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Found 1 result

  1. Sorry if there's already a topic regarding this animation already, but as I didn't see it anywhere, I assumed that, while it may have been posted in the pinned video thread, it didn't get its' own topic. Please mods, have mercy on my post. I didn't mean to post a duplicate, I was just- Oh, wait. For those of you who somehow don't know who JanAnimations is, it's a Youtube channel responsible for some of the fanbase's most astonishingly well-done fan animations. One of their top works was a music video that went along with MandoPony's 'Picture Perfect Pony' song, found here. Which, I believe, happened not long before Hasbro and DHX found him, corrupted his soul and adopted him into their corporate world of villainy. At the time, it was also treated as one of the most show-accurate animations out there, winning many over. Even today, Jan's works win people over where Double Rainboom and others have not. During Galacon, they premiered a project that had been advertised several months previously, called 'Buttons' Adventures'. It's a series of animations based off of, you guessed it, somepony's OC a background pony seen back in this song, as our 'too young' pony. A cute little colt playing the video game box, of which sparked its' whole other discussion about where Equestria exactly is regarding technology advancement, but...that's a whole other kettle of fish :3 Point is, creativity from the fanbase + random three second screen time = animation project, once again. Okay, I need to admit, he is cute. Here's the officially released pilot, premiered at GalaCon back on August 4th. What are your thoughts on the project thus far, and your opinion of JanAnimations' other works as well? Are they superior to other animations the fanbase has produced thus far? Or are they simply on par, or even worse than others'? Isn't Button Mash simply adorable? Doesn't he have the voice of an angel? Share with us your cold, unyielding opinions thoughts :'3