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Found 34 results

  1. ALL ROLES FOR EPISODE 1 HAVE BEEN FILLED. THIS CASTING CALL IS NOW CLOSED. What This Project Is. Doctor Whooves: Living Legacy is a planned 12-episode crossover radio drama / audio play between Doctor Who and My Little Pony: Friendship is magic. What sets this version of Doctor Whooves apart from others is the fact that the Doctor in this story is not, in fact, the same doctor as from Doctor Who. He is instead someone who met The Doctor as a foal, and through an unfortunate string of events, winds up absorbing several of the Doctor's traits and memories. These include a longer life span and regeneration. He then becomes the Doctor's living legacy in this other universe. The story will follow the second incarnation of The Legacy Doctor, as he is called, as he works to figure out who he is, and whether or not he truly wants to be the Doctor of the MLP universe. Alongside him are, of course, his companions. In this case, they are Lyra Heartstrings, Bon Bon, and on occasion, Derpy Hooves. As of the writing of this casting call, the scripts for Episodes 1, 2, and 3 are all written, and an outline for the whole series has already been written up. What I Am Needing. As things are, I am capable of handling the assembly of the episodes, the writing of the scripts, and maybe even to a lesser extent episode artwork (Although I would rather someone more skilled than I take on that job.) I also have the capacity to voice several of the characters in the series, including the main villain and some of the side characters in individual episodes. However, I cannot do every conceivable voice under the sun. As such, this post is written so I can see about getting voice actors on board for this project. There are three documents I will link to, and each one contains a list of characters, their personalities, voice types, and audition lines. The first document contains a list of the main cast members, the second document the supporting and secondary cast members, and document three has a list of voices for episode 1 only. MAIN CAST ROLES SUPPORTING AND SECONDARY CAST ROLES EPISODE 1 ROLES Audition Guidelines. Feel free to audition for as many characters as you want. Please supply each character audition in a separate .wav file containing however many takes of each of the audition lines as you feel is appropriate. Supply a different file for each character you are auditioning for. This will make it easier on my end for organizing the auditions. Send your Auditions to Alternatively, you can submit your auditions at the Casting Call Club website here: Link to CCC Audition Page. Additionally... Here is a link to the Public Discord Server for discussing this project and keeping up-to-date with announcements and other specific progress. If you are chosen for a part, then you Must be willing and able to use the Discord messaging app, as that is how I am keeping in communication with all members of the team. THE CURRENT DEADLINE IS THE 9TH OF SEPTEMBER!
  2. Welp, I'm doing something I've never done before. I'm drawing a full scene of an audio drama. Backgrounds, props, different angles, an entire conversation, the whole shebang. Yay. Okay real-talk: this is nerve-wracking for me. I'm taking a major leap from occasionally doing digital headshots of certain characters to... this. I've been practicing, and I must not be total trash for my audition to have been accepted, but it's still kind of scary. Oh well. Anyway, on to what I need. The scene I've been assigned to draw takes place in a Cloudsdale cafe, and common sense dictates that a cafe have customers within it. I don't have an OC, and no one I know personally has a Pegasus OC that I can think of. And I don't feel like looking up background Pegasi to fill in the background. Sounds like a lonely cafe. So, if you have a Pegasus OC, and would like them featured in the audio drama, post a reference for them down below. I'm hoping to get at least a dozen. If, by any chance I get more than that, I may not be able to include all of them. So, unless the list of volunteers is more barren than the Mojave, I have to ask that each person only list one OC. I need to get drawing ASAP, so time is of the essence. Two days is the longest I can put this off, so try to get them in soon. Thanks!
  3. Episode 1 of a new audio drama series called The Return of Villainy is now up on YouTube. It features original art and a cast of extremely talented voice actors and actresses. For any interested in taking part in the creation of The Return of Villainy, a casting call will be created in the near future, including an opening for my role, General Mantis, as I am no longer capable of recording for the team.
  4. Hi, I know I don't normally (or ever) post on here. I'm creating a MLP: EQG audio drama that focuses on the five Crystal Prep Shadowbolts, Sour Sweet, Lemon Zest, Sugarcoat, Sunny Flare, and Indigo Zap. I plan on making this not some cheesy, generic high school drama. I'm currently looking for artists who'll be interested in joining me on this project (that's mainly why I posted this journal. I'm a really shy person, even on the internet, and I'm too shy to ask people.) I'm also currently looking for VA’s for the Shadow Five at the moment. (There will be other characters and BG, but I'm focused on these five). Everything you need to know is in the document below: here's a link to Casting Call Club you're interested, feel free to comment below or slide in my dm.I really hope you are able to join me on the quest to make this happen. I'm so excited thinking about this and I hope you are too! If you're interested in this project but can't participate in anyway. It would be very nice if you would spread the word about this project. (also...not sure if this was the right place to put this)
  5. Hello! My name is Papyton, you can call me Paps for short. I'm kind of new to the site, so if you are interested, I would suggest that you contact me via Skype or message me in my ask box on my Tumblr. I am currently in need of a few VAs, for an audio drama. The main cast is as listed: Twilight Sparkle: We will need at least a slightly decent impression of Twilight, but are open to slightly younger sounding voices. Time Turner- ALREADY CAST Celestia: Again we need at least a slight resemblance in voice to the original Celestia's voice Blueblood: Snobby male voice is really all we need, someone who sounds close to as old he is would work Spike: We already have a few people who we are reviewing but feel free to contact me about it​​​​​​​​​ ​​Now for the secondary characters we have quite a few who will reappear for multiple episodes: Pinkie Pie: its the same with any of the other charcters who exist in the mane six group, we need it to have the same vocal cadence, or something relatively close Fluttershy: *see Pinkie Pie* Rainbow Dash: A rough but feminite voice would work just fine Mayor Mare: Mildly similar voice Timber: a slightly tenor voice who can act arrogant and cocky Bulk Biceps: If we could get someone with a really deep voice that would be awesome Jellius: the stallion that is obsessed with jelly, we are open to any voice type Guards 1&2: One male and one female would fit nicely, any kind of voice would be fine Bartender: Relaxed male voice Hostess: Preppy feminite voice Ditzy: We already have someone who is also being reviewed, but if you would like to try out, make sure to contact me and I will see what I can do. Okay so that's about it for characters who are needed, if you've done voice acting before you'll recognize these rules for auditions and recording- Always have a quiet space to record, if you can try to record in a small space without echoes or background noises such as a closet or a bathroom. A good microphone can bring you far in the voice acting industry, if you are looking for a good microphone I would suggest the Blue Yeti, its around 40-60 dollars and has a great sound to it. Audacity is a blessing to all editors, its free to download and use, I would suggest having it when you audition!
  6. Hi everypony, maybe you like audiobooks, dramatic readings and audio dramas of MLP fanfics just like me. There are many people on youtube, who create such things but after you listen to readings posted on the most famous channels it can get quite hard do find more content. So, I thought, I could put together a list of youtubers I ‘ve discovered so far, share it and save others the trouble of searching the endless space of youtube. The other reason I post this is I would like to ask you, if you could share any dramatic reader channels I missed. · Scribbler Production · TheLostNarrator · Magpiepony · Thornquill Audiofics · Astro-brony · Chaotic · Crafty Reads · Creepypastasalad · DRWolf001 · Emogak · Forest Rain · Goomba Guy Videos · GutiuSerenade · Jonty Jig · Keyframe Production · Luvlessi · Nimbus Production · Solar Pony · ShadowofCygnus · Silver Pony Players · The Brony Chronicler · Visualpony thenarrator · Deftfunk · Neighrator Pony · Iliya Leonov AKA Morgan Freepony · BogyleBronies
  7. Hello! Swivel here, I've been working on making a dr who/MLP crossover audio drama, because this fandom surely needs more of them. (not, this is pretty much for fun) Anyway, the time has come for me to be looking for talented voice actors to voice the characters as well as an editor to check over my script. Details can be found here: If you would prefer to email me your audition, please use the lines in the link, separate each character into a different file, and name the files with you name and the name of the character you're auditioning for. You can email auditions to I'm also looking for an editor, the more nitpicky the better. You can either do as requested in the casting call or simply tell me why you'd be a good editor for this project. Keep in mind, I'm not simply looking for someone to check spelling and grammar, but also story, pacing, how the dialog flows, and more. If you have any questions about this project, or think you might be able to help in some other way, feel free to post here or message me!
  8. I just started a new Fanfic, and would love to turn it into an audio drama, but have no voice actors. Also need art of course. It's Called Twilight's Secret and is a DARK fanfiction so if you have a problem with that, please don't reply. I need voices for: Twilight Sparkle (main role) Flash Sentry Spike Princess Celestia Cadence Shining Armor Rainbow Dash Applejack Fluttershy Rarity Pinkie Pie Soren And a few OCs You can read chapter 1 here:
  9. Hi there, In case no one knows, I'm still relatively new to all of this, and even though it worked for me last time, I am not sure if this is still the best place for me to post a request like this, but once again, I am in desperate need of help. Near the end of 2015, I've posted a topic on the Requests Guild here on MLP Forums, regarding the need for voice actors in an upcoming audio drama I've been working on for almost two years. The audio drama is a reading of the story on FIMFiction, The Youth in the Garden. Since then, I have managed to fine an almost complete cast for the audio project I'm working on, but I am still missing three more voice actors needed for three other characters in the audio drama, and these characters are Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, and Princess Celestia. Because I wish to set this project in motion before I head off to college, I need to get this project underway. I was this close to getting the first chapter of the story on Youtube, when unfortunately, one of my most important VA's deserted on the project. I did managed to get it resolved by finding a replacement voice actor and now that I am so close to releasing the first chapter of the story, I'm still missing the voices of Twilight, Rarity, and Princess Celestia, whom the they will appear in the third and fourth chapter of the story. I really like to finish this audio drama as soon as possible before heading off to college, and I desperately need help to do so. I don't expect help from a novice like myself, but if you're willing to help me out, I am more happy to do so. Just recently, I posted a new video on Youtube regarding The Youth in the Garden. The first part of the video you can ignore, what I really need is the voice actors for the three characters I am still missing for this audio project. The casting call information is in a Google Doc link posted in the video description. The deadline for the auditions is on August 12, 2016 at 11:59 PM EST. Again, I don't expect any help from anyone, but if you're more than happy to help, I will be forever grateful for your contribution. If you happen to know someone who does voice acting and/or likes MLP, more importantly, if they're any good at voicing one of the three characters, or even all of them, I ask you, please share this topic with them. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know in the comments or send me a private message. Thank you for taking your time to read this topic. ~Mr. Storyteller
  10. While I am not 100% sure this is the right subforum, today I share with y'all my collection of fanfics I've done narration for. I generally release a new recording on Sunday and Wednesday, unless it's a multi-chapter story then it's M/W/F. I have quite a few stories queued up in the near term, but I'm always open to suggestions. I even include downloads for each chapter, so you can take them on the go. :grin2:
  11. Hello every-pony if you're interested in lending a hoof to help make my first of many audio drama's a hit then you're in the right place follow this link to my audition information video to find our how to be apart of L.I.L (Lord in love) Link:
  12. HI there, I'm currently working on an upcoming audio drama of a story on FIMFiction called 'The Youth in the Garden.' There are a lot of roles in this fic, such as Fluttershy, Twilight, Princess Celestia, and much more. If you're interested in helping out, check out the teaser trailer down below. Down in the video's description you'll find a Google Doc titled 'Casting Call for 'The Youth in the Garden' Audio Drama. From there, you'll know just about all the details you need to know on how to submit your auditions and the characters you can audition for. Auditions are due on December 31st, 2015 at 11:59 P.M. EST. Good luck auditioning folks! If you have any questions, feel free to let me know. ~Mr. Storyteller
  13. Greetings to whoever happens to stumble by into this topic. I'm Mr. Storyteller, but on FIMFiction, I'm known as the JimDavis23. First off, if you're reading this, then I'd like to thank you for your time. Second, what is this about you may ask? Well, I'm currently working on an audio book of a fanfic I found on FIMFiction about a year ago called 'The Youth in the Garden'. You can find the link below this paragraph. Link: Now, I've been planning to do a reading of this story ever since September of 2014. During that time, I was in contact with the author of the story in order to learn about some history from the story and get him to write a blog to ask for VAs. So far, I have no luck on getting any voice actors to send in their auditions yet. Perhaps it is because I have not set a deadline for the auditions yet. Still, his blog did help me get a few people who want to be involved in the voice acting. The only problem is that I haven't found someone who can do a Fluttershy impression. I've asked a few VAs on Youtube if they can help me out, but it seems they aren't able to. So, I came up with an idea to do a sort of teaser trailer of the reading to try and hopefully get more voice actors into joining up and set up a deadline for auditions. If you happen to have a good Fluttershy impression, along with a good mic, would you be so kind in helping me provide just a few voices for the teaser trailer I'm working on? Here is the link to the teaser (Fluttershy's lines are highlighted). Link: If you're also interested in auditioning for Fluttershy in the actual reading, feel free to page me either here or on my FIMFiction. Thank you so much for taking your time to read this post.
  14. Would you like a jelly filly? No? Alright then, then would you like to participate in a Doctor Whooves audio drama? It's an Audio Drama, Starring the 4th Doctor,and his three companions, Carrot Top, Scootaloo (As a teen), and a Friendly Special Weopons Dalek named Daleksik. As they travel through time and space and meet friends and foes on multiple planets and dimensions. Currently, Voices are needed for the following characters. The 4th Doctor Carrot Top Scootaloo--Taken by Dark Blizzard Daleksik (has stuttering and glitching in his speech, sometimes breaks into binary code) Mechonoid Supreme Dalek,(has a deeper voice.) Regular Daleks Davros The Kandypony (Ponified Kandyman) Celestia--Taken by firebolt voices Luna--Taken by Dark Blizzard Derpy Cheesy Calzone and English Muffin (Canterlot Chefs that pop up in various episodes, give Calzone an Italian accent and Muffin an English one) Fancy Pants Changeling Big Mac Cybermen The Master I would also like if artists could provide title cards like other Doctor Whooves Audio Dramas (the adventures of the doctor and Luna for example) I also need Audio Editors for the series, if your interested in this position, PM me. Now that may be a lot to ask, but I'm planning on waiting as long as I have to for someone to reply. Now thank you and good night! Are you reconsidering on that Jelly Filly?
  15. Hi, I have decided that audio plays are too much to do on my own and I am only passionate in my own writing skills so I'll help anybody in their audio play as long as I'm not needed too much, because others might need me. I am interested in alternate realities (non-crossover wise, I only do Doctor Whooves crossover universes though.) And whatever concept that makes me hooked so give me your best shot on the details, if you don't feel like sharing spoilers though that's ok although you are welcome to pm me if you don't want to tell the public (either on this website on youtube.) That's all, share what you have in mind for me below
  16. Hi there!! I'm working on an audio cast recording of 'Alice in Wonderland', with the intention of doing it as a charity project. I am looking for people with VA experience who would be interested in performing for this. If you want to take part, find me on Skype (my Skype name is smudge5001) or send me a message on here and I can tell you a bit more Thanks, Starshine
  17. Hi, I am in need of a scene artist for my Doctor Whooves audio drama. I'm thinking about a total of 5 scenes per episode. If you don't want to do that, you can draw one cover per episode. Thanks!
  18. Hello everybody! I'm starting a new audio series on my channel called "Technically Reel Life". A mini series, 5-10 minutes per episode, about my ponysona Tech Reel moving to Ponyville. Before you say anything..Yes I know, it's not the most original idea, but I still think it'll be fun and I can put my own twists on it. In fact, as the series progresses, I plan for the story to take quite a turn..but let's focus on what's needed right now. First off, I need an editor. Specifically a sound effect/music editor. While I'm able to assemble all the dialogue, I'm not familiar with how to work with sound effects or fit music to a scene. That will be your mission(if you choose to accept it), applying the appropriate sound effects to match the script as well as fitting background music for each scene. I have yet to decide what the scheduling is for this series. All I know is it will either be weekly or bi-monthly. I just thought I'd mention this so you can get some sort of idea about how often I'll need you to edit, so it won't be a problem later. I'm looking for a style that is similar to audio series' like "Doctor Whooves and Assitant". If you'd like to help out and be the editor for this series, comment below with an examle of what you can do or have done. --- Quick note, none of this is paid work. This is for people who wish to volunteer their time and talent. Though you will of course get credit for your contribution. Moving on to the voice actors/actresses. --- I will eventually need the Mane Six, as well as other various characters..BUT for now with this first episode, I only need Twilight, so that's who I will focus on finding right now If you are interested in being the Twilight Sparkle of this series, leave a comment with your best Twi voice. Here are some lines from the first episode you can audition with: --- "Hi, you must be the newest resident here." "You have nothing to worry about. Ponyville is very welcoming for newcomers, even really awkward ones." "Well your new house is all ready for you to move in. There's some basic furniture that you can replace as desired, and plenty of space fo decoration." *excited* "Great! I better tell Pinkie! She'll bring out the cannon..oh hopefully you don't get caked like the last new pony, well donkey..*trots away*" --- So that's it for now! Hope to hear from you editors and va's soon!
  19. Heyo guys! I'm planning to make a mini audio series and I need some sound effects. Ya know, like hooves walking and running. Different noises for objects too. Doors opening and closing, interactions with various items, things like that Where can I find these? (especially the hooves)
  20. Adventures in Odyssey is a Christian audio drama series. You may think that the episodes are meant to teach Christianity, which is true! However, they deliver the message in such a way that anyone can be involved. They're very much like MLP in that the episodes are 20-25 minutes long and can extend for several episodes if the drama is epic enough. For anyone who's heard of the series, you're welcome to talk about it here! If anyone wants to be involved with the episode, you can go to to listen to some radio episodes, or look around the internet to download nearly 1000 episodes!
  21. So, I'm currently the only writer in the series Equestria: Hidden History. Our original writer left in March, and so far, my time constraints and writer's block have made me only able to do one episode so far. I'm looking for other writers to both bounce ideas off of as far as dialogue and transitions, as well as to help write the scripts. We have the overall storyline written for the entire season, as well as the finale devised for the series end. But, unfortunately, I've reached a slight impasse, and could use the help from other skilled writers. PM me, quote me, or contact me at for details and with a sample of your writing if you'd like to be involved. Thanks.
  22. Reposting this from my blog. After some thought I've decided that I'm going to try and get this idea off the ground. This is the first fan project I've ever worked, I have literally zero experience with fan projects other than reviews so I'm going to need quite a bit of help. One of the first things that I'm going to need is some writers. I can come up with ideas easily but story telling is something I've never really done. So here's I'm looking for: I'm looking for people who I can bounce ideas off of whilst coming up with some ideas of their own, people who can turn these ideas into stories. The dialog will be up to you guys. I'm also looking for people who have had some experience with writing stories (fanfics or original stories you've come up with I don't care which) and are familiar with the original source material. MLP I think we're all familiar with but you also have to be familiar with The Crow as well. If you aren't go read The Comics (Not all of them but at least the first story. Reading 'The Crow: Dead Time' helps too.) AND watch the movie (only the first one is necessary. I wouldn't wish City of Angels on anybody. XD) then decide if you want to be a part of this project. For those of you that have Netflix just letting you know that the movie's up there. And keep in mind only apply if you're in this for fun. This is a fandom project after all and therefore non-profit. We won't be getting anything out of this other than the satisfaction of knowing that we made an audio drama. That's pretty much it, if you're interested send a PM my way or post in this thread.
  23. Since there seems to be an increased interest in audio dramas, I've been thinking about trying to put one together for my fanfic, The Crimson Rage. (A summary for those that haven't read it: "A disease caught in the Everfree Forest must be cured before it is too late..." It's kind of like a zombie infection story, but without any blood or extreme violence.) I'm personally able to handle music/sfx in the background of the reading, but as I have no voice acting talent whatsoever, I will need a lot of help with the actual reading. There are a lot of parts in it, since it features pretty much all the major characters. In particular, I will need (in order of appearance): Narrator (easily the most lines, since it's pretty much everything BUT the dialogue) Rainbow Dash Applejack Big McIntosh (doesn't have a lot of lines, surprise surprise ) Twilight Sparkle Rarity Pinkie Pie Apple Bloom Sweetie Belle Scootaloo Spike Fluttershy Zecora Cheerilee (only has one line, and some reaction sounds) Mrs. Cake (not a lot of lines) Mr. Cake (only has one line) Random ponyville inhabitants (no actual lines of dialogue, probably just background sound stuff, I'm sure they can be provided by the other voice actors if needed) (It should be noted that since it's a scary story, several of the characters will need to be able to sound scared at various parts.) If there's enough interest in this, I think we should go for it. Six chapters (each at least 30k words) is a lot to do, but I think it can be done if we can keep it all organized. So if you're interested in taking part in it, let me know here. Thanks!
  24. I went to their panel at BronyCAN!!! The one Fan Animation that looked promising and it got cancelled!! It was even going to be the length of a full movie, it looked so cool!! Well, at least we're getting it as an audio drama. It'll be like 2/3rds of Patrick Troughton's tenure as the Second Doctor.
  25. Final update Casting Call is now CLOSED. UPDATE: Auditions end 5 July! All auditions need to be in by that time. Updated update: The Role of Discord has been cast. But DO try out for the other roles. Voice actors (and actresses) needed for a slight reboot for our series. New writer, new cast, new everything. (Well, mostly) Characters needed: Princess Celestia: Pretty self explanatory. She's both a sort of 'narrative' force at the beginning and a key component in the series as it goes. Reference: I think you can guess… Princess Luna: Luna is slowly being consumed by a dark force, her performance must show this. She's sad at what is happening to her, but at the same time, the dark force is taking more and more control over her. Reference: Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon (more the tone of Nightmare Moon, with the voice of Luna) Silver Lining: Male He's the 'hero' of our story, trying to find Princess Luna and bring her home safely. He's smart, but hides it behind a facade of humour and one liners. He plays dumb, but has a clever undercurrent that shows when he needs it to. Reference: Pete Lattimer from Warehouse 13, or Shawn Spencer from Psych (or a slightly more serious Pinkie Pie…) Indistinct voices 1&2: Ghostly dream-world voices. Guides (sort of) to Silver while he's in the dream world. Reference: A mix of Gollum/Smeagol and the stereotypic ghost children in most horror films. HAS BEEN TAKEN: Discord: Pretty self explanatory, just like in the series, but a little less mature. Reference: think Q from Next Generation. Audition Lines: Celestia: Without proof of his duplicity, any action I made against him would incite further action to his cause. I needed to tread carefully. Have you any evidence of what you claim? Or do you believe your word is evidence enough? Luna: (Crying softly) (SOUNDING STARTLED AND CONFUSED): Silver? What are you doing here? How... how did you get here? NIGHTMARE MOON (BLENDING WITH LUNA): No! Wait... Help me... come save me... I'm with the Gryphons... Danger... Silver: *yawns* Morning already? *stutters* My voice?! What happened to my voice?! (Groans, tired) We've been walking all day. I want to save Luna as much as anypony, but can we rest for a little while? I'm exhausted. And we skipped lunch. Indistinct Voices 1&2: (INDISTINCT VOICE 1: "Where am I?" Who am I? /What/ am I? (Incoherent whispers) INDISTINCT VOICE 2: What is it? INDISTINCT VOICE 1: I think it's a pony. INDISTINCT 2: A pony, a pony... is it a little hoarse? INDISTINCT 1: Very little. TAKEN: Discord: *mocking laugh* Oh, what's wrong, Silver Lining? *demeaning tone* Don't like the new voice? Hmm... I could change it. You're no fun, /mon Chambrelyn/. Fine, I'll cut to the chase. There's been a disturbance in the force, and I need you two ponies to fix it. Post auditions either to this topic, or send them to me or MasterChaoss, who is the director of the series, and thus has final say to casting.