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Found 15 results

  1. Is there any Attack On Titan fans that like to roleplay, because I do!
  2. So I have some cool news. I have requested my first ever commission! A good friend of mine, Lapis Rabbit, has answered the call, and it is amazing. I present to you, *drum roll despite me not having drums to roll even then why would I roll drums they are for playing not rolling oh well* Kyoshi (me) in Attack on Titan, one of my favorite shows of all time! Seriously. SERIOUSLY. How cool is this? I love it! ^-^ Me swinging and stuff. Punching titans in the nose....with blades. Friggin awesome. Lapis did an incredible job and I couldn't be more happy with it. ^-^ Well, I have it as my avatar and my sig already so, that is a sign I think. Here is the version without the background as well: Here is his ( Lapis Rabbit's) Deviant Art, go check him out! Friggin stoked how awesome this is. <3
  3. So what's your opinion or reason on why the Attack on Titan live-action movies sucked badly? And why....
  4. Eyyy, talk about all stuff Titan here! Just watch out for major spoilers. If you don't know what AOT is, just uhhh... Watch this.
  5. The voice actors have been confirmed, and I took it upon myself to see if the voice actors have acted for any other famous animes/games. Yuuki Kaji as Phoenix Wright Yuki Kaji also plays Eren Jeager from Attack on Titan! That means you'll be hearing "OBJECTION!" from this guy: Aoi Yuuki as Maya Fey also plays Yuki Konno in Sword Art Online 2, and plays Tornado of Terror in One Punch man. Masashi Tamaki as Miles Edgeworth played Zant in Hyrule Warriors Chie Nakamuara as Mia Fey also played Sakura Haruno in Naruto. Masami Iwasaki as Dick Gumshoe also played Roland in Yu-Gi-Oh. Tooru Nara as Larry Butz played Gorota Kumashima in Yo-Kai Watch
  6. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD I have been watching the anime, "Attack on Titan" lately, and it is REALLY intense. From people dying, to me shipping Jean and Marco and then Marco dying, to Eren being a Titan somehow, this show is filled with emotional moments. I usually end up holding in the feels until I am alone, not wanting anyone to see me squealing and ranting about stuff. But, the series is really good. I love how there is always a sense of "oh my gosh, I hope he doesn't die," that makes me always want to watch more. For some reason, I love anime with dark themes, such as "Deathnote" and "Tokyo Ghoul". What are your feelings about "Attack on Titan"?
  7. Yes. This has happened. This is very much a thing. Just remember to read it right to left like a manga.
  8. My favorite part from The Walking Dead was the part where Tyrese Hallucinated after being bit by a zombie (walker). The scene to me was very emotional and sad. Especially when the girls were holding his arm, and when they were in the car saying "Everything is better now."
  9. Okay so I started watching it. Can't stop. I'm currently at episode 11. Who else watches it, and why? Do you like it or dislike it? Oh, and who is your favorite? Mine? Levi. Alright, bye!
  10. The Kill La Kill Squad have five minutes to make up a plan and to read up on Eren. Once that's done, they're dropped inside of Wall Maria(which means the territory is unfamiliar). Eren is pissed because he hasn't had his Snickers and wants to kill them off. The Kill La Kill squad is going for the kill as well, but they can win by exhausting Eren out of Titan form if it comes down to it. Everyone is at their regular current power level Bonus Round: Super Saiyan Ryuko and Flaming Eren are tossed into the mix
  11. For those who don't know who TeamFourStar is, they are a group of people who make abridged versions (basically comedic twists of already existing media) of different animes, such as Dragon Ball Z, Hellsing Ultimate and Attack on Titan. They also have several videos of them playing different games, sometimes impersonating their characters giving the impression that those characters are the ones playing. You can check them out here; As for those of you who are fellow fans, do you quote their characters and for what purpose/situation? (Mentioning who says it is optional) As for me; "Mineminemineminemine!"- I usually say it when I rush towards something I want. Spoken by Vegeta. "Everything dies!"- After killing a lot of video game enemies. Again, Vegeta. "That's it! Killing you both!"- Usually said right before a double-kill. Vegeta. "Boom. Headshot!"- Altough it doesn't originate from TeamFourStar, I still like impersonating Alucard when I say. "Oh no! Everyone's dead!"- Often said when I find out my whole team is dead. Spoken by Krillin. "Naaaail! (Insert order)!"- I jokingly say it when I want someone to do something. Spoken by Super Kami Guru. "You want this (insert object)?"- Often said when someone else wants something or wants me to pass them something. Often repeated thrice before I give the desired object. Spoken by Turles Everything Nappa says. After all, he is hilarious and you will quote everything he says.
  12. Anyone want to join the guild Ponies kill Titans on the Attack on Titan Tribute Game? Also this guild is open to everyone and anyone
  13. Titans were just humans, and humans were just realllly tiny?
  14. Does anybody else play this awesome game? To those who haven't played it yet, it can be played here So for those who have played it, feel free to chat about the game here. You can talk about strategies, tips, things you'd like to see added in the game, and more. Anyways, I'll start of by saying that my favorite character is Petra. I always play her, and I like her special. It's a little tricky to get the hang of at first, but once you learn how to use it it's pretty convenient. Also, my friends and I have tried to fight both the Colossal titan, and the Female Titan before but we haven't been victorious yet. We are getting better at the game as time goes on though.
  15. right here's the deal Im wanting to make a sfm version of the first attack on titan opening but i don't have any form of map that can resemble attack on titan's city so if you could point me in the direction of one or build me one i would be very grateful (if you build one you will be credited on your YouTube name and/or forum name)