the man was gay. Since, as we all know, having your hair cut by a homosexual transforms you into a homosexual as well; that's how they increase in number.* In response, the salon made the following sign: Though I hope this doesn't hurt their business; there are still plenty of people who fit one or several of those descriptions. * Sarcasm.
  4. So I recently stumbled upon this article about Civil War general's personalities and how they compare to ponies. It also entailed how some ponies could have made the same mistakes and achievements that these generals made which I find hilarious. I'm quite the history buff and I agree with most of these the comparisons, what do you think? The article has an explanation for each comparison, here it is:!bvzB8u Comparisons (Not limited to the mane 6): Twilight Sparkle: U.S. Maj. Gen. Henry Jackson Hunt Rainbow Dash: C.S.A. Lt. Gen. John Bell Hood Pinkie Pie: C.S.A. Maj. Gen. J.E.B. Stuart Rarity: U.S. Maj. Gen. George Armstrong Custer Granny Smith: U.S. Lt. Gen. Winfield Scott ?Big McIntosh: U.S. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant Spitfire: U.S. Maj. Gen. Phil Sheridan Trixie: U.S. Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan
  5. An article using ponies to describe some of the shenanigans of Google and Facebook and on another note I want to know where he got those figurines. I want the AJ and Pinkie Pie one.
  6. nintonbp


    I've been away for the forums for a week or so. So here are my latest drawings.
  7. Click the link below. Be sure and have you speakers on. And don't forget to click the picture in the article. It's probably the best one I've seen as of right now. It really is worth a read. I hope you don't plan on going to bed....
  8. Previous Article: Nobody in the modern world will probably say that there is a day that goes by when we don't have problems. And not only that, but world wide problems are approached from a variety of angles, and while I don't have ALL the answers, I decided I should at least give one of the solutions. Note: I did not say this would be an easy solution, but I'm not going to say that this is impossible either. I can guarantee that this solution is absolutely Rambo-scale bad ass, though. World Hunger, and how to solve it World hunger is no doubt a problem that people have been trying to solve ever since it sprung up. With so many people starving to death, we have tried a lot of solutions to this particular problem. While people in the developed world worry about what they're going to have for dinner, people in some parts of the world worry if they're going to eat anything for the next several days. Such an appalling problem led to a lot of public outcry, so we have done a lot, yet to no avail. Yes, world hunger is still a problem. Solutions we usually try: So most of the time we end up sending support to these countries. We'll send over people in order to supply these nations with food and water. They also occasionally provide community building services like building houses and schools that could be destroyed by a stiff breeze (Who knew that sending people with no experience building anything to build communities could end horribly wrong). Now onto why these efforts don't work: Well, first of all, eventually our support pulls out. This is apparently due to people forgetting that food and water is kind of something that people need constant access to. And even the things they supposedly put there to help the community (Like buildings) as I have mentioned above are defective, I should mention that this is kind of a problem we need experts to help with, and not some volunteers. But of course, the lack of profit in it severely limits how many professionals are willing to work on it since this world is based on greed. My Badass Solution: Terraform Mars Yes, you read that correctly. I suggest that we start a project to condition Mars' atmosphere until it can support life. Such an endeavor is only estimated to take a few hundred years. And considering how long it took us to do a lot of pointless things, colonizing Mars would solve TWO problems. One, once it can support life and has it's own ecosystem, it would provide more area for farming. And considering the fact that commercial space travel just recently became a thing, we can definitely have some kind of system for transferring supplies between Earth and Mars. This would not only solve World Hunger by providing more resources, but it would do something else too. It could solve overpopulation. People could move to Mars, and the population density could change to make life better on Earth. And since we know more about how the environment works now than we ever did, we would hopefully be smart enough not to pollute Mars. As for constant food on Mars until we make it able to support life? Well, recently scientists learned how to GROW EDIBLE MEAT in labs, so we could do that. "But..Harmonic, the world is based on greed, nobody will colonize Mars!", Well, voice in my head, I'm glad you brought up that point. Let me point out that for multiple reasons, colonizing mars is extremely profitable. Be it maybe for the tons of unclaimed land that these corporations could stake claim to, or be it for the fact that space travel is bad ass enough that travel agencies would definitely rake in the dough from the rich people who want to got o space. Even if private corporations don't do it, it could still be a government endeavor. We just build up Mars until it is self-sufficient, and hope that Demons do not invade.
  9. Count Paradox

    Article 2

    Article 2 A brony is always entitled to do something stupid as long as the rest of his bronies are doing it. For example..... If Twilight had went to fight Nightmare Moon by herself, ponies would have been like, "Filly, come on." If Flim had come to town alone and tried to show off the FlimFlam Brothers Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000, ponies would have beeen like, "Colt, come on." If I had gone down that hallway by myself singing "Smile Smile Smile" out loud, people would have been like, "Dude, come on!!" The liscense to be stupid is why we have bronies in the first place.
  10. Count Paradox

    Article 1

    Article 1: Bronies Before Honies. The bond between two bronies is stronger than the bond of a brony and a non-brony chick because, on average, bronies are 20% cooler than chicks. That's just Science. REAL-LIFE EXAMPLES: The other day, when I was going to go hang with this smokin' hot chick down at the sports arcade, I got a call from my brony friend about a meetup. To make a long story short, bye bye babe, hello ponies!
  11. I'm writing an article in my school newspaper about why Bronies love MLP and Haters hate on bronies and the show. I was wondering iff the community could help in giving me reasons to put into the paper. The reasons I have already about why bronies love the show... 1. Good animation 2. Good character development 3. Good plotlines 4. Good message Reasons I've found that haters say they hate the show.... 1. Childish 2. No plot 3. too perdictable 4. terrible animation Can anypony help me figure out more reasons? Thank you! NOTE: these are opinions, I will not declare them as true or false!
  12. Hey guys, I'm a 13 year old journalist from the Lincolnshire Young Journalist Academy and a brony. I have seen all aspects of this fandom but do you think it would be good to write an article on? It could potentially: Breed new haters Spark more British and Worldwide bronies Give us a better image Make us more well-known What do think? If you think it is a good idea, I may want some statements from people on brony artists, musicians, animators, the community and the actual show.
  13. I am wondering if anyone else noticed this article in the La times about bronies. You can read the article here
  14. First of all, I need to say that many of the quotes I will use in this is rough translations from the danish language and may therefore sound cheesy and/or stupid to some. On another note, I will relate this post to ponies, hence why I post in the Sugarcube Corner section, just be patient. Now, to the actual post. Today I read an article about RealDolls, an article I had to read in connection with a Danish test and pre-exam. This article, with the name "A Dollhouse", seemed stupid at first, because the topic in itself seemed boring. That was, until I actually started reading. This article interviews and communicates with the owner of these RealDolls, a type of dolls designed to be the size of humans, around the same weight and pretty much extremely lifelike. The owners at first, are mostly male. Some might think why this is, or may have ideas what they use these dolls for but, whatever you're thinking right now. Stop. The owners of these dolls were mostly found in the wealthier parts of the suburbs. People who lived fairly normal lives, with normal jobs, friends and a night out in the weekend for sports games and such. The only abnormal thing about this life of theirs is the fact that they live with these dolls. One man, an author named Rob had his doll. He live with this doll the day to day and is still as happy with it as the day he bought it. His story is one where he tells that he wanted to reward himself with something nice after finishing his first novel. It might seem weird and freaky to own these dolls but, he explained fairly well how he enjoys the company of this doll, named Lily, and how he actually rarely ever use for for anything but the company of it. Sitting in the couch and holding hands, maybe staring into her eyes during a dinner for one. His reason for liking this Lily was this: "And I will say, that the biggest surprise have been, that RealDoll creates such a real and comfortable illusion about being with someone." I find this to be beautiful. That this man is able to feel love towards his doll as if it were a person. I think it's nice to know that he's able to find happiness by spending time with this Lily. Okay, and now to why this is relevant to ponies. The aforementioned quote, try putting that in relation to ponies. Try seeing it for yourself as you imagine your favorite pony scene or just the image of a pony you like in particular. Doesn't it fit quite well? These ponies, these lovely and beautiful equines creates an illusion for us, of a better place and of happiness in general. It helps us, some of us at least, to find a certain degree of peace in this rushed life of ours. We enjoy this because the show makes it seem real. We enjoy it because it's easy to let imagination brew. Just as another of Rob's quotes: "Imagination is a powerful tool, and it has to be used." The rest of the quote contains thought and facts about how dolls were used for this for thousand of years. Well, this quote, try putting it in relation to ponies again, look at the forum and the roleplay section. These equines again, create a fantastic opportunity to let our imaginations bloom. They create this happy world of joy and smiles that no darkness nor corruption can destroy. This article made me think, are we really so different from other people by liking ponies? I think not, and yet we are. We have a freedom, and a medium to channel our fantasies and imagination through, these ponies, this Equestria helps us do exactly that, like these doll Lily helps Rob use his imagination. "And when I tell Lily, that she's looking good today, I imagine what her figure would answer, and I smile at the thought of the connection we create as we play in reality." This is another quote of his, and by far the most beautiful of them, in my opinion. Rob plays his life as we play our OC's in a roleplay. He uses his imagination to make his life better in company with his doll, Lily. Just as the artists of this site do when they create new images of pony art, just as we do when we play our roleplays in the pony world. We are all artists, in our own way. By using our imagination and the medium that is ponies, we all create a perfect world. A wonderland one might say. We create our wonderland, right here, right now, with the help of ponies. Just as these people live their own by the help of their dolls. "They have found something that works for them, something, that is true to them, and they live it out - no matter what others think of them. They are people, who is fiercely loyal to the thought of living in their personal reality." This could just as well be said about bronies, about us, about you and me. - Inkfeather.
  15. So, I read the newspaper and found this: Hahah that's just too hilarious. I'll translate some of it for you: "Here, Batman is arrested Reason: The Batmobile was illegal Here, Batman is arrested by the police. The crime fighting superhero drove without license plate on The Batmobile. They had a discussion about the law, but then Batman was released and could continue on his superheromission." Haha I thought this was just too hilarious to not be posted here.
  16. Hello all, its me Nevermore! One thing you probably don't know about me is that I am an editor for my school's newspaper the Montage. I run the photography portion, but I also contribute poems and articles from time to time. I generally don't like writing articles but, I recently had an idea that I might try out. My idea is to write an article covering Bronies, and I need your help! I will post what I have so far below, and if you have any critiques, comments, or edits please post! Disclaimer: Depending on how chicken I become when I actually go to hand this in, it may or may not happen. I would rather see it happen, but this is just a warning. *butterflies in my stomach, thousands of them* An Unexpected Fanbase: In the last year and a half a new topic has taken the interent by storm. It may be one of the most unexpected trends in web history, ponies. Yes, you read that right, ponies. With the most recent reboot of the My Little Pony series (now in its fourth generation) the show has found itself an unlikely fanbase. These fans have come to be known as Bronies (singular is Brony), which comes from the combination of the words bro and pony. Don't let the name fool you though, both men and women identify themselves as Bronies (although some female fans prefer the term Pegasister or Pegasis to Brony). Even though the fanbase includes women, the major percentage of Bronies are young adults males. Although their ages range anywhere from as young as twelve to upwards of sixty. Now I am sure you are asking the same question many people are, why? Well there really isn't one simple answer. Some watch it to lighten their mood, some for the quality animation, some for the humor and story, and still others to be a part of the supportive fanbase. If you were to ask most Bronies though, they would claim it is a combination of many factors which keeps them watching. The executive producer Lauren Faust (who worked on The Powerpuff Girls, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, and The Iron Giant) took the My Little Pony franchise and turned it on its head. The production team and Faust created a show that appeals to all ages. They wanted to create something intelligent, witty and humorous, and yet taught important lessons and remained light-hearted. They also included many easter eggs in the show including references to Benny Hill and other nostalgic icons. The only thing more amazing than the Bronies' existance itself, is their artistic drive. Thousands of fanmade songs and remixes have flooded youtube, with genres ranging from techno to dubstep to rock and even heavy metal. Also, sites such as DeviantArt are now harboring tens of thousands of fanart images with the numbers increasing by the hour. The bronies are even trying their "hooves" at creating their own fanmade video games. Truly this trend seems all-pervassive, finding a way to affect all things internet and even a little beyond. For some this is a blessing, for others it is a blight. Many anti-bronies and trolls (dubbed parasprites, after a destructive creature in the My Little Pony series) attempt to pick fights with the Bronies. For the most part though, the Bronies stick to their tried and true motto of "Love and tolerance," and simply ignore the pests. Regardless of where you stand on the topic, one thing is certain. Bronies are here, and they are here to stay.
  17. Troll. Everybody throws this term around. It’s a common term. “[X] just trolled me!” “[X] is a troll!”. How many of you know what “troll” actually means. Since the dawn of Man, humans have interacted with each other socially. It’s human nature to socialize, converse. Communicate and cooperate. But enough with this pretty-sounding psychology crap I’m using to pad this out to make myself look smarter than I am. On any method of communication on the Internet, be it forums, chats, IRCs, anything, there are people who all share common interests, but I am using Internet forums as an example, for the purpose of consistency. These forums exist for those who share those interests to discuss them. There’s an element of harmony on a forum, the people getting along and discussing the things they hold an interest in. Now, with all this harmony, everything seems perfect, right? Everybody is happy discussing said interests. What could go wrong? Chaos. Some people, however, find joy in breaking these elements of harmony. There are many reasons a person may wish to bring forth chaos to an Internet forum. Here are a small number of them. The individual enjoys harassing people. The individual hates the topic of the forum. The individual wants to make those who hold interest in the topic of the forum look bad. The individual is just a misanthrope who dislikes seeing people happy. Now that you partially understand the scope, now you are possibly asking “But, what’s the term for one of these people who does these things”? Well, you already know the term, and you’ve probably said it, in fact. Troll. A troll will attempt to ingrain themselves into a community, so they can cause as much chaos as possible. A troll’s job is better when they are trusted. For one, a moderator is more likely to ban a new member when they act out than an established one. A troll will gain a position of trust in a community, and once they’ve formed pseudo-friendships with members of the community, their work begins. Some of the telltale signs of a troll are: Seemingly doing their best to start an argument. Frequently appearing to be attempting to perpetuate an argument, after an argument has settled down. (Example: “That guy called you a jerk. Go call him a jerk back!” and “But he’s not right, you are. Don’t back down!”) Jumping from side-to-side in an argument, to fuel it. (Examples: “Belcho the White Wizard is the strongest, Joe!” “Bob, Farty the Black Wizard is better!”) Bringing up subjects they know cause issues in the community. (Broad examples would be frequently bringing up sexuality, morality regarding abortion, religion) The essence of a troll, as I have indirectly stated, is a person who enjoys the misery of others. Who gets joy, or “lulz” from seeing others get upset and angry. A troll likes nothing better than seeing good friends become angry enemies, seeing healthy communities becoming Internet wastelands. A troll uses social engineering techniques to accomplish this. Now, you may have also asked “But what about those guys who do annoying post disgusting images, call names, and similar things?” Well, the answer is; those are not trolls. They are something else entirely. Griefers. Most of the time, when people say “Troll” they mean “Griefer”. A griefer will skip the social engineering, and directly post offensive content. Racist posts, shock images, mass-spamming, they go for maximum offense on the get-go. Examples are “ is a [racial slur here]” “[community/subculture here] is/are a bunch of pathetic losers!” In the end, many times, when a person is called a “troll” they are neither trolling nor griefing. They are just posting something that the person who happens to be reading it happens to dislike. Being merely tricked/annoyed is far from trolling, and if somebody gets on your nerves occasionally, that doesn’t mean they are trolling; it just means you disagree with them, and how they are. In the end, whether a person is a troll, griefer, or innocent user, it does not matter, for the solution is the same: Love and tolerance. It may sound corny, but it really is the solution. Reacting to a troll or griefer just gives them what it wants, and keeps their interest piqued. And if the person is an innocent member, not getting upset can keep an argument from flaring up, which in turn keeps trolls from getting what they want. If people are willing to strive to get along and keep from aggressively arguing, the influence of trolls and griefers can be minimized. And with that, I end this little lecture of mine. Whether you take it with a grain of salt or take it to heart as wisdom, it does not matter. All I ask is that you actually read it, and not just declare it “tl;dr”. As doing so would be annoying. Not trolling, not griefing, just annoying.