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Found 46 results

  1. Heyah, randos on this forum... MLPForums ya call it? Yeah I don't see enough drugs to really care... Now I'm only doin' this because some wannabe asked me too, and I only did it because this hotel ran by these broads is so boring... They're no fun... Plus, they offered a suck on their boyfriend's c*ck... And ya know me, I can't turn that down since the Strawberry Pimp turned me down... He's way too fine for me to resist ya know... So Yeah, yeah, I'm Angel Dust. Ask me whatever ya want... Just don't expect me to give ya an entirely clean answer.~
  2. *clears throat* Greetings. Welcome, welcome. I am Lulaypp, generally called Lula, and this is my "Ask a Pony" thread. So I have thought of it for sometime and decided why not. So yeah, welcome to my ask thread thing. I heard that this is a fun thing to do and is apparently a place where people (or ponies I guess) get to know a person (pony) more. Feel free to ask me stuff about/related to me that you want to know. I think I can accept any question, the most if there is question that I am unwilling to answer, I might ignore it. Just try to not spew out vuglar languages, follow forum rules and it should be fine. Other than that, be as creative as you like. I'll try to answer the question sent my way to the best of my abilities and as soon as I can, but as I don't come to the forums everyday, it might take some time. Have fun!!
  3. 'Le ask thread, back from the dead. Woop woop!
  4. Hello Everypony! this is me! the person behind my OCs! feel free to ask me anything and i mean everything: personal questions, stupid questions, funny questions, life advise, motivation help, suggestions or anything you want!
  5. Well, if you ever wanted to ask me anything (since I don't think I posted an ask thread on my old account), ask away I suppose.
  6. Just ask me anything. I'll answer your question ASAP.
  7. Hello everyone, My name is "Colt'iok Trottermare Buckstallion Gallopmane" (silent p) or at least that is the name I am going by on this forum, My OC (Caster Forge'iron) is incomplete so any question's you ask I will try and answer as a real person. I'm not expecting may people here but I will answer most questions so feel free to ask whatever.
  8. Yes! Feel free to ask me what ever you want to ask! Any question will be welcomed and answered as soon as i can XOXO - Chatterbox (OOC: this image i made it with paint, that's why it doesn't look like the rest)
  9. *Appears Flying On Sight* *Lands And Puts Wings Back In Compartment* *Presses Button On Right Hoof To Speak In Computer Voice* "Hello and welcome every live person here or pony. I take the time from my missions to do this certain thread of this category. If anyone would like to ask me any questions, feel free to." *Stands By For Questions* (Bios About Him:
  10. Hi I'm Jonquil and this is my ask blog You can ask me questions and I can respond with text or drawings​, this should be fun. My cutie mark is a plant in a test tube to represent my passion for biology and other sciences. I study biology and learn to make various natural potions and write notes about nature. I live in a 3 storey tree house in the outskirts of Ponyville where I enjoy roaming the Everfree forest. I like to find plants to make potions such as medicines and exploding glass bombs. I also go to the Everfree forest to watch animals in their natural habitat to see how they behave and interact with each other. I occasionally like to visit Ponyville to sell potions from my kart and buy supplies I don't have many friends but that's mainly because some of the residents are a bit nutty ( especially the pink one). Now .... back to studies....
  11. I'm not sure if it's too early for me to start an Ask a Pony thread. However, I did want to make one as soon as I passed the 200 posts mark. So without any further ado, ask right ahead.
  12. akechi

    Ask Destiny

    I'm really bored, so I kinda want to answer questions. You can go ahead and ask me anything you want. It can be personal, or just random questions. I'm cool with either. And before you ask what the meaning of life is, it's 42.
  13. Hi everyone! Musical Strokes here! Everypony was doing this kind of stuff, so I'm also doing a Ask Thread! Feel free to ask whatever you wan't! Hello everyone! Heart is here to answer your questions or whatever... Heya! Sweet Blossom here, going to answer any of your questions! Prince Kite, the prince of nature is here to answer your questions.
  14. Seraph

    Ask Seraph

    Even though I just joined I decided to start one of these threads so I wouldn't forget to do one later. Ask me anything about my interests, my jobs (I have a feeling I may get a few game journalism questions), my studies and just about life in general. I'm willing to answer most if not all questions.
  15. I already have one of these for my OC, so I figured having one for just me would be a good idea. Ask me anything, blah blah blah, you know the drill.
  16. Well, I thought this would be a good way to get to know more OCs. I answer via script format for my OC. --- One day, you paid a visit to Zecora and after you finished your business, you saw a strange cat sitting at side of her hut. It was a strange looking cat. A ragdoll breed with coffee color on top of cream fur. It seems to be wearing some sort of mask and holding a crudely made doll. You can see golden cuffs on its paws and tail. It is about the height of an average dog. It noticed you and looked up and stared into your eyes. (Ask away)
  17. Because why not? I saw a few people around here doing this and I thought it might be fun. So ask me! Anything. I'll try to answer all questions. But don't be surprised if you ask something I'm uncomfortable with and I don't answer then. Keep it SFW and not too personal and you'll get honest, "detailed" answers. Go!
  18. The title says it all. If you want to know more about me, Overdrive, or Violet Skye, don't be afraid to ask. I have nothing to hide.
  19. My name is Nova Wings, I'm a Unicorn pony and I'm here to answer anything you can throw at me (forum appropriate). So what are you waiting for? "Hit me with your best shot!"
  20. So I figured Id jump on board and post one of these. Any queries? Ask away ...Or not that's totally fine too o-o;
  21. Hey everypony! I'm Nit Pick. An OCD pony from Canterlot who likes to keep everything neat and tidy. So feel free to answer questions here or on my tumblr. On Tumblr you'll get a picture/picture series responce!
  22. Hello everypony! Please do feel free to ask my OC (Lance Shield) whatever your mind can come up with! Thanks!
  23. Go ahead and ask me whatever you like
  24. Hello all, I am Starchase, here to answer your questions as you can clearly see in the title. I will try to answer whatever questions you have for me to the best of my abilities. And before you ask, my favourite colour is blue, azure particularly, like the clear skies on a good day. Free free to ask anything else.
  25. Ask Me Anything,By the way,both Sheriff Daniew and Sir Yolo Swaggins are my OCs Aswell as my Online Alias.