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Found 22 results

  1. This series is probably my second favorite video game series ever and I've played and loved every single game! My favorite of the series is Odyssey right now, but Brotherhood, Black Flag, Origins and III are also favorites of mine! All of the historic backgrounds helps make the series a lot more interesting too! And while it is fun to leap from a pyramid or tower and plummet onto the unlucky souls beneath you, getting to learn all about these unexplored time periods is very fascinating!
  2. NIGHTSHADE :: CHAPTER ONE Summary: A long time ago, the tesseract was known as the Cube of Eden, an device that templars wanted to have to strip the world of anyone that could threaten their order, this included the Assassins. But after a war in between the two orders, the assassin's emerge victorious and hid the cube away so the templars would never have their hands on it, along with anyone else that could threaten humanity. Well the crypt they hid the cube in was uncovered in WW2 when the HYDRA found it. HYDRA and the Templars deiced to work together for both organizations had the same mission, to rid the word and people of freedom and free will. During WW2, a lot of power was harnessed for the tesseract allowing both HYDRA and the Templars Order to doing experiments. After the cube was lost, along with America's hero, and HYDRA thought defeated; the Templars Order continued on their mission. They used the power they harnessed and the descendants of assassin's to create their own way to rid the world of free will. They continued to conduct human experiments, most of them failures while others where successes. This project was called NightShade, but each experiment turned out right until a young girl the descendant of the famous Reed Assassin's was chosen for the templars purpose. She became the Templar's successful NightShade project. She was trained by her ancestors through the Animus. Now Years later, after the war in New York, Mckenzie Alex Reed an assassin wanted to help fight to save humanity. ================================ The sound of an overhead light filled the small room with a buzzing noise. The room had plain white walls with scratch marks ripped along several of the walls. There was a twin sized bed, a nightstand, and an ancient looking lamp. In the corner of the room was a young girl around the age of 15 that looked like she hadn’t eaten in a long time. She wore a lose white tank top with a few blood stains that never came out and a pair of grey sweatpants that were so big they clung to her visible hip bones. In her hand was a book, a very classic one itself, White Fang by: Jack London; that seemed to be the only thing that brought her joy. As the girl read her book, small trembles and twitch would serge through here body, that she had no control over. Her fragile frame was covered in bruises along her wrist and upper arms from mistreatment and being handled roughly. The sound of a loud mechanical click made the girl jump and grip onto her book tighter. The door to her room swung open as two scientist and a couple of guards walked into her room. The guards surround the girl, ready to use non-lethal on the girl. “On your feet, head against the wall, and hands behind your back.” One of the guards said to the female experiment. The girl got to her feet, turned around, and placed her hands behind her back. One of the guards stepped forward and placed the handcuffs on the girl, tightening to the point they dug into the teenager’s wrists. “Subject 10041221, we are to take you to the Animus.” One of the scientist said to the girl. The guards shoved the girl forward, after the two scientists were out of the room and already on their way to the Animus room. The guards had a tight grip on the teenager’s arms as they walked down the hallway with the two scientists. They all walked in complete silence to the point where the girl’s labor breathing was heard. They all stopped in front of double swing doors you would see in a hospital’s surgery room. “The rest of you can leave, we can handle it for here.” The other scientist said to the guards. One of the guards nodded, unhandcuffed the girl, then lead the rest away from the room, but not too far just in case of an emergency. “Follow us, Subject 10041221, please don’t cause any problems. It won’t do any of us any good.” One of the two scientist said to the testing subject. The girl said nothing and followed both scientist into a large room where the Animus was. The girl immediately went to a large mechanical arm and waited to be hooked up to the machine. A few other scientists came over to the girl and began the process of hooking her up to the Animus arm. The girl whimpered in pain as the stuck the needle into her spinal cord. The two scientists that brought Subject 10041221 into the Animus room, started the sync process with the girl’s ancestors brain waves. The other scientist back away to observe the Animus session that was about to begin. The girl’s body straightened as her and her ancestor’s memories sync up. The projectors turned on and the silence fell on the room. The scientists gathered around the control center to watch the feed or what the teenage girl was seeing. On the screen was an angry mob, which stood in front of a gallows; where a young girl stood in her nightgown with a sack over her head. They watched as young women in her early twenties; dressed in black assassin robes. The women stood among the mob as they yelled to have the little girl hung. The era was 1692, the year that the Salem Witch Trials took place. This one was one of the many in Massachusetts. The women quietly watch as the man on the gallows who shouted to the people about what crimes the girl had supposedly committed. The young female assassin knew the young girl, whom wasn’t a witch, but just a farmer’s daughter. People continued to scream and shout to have the damned witch burned or hung. The henchmen of man who was encouraging the people to have girl killed, shoved the girl onto the trap door and put the noose around her neck. The assassin slowly made her way around the mob and the gallows and waited quietly for the right moment to strike. The man who was running the whole trail looked out at the crowd and before he pulled the lever, his body froze then his body drop onto the wooden platform, while blood gushed out the stab wound in his neck. Behind where the man once stood, the assassin stood. People froze, some of them screaming not knowing what was happening. One of the henchmen charged at the assassin, who was ready from him and stabbed him straight through the neck with her hidden blade. Other henchmen followed suit, and landed a punch into the female assassin’s stomach. She left out a growl, causing the man to back away from her. She grabbed him by his shirt and began to smash his head into her knee. She let him go then grabbed the noose, put it around the man’s neck, shoving the young girl aside and pulled the lever hanging the man who came after her. The assassin got the young girl to her feet and took the sack off her head. The little girl gave a grateful look at the assassin. “Run and don’t look back.” The female assassin told the girl. The assassin watched the girl run off to safety, before heading in opposite direction. Soon beeping ended the feed, as the teenage girl’s vitals started to drop dramatically. “Get the doctors in here.” One of the scientists yelled. One picked up a phone, dialed a number, and told them what was happening. They turned off the Animus and hurried to unhook the girl. The girl’s body began twitch uncontrollable as foam formed at the corners of her mouth. Soon several doctors busted through the doors and went to take care of the test subject. They got an IV into the girl’s arm and onto a gurney. The raced the teenage girl out of the Animus room and to the medical wing. =============== Written 4/10/18 Word Count: 1082 ============== PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!!!!!
  3. Yes, I know I haven't been writing as much as I used to, but I figured I'd let my last entry sink in for a bit. So what have I been doing? Sitting around, playing Xbox, and screaming my lungs out, but I'll get to that one in a few. Considering I've missed a few days, I'll try to knock out a couple of reviews in one entry. How does that sound? First thing on the menu? Assassin's Creed: Rogue. Why? Well, because it's. . . new in my library? I don't know, just bear with me to the end. Assassin's Creed: Rogue is a story where you take control of Shay Cormack, a former assassin turned Templar in attempts to "seek justice" or something like that. He also really sucks at parkour and whistling. Seriously, I whistled at a guard about four feet away from me and he still didn't catch on. What a dingas. Whistle in AC:Black Flag and you'll be attracting the entire Spanish Navy. . . I thought the game was good, but a bit easy for my taste. Then again, of course it'd be easy when you have 100,000 dollars at 59% completion. . . Yeah, I'm done talking about that. Besides, I haven't even finished the game. There's about three reasons I think you're here and you probably don't care about my bad review of AC:Rogue. So these are my reasons. . . Reason 1: You saw the title and are somewhat curious (Possibly) Reason 2: You actually follow my work (Unlikely) Reason 3: You want to hear about my reaction to the NX Reveal. Well, I'll tell you. I thought the NX reveal was amazing and, while not what I was expecting (It never is), it was an excellent way to wrap up 2016, an otherwise disappointing year. I know there's going to be a lot of people who are going to disagree with everything I say and that I should just go back to drowning myself in the 2 images of MLP G3 R34. (yes, there's only two. I checked, and one of them is just straight up furry) But anyway, I approve of the NSwitch. Do I like the name? No. Do I like the secrecy around it? No, but I do like the concept and the promise. (This is where 90% of the hate is coming from) I believe Nintendo is making the right move toward AAA titles and hardware. From what we've heard, Nintendo just walked up to NVidia, asked if they could make a custom chip and assigned 50 guys to the job. I have to admit, my first reaction to the NX reveal was, "N-Nintendo. . . Switch?" Yeah, I still hate the name. But my second reaction was something like, " :-o " But even that isn't accurate. There isn't enough faces on this Forum to come up with a proper representation. Here, I'll try to type it out for you. *sees Zelda* (Insert Micheal Rosen Here)"Nice" *sees controller break into two pieces* "Huh?" *Sees the entire console pop off the dock* "OOOHOOOHOHOHOHOOHOHOHOOOHOHO OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOH" (Repeat for 3 minutes and make as many spasms as you can until neighbors have awoken) But nonetheless, I spent the entire night hyperventilating, dreaming about the NX (which I refuse to call by any other name), and passing out on the bedroom floor (which I did). Well played, Nintendo. Well played. -RealityPublishing (Don't screw this up) Oh, and during the NX carnage, I tweeted this to Ubisoft, who insisted I check out their. . . "flight simulator"
  4. So This is my OC , I'm a really beginner at drawing so this picture might be ugly(depends on your opinion) and o need critique cause i can't pinpoint my fault (i'l fix the hooves later) Edit : Go thru the pages to see updated versions XD
  5. Honestly, Assassin's Creed has been on a lot of people's poopoo lists lately because of Unity (which I find hilarious how one game ruins it for people), but Syndicate has impressed me COMPLETELY. The only issue I have with Syndicate is the lack of you guessed it... MODERN DAY PLOT The only real amount we get is these cutscenes that, all together, are generally around 40 minutes. If you enter (spoilers:) the World War I time rift and complete it, you learn some stuff about the First Civilization, or the Isu, which is their actual name. Juno speaks about how she was sealed, and how she failed with Aita, etc. I am almost to the end of the game, and I heard the ending is horrendous, so please cover any ending details in a spoiler tab! Let me know who you like better - Jacob or Evie? I prefer Evie. EVIE or JACOB
  6. Hello! I haven't played Unity or Rogue yet, but I'm planning on getting one of the two. I need some feedback- which one is better? Or, should I just wait for Syndicate? (I'm on PS3, if that changes anything) Thanks!
  7. It's just a work in progress right now, but I just wanted to share it with ya guys. Thoughts? owo; I have very little experience with humans so
  8. Sometimes there are moments in games that are hilarious, they could be for many reasons. Maybe a glitch that does something weird, a character makes a snappy one liner or you just end up making a stupid mistake. For me quite a few moments come to mind, the first one is this glitch in Donkey Kong Country which I would love to share the video with you guys but would probably get pulled off of here where it looks like Donkey Kong is humping Rambi. One I can show you though is this one time I accidentally killed George Washington, the video isn't me doing it but I think you should get the idea. There are alot of hilarious moments in the Assassins Creed Series like the one where he calls one of Leonardo Da Vinci's inventions a pezzo di merda (piece of shit) right to his face and where he tells the pope to go fuck himself. And of course there is this one trick where you can poison guards and throw money at them to have them kill people. And this one zinger Ezio said to Vieri Di Pazzi
  9. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag has had a feature sitting in the main menu for awhile. It had sat dormant for a couple years, being not that open and popular, but now it has been open to U-Play members officially since October 2013, opening into it's Omega state. That feature is called AC: Initiates. If you remember Project Legacy on Facebook, it is not that different, but it has a cool twist: You can do missions FROM Initiates in-game in AC4. And you get rewards for them. What's cool about it is that on 21 December 2012, the site crashed and then came back up in January 2013 asking members one question per day so that it may be restored. They crashed it as if the website was actually inside the game when the event happened. What are your thoughts? Oh, and the Alpha stage is only for PS3, PC, and PS4 as of now I believe.
  10. Hey ponies! This game sucks. Awfull optimisation, runs 20fps on PS4, 24fps on XboX (wich is a bit suspect). PC optimisation ever more awfull. Buggier than ever. Mediocre gameplay worsened by bad framerate. Mediocre story. It has unneded microtransactions. It dropped Ubisofts stocks by 9%. Its awfull. Jump on everypony!
  11. So if you guys know about Assassin's Creed who do you think is the deadliest assassin in the series? *For me its Edward*
  12. Nostalgia does blind people I often hear that Nostalgia blinds people. And I agree with that. Nostalgia makes people unfair in their opinions towards different media. But it blinds on another way then often is referred I mean that people often see nostalgia as a bad thing, because it influences the opinions on old games like Mario, Ocarina of time, Final fantasy etc. However, I don’t think that’s wrong. The only thing that the nostalgia adds then is a extra thing on why someone likes a old game It becomes a problem when nostalgia clouds the view on new games that come out. There is a good friend of mine, called Youri. Youri and I both love the Assassin’s Creed franchise. We do, however, have different ways on how much we like certain Creed games. The first creed game Youri and I both played is Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. It was a good game with nice graphics and a pleasant feeling to it. And I personally will not compare Assassin’s Creed games with each other. Mainly because it takes place in different times, and therefore the creators tried to give each time his own personal feeling. Because of that, no Assassin’s Creed game will feel the same, because there is different art style, other styles of music and different colors. In short, the atmosphere is different, so comparing Creed games isn’t fair in my opinion. Youri, on the other hand, does compare the games with each other. To him, the first Creed game he played was the best, which was Brotherhood. Now, thinking that one game is better then another game of that franchise isn’t a bad thing WHEN someone can back their opinion up with a real things they found great at the game or major faults at the other games. Only youri sees the other Assassin’s Creed games as less good, because ‘’it doesn’t feel the same’’ And that’s a problem when looking at Creed games critically. Because Youri has that much of Nostalgia for Brotherhood, no other creed game will give him the same feeling, and thus, will never be as good as Brotherhood. This wouldn’t be a problem if Youri could still enjoy the new Creed games. But he can’t enjoy them anymore. He hasn’t even played Black Flag trough the end, because to him, it doesn’t have the same feel as Brotherhood And I think this is the big danger of Nostalgia, being unable to see the beauty in new games, because they don’t capture ‘’that’’ same feeling you had playing an old game. When I heard that the newest generation of Pokémon had a Pokémon that was a ice cream cone, I became pretty angry and said that Pokémon was ruined for me. Now, I can say that Pokémon isn’t ruined: it just changed, like media is supposed to do over time And I think everybody has this Nostalgia blindness for certain media. There is really a blindness behind Nostalgia. Not in the past, but in the present and near future, and we should be aware that there is a threat in Nostalgia
  13. As some of you may have heard, Assassin's Creed Rogue and Assassin's Creed Unity are now set to release on the same day, November 11th, 2014. What are your thoughts? I honestly think that I'll swing into gamestop for a midnight release just to see fans argue about which game is better. #TeamRogue or #TeamUnity? #TeamRogue
  14. It’s another year and that means another Assassin’s Creed game is coming our way. Unlike last year, however, this year will reportedly see two Assassin’s Creed games. One will be released on the PS4, Xbox One and PC while the other will be released on the PS3 and Xbox 360. A tipster leaked the former to Kotaku and that has forced Ubisoft’s hand resulting in the announcement of the next Assassin’s Creed game. Ubisoft announced Assassin’s Creed Unity over the weekend – the game is slated for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. It will feature a new protagonist named Arno and will be set in Paris. The time period is the French Revolution if the guillotine didn’t give it away.According to Nicholas Gigante over at The Examiner, the game will also do away with competitive multiplayer in favor of four player co-op. Beyond that, we know nothing else about Unity.‎
  15. I started a topic on AC Initiates, a somewhat social-like game that syncs with your AC4BF progress and rewards you with trading cards. AC Initiates and the AC Wiki have special information: The Desmond Files. These Desmond Files tell many things about how Desmond was captured and brought to Abstergo to be put in the Animus 1.28. Not only does it reveal this but it also reveals key information that fans of AC won't find out in the game. Go to:'s_Creed:_Initiates Then scroll down to The Desmond Files
  16. Assassin's Creed V Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag was announced last January because of the fact that they were rushing to keep the fans happy. Tomorrow is the last day of January and there hasn't been an announcement, but it will be coming either next month or next year. AC4BF was a massive game and I wouldn't be surprised if Ubisoft takes a year break, which they honestly should consider. From my own knowledge and in-game hints, the setting will probably be Feudal Japan or Egypt, and I'm rooting for Japan, what do you guys think?
  17. In Revelations, I went through and did all of the first person Desmond Puzzle sections. And after completing the last one, it reset my progress to zero. 23 Hours of gameplay just gone. Like it never happened.
  18. Hell Fire's Uprising Hell Fire was a young and hopeful mare until, something snapped, he started hurting people in the underworld but King Necrocorn didn't approve of his behavior, so Hell Fire was banished to the Overworld he swore revenge on the king he shouted "I will return with an army and claim the underworld as my own!". The king disregarded this and continued to regular duties. Little did he know that a dark and fiery storm was overhead, for Hell Fire had returned to find that the king had claimed a princess' heart. The princess was named Lunar, blinded by love Hell Fire challenged Necrocorn to battle "I shall battle you" accepted the king "but when I win I'll have your wings pinned to the castle wall", Hell Fire hesitated, he thought for a second, but then he looked in the eyes of the king's fair princess "I accept". The two stood face to face, eyes piercing one another. until.... Necrocorn flew up and shot Hell Fire with his ebony horn, Hell Fire got up slowly to fly his side, the battle was ongoing until...... Hell Fire pierced Necrocorn's heart using his Dark Crimson horn. After the glorious victory he flew to the princess' side, she was in shock and horror and refused to marry the monster. Hell Fire vowed to return for her hoof in marriage once he had conquered all of Equestria.
  19. Alicorn's Creed It never was easy adjusting to becoming part of the Creed. Many have had the honor of becoming one, but they never liked it. Although our story begins with a young pony who has always dreamed of becoming a member of the Creed. This ponies name was Hopper, the reason he was named this at a young age was because he always, well... hopped. His mum and dad always knew he'd be great but...... not being in the Creed, his parents thought him to be a royal guard for Celestia, and this is where he will experience the thrill of his life. Hopper always hated being a royal guard, it might be the fact that whenever a letter from Twilight Sparkle he's forced to check it for bombs, or the fact that Celestia always has boring and girly conversations with him. But soon one day a great evil approached Celestia, this evil was called the Templar Ponies, they approached slowly and aggressively. They knocked down every guard who halted them. luckily for Hopper Celestia was talking about getting her hooves painted red, Hopper had dozed off until..... "SMASH" Hopper jumped to his feet to find that the Templars had grabbed Celestia and sprinted away. Hopper ran out of the kingdom as fast he could, until a wall of Templars stood in his way, he stared up and gulped but with a giant leap he was over. A hoard of Templars dived in front of the young hero, they had the upper hand, there were thousands of them and one of him. He stood his ground "you want some?" he shouted cockily his voice was rough, he even saw someponies flinch. Hopper was a goner until..... the Creed dived into action they were so fluent in combat Hopper just stared in awe, he would've watched all day but the show was interrupted when "HELP!" Celestia screamed at the top of her lungs. Hopper shook his head to snap out, but he wasn't awake for long because with a fatal blow "CLANK" he was out. When he woke up he was in the presence of Shining Armour. "We could use a Ponie like you" said Shining Armour proudly Hopper's face lit up with excitement.
  20. I've been playing Assassin's Creed games for as long as I can remember. It's easily one of my favorite video game franchises around at the moment. But, I have had some people tell me that Assassin's Creed games aren't what they used to be. As in, they've been going downhill. And, to be honest, yeah. I can kind of see why they think that. But, on the other hand, I really don't see it that well. Is Ubisoft getting lazy with Assassin's Creed and making it worse? If they are, please enlighten me by telling me how are they doing it?
  21. So I've been playing a lot of Assassin's Creed lately, I'm currently on Revelations just finished Revelations. I was looking at some art for the game when I saw a TON of MLP art for AC, and I thought it was awesome. After some thinking, because it intrigued me, I decided to create a whole plot for a 'Pony's Creed' RP, but then I thought it'd be better as a game. I know nothing about programming beyond basic Lua, and I'm only a mediocre artist, so I would need a good bit of help to make this. I have most of the story, characters, settings, and mechanics worked out in my head so all I need to do is write it out. My ultimate dream of the perfect way to do this would be to make it singleplayer and multiplayer while having the player be able to customise their 'Desmond'-esque character then have their choices affect what happens to them. There could even be a Doctor Whooves with a TARDIS-Animus combination where the Templars can change history, which would then have to be fixed by the Assassins. The game would have anthropomorphic ponies, not feral like in the show. It just makes more sense. And each type of pony would have pros and cons, such at Earth Ponies being normal and most common, then Pegasi being about 35% weaker but able to fly based on a stamina system and able to grab onto clouds, plus having a lighter body making climbing maybe 10% faster and able to run a bit faster too. Unicorns would have magic also based on a stamina system, but would be slower and not as strong. Now there would also be an unlockable thing for Alicorns, which would be frail and not as good at flying, plus having weaker magic. Of course the Princesses are the exception but they aren't playable. There would be several different time frames in the story, first off there'd be the civilisation as seen in Hearth's Warming Eve prior to the founding of Equestria, with the addition of Griffons as their own kingdom [Viking-like, Nordic], and Changelings [Ancient Russia/China]. Equivalent to before the First Crusade. Discord would be a good guy for this part, and young too. The next time frame would be 50-60 years later with Equestria as a newly founded nation, this would be about Third Crusade [AC1]. Discord would be revealed to be an Assassin at this point, the next in line as leader. Players would have to help him with some assassinations of Changelings trying to take over the throne in disguise. After the last assassination, the Animus will crash, preventing the ending from being revealed just yet. Now comes 200 years later. This is very early Renaissance, and the main idea here is to be about what set up the Pony Renaissance. At the point where it actually is Renaissance, it's revealed Discord has taken over the throne, and he's seeking the Elements of Harmony [the items, not the ponies] to create a 'New World [dis]Order'. Later, your ancestor once your ancestor finds those Elements, each has the life of a much earlier ancestor imprinted on them, not just specific memories like in Revelations. It's essentially a mirror of the Mane Six, but very different. Each one slowly reveals Discord is the leader of the Templars and always has been, and that those Changeling assassinations weren't Changelings at all, but rather the ACTUAL PONIES. Now time goes to 20 years later, and you have to stop Discord. By now, you've rebuilt the Brotherhood, and can launch a full attack on him. At this point, I stopped thinking about more timelines and started thinking on characters, associates, and how to deal with the cast of the TV show. Now the current time in the game, where your Desmond-esque character goes, that's going to be 2009. Technology is not like in the show, it's post-modern. I don't know about the company name, but something related to 'disorder' would be fine. Now for characters that are essentially 'This guy becomes this pony'; -Subject 16 becomes Derpy Whooves. -Rebecca becomes Vinyl Scratch. -Shaun becomes Doctor Whooves. -Probably more, but I tried to be as original as possible. I also have a list of 'collectables' that'll be changed; -Flags become pony themed. -Earth Ponies can collect 'Horseshoes' and 'Zap Apples' -Pegusi can collect 'Pony Feathers' and 'Cloud Fluff' -Unicorns can collect 'Torn Pages' and 'Scrolls' -Alicorns can only collect flags. Now I also thought of some abilities that would be interesting, and changes to normal abilities [such as Eagle Vision]. Some are more reasonable than others; -Eagle Vision: It works in first or third person view, and you can move while using it. Two modes, in one, you have to identify your target manually but everything's nice and clear, not too dark. In the other, everything's dim and dark but your target is already highlighted... if you can see it. -Pinkie Sense: It'd be almost useless unless you play around with it, because you get random character animations that're subtle to signal something about to happen. By "Random", I don't mean "Random" as much as I mean "There won't be a guide for it, and it's different for everybody, so you'll have to write it down for yourself." -Fashion Sense: Essentially it allows you to craft disguises as long as you know what you want to look like. -Wonderbolt: Makes flying take 25% less stamina. -Faithful Student: Makes magic take 25% less stamina. -Probably more later. There's a lot more detail to the story and characters, I'm just not going into massive amounts of description right now, this is already a long post. The multiplayer would be like where Brotherhoods [bronyhoods] could be made like clans or guilds then they do missions, sometimes a co-op mission, and possibly allow players to customise the ancestor's appearance beyond just cloak-dyeing. Now I realise all that is... crazy. I'd need a lot of money to do that fancy multiplayer stuff, servers, lots of stuff. But I hope eventually, it could happen. Now to numbers. I probably need anywhere from 3-6 programmers experienced in 3D animation and simulation and an occasional 'glitchy' feel like an Animus. 2-3 artists, 3D and textures. I can't pay anybody, but if the game gets made, I don't know if donations or something would be a possibility. I'll be doing most of the sound design, not sure about the soundtrack, but possibly. I'll also do most of the 'story' end of the thing, but anyone can help with that, I'm not a greedy writer. Also, I'll be organising everything. The game'll be for PC, but I do want it to be able to be played on an Xbox style controller. If anyone wants to help with something I haven't mentioned [like voice acting], I'll see. I'll honestly take almost all the help I can get.
  22. It's gonna be me playing Assassin's Creed III all night.... Even if Assassin's Creed III comes out on the 30th, I'll still be playing AC III on Halloween. Just because I love the AC series.