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Found 19 results

  1. Hello Everypony! this is me! the person behind my OCs! feel free to ask me anything and i mean everything: personal questions, stupid questions, funny questions, life advise, motivation help, suggestions or anything you want!
  2. So just a short question: What is with the rainbow wings on Twilight? Given I've seen them only in this youtube with the animation very much looking into the movie style also. Are we getting a new movie? Does anyone have any ideas?
  3. Hey there Lezal here! Ask me random things as I am an expert and my auntie works for Hasbro!
  4. So I'm simply asking if there is anypony who plays Payday: the heist or Payday 2. I personally play it a lot.
  5. Ask me Scootaboom anything, Like I mean everything man like whats my favorite color to deep questions like a Bagel Over a Donut Point is ask me its pretty self explanitory. So ask me please anything I really don't care what!
  6. my AMA. ask me whatevuh you liek I am a Music Composer/Writer, and am trying to invent the NerveGear from SAO and use it for all of us to live in equestria. Fun.
  7. I'm sure many of you are familiar with Yahoo Answers. What are your opinions on it?
  8. Hello there and I'm Colgate! I hope you remember to brush your teeth and keep them clean and shiny. I'm here to answer any questions you want to know about. Feel free to leave me some questions.
  9. Hi everypony! I'm Lightning Sketch, your average artistic filly! I go to Ponyville Elementary and my teacher assigned a project to us, which means I have to answer questions about myself. So seeya till I get a question! Eh, hi! Call me Lyrica .I work as a songwriter in Ponyville. When I'm not singing or writing songs, I get bored as hell. That's why I decided to start a ... it was called a blob, right? So whatever, let's get asking.
  10. Somewhere across the universe, epic spacebattles with thousands of starships stretched over entire solar systems, in which intergalactic factions decide the fate of the universe, are going on right now.
  11. Hi guys! It's Pinkie Pie! Ask Me ANYTHING! We are going to have so much fun!!!
  12. As the title says, i am open (with my OC) to questions and i will amswer them without second thoughts. Brinng it on!
  13. Hello there everypony! Wardy here, asking you great artists some questions about drawing. I'm always interested in arts. Drawing, music, writing, etc. I'm terribly suck at drawing anything in 3D, seriously. I can't play any other instrument other than piano, and I'm not very good at it. I just know the basic of music, but I can listen to every element of a song and appreciate every single *ding* of a music. Even though I can't play music, I ridiculously put a high standard for musics in my playlist. I'm aware that everypony has their art. For me it's probably writing. Even though I don't even have the time to write between my business (*code* *code* *code*), I want to try my hoof hand at drawing. I'm also interested in music by the way, but have no instrument to play with. Maybe there's a good but free composer software for Windows? I sold my piano some years ago, so please don't ask. Then here are the questions. What are the basic elements in drawing? How do you make it works? How do you make it 3D? (ridiculous question I know, but it's serious) How do you make all of those glitters? Those shadow? Those lighting? Dark and bright? Heavy and light? That 3D effect? That awesome sky space I can see in a 2D paper? Like a window to another world? In writing, I have some guide lines on how to make my writing works like my desire. For example, I know how to bring people to the world of writing, invoke their imagination and feeling, make them understand the characters, etc, but in drawing? How the buck do you do those magnificent things? To wrap things up : How do you make proper lighting and shadow in your drawing? How do you make the perfect proportion of a 3D object? How do you make proper perspective? How do you make that "3D ball-like" effect in an object? How do you make that soft outlines around an object? How do you make those lighting effects? All that glitters, etc. How do you colourize thing? (yes, laugh. Even a six-years-old girl beats me in this) I will add up when I remember. I forget things easily. Please don't curse me. Told you I'm a total newbie in drawing. Well, thanks for reading. Sincerely, Wardy.
  14. Okay. Im thinking of doing commissions. For Pony OCs. 3$ for a triditional non colored OC. 4$ for a tradintional drawing thats colored. And 5$ for a digitally colored traditional drawing. Meaning Ill draw it on paper, then color it on MS Paint. Im thinking of trying it to see how it works out. And Ill ask for the money AFTER the drawing is finished, that way if the customer doesnt like the drawing, then they dont have to pay. If yall want, I can post some pictures that Ive done. And I don’t do pony clothes. Or backgrounds. Yet. I will tell when Im able to. Ill practice on them. Nothing NSFW. Yet. And no super complicated poses. Yet. And itll maybe take a couple days to a week to do a drawing. Depends on what the customer wants. Okay. To recap, thats 3$ for a traditionally drawn not colored. 4$ for a traditionally colored and drawn picture. And 5$ for a digitally colored traditional drawing. Traditional means drawn with Pencil and Paper. So who thinks I should do it? If I get enough yes's I will make a paypal and a page on comissions. If anyone thinks my prices are too cheap, tell me. I didnt know where this would go since its not technically commissions. Yet.
  15. Just to say I am not Celestia but I know almost everything about MLP; FIM. If you wish you can ask me a question about something you don't know. If you already know the answer to the questions then don't ask and waste my time. Mostly ask about royal facts because here I am Celestia on the computer so I know more about royalty. Like about Canterlot, but you can also ask about ponyville at some points. This is actually a good place for people who just started to know about MLP; FIM.
  16. I just got out of magic kindergarten! It was terrible!!! Spike: (don't talk about magic kindergarten! She gets worked up!)
  17. Dash: ask us anything!! Doctor: and tell me new inventions I should make! Hi this is Sophia and I'd like you NOT to say cuss words.,,
  18. Ehhh ask me anything...Even the most stupid of stupidity...
  19. Nico

    Ask and Answer

    Okay, so I noticed that everypony is making an 'Ask Me' thread. I don't want to make one of those, exactly, so I made this. It's simple, you ask a question of the pony above you, or just a question in general, then whoever posts next, no matter who, answers the question for them (or if the person you asked is the next poster, they just answer normally) and then ask their own question of the poster they're answering. Example: Post 1 - This Post Post 2 - "Fluttershy, why you do!?" Post 3 - "I do because I can! Why you not do?" Etc... Okay, so somepony ask a question.