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Found 7 results

  1. So, recently, I have been enrolled in a creative writing class. Its been a dream come true for me, I've always wanted to take one but never been able to until now. In class, we have gotten to the poetry section. We've gone through certain poemn types like villanelle and others, which I had a difficult time with. But now, we've gotten to the ballad poem, which I'm enjoying immensely. I've written one, which I'm to turn in, and I would like opinions on it. It is due tomorrow evenine, so I may not be able to make too many changes based on observations here before then, but I would love your feedback. Now, as a warning, there are a couple words here that people might not like, so I'll just throw that out there now and get it out of the way. And I know the third stanza doesn't exactly rhyme, but I couldn't think of anything better to put there. So, without further ado, here we go. So, id love to hear what you guys think, and I apologize about the word choice in the sixth stanza there, I just wanted to get a point across.
  2. UPDATE (April 17, 2015; 11:06 EST): The link to my recent post with the short film will be linked on this sentence. I hope you enjoy it. I'm "nervousited" to announce that I am working on a project that I am honoured to do. It is a college assignment for Video Capture 1 (one of my courses), and it's so far on the pre-production stage (storyboard making and such). Hopefully this weekend I will get to the production stage (Video Capture, etc). The professor who has assigned it to me and the rest of the class has permitted me to hand it in by my last day of the semester (April 17th) the latest. And so I hope that I will have everything done by then (or earlier (God willing). ). This video here below this sentence is NOT MINE! It's only an example I have found that was already done by someone else (though not good production-quality wise imho) is this here: However, for my chase scene, I will incorporate multiple shots and angles (compared to the first-person camera perspective from the example above) so that my chase scene will truly feel like a professionally produced short film. When it comes to production quality, I will look at examples from LittleshyFiM and StormXF3 (as well as examples from other people of course). And that concludes the announcement. Any thoughts and questions? Feel free to make a post.
  3. Call me crazy, but since this week is reading week for me, I want to take this free time to my advantage and make a stunningly convincing quick video review of the show for the whole world to see (yes I intend to make it public). The instructor who assigned me and the class the assignment for this week did not leave any restrictions as to what I should be doing, so I said to myself, why not do this? So I am doing it right now! ProJared's videos in a playlist here will be the main inspiration as to how I will tackle this challenge. In terms of quality control and professionalism, I want to make it as good as ProJared's One Minute Review videos and LittleshyFiM's "Everything Wrong with" Parody videos. Also I have never seen anyone do this kind of thing before, so I want to do it for the heck of it. What I am asking you is this, I would like you to leave your thoughts and suggestions as to what I should use and say in the review. It will help me a lot from knowing from different perspectives what I should use and say in the review that will be appropriate for the general public. Keep in mind that I am actually serious about this. Which means that I will ignore any suggestions to give up on it, because that is not going to happen on my watch. This part of my assignment is due on March 6. But I intend to get most of the work done this week. Thank you for your feedback. Update: click here to see the video.
  4. Hey everypony! I am working a school assignment about the brony community, and there is a section for interviews, and I thought I would post my questions here, so that you could all have a chance to answer! Also if you have any suggestions for my question feel free to post those too! Please try to give full answers because the fuller the answer the stronger my research will be Thank you guys and have great day! I am really excited to hear what you all have to say! 1) Tell me about yourself. 2) When did you first watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? 3) What draws you to MLP? What do you like about it? 4) In your own words, what is a brony? 5) How do people react when you tell them you are a Brony? 6) Tell me about the community. 7) Could you tell me about your first brony meetup. 8) Have you always felt comfortable with the community? Was there a point in time when you hid your enjoyment of the show? 9) Why do you think the show is so successful and why do you think it has such a wide appeal? 10) Have you ever been harassed for being a brony or liking the show? If yes, could you tell me about that experience? 11) What would you say to those who are uncomfortable with the brony community?
  5. I will rant in two parts here, don't worry. I don't like team assignments, and this has many reasons. the first reason is, I tend to have to work with people who I would say have very poor analytical skills and generally don't seem to understand how certain good practice works. At times I just think they program things willy nilly, without thinking what the hell they are doing. I constantly feel like these people don't deserve their diploma's, very simply because I cannot understand how they could possibly manage to pass courses. The very notion of this baffled me, how they continuously write poor code, fail to go through the code and use already implemented stuff. Why when they start doing stuff, they don't first ask whether I am modifying that code so I don't lose all my work for their broken as shit stuff. I don't like working in groups, especially when they lack focus and the ability to properly divide the tasks. Or think of how to complete their task. But anyway part number two. From this point on I will speak in strict programmer lingo and use programming examples. if you aren't a programmer, feel free to skip this, these are examples. Right now, I am making a chat program for school, so it's possible to send and receive messages in group chat. So what I did was look up some examples and started working, all of them having a fairly similar structure, Server side there is one thread which accepts new connections through a ServerSocket. Each ServerSocket then creates a new ClientSocket, which gets it's own thread to listen to the messages coming from a specific client. Fairly standard stuff. Now beforehand I said, we should only parse messages which are sent and received as String objects. And that anything special as a command should be preceded by a "/", like how IRC clients and Skype clients send commands through chat. But no, constantly I see code being added from a specific example I remember looking at trying to use a token, a token of the Yen symbol trying to parse fairly complicated strings and stuff. it would've been a nightmare to use. but it kept creeping in. Let's not mind the fact that this one guy insisted on sending txt files filled with code INSTEAD of using the svn server we have set up. Why I ask you are we using svn in the first place? Another guy, managed to not make one project, but add three svn projects, oops. And not even that, didn't even bother adding them to to trunk folder as you are supposed to, no, just add them to the wrong folder. Cluttering up the whole thing, i mean come on man. One of the members unknowingly messed with files, and managed to create tree conflicts in a file. Meaning I had to rename it to get it working on the svn, I mean how did you do this, why are you so incompetent? And that's just svn usage. some team members decided to commit code which I was editing, meaning I had to go through the trouble of doing revert on mine, update and then find that nearly nothing changed. And that while I told everyone I was changing code. Oh yes, before I forget, the guy who added the proper project. Added a project which was still in java 5. Good god, we are using Java 7. He derped and never updated. What an idiot, Just update to the latest gorram thing, All of those things I needed. Couldn't use diamond inference, couldn't use String in a switch case. Have you got any idea how difficult more difficult this makes certain things? Not to mention whoever kept removing the diamond inference because "we didn't see this in class". It works, it's easier, use it dammit. Also stop writing code for which there is already code. here's what you wrote: public void sendToUser(PrintWriter writer, String message){ writer.println(message); writer.flush();} You know what the problem is? you had to do the following to use this: PrintWriter writer = getUser(username).getClient();sendToUser(writer, message); I don't know where you read this, or when you thought this was a good idea. Or even why you didn't notice that you can already just do getUser(username).client because all the variables are defined as package meaning you can access them. yes, you even wrote getters and setters for something when the object in question didn't need them. But let's not mind the fact that the ClientThread object you are grabbing right there has a very nice method already implemented. called you can just do clientThread.sendMessage(message) whenever you want. On every ClientThread object you want. Why did you put this wasted effort. Your code is literally littered with this. too stuck to actually what you learned then to analyse what you need. Practices you learned in class which you implement blindly. All your incessant failures to read the code which already is there and works. And trying to fix what isn't broken. let's not forget all your favourite System.out.println() you have, not even bothering to remove them after testing and not using the showOnLog() method to actually like, put it in the GUI which we made to catch problems. To conclude, I'm not going to miss you guys, I'm really not. And I won't enjoy any other group tasks I have to do, with anyone. </rant>
  6. As you may or may not know, I have a Music Tech class in school, and in it we use Reason (a music sequencer program) to do music thiiiiiiings. Last week we began our first assignment, a 32-bar song, and it was due yesterday. And because it's the class I care the most about, I got it in all finished and on time, and I added extra 33rd bar! Extra credit! So yeah, just felt like it'd be fun to show it off a bit. I used the melody from Zelda: Ocarina of Time's "Temple of Time/Song of Time" song, hence why I called it a "remix".
  7. Archetypes in the Television Series “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic” The series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is a television show filled with morals and story lines that contain numerous examples of archetypes. An archetype is a universally recognized theme across literature and can be used to determine the tone of a scene based on the setting and/or character types. The 3 archetypes noticed most in the show are: The Fairy Godmother, Underdog, and The Helping Animals. The Fairy Godmother is supposed to be an old or wise woman who helps the main characters when they face difficult challanges. The Underdog is a character that no one believes can win and all odds are normally against them. The Helping Animals are the animals that help a character achieve a goal, whether it be direct or indirect. The first archetype noticed by those who watch the show is The Fairy Godmother. The character that best fits this title would be Princess Celestia. She is the alicorn pony (a pony with both Pegasus wings and a unicorn horn) responsible for raising the sun for light to shine over all of Equestria. The only other alicorn in existence is Princess Luna, who is Celestia’s sister and is responsible for raising the moon at night to allow all the ponies to rest. Celestia helps the main 6 characters realize the life lessons that come out of their hardships and gives them advice when they are in an especially bad situation. Taking all of this into consideration, she best fits the role of The Fairy Godmother in the series. A second archetype that is extremely noticeable in the episode “Dragonshy” is The Underdog. The Underdog in this episode is Fluttershy, the animal loving Pegasus pony. In this episode, the main 6 ponies have been asked by Princess Celestia to go wake up a dragon in a mountain cave and get it to move because of the smoke that comes out of its snout when it snores. Without taking action, all of Equestria would be covered in smoke for a very long time because dragons sleep for several years at once. Before the ponies go up the mountain, Fluttershy makes her fear of dragons much known by repeatedly saying she’s not going. Despite their friends fear, the others were confident that Fluttershy could get the dragon to leave because of her special connection with animals. Eventually, they get up to the cave and when Fluttershy runs away, each of the ponies unsuccessfully try to get the dragon to move. The last pony to try to move the dragon was Fluttershy’s very close friend Rainbow Dash, who was injured during her attempt. After giving up hope, Fluttershy musters up the courage to save her friends and give the dragon a stern talking to that made the dragon leave. Fluttershy is the perfect example of an Underdog archetype because even after everyone gave up hope and the odds were against her, she still got the dragon to move. The Helping Animals archetype in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic can be personified by the large group of butterflies that saved filly Fluttershy in the episode “The Cutie Mark Chronicles”. In this episode, all of the ponies are telling the stories of how they got their cutie marks (the mark on a pony’s flank that symbolizes their special talent in life). Fluttershy’s story starts in Cloudsdale Coliseum when she is knocked off of a cloud by a gust of wind made by a few other Pegasus ponies racing. Fluttershy, being an exceptionally weak flyer for her age, was unable to save herself and began her rapid descent to the ground below. Although she was certain that she was going to hit the ground, a large group of butterflies down below caught her before she could hit the ground. After she was put on the ground, she discovers that she has a special connection with animals and gets her cutie mark, which is a group of three pink butterflies similar to the ones who saved her. The butterflies are the best example of The Helping Animals because they not only saved Fluttershy’s life, but also helped in the process of receiving her cutie mark.