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Found 11 results

  1. AN: This is one of my earlier pony fanfics. It has not been completed. I realize it may be a bit rough, as well as containing an OC. FiMFiction Link Description When Luna finds a stranger in the castle garden, she is unsure of how to act around another pony. But as the relationship between the two ponies grows, Luna hints about secrets in her past. There are some nightmare's that you can't wake up from. Chapter 1 Princess Luna walked through the garden at the back of the castle. It was something she often did since her return from exile. She had gotten so used to being alone. She wasn't used to dealing with other ponies. Not to mention, after 1000 years, there were so many more ponies than there had been. There were new towns, and cities—sometimes Luna even got lost in the castle. Everything was new, like Luna was a newborn foal. In this garden, Luna could be alone, and the world outside faded away. It was almost like being back on the moon. Well, except that it was prettier and smelled nicer, and there were sounds of birds, and, if she wanted, her sister was usually right inside the castle. There was a sudden rustle in the bushes nearby. It wasn't unusual for squirrels or rabbits or other small critters to to run around the garden. Still, Luna's head looked to the right, in the direction of the sound. “Hello?” she tentatively called. No one, not even her sister, ever came to the garden. The only ponies who were ever in the garden other than Luna were the caretakers, and when Luna showed up they always made themselves scarce. Luna had never spoken with any of them. She moved toward the bushes, which hadn't made another sound or movement. She parted them with her hooves, and let out a small surprised scream, stepping back. The other pony had been lying on the ground trying to hide, but she quickly stood up when she was discovered. Luna came and parted the bushes again. The other pony, a pure black Pegasus with a silvery mane, stood for a moment. Then she quickly bowed down. “Your majesty! I-I'm sorry.” The pony stammered. Your majesty? That as a strange thing to be called, Luna thought. She wasn't sure what to do. Here was a strange pony, in her garden. Had she been spying on her? She used her best authoritative voice when she spoke, looking down at the filly. “What are you doing here?” “I'm sorry! I was trespassing, I know.” The pony quivered slightly. “That still doesn't explain what you were doing here!” “I just—I was admiring the garden. I like it. I—” she paused and gulped. “Nopony ever came here before you came back.” So, she wasn't she said. It was then that Luna noticed that the Pegasus was still bowing. “Oh, you can get up now!” She stood, nearly as tall as Luna. Lying on the ground, Luna had thought she was a filly. Now she could see that she was a young mare. “Why is it you were in the garden?” Luna puffed out her chest slightly, trying to seem more superior and authoritative. “I...I like to come her. It's quiet. And alone.” The mare looked at the ground as if she was ashamed. Luna was taken aback. She herself came here to be alone, in a quiet place, away from other ponies. Other ponies had friends, and lives, and real jobs. Right now, Luna had nothing. Well, she had a large castle and a plethora of guards and a lonely garden, but nothing that gave meaning to life. Luna's train of thought was broken when the black pony cleared her throat. She'd been staring at the black pony, who looked up at Luna as things went awkwardly silent. “You should leave.” Luna said firmly. The black Pegasus' eyes went wide. “Leave? Shouldn't—aren't I to be punished?” Luna hadn't even thought of the fact that she had the authority to punish other ponies. It wasn't like Equestria had a high crime rate, so never before had she had to give out a “punishment.” “Well, uh, just don't let it happen again.” Luna's voice lacked authority this time, having been caught off-guard. “Al-Alright then.” The Pegasus slowly walked to the far end of the garden, and Luna followed a short way behind her. When she reached the back wall, her wings flapped and she left the ground. She paused at the top of the wall, standing on it, and stretched out her wings to glide off. “Wait!” Luna called, taking a couple steps closer to the wall. She saw the Pegasus wobble on top of the wall, and then get her balance. Her head turned back to look at Luna. “Will you come back?” What compelled Luna to ask, she wasn't sure, but she knew that for some reason, she needed this mare. “What do you mean, your majesty?” The strange black Pegasus asked, wobbling slightly on the wall again as a gust of wind blew from behind her. Luna yelled back up at her. “Will you come back to the garden and see me?” “When?” “Tomorrow, at the same time.” “If that is your wish, your majesty.” The Pegasus turned and prepared to leave once again. Luna turned as well, to go back inside, but turned back to speak once more. “It's Luna, if you please.” The Pegasus turned her head around once more. “If that is your wish, Princess Luna.” The black Pegasus jumped off the wall, gliding beyond Luna's view. Then she saw her rise into the sky, flapping her wings. The Pegasus made a u-turn and headed in the other direction, toward Ponyville would be. Luna watched her fly overhead, and mumbled to herself, “I meant just plain Luna.”
  2. AN: This piece by CrappyUnicorn seems appropriate. FiMFiction Link Description "Did you miss me, Celestia? I've missed you. It's quite lonely being encased in stone. But you wouldn't know that, would you, because I don't turn ponies into stone!" Discord's words rang in everypony's head at that moment, but were soon forgotten in the midst of his chaos. It is only Twilight Sparkle who has been constantly bothered by his words, relentlessly reminded of them no matter how hard she tries to forget. Now she must seek out somepony close to her, to find out if there is truth in his words.[/i] Chapter 1 Twilight Sparkle had been troubled ever since the battle against Discord. It wasn't about anything that he had done to her or her friends, rather, it was about something he said. "Did you miss me, Celestia? I've missed you. It's quite lonely being encased in stone. But you wouldn't know that, would you, because I don't turn ponies into stone!" Twilight had tried time and time again to push the thought from her mind. Twilight had spent many days in and around Canterlot Castle when she was growing up. She had always marveled at the large statues placed about the royal gardens, but she had never asked about them. They were just statues, after all. Or so she'd assumed. But after Discord's comment, Twilight began to wonder if there wasn't some hidden truth in it. She could never bring herself to write to Princess Celestia and ask, and so the question stayed, nagging at her day and night. So, hoping to find answers, Twilight Sparkle pays a visit to Canterlot Castle and Princess Celestia. After a few days, she finally worked up the courage to go and speak with her mentor and teacher. Twilight knows that her mind will never be at ease until she does—no matter what the answer may be. * * * “Princess Celestia?” Twilight peered in through the princess' bedroom door, unsure if she was intruding on something important. “Oh!” Celestia whipped her head around in the direction of the voice. Celestia had been sitting on a rug, staring out the window at the landscape and mountains beyond. She smiled when she saw who it was. “I didn't hear you come in. How can I help you, my faithful student?” Twilight gingerly stepped inside the princess' private quarters, closing the door behind her. Celestia's smile faded, and her expression was replaced with a quizzical look. “I must speak with you privately, if you have the time.” Twilight's voice was soft, almost timid. Celestia could tell that something wasn't right. “I always have time for you, Twilight. Come.” she gestured by her side. Celestia watched as Twilight approached, her slow steps lacking their usual gusto. Twilight did as she was bid and sat beside the princess, though she wouldn't meet her gaze. Twilight pawed at the floor with a hoof, fidgeting slightly. Celestia simply waited, wondering what could be bothering her pupil. Twilight cleared her throat, and Celestia's ears perked in anticipation. “It's about—“ Twilight paused nervously. “—something Discord said.” Twilight sighed, still unsure of herself. Maybe she should just leave and come back another day—or simply never ask at all. But she was ever so curious, and perhaps even a bit frightened, about what the answer might be or even how Celestia might react. Celestia herself sighed and gave a small smile, her eyes continuing to rove over Twilight's face. She wrapped a wing around her in a comforting embrace. “You don't have to worry about him, Twilight. What he did—it was hard on everypony. But I promise you, he's not—“ All of a sudden, in a seeming burst of courage, Twilight turned her face toward Celestia, looking her straight in the eyes. “H—Have you ever t—turned anypony into stone?” Just as quickly, Twilight covered her mouth with her hooves, and turned away from the princess. Her body was shaking, her mind racing through a hundred punishments she could receive for being so impudent. The smile faded instantly from Celestia's face, and she stared blankly at Twilight for a moment before slowly removing her wing and tucking it neatly to her side. Twilight flinched, expecting a rebuttal, but there was none. She slowly turned her head toward the princess, watching her out of the corner of her eye, still fearful. Celestia had turned away, glancing about the room as if she might find some escape, or to ensure that somepony else was not watching. Then she turned back toward Twilight, but her eyes stopped before she reached her pupil, instead fixating on the floor. She stared at the woodwork, perhaps hoping to find a suitable answer there, but realizing the truth was best left unavoided. Celestia gave a heavy sigh, and paused a moment before she spoke. “Yes, Twilight.” Twilight turned to face her mentor, immediately seeing the defeated look on Celestia's face. “But—but why princess? You're always so kind and understanding and generous and caring an—“ Celestia raised a hoof to stop her. Then she turned to Twilight, her face trying to be all seriousness, but Twilight could see a hint of sadness. “I wasn't always.” Twilight felt conflicted. She'd practically spent her whole life with the princess. She was never short on patience or understanding or kindness. But Twilight had expected an answer opposite to what she had been given. She had expected Celestia to smile, perhaps laugh even, at such a notion. She wasn't supposed to confirm Discord's words, she was supposed to debunk them! But, thinking about past events, there was that whole banishment ordeal. Princess Luna had been banished for a thousand years, and she was Celestia's sister. If Celestia was willing to give such a harsh punishment to somepony so close to her, what deeds was she capable of doing to other ponies in Equestria? There had been silence in the room for several minutes. Celestia finally looked over at Twilight, and could see that she was deep in thought. Celestia never would have brought up past incidents if she could help it. Everypony made mistakes that they regretted—even she. Twilight looked up at Celestia, and their eyes locked. “But princess—why?” Again, Celestia looked away, staring out toward the horizon. Her eyes closed as she focused, her face contorting as she worked to bring back long buried memories. All of a sudden, her eyes shot open, going wide. Her breathing increased rapidly, until she was almost gasping for breath. Twilight Sparkle backed away in fear; she could tell that Celestia was no longer with her in the room. “Princess—Princess Celestia?” Twilight called to her, unsure of what she should do. Again and again, she repeated the name of her leader, struggling to pull her back into reality. Celestia suddenly shook her head, closing her eyes and quivering. Her breathing was shaky, but it was becoming steadier. Twilight still stared at her from across the room, though no longer making any sound. Celestia looked at her, giving a last sigh before her breathing was under control again. The princess opened her mouth to speak, and then closed it again. Instead, she stood up, approaching Twilight slowly with a grim look on her face. Twilight's expression changed from scared to relieved, as she realized the princess was back. She stood, awaiting the princess, before she couldn't contain herself. Twilight rushed forward, pressing herself against Celestia's chest. Celestia was surprised at first, but gently wrapped her wings around her student. They stayed like this for a few minutes, and when Twilight looked up at her, the princess saw fresh tears on her face. “I—I'm sorry! I'm sorry I asked! I didn't realize—I didn't think—“ “Shh...” Celestia whispered, smiling down at the purple unicorn. With one wing, she wiped Twilight's tears away, while the other stroked her back soothingly. “You did nothing wrong.” “Are—are you alright?” Twilight sniffled. “Of course. I'm sorry if I frightened you.” she continued to comfort her faithful student. Twilight quickly wiped her eyes, reluctant to show weakness to her teacher. She was a grown adult, she should have been able to handle—whatever just happened. “What did you—where—“ Twilight tried to form the question into words, but her mind was still racing. Celestia leaned down and nuzzled Twilight. “It was just a memory. Alicorns never forget, and our memories never fade. Remembering something can sometimes be like reliving it all over again. What I saw—it's not important right now.” Twilight was of course curious as to what had caused Celestia to make such scene. But she knew better than to delve into the princess' private matters. As it was, that was technically why she was here in the first place. There was no need to delve further into the past. Not yet, anyway. Princess Celestia thought hard before she spoke again. “Do you—do you really want to know, Twilight? Do you really want to know why—” she hesitated. “—why I would turn anypony to—to stone?” Her expression was firm and resolute, prepared for whichever answer Twilight gave. “I—I don't know. Are you sure that—are you sure that you're ready?” Twilight stepped back, examining Celestia up and down with her eyes to be sure she was alright. Celestia turned, moving back to her original position and settling herself onto the floor, her eyes now barely level with the bottom of the window. “I was never ready.” Celestia began. “The throne was given to me when I was far too young and inexperienced. Times were a lot different then. I ruled with an iron hoof. It was really the only way I knew how. At the time—well, it was after the incident with Nightmare Moon. I was angry with myself, and I took it out on everypony else—in the most cruel way. Even those beyond pony lands heard my name and feared it. I was not a princess then. I was a tyrant.” Celestia flinched at the word, an indication that it was one she was all too familiar with. “Twilight, I have to show you something. I can't really explain it. You'll just have to see.” Celestia reached a hoof toward Twilight, who was still across the room. The purple mare edged forward, gulping visibly. She wasn't sure of what was about to happen, or what she would see. But she had a feeling it wasn't going to be pretty. Upon reaching Celestia, she cautiously placed her hoof onto that of the white Alicorn. Nothing happened. “Twilight.” Celestia looked at her seriously. “What you're going to see is a memory—My memory. Try to remember that it's not real, and there's nothing you can do to change it. It's in the past.” Twilight nodded, still unsure. But, she knew this was what she had come her for. She wanted an answer, and this was how she was going to get it. Twilight slowly closed her eyes, wondering what secret Celestia was going to reveal—and what others she might be hiding. Twilight Sparkle suddenly found herself far beyond the castle, in a town that looked much like Ponyville. Before her stood Princess Celestia with several guards, and Twilight almost called to her teacher—when she remembered that this was not real. One of the guards was hauling an empty cart. Twilight wondered what it was for, but assumed all would be made clear in due time. They were all standing in front of a house, the guards surrounding it on all sides. Twilight moved forward to be closer to Celestia, but as she did so one of the guard's headed for the front door. He would have bumped into Twilight—except that he walked right through her instead. At first, Twilight was confused and frightened, before she realized that she was not a tangible part of the memory, and was not restricted by objects or ponies in her way. The unicorn guard pounded on the door with a hoof. Twilight could hear scuffling inside, and she peered her head into the building to see what was going on. A mare and stallion were hurriedly pushing three foals underneath a bed in the second room of the small house. Twilight was quite bewildered by these actions, but she continued to observe. She clearly heard the guard outside as he yelled, “OPEN UP, IN THE NAME OF CELESTIA! ALL MEMBERS OF THIS HOUSEHOLD ARE UNDER ARREST, BY ORDER OF THE PRINCESS!” Twilight gasped, backing into a corner. She turned toward the family, and her breath caught in her throat at the sight. The mare and stallion were holding each other close, standing in front of the bed under which the foals could clearly be seen from Twilight's viewpoint. She turned toward the door again as somepony banged against it. A second bang, and she saw the back legs of the earth pony who had kicked the door in disappear. Then, Celestia herself appeared in the doorway. For once, Twilight was really and truly terrified of the princess. Her eyes stared down at all those before her, a permanent glare on her face. Her expression mirrored her eyes, showing nothing but contempt and hatred. She moved to the next room, where the couple were quivering. Her cold eyes bored right through them, and Twilight felt herself shiver. She knew what was coming—but nothing could have prepared her for the nature of the outcome. “Please your highness! We haven't done anything wrong!” The stallion cried out. “Please, have mercy!” His wife (Twilight assumed) had kept her face buried into his fur, not even daring to look at the princess' menacing gaze. He had a hoof wrapped protectively around her, but Twilight knew that even if Celestia had been powerless, she was still much bigger and stronger. Yet this stallion, in the face of all odds, dared to raise his voice against her. Celestia continued to glare down at them. The only sound in the room was Celestia's irritated breathing, and the shaky breaths of the other ponies present. Twilight could feel herself growing nervous as the seconds ticked by, even though she was not in any danger. “No.” Celestia said flatly. Before they even had time to react, Celestia's horn glowed. Twilight flinched at the burst of magical energy, though she did not feel it. The couple were thrown away from each other, but as soon as they regained their senses, they got up and made a beeline for each other. But they never made it. Their hooves became like lead, the stone slowly creeping up their bodies. They each reached out a hoof to each other, their wide eyes longing for a last touch. And that is how they stayed, two ponies frozen in time. “GUARDS!” she roared, so loudly that Twilight was sure the walls shook. The guard who had first knocked on the door appeared almost immediately, followed by three others. He saluted stiffly, awaiting orders, and the other guards followed suit. “Bring them with us.” Celestia stepped aside to reveal the pair. “I want to put them in the garden, as an example.” She stared at them for a moment, and then her eyes moved to underneath the bed, where the foals still lay. Twilight gasped. She couldn't—she wouldn't! But Celestia, whether or not she had seen them, turned and left the building. The guards just stared for a moment, their features blank. Twilight saw one of them shed a tear, and then quickly wipe it away. Even the leader was still for a few moments, before he took a shaky step forward. “Come on, you heard her. Let's get these two outside so they can be loaded.” All of the guards followed suit, moving slowly forward. They poked and prodded and ran their hooves over the still, stone bodies in disbelief. “Here, you two.” said the apparent captain. He lifted one of the statues with his magic. “Carefully carry this one. We'll get the other.” He indicated to the fourth guard. The two earth stallions stood next to each other, ready for the heavy load. One statue was placed upon their backs, and they made their way outside to the waiting cart. “This isn't right and you know it!” the fourth guard said, a little too loudly. The unicorn hadn't picked up the second statue yet, as he was recovering from the exertion lifting the first. “Keep quiet!” he said. He glanced about the room, making sure there was nopony around to hear. None of the guards had noticed the foals. “But what she's doing, it's—it's tyranny!” he said, his voice barely above a whisper. The unicorn guard slapped the pegasus across the face. “I told you to shut your trap!” He glared at him angrily. But then his face softened, watching the other guard rub his face with his hoof, and seeing the red mark he had left. His voice grew quiet as well as he said, “She'll hear you. Do you want to end up like them?” He gestured to the statue before him. “Look, I've got a family, and maybe you do too. I'm going to do what I have to to provide for them and keep them safe.” The unicorn said firmly. He picked up the statue, and the Pegasus moved next to him. “But what if they had a family?” The other guard said, pausing before they left the room. “I guess they're on their own now.” the unicorn replied. As they left the room and began to turn towards the door, the unicorn guard glanced over, checking over the room once again. He had thought he was just being paranoid—but his eyes were drawn to a quick movement under the bed. He stared down at three sets of eyes, his heart leaping into his throat in surprise. He hadn't entirely meant what he had said before. He figured if these ponies did have any other family, they were old enough to take care of themselves, or being taken care of somewhere else. Punishing adults was one thing—but these foals wouldn't have anypony to take care of them. The unicorn guard stood aghast, before his partner prodded him to move forward. The guard turned away sharply, deciding not to alert Celestia's of the foals presence. If she found them, their chance of survival was zero. If she didn't—their chances were still slim, but there were other ponies around in other houses. Somepony would take care of them, he told himself. Twilight stared at the helpless foals, all of them still too shocked to cry. The smallest one broke free of the others, crawling out from under the bed. The apparent oldest of the three grabbed at her hoof in an attempt to stop her, yelling for her to come back. Then he, too, left the refuge, followed by the last. Twilight stepped outside to observe once again, her stomach already in knots. She was in disbelief that Celestia was capable of such deeds. She had always been nothing but kind and generous to Twilight. But now the unicorn was seeing an entirely different side to her mentor. The foals all rushed outside, one right after another. The youngest cried out, “Momma! Momma!”, her tears finally bubbling to the surface. The oldest wrapped a hoof around her, holding her close. Celestia continued on, pretending not to hear. Each of the guards in turn looked back, each cursing themselves for doing nothing. There were things in life that they all valued more, whether it was their own lives, or the lives of their families. Even if they had done something, they were just suffer a similar fate as those they were bringing back to the castle. Standing up for what was right would do no good. It was not worth it. Twilight found herself in Celestia's private quarters again, staring up at the princess as she slowly breathed out, bringing herself back to reality as well. She looked down at Twilight, her eyes sad, but the unicorn could no longer see the loving face of her teacher. All she saw was a menacing glare. Twilight backed away, shock and horror written across her features. “Twilight?” Princess Celestia said, concerned. She stood, taking a tentative step toward her student. Twilight backed up more quickly, smacking her rump into a vanity and causing the contents on top to jostle. She looked up in surprise, both at the sudden noise and at the sudden impact. Glancing to the side, Twilight spotted the door, and began backing up towards it, keeping her eyes on Celestia. “Monster.” Twilight whispered. “Twilight, please—“ Celestia hadn't heard her, and began approaching again. “Y—You're a monster! Stay away from me!” she yelled. Celestia stopped dead in her tracks. Tears began to fall down Twilight's face as she reached the door, flinging it open. She gave a long look at Celestia, trying to find the pony she once knew. But with a shake of her head, she disappeared. After a moment, her head peered around the door at Celestia. “How could you?” she said, her voice cracking, before she turned and ran as fast as she could down the hallway. Celestia stood dumbfounded. She waited so badly to chase after Twilight—to try and explain. But she knew there was no excuses for her past sins. They were her burden to bear, for as long as she lived. She had tried to hard to bury those memories, both in her own mind and from the history books. But she could never truly forget.
  3. AN: At some point, I decide to try my hoof at writing Trixie fanfic. Of course, as usual the fanfic contains Princess Luna. Also, I have no description for this story, so I just threw the current one out there. Description Whatever happened to Trixie once she fled Ponyville? Chapter 1 Trixie was tired. Not just tired, but exhausted, hungry, and lost. Upon leaving Ponyville, she'd fled in the Everfree Forest without so much as her hat and cloak. She hadn't a bit on her—no that it mattered, seeing as she hadn't been able to find a town in weeks. That was another thing. Everfree was always dark, the thick trees blocking out the sun whether it was day or night. So when she was tired, Trixie slept. If she was hungry, she could only hope to find some wild berries. And if she was thirsty—which happened a lot—she would hope to come across a stream. Trixie was no navigator, and she had no map. So day after day, she wandered the Everfree Forest, lost and cold and alone. Trixie came upon a stream one day. It was a welcome sight for her dry and parched lips. She attempted to primp herself using her wavy reflection, running her hoof through her mane a few times. Not that it helped her tangled hair, full of leaves and dirt. She laid down beside the stream, deciding this would be a good place to rest before she moved on. Trixie sighed, a tear escaping her. What if she died here? All alone, with nopony in the world who gave a care about her fate. She rested her head on her front legs, a terrible pillow, but the only one she had. She awoke sometime later as she felt something prodding her. Trixie was instantly awake, jolting up and jumping away from whatever it was. In the same moment, her horn glowed blindingly bright, lighting up the surround area so that she could see her attacker, and hopefully scare whatever it was away in the process. The initial flash blinded Trixie herself for a moment. As soon as she could see, however, she realized that before her stood another pony. A Unicorn, to be exact, her dark blue pelt covered by a darker cloak, and her face shrouded by a hood. Only her horn and nose stood out, her own horn glowing lightly. Trixie let the light from her horn fade out, panting heavily. She'd exerted her energy with the spell. Though it wasn't complicated, she was weak. Her body shook, but Trixie could not show weakness. The other Unicorn increased the light from her horn and approached Trixie slowly. “I'm sorry if I startled you. Are you alright?” The closer she got, the more it became apparent that this pony was in bad shape. “Do you need help?” she asked, already knowing the answer. “Hmph.” Trixie said, turning away. “The great and powerful Trixie does not need help.” she scoffed at the notion. Her mind and body pleaded with her to accept the offer, but her pride overruled her better judgment. “Are you certain?” The Unicorn persisted, taking another step closer to Trixie. She unlatched her cloak, floating it over and placing it on Trixie's back. Trixie shivered with pleasure, the warmth from the clothing seeping into her bones for a brief moment. It had been a long time since Trixie had truly been warm. She turned around. “Thank you, but—“ Trixie stopped, staring at the mare before her. Now that she had removed her cloak, her identity was made plain. P-P-P-P-Princess L-L-Luna!” Trixie fell to the ground, her face against the cold dirt. “Trixie apologizes for not recognizing your majesty sooner.” She inched forward on her belly, kissing the shod hooves of Princess Luna. “St-Stop that!” Luna backed away. “PLEASE accept Trixie's apology, your highness!” Trixie was genuinely afraid. After all, Celestia had banished her own sister to the moon for a thousand years. Luna was probably capable of the same thing, or worse. Trixie trembled where she lay, both from the cold of the dirt and stones beneath her, and from fear. Luna looked irritated for a moment, and Trixie flinched, closing her eyes and turning her head down. “Come now, get up.” Luna said. Trixie did as she was bade, pushing herself up from the ground and doing her best to wipe the dirt from her coat. After all, this was a princess. She still had to look presentable. Trixie fought to steady her breath, not wanting to let anypony, especially a princess, know how exhausted she really was. “Now, you are certain you do not require assistance?” Luna pressed again. Trixie was in too poor of shape to hide it no matter what she did. “Of course. Trixie is always sure of everything.” Trixie tried to sound bold, but she had to take a breath at least three times during her short sentence. “Then how about a friend?” Luna prodded, trying one last approach. This pony obviously needed help, but she wasn't going to admit that. Luna knew that it was her duty, not just as a princess, but from one pony to another, to help somepony in need. “Your majesty wishes to befriend the great and powerful Trixie?” Trixie pretended to act surprised, but really, why wouldn't everypony want to be her friend? But she bowed, kneeling on her front knees in front of the dark blue Alicorn. “Trixie is honored by your request, and humbly accepts.” Luna nodded her head once in acknowledgment. “Then it's settled. You're coming back to Canterlot Castle with me. Friend.” “Oh, very well.” Trixie said, trying to act nonchalant. In reality, she was ecstatic. She'd likely be the guest of honor at some feast... and that meant FOOD. Oh glorious food. Trixie would have salivated if she wasn't completely dehydrated. So they set off. Luna's cloak remained on Trixie's back, and she was silently grateful. She's felt rather naked the past weeks (or perhaps months), without her own hat and cape. Plus, she hadn't had so much as a blanket to sleep with to keep warm. And now, finally, she was going to get out of her. So maybe she wouldn't get any of her things back from Ponyville... she hated the thought. Then again, she was going to Canterlot, for a delicious meal with one—or perhaps both—of the princesses. Oh, if that smug little Twilight Sparkle could see her now... dining with the princesses, while she was living in little ol' Ponyville. Well, fortune certainly favored the worthy, Trixie smirked to herself.
  4. AN: I think this is one of my more popular pieces. And rightly so, it's one of the ones I think I enjoyed writing more. FiMFiction Link Description This was inspired by this art piece by CrappyUnicorn. ...So I became one. Discord I had practiced, played it over in my mind. But, it didn't help to ease the nervousness that was suffocating my body and mind. She'd agreed to meet me, without question... of course, we'd known each other for a long time. We liked to come here together, just the two of us... The small castle garden really was lovely. We'd spend hours out here, together... and somehow, amongst our friendly banter, I'd come to see us as something... more. But she was a princess... and I was far from being any sort of prince. Still, we had found many common interests, and had spent happy days together. I thought... I thought she was different. Others looked at me like I was a freak. As if I was just some chaotic beast, some random chance of a creature. The thing was, it was all true. But Celestia—she never seemed to notice. She didn't point or stare, or shirk away when I came near. She wasn't afraid to be close to me. She was the different one. And she... she was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen in my life. It wasn't because she was a princess. That mattered as little to me as my odd appearance did to her. The way that she laughed, no. Just the way that she SMILED. It made everything brighter around her. The way she blushed when she was embarrassed... or especially, at the time when we'd accidentally touch. She might shirk away, but it wasn't because of my looks. It was because... because we were more. Her white coat always gleamed in the beautiful sun, her pink mane flowing gently down her neck.. She was a dream. She was beautiful, yes. And I have an appreciation for beauty. Everything seems more beautiful when compared with myself. Yes... she was most definitely beautiful... And there she was, coming to meet me, as we'd planned. Though why, she didn't know. I stashed the flowers I had behind the fountain, coming a little ways forward to meet her, so that she wouldn't see the surprise. I hadn't picked them from the garden... that wouldn't do. No, these were wildflowers, picked by yours truly. I thought it would be a nice touch... The forest was a dangerous place. Celestia rarely visited there. It wasn't safe for a pony. But myself? I was just as fierce as any creature there. I didn't have to be afraid, because I belonged. I could feel the sweat beginning to build on my brow, though it was late Fall and quite cool out. I swiped my right paw over my forehead as she came closer, taking in and letting out a deep breath to try to calm myself. “Jangle?” she spoke. “What's this all about? You know that I'm busy preparing for the Winter Festival. But I...” she smiled, in that way she always did. Always so kind looking, toward any creature she met. Even me. I shook my head once to clear it. Now wasn't the time to be distracted. “...I guess this is a welcome break.” “Uh, well...” I gulped. This was harder than I thought it would be. I took a deep breath. Everything was going to be fine. I'd rehearsed this, played over the scenario in my mind—yes, everything would be perfect. “That is what this is about.” I pulled the flowers out, holding them in my arms. I stroked one of the petals with a talon, nervously looking down at it as I gathered myself. Then I looked to her, into those beautiful pink eyes, nearly matching with her hair color. “You know, there's a... a dance, at the Winter Festival. And I... I just wondered if... you'd accompany me.” I bowed down, as most subjects did when meeting her—something that was out of character for myself. It was called for, though. I acted as a gentlecreature should, holding the flowers out to her as I dipped my head. I felt them leave my grasp as she took them, a magical aura holding them in the air as she stared. And then she smiled, the half confused look leaving her face as she realized what this was all about. Her grin spread across her features, her eyes brightening and her face almost aglow. She sniffed the flowers, taking in the sweet, unique scents of the forest. As I stood, she nearly leaped forward, wrapping her hooves around me as I returned the embrace. Finally, we weren't afraid to be together, and I knew that she felt the same way. Then again, I had always known it—ever since I'd realized my feelings for her, she, in return, had been stowing away her feelings for me. “Of course I will.” she whispers, her words tickling my ear and causing it to unconsciously twitch. She nuzzles my cheek, and I wrap my arms around her again, never wanting to let her go. At last, at last, someone who was willing to understand me, who wasn't afraid. I was in love with her. But I was naive... No. THAT was the scenario I'd imagined. I'd played it out in my mind... and in my heart. It had all worked out so well. Maybe it wouldn't go quite as planned... but no. This. This was entirely wrong. I felt the flowers leave my grasp as she took them, a magical aura holding them in the air as she stared. She didn't sniff them, she didn't smile. She just stared. I stood up, awkwardly awaiting her response, anticipating her reaction. And then it seemed to register, to really hit her, what my intent was. The flowers dropped to the ground, and I scurried forward with a cry, attempting to catch them. But Celestia barred the way, her horn pointed toward me, and one hoof above the mess of flora on the ground. Her face flushed red, but not in her cute, embarrassed way. She was angry. Her hooves came down, stomping, once, twice—before she left the now crushed flowers alone. “This—This is—“ she was fuming, words failing to make it past her shaking lips. Shaking with rage. “How could you even think that I—ME—that we could—“ She let a puff of air leave her flaring nostrils, obviously disgusted by my gesturing of kindness—no—of love. “I would be disgraced if I showed up with someone—something—like you. How could you even conceive of such a concept?!” Her words cut through me, but all I could do was stand there dumbfounded. Where had I gone wrong? How could I have misinterpreted the signs, been so far off in observing her feelings toward me? We'd been friends, at least. I knew that much. Right? Maybe... maybe it was all an act. It had all just been a game to her—toying with me—pretending. When in reality, she was no different than any of the others. Celestia, so beautiful, and so kind, and wise... was a fake. I clenched my talons unconsciously, my ears burning furiously as I held back tears. She couldn't see me cry. I had been wrong. All wrong. Completely wrong. How could she ever love someone like me? No. She'd called me... a thing. She never had loved me. Never in the way I'd imagined, and certainly not in the same way I felt for her. So there she stood, her angry eyes penetrating deep inside me, before she turned tail and walked away. She just... walked away. But I thought she would be different... I thought... …I thought that maybe she'd understand... I thought that maybe she'd see the REAL me... ...She could hardly even look at me. And when she did? ...All she could see... ...was a monster. She was a dream. And I was a monster. I wanted to chase after her, to talk with her. To know what went wrong, what I'd done wrong. But I didn't have to. I wanted to go after her, as I watched her elegant steps, and the way her hair moved in the breeze... I wanted to so badly... but I knew it would be no use. There was nothing I could do, nothing I could say... I was nothing. She was a dream. And I was a monster. Monster. So I sat, alone, in our favorite spot. I picked up one crushed blossom, holding it in in my talons, so fragile, as I thought she was. But I knew now, as the tears rolled down my cheeks and nose to land on the bright green grass, I knew that she was heartless. The day had been perfect. Everything had been perfect, and right. Everything, except... except her. ...She could hardly even look at me. And when she did? ...All she could see... ...was a monster. ...So I became one.
  5. AN: Written between 'Luna's Biggest Fan' and 'One Year Later', this was yet another one-shot featuring Luna. This one is a little grimdark, so there's your warning. This takes place the year after the Grand Galloping Gala shown in The Best Night Ever. FiMFiction Link Description This takes place the year after the Grand Galloping Gala shown in The Best Night Ever. Worse Nights Princess Celestia was busily greeting the guests of the Grand Galloping Gala, standing in her usual place at the top of the steps in the Main Hall. There, everypony would be sure to see her, and have the chance to greet her if they wished. A lull rose in the seemingly endless stream of hoofshaking ponies, and Celestia allowed herself a moment to relax. She knew it would be brief, but she breathed a sigh, taking a moment to take in the sights and sounds of the Gala. She caught something out of the corner of her eye, and turned her head sharply. On either side of her were two staircases, leading up into other parts of the Canterlot Castle. At the top of the stairs to Celestia's left stood Princess Luna beckoning her with a hoof to come closer. Luna was out of view of any of the other guests, standing just inside the hallway so that only Celestia could see her. Taking a quick glance down the steps in front of her to make sure that nopony was approaching, Celestia made her way up the stairs, a slight hurried-ness in her steps. But when she got to the top, Luna was gone... Making her way down the hall, Luna was waiting at the first turn. The first thing Celestia noticed was her dress. It was elegant, yet simply, deep blue with a slight waviness, and adorned with peacock feathers. She looked...beautiful. “Luna...” Her sister hadn't ventured out much since her return, preferring to devote her time to study and re-learning a few things. She'd stayed very much to herself, keeping to her room or other quiet and unoccupied places around the castle. But now—she was finally here, at the Gala! “Luna, you look amazing.” She paused. “Beyond amazing. You're absolutely stunning Luna.” Luna looked down at the ground, her ears drooping. “Luna, what's the matter?” Celestia prodded. “Come on, let's go enjoy the Gala together.” She caught a whiff of something fruity—was Luna wearing perfume, even? My, she'd certainly done herself up, hadn't she? “I've already been to the Gala.” Luna mumbled. “You have? Why didn't you tell me? Luna, really what is the matter?” Celestia's originally excited mood had been dampened by her sister's sorry look. Luna turned to look up at Celestia, looking as if she was about to cry. “I went to the Ballroom, just to try out the Gala for the first time, and— there was this bright pink pony, she was absolutely crazy! So I turned to leave, but I bumped into one of the tables...” she looked at the ground, shuffling her hooves nervously. “I ended up with a punchbowl on my head. I don't know if anypony saw, but I just couldn't stay there after that. But I wanted to show you my outfit before I retired for the evening.” Luna blushed, slightly embarrassed to admit in front of her sister that she actually liked to dress up and look pretty. Celestia felt so foolish. How had she not noticed before? Luna's slightly tangled hair, the fruity spell of punch, and the even darker patches of her dress where the drink had splattered. “Luna, you're beautiful anyways. Always. And your dress is absolutely lovely.” Celestia complemented her sister. “Thank you, Celestia. I think I shall go and bathe now. I'm starting to get rather sticky.” Luna lifted a front hoof to demonstrate, the slight suction-y sound proving her point. “Alright Luna, if you're sure...” Celestia glanced back to the Main Hall where her subjects were surely wondering where she'd disappeared to. “I am, quite. Thank you Celestia.” Luna turned, heading off somewhere else in the castle, as Celestia resumed her royal greeting duty. * * * After shampooing her hair and getting the stickiness off of her body, Luna debated getting out of the bathtub...and then decided to have some relaxation time instead. Laying on her back in the warm water, Luna let the warmth seep into herself and warm her down to the bone. Taking a giant gulp of breath, she slid under, letting the world of water take her away. It was so calm and peaceful, like she was floating... Wouldn't it be fine to just...float away? Leave everything behind, and slowly fade away... Luna let a few bubbles escape her lips, peering through the glimmering water to the ceiling. So warm, and such a calm feeling... Luna let the rest of the air escape her, a mound of bubbles rising to the surface...but Luna stayed below. Sucking in water through her nose, and feeling the sickly feeling inside her throat as, too fast, water made its way inside her. The edges of her vision became fuzzy and hazed. Reflexively, her mouth opened, hoping to gather some oxygen. Air! Air! AIR! Her body screamed, and suddenly Luna was thrashing about, her hooves making contact with one of the sides of the tub...but pushing against it did not reveal her face to the surface. Struggling get off her back and find bottom, Luna suddenly felt herself being pulled by her neck, and with a wooshing of water she felt the refreshing cool rush of air as she was brought to the surface. The upper half of her body was laid against the side of the side of the tub, while Luna coughed and sputtered water and gasped for air. She felt something press against her cheek, before she heard somepony speak. “Luna? Luna can you hear me?!” But seemingly in response, Luna's head fell limply to the side. Princess Celestia nudged her sister frantically, hoping, praying that she hadn't been too late. She couldn't forgive herself if— if— No! Not on the night of the Gala! Such a lovely night couldn't end— end with— Just then, Luna's eyes fluttered, opening as her breathing became less shallow. She tilted her head so that she was resting on her chin on the side of the tub, and looked up at her sister with sorrow filled eyes. Celestia breathed a heavy sigh of relief. “Luna! Luna I'm so glad that you're alright. I was so worried!” She checked Luna over with her eyes, wanting to comfort her, to reassure her that she was there. But she didn't want to crowd her. “Luna, what happened?” she prodded, slightly more calm than she had been. Luna's ears drooped even further, and her face fell. Staring at the floor, she breathed a sigh, not meeting her sister's worried eyes. “I'm sorry.” she whispered, barely audible. “S-Sorry for what?” Celestia asked, bending her head down to nuzzle her sister's face. “Everything's alright now. You're alright.” A tear escaped her, rolling down her slanted nose and dropping lightly onto Luna. Celestia gave a light sniff herself, bringing her head up again. She decided it would be easier to speak with her sister were she more on her level, and so she knelt beside the tub, placing her regal head next to Luna's on the edge of the bathtub. “I'm here Luna. Alright? I'll stay here as long as you need.” Luna closed her eyes and took in a sharp breath. “How can you say that if you don't love me?” Her voice was tainted with bitterness as she spoke. Celestia gasped, raising her head back quickly. “Luna I—I don't—What in the world would make you think that?” she felt tears welling up inside her, and squinted her once to hopefully avoid the waterworks. Luna vied to answer and instead began to climb out of the tub. With both front hooves on the edge, she placed on back hoof up as well, to hoist herself over. But it was far too slippery, and Luna fell over the side. Luckily, Celestia quickly stretched her neck in front of Luna to soften the tumble. Helping her sister up as best she could, Celestia meanwhile pulled a towel from one of the racks, levitating it to Luna using her magic. Luna sat in silence, her shoulders hunched and ears drooping and eyes staring at the floor. Celestia wrapped the towel around her mane, gently soaking up the excess water. Grabbing another towel, Celestia laid it across Luna's back. She'd begun to shiver ever so slightly in the cool air, but still had not replied to her sister. “Luna?” Celestia prodded. “Please Luna, talk to me.” “You know why.” Luna mumbled, looking up at her sister, her eyes glaring and boring into her. Of course Celestia knew. But bringing it back up wasn't helping anypony. She wouldn't say that Luna's punishment hurt herself more than her sister...but she had had to struggle too, through all those years. “Luna, I'm so sorry! I don't know how many times I have to say it. I don't know what I can do to make it better. Not having you here tore me apart. I don't think I ever told you that. I felt so guilty, after I realized what I'd done. I don't know what that must have been like... I wish that I could take back all those years. But know Luna, please do... You didn't suffer alone. What I experienced may pale in comparison to what you had to go through. But I know that what happened to you is my fault. We were both so young, and I was foolish—I—I just...” Celestia rose, turning to leave. Several tears escaped her eyes now, rolling down her face and splashing to the floor. She'd finally said her piece, what had been bottled up for so long. She and Luna had been dodging around each other for the past year, avoiding each other or else avoiding the topics they both had so desperately been needing to talk about. Everything was just so hard and complicated now. Celestia hadn't brought anything up because she didn't think that Luna wanted to talk about it—that Luna didn't want to talk to her. “Celestia!” Luna called after her, an edge of panic in her voice. “Please don't leave me alone.” Celestia turned sharply, whipping around to face her sister. “Luna—Luna of course not!” She moved to her knees again so that she was closer to her sister. She wiped her eyes, a hopeful smile creeping across her face. “You shouldn't blame yourself!” Luna exclaimed. “I do, but I shouldn't. Everything is my fault. It always was. I was selfish, and foolish—” “But you didn't deserve that!” Celestia cut in. “If—If I had known... I didn't know what I was doing anymore than you did. We made a mistake—but we can't spend our whole lives thinking on one regret. This is tearing us apart Luna! It's tearing ME apart!” Celestia's voice cracked on the last bit She shut her eyes tight, partially to keep from crying again and partially to keep from looking at Luna. She was so ashamed of what she'd done...what she'd made Luna go through. She was the older sister. She should have protected her from harm, not brought it upon her. Luna shook off both towels and let them fall to the floor. Then she rushed to her sister, rubbing against her chest and lower neck, feeling her warmth and hearing her heartbeat. She'd been gone for so long, without contact from anypony...It was difficult to believe this was actually real. Celestia opened her eyes, looking down at her sister. She wrapped her neck around Luna's, holding her close. This was how it was always meant to be, the two of them, together, in harmony. Celestia held Luna for several long minutes while silence reigned. After they had let go, Celestia noticed Luna's mussed and still slightly damp mane. Telekinetically grabbing a brush from the counter, Celestia began to brush her sisters hair, while they both remained enveloped in their thoughts. But after only a few moments Luna pulled away and whipped around. “I'm not a foal Celestia! I can brush my own mane!” she yelled, a sudden change in her mood. “Oh!” Celestia exclaimed, jerking back a little at the sudden outburst. “Alright then.” she said softly, placing the brush back on the counter. “But I—would prefer if you did it.” Luna sighed, almost in a defeated manner. “Come over here, Luna.” Celestia motioned in front of herself with one hoof as the brush came over. Luna sat down in front of Celestia, her half tangled mane partially falling into her eyes. As Celestia carefully brushed Luna's thick locks, both of them were silent. Celestia felt that they had talked enough seriousness for the night. Luna was just absorbed in the feeling that having her hair brushed by somepony else brought. She could her the slow breathing of herself along with Celestia's, and it was comforting just to have somepony nearby. She sighed with happiness, a moment of content settling upon her. For once, Luna was actually, truly happy. But then Luna thought of something. “Celestia, what about the Galaaaaaa—” she'd turned to her sister, and had accidentally caused the brush to become caught in her mane. “There will be another one next year.” Celestia said nonchalantly, smiling at Luna and trying to maneuver the brush back to her sister's hair again. “But your subjects—” Celestia placed a hoof over Luna's mouth to hush her. “Luna, there will also be somepony who needs me, somepony who needs my attention. But right now, that pony happens to be you. And I wouldn't miss this moment for all of Equestria. We're finally together again. And no number of Gala's could take the place of spending time with you.” Celestia smiled, rubbing her face against Luna's in reassurance. Luna welcomed the gesture for a moment before she spoke. “But how did you know? That I was—in trouble?” she asked. “Luna, we're sisters—I don't know, I suppose it was instinct.” Celestia mused. Luna continued to enjoy the soft touch of her sister for a few seconds longer, before she took a couple of steps back. “You—You asked what happened. Earlier.” she paused and swallowed. “I tried—I tried to—I thought that—” Luna took a deep breath, holding it for a second before she continued. “I don't know what came over me. I was trying to—I almost took my life by my own hoof! Oh gosh, I almost—I could've—” Celestia's eyes went wide and she gasped as it all became clear. Luna had attempted to take her own life—and had nearly succeeded. “Luna—Luna why?” Celestia stared in shocked disbelief that her sister would attempt something so—so rash. “I don't—I don't know exactly. I just—I guess I thought that things might be better that way. Without me... You know, being in the way of things.” Celestia stood up, moving the couple of steps forward to her sister and nudging her with a leg. “Luna, you must never think that. I'll always love you, no matter what. I held on to the hope, for years...that you would come back one day, and be by my side again. I don't ever want to lose you like I did. I couldn't bear it, especially if I knew that I was the one who was responsible. Luna, I don't know if you can ever forgive me—and I don't blame you if you don't. But promise me you won't leave me again.” Celestia bent her neck so she could rub her nose along Luna's neck, hoping that she would understand. Luna turned her cheek so that it touched Celestia's. “Why is it then that you have you been avoiding me so much since my return?” Luna asked, a pang of sadness in her voice now. “Luna—I haven't spoken with you because I thought that was what you wanted. I only want to give you every happiness I possibly can. You deserve it after—everything that happened. If you'd only told me I would've stayed by your side every moment I could—” “Celestia.” Luna made her way around her sister's front legs and under her belly, popping up again between Celestia's two front hooves and looking up at her. Luna placed the top of her head against the under side of her sister, placing her front hooves in front of Celestia's. Luna basked in the closeness, almost jittery with excitement that at long last, they were together again. She felt the warmth emanating from her sister, could feel the soft rise and fall of her stomach as she breathed. She could, perhaps, even hear the soft flutter of her sister's heartbeat, and feel the pounding of her own, in unison—just as it should be. Luna spoke. “This won't be easy for either of us. I don't know who's going to have the harder time in all this. But you're here, now. We'll get through this, right? We're together now. We said we always would be—and truly, we always have.” Luna said thoughtfully. “Luna, there is NOTHING that can ever separate us like that again.” Celestia bent to touch noses with her sister. “We're connected by destiny. But more than that, we are connected by blood.” “And by love.” Luna added. And for the first time, in a very long time, both of them smiled... TOGETHER.
  6. AN: This was originally written for the Equestria Daily: Midnight Shadow's Happy Luna Fanfiction Competition. FiMFiction Link Description A thousand years is a long time to be away from Equestria. Times have changed, and with that, technology. Can Luna manage to fit into a world that she no longer recognizes? Princess Celestia hopes that a day out in Canterlot is just what Luna needs. Cantering Around Canterlot Princess Celestia awoke one morning, just as she always did, ready to tackle the affairs of the day. Something nagged at the back of her mind, something that she was forgetting today. She ran through a list of current affairs, things she needed to tend to—but none of them were satisfying the feeling. As she stepped out of her room, however, she noticed a peculiar box sitting outside her door. There was a blue ribbon around the box, and a tag attached. Celestia levitated the tag closer to her face in order to read what was written on it. Happy Birthday Celestia Love, Luna Birthday? It suddenly clicked in Celestia's mind. Today was her birthday. Of course, she'd stopped celebrating her own birthday long ago. There was far too much to do to take a day off. Anyway, she got invited to and hosted enough parties and events during the year to make up for that. Celestia had nearly forgotten that she actually had a birthday... It had been so long. So many years had passed... Perhaps it was really because Luna hadn't been here to celebrate with her. A birthday just wouldn't have been the same without—Well, that was in the past now. What was done was done, and anyway... today should be happy. If Luna wanted to celebrate her birthday, than that's what Celestia would do. She could use a day off, in any case. Celestia realized that she had been lost in thought and was still holding the mysterious package aloft. She pulled off the bow, and it fell lightly to the floor. Lifting the lid, Celestia saw a blue lump of something. Pulling it out, she could see that it was a scarf. A rather long one at that too. It was a dark blue, exactly the color of her sister. There were white crescent moons adorning each end, melded carefully in with the rest of the scarf. It wasn't sewn, but... Celestia couldn't remember the correct term for this type of material craft. She examined the tassels at the each end... The entire thing was well made and quite beautiful. But where had Luna gotten it, exactly? Celestia found herself at the doors of the dining hall. She'd been so wrapped up in examining the gift that she hadn't realized she'd subconsciously made her way to her routine destination. Well, breakfast first, and then there was the matter of—No. No working today. Everything could wait. Everything would wait. Celestia took the scarf and wrapped it around her neck. The castle wasn't particularly chilly, but it wasn't exactly warm, either. Besides, it was the perfect time of year for scarves, even if it wasn't normal attire for Celestia to wear. Celestia had tailors asking—no, begging to make her all manner of custom outfits and accessories—but to each she declined. She had no need to wear frilly outfits or expensive jewels. Everypony knew that she was the ruler of Equestria, and there was no need to flaunt that. She pushed open the doors, and was surprised to see Luna already at the breakfast table. Luna's head swiveled around as she heard the ancient door squeak on it's hinges, announcing the new arrival. She looked a bit surprised to see her sister, though exactly why she wasn't sure. Celestia made her way to the table, noticing Luna picking at a bowl of oatmeal. She took a seat directly across from her sister. It would be easier to talk that way. The table was lavishly adorned with fruits and breads and even pastries...but Luna had chosen such a simple thing for herself. “G-Good morning, Celestia.” Luna stammered quietly, staring at a silver spoon she was swiveling around the bowl. Celestia wasn't sure what he sister's silence meant. She'd given her this wonderful birthday present, and was now strangely silent... Well, perhaps she'd come around. Celestia began to gather different fares from around the table. But the silence persisted, and Celestia couldn't stand not knowing why. “Luna, oatmeal? Are you crazy?” Celestia blurted. Luna stopped her merry-go-round motion and looked up at Celestia. Then she simply shrugged, laying the spoon down inside the bowl, but returning her eyes back to it. Celestia was about to suggest that Luna try one of the tastier pieces on the table when her sister spoke first. “You don't have to wear that you know.” Luna mumbled. Celestia paused, her mouth open in anticipation of a raspberry pastry she was levitating before her mouth. She set it down on her plate, her complete focus on Luna now. “Why wouldn't I want to wear it?” Celestia asked, confused. “It's perfectly lovely, Luna. Wherever did you get it?” “I—I made it.” Luna's head drifted up slowly to meet her sister's gaze. “I was making it just for myself, for practice. You know that I used to like crocheting, and it's been awhile since I've been able to do it... But I just got so excited that I made it far too long before I even realized it, and then I remembered that it was your birthday. And since I couldn't wear it anymore I just thought it might be nice to give it to you, but it really isn't your color and there are probably loads of mistakes on it and—and—and you don't even wear scarves!” Luna's voice had been steadily raising as she'd gone on her rant, and she breathed just a bit faster than normal from her sudden explosion of words. “Luna, you are being ridiculous!” Celestia said. “The scarf is beautiful. I will treasure it always! And it's absolutely the best time to wear it, seeing as it's Fall. And you know what else Luna? WE are going to have cake!” Celestia clapped her forehooves together, and an attendant quickly came to her side. Celestia whispered something in his ear, and he trotted off quickly. Celestia scooted the bowl of oatmeal away from Luna and pushed her own plate away. “But—“ Luna protested, reaching for the breakfast that had been snatched from her, even if she hadn't been eating it. “And—“ Celestia apparently hadn't finished. “—we are going to celebrate YOUR birthday!” She pointed a hoof at her sister at this statement, smirking. Luna herself looked at Celestia in surprise. “But it's not—“ “Doesn't matter.” Celestia interrupted. “I've had far too many. And you've celebrated far too few.” Luna opened her mouth, and then closed it, sighing. “Alright.” Celestia beamed, but she could see that Luna still wasn't into the whole thing. She tapped a hoof on her chin, thinking. Then her face lit up as she thought of the perfect thing. “I know! We'll go down into Canterlot! You haven't had a chance to see it yet. You'll love it Luna! I can never find enough excuses to get out of this castle to see it myself either. So it will be fun for the both of us!” Celestia was grinning. She could also see the tiniest bit of a smile creeping up on Luna's face. “I, uh...I might like that.” One corner of Luna's mouth lifted, much as she tried to hide it. Celestia beamed down at her sister, not even trying to hide her own excitement. And then there was cake. It was nothing really extravagant, and the cooks had whipped it up surprisingly fast. It was just a round cake, although it was a bit larger than average. On top were the words Happy Birthday Princess Luna. There was a single small blue candle, as requested by Celestia. The frosting was a dark blue, much like the color of Luna herself. The wording was white, a perfect contrast against the dark background. Luna gasped when she saw it. “But it's still not—“ “I meant it when I said we were going to celebrate YOUR birthday. I'm just sorry that the cake couldn't be more extravagant.” Celestia said, solemn. “No—no it's perfect!” Luna's face lit up. Celestia smiled down at her sister, glad that she'd finally struck the 'happy Luna' chord. She quickly cut out two generous slices of cake, although Luna's seemed significantly bigger. As Luna grabbed a fork, she glanced across the table, where Celestia was already chowing down on her slice, free of silverware. Celestia looked up and noticed the confused look from her sister. “What?” Luna glanced at the fork she held in the air for a moment. But then she tossed it behind herself, shoving her muzzle onto her plate. This really was a lot of cake... Then again, it had been a long time since she had any cake. She gulped it down with gusto, and when she was finished, she cleaned her plate of any frosting or crumbs. She really was acting like such a foal... But she didn't care, and neither did Celestia. It made her happy just to see Luna happy. Luna licked around her lips, her tongue making happy smacking sounds. Celestia, giggled, covering her mouth with a hoof. “What?” Luna asked, her smile replaced by curiosity. “Oh, nothing Luna.” Celestia made her way around the table to her sister. “Just that you missed a spot. Right HERE.” Her tongue made a slurping sound as it ran up Luna's cheek. The blue pony let out a squeal of surprise as she shivered. Celestia just grinned down at her. “T-That tickled!” Luna exclaimed. But then she burst into laughter, amused by her sister's foal-like antics. She wasn't sure if it was just an act to make her feel better, or if Celestia was really having fun herself. Luna rubbed a hoof against her face, attempting to clean off the slobbery mess. Then she groaned. “Oooooh, I think I ate too much cake.” she leaned back and rubbed her belly. “Well then...” a sly smirk spread across Celestia's face, “...if you can't walk...” she suddenly slipped her neck under Luna, using her head to push her onto her back, “...I'll just have to carry you!” She began to walk towards the door, but Luna started to flail in protest. “I can walk myself!” she flapped her wings, and Celestia felt Luna's weight leave her backside. She promptly landed on the ground next to Celestia, and after dusting herself off, pranced forward with her head held high. But Celestia could see the sly smirk on Luna's face through her high-and-mighty act. “Hey, Lulu! Oh little Lulu!” Celestia called, following after her. Luna stiffened at the nickname, pausing before the double doors that led to the hall. “D—Don't call me that!” she stammered, turning to Celestia with a blush. “Why not, Lu?” Celestia shortened the name this time. “B—Because Tia—“ Luna quickly covered her mouth with her hooves at her slip-up on her sister's name. “I—I mean Celestia. We're not kids anymore, so it's not funny.” But her argument was weak rather than angry. Celestia bent down and nuzzled her sister. “Okay. I promise I won't call you that...” she suddenly threw open the double doors, racing through the front hall to the entrance of the castle, and calling back over her shoulder, “ public! Come on Lu!” Luna stamped a hoof before chasing after Celestia. She caught up, just as Celestia opened the door to reveal the city of Canterlot spread out before them. Luna blinked in the sudden flash of sunlight beaming into the hall, shading her face with a wing. Wow, Canterlot was huge, Luna thought. Canterlot hadn't even existed a thousand years ago. There were so many cities and towns that Luna didn't recognize. Equestria had once been her home, but nowadays she felt like a stranger in a foreign land. “You know what, I've changed my mind.” Luna turned to walk back inside. But Celestia was too quick, and she grabbed onto Luna's tail with her teeth, pulling her out the door. “No you don't.” Celestia managed around a mouthful of hair. “Gah!” Luna exclaimed, attempting to pull away. But Celestia was bigger and stronger, so it was no use. She stopped in her struggle, allowing herself to be dragged down the first flight of steps, and giving a blustery sigh in defeat. Celestia let go, satisfied, but Luna stayed put on the ground. “Come on Luna!” Celestia stuffed her nose under her sister's belly, urging her to get up. Try as she might to stay in a pouting mood, Luna began to giggle. “H—Hey, that tickles too!” she hopped away from Celestia. But her sister was satisfied; at least she was standing. “Well, I wouldn't have had to do that if you had just walked like you claimed you were so capable of.” Celestia said sarcastically. Luna stood, a scowl on her face now. But she looked into the wise, kind eyes of her sister, and couldn't help but smile. It started out small and reluctant, but quickly spread across her face into a wide grin. She rushed forward, pressing her head against Celestia's chest. “Thank you.” Celestia bent down to wrap her neck around Luna in an embrace. They stood like that for a moment, sharing in the joy of finally being together again. Then Celestia straightened, turning toward the marvelous city of Canterlot. “Come on, let's go.” She and Luna made their way into the heart of the city, where the marketplace was. There, ponies were selling their wares, mostly an assortment of hoofmade items that you couldn't buy in any of the shops. There was jewelery and pottery and toys and pretty much anything else you could imagine. Luna stared wide-eyed at the spectacle for a moment, mouth gaping, and then composed herself. No matter how excited she was, she had to remind herself that she was a princess, and as such everypony would looking to her as an example. She had to show them that she was every bit as sophisticated as her sister, even though she was a little out of practice. “Oh, Luna, come over here.” Celestia said, gesturing with a wing to one of the vendor stalls. Luna curiously made her way over, wondering what sort of new and interesting object she'd find. She saw an assortment of squares, held upright somehow, with ornate decorations around the edges. She took one in her front hooves, picking it up and examining it closely. “What is it?” The stallion behind the stall covered his mouth with a hoof, trying not to laugh at the ridiculous question. Celestia eyeballed him, and he immediately cleared his throat to rid himself of the smile on his face. “Can I help you two find a particular picture frame today?” he name dropped the name of the item to help Luna out. “What's it do?” Luna asked, still squinting at the object in her hooves. The vendor developed a sudden coughing fit, and had to turn away for a few moments while he recovered himself. Then he turned to Luna with a smile. “You put pictures in it.” “Oh.” Luna said, setting the picture frame back down with a blank look on her face. She scanned the rest of the ones sitting around, but none of them gave any further clue as to the purpose of the item. “Luna, come over here.” Celestia had already moved on to another seller, seeing as Luna didn't seem particularly interested in the current one. As Luna came over, Celestia dropped something around her neck. Luna was caught off guard for a moment, letting out an “oof” as she adjusted to the added weight. She looked down at the strange object, and then back at Celestia with a questioning look. “It's a camera Luna.” she smiled down at her. “Just take your hooves like this...” she picked up the camera, pointing the lens toward her sister, “...and then...” Luna let out a sudden squeal at the bright flash that radiated from the camera. She backed up in surprise, knocking into one of the vendor stalls that was selling pottery. The salespony behind the counter glared down at her as his precious clay wares were jostled about. Luna blushed furiously, turning her face away. This was a terrible idea! Luna thought. What appeared to be a square paper ejected itself from the camera just then, and Luna blinked down at it. What now? And then, she found herself staring down at a duplicate of what her own face must have looked like after the flash of light. “How did—“ Luna started to ask, as Celestia pulled the photo from the camera and held it in front of her face, chuckling. Then she presented it back to her sister. “Remember the painted portraits we have hanging in the castle? It's like that, but different.” Celestia tapped her chin with a hoof, thinking for a moment. “The camera takes an immediate picture, and then you have it!” Luna scowled at the picture before her. “Well—just—put it back before somepony sees!” Luna attempted to shove the photograph back into the slot whence it had come. “I'm afraid you can't do that Luna. Pictures are forever.” Celestia grinned. “Well, what do I do with it? What if somepony sees it Celestia? It's embarrassing.” Luna stressed the last word. “Hmm...” Normally, Celestia would have continued the teasing. However, she wanted Luna to have fun today, and as long as that picture was present, Luna wouldn't be happy. So, Celestia grabbed a set of saddlebags, plunking down some bits she procured from... … … … Well, who knows, probably her sentient hair. Moving on, Celestia plopped the saddlebags on Luna's back, although this time she was at least expecting it. She shoves the picture inside one of them, not caring if it got crumpled or torn. It just had to be hidden, now. She didn't notice that the top flap on each side of the saddlebags said I *heart* Canterlot. Then Luna saw something that caught her eye. It was quite peculiar, and unlike anything that she'd seen before. She walked over to the stall, staring at the multicolored fabric. There were several hanging above her on a line between two polls, and many more adorning the counter top. “Oh, what an honor it is to have a princess browsing my humble stock! All of these socks are hoofmade by myself.” she paused. “You know, this pair would really go with your eyes.” The Unicorn salespony behind the vendor stall said. “O—Oh.” Luna said, taken aback. “What are they for?” she asked, taking one in her hooves and examining it. The salespony had turned away for a moment, leaving Luna to solve the mystery on her own. Luna found that there was a sort of pocket on the inside. Contemplating about its use, Luna placed it over one of her ears. Hm, there were two... Although the first one didn't quite fit her ear snugly... it wouldn't make sense to go over the nose though, Luna mused. Wouldn't be able to breath properly or talk. Plus, there was still the matter of the two... The female salespony was busily digging through some boxes of extra stock just behind her and hadn't fully noticed Luna's peculiar antics. “...I know I have the other pair somewhere...” “...and with Winter on the way, this is the perfect time to buy—“ she paused, the second pair of turquoise socks held aloft as she confusedly and rather surprisingly looked at the sock eared princess before her. She placed the socks on the counter, and then motioned for Luna to come closer. Luna tentatively moved forward, leaning over the counter just a bit. The other pony leaned over the counter, coming as close as she dared. She placed a hoof to one side of her mouth, and whispered, “They go on your hooves.”, making a downward motion as she did so. Luna glanced down at the blue ornate shoes she normally wore, and then moved her head back up to quickly scan the multitude of socks. Then she remembered the ones on her ears, and how ridiculous she must have looked. She tore them off, tossing them away like they were hot coals, straight into the face of the Unicorn salespony. She blushed again, hoping that nopony had seen... Oh gosh, this day was turning out just awful. The Unicorn sputtered in surprise, gingerly removing the socks from her face and placing them back down with the other two she had pulled out. “Oh, Luna, come look at—“ Celestia turned from the wares she had been eying, spotting Luna at a different stall. She had thought that her sister was right beside her, but it seemed that Luna had found something that peeked her interest. Celestia excused herself from the Pegasus at hoof, and made her way over to a red face Luna and a flustered salespony. “Oh Luna, what did you find?” she asked, already knowing the answer. “I—uh—socks, I think.” Luna answered hurriedly. “Socks? Ah yes, I can never find them in my size. You know Luna, you should make me a pair. Do you know—“ Celestia said, turning to the sock selling pony, “—that Luna made this scarf all by—“ “I hate socks.” Luna had turned away from the vendor and was sitting on the ground in a rather defeated manner. “—herself.” Celestia finished, turning to Luna. At the same time, the sock salespony shrunk back behind the safety of her vending stall. She cleared her throat and turned away to dig inside one of her boxes of overstock. Celestia caught the upset look on the poor mare's face, though she had tried to hide it. She turned to her sister, who simply sighed, still not looking up. “Luna...” she prodded, and Luna slowly lifted her head up. Celestia gave a quick flick of her head, gesturing toward the saddened pony. Luna glanced over, and became instantly aware of her fumble. She stood up, whirling around toward the stand. “You know what? You're RIGHT!” she moved back up to the counter, and the surprised salespony whipped her head up at Luna's sudden outburst. “These 'socks' are an ingenious invention. They'll especially come in handy when walking around the castle, since the stone floors tend to be cold even in the Summer. Celestia, I want them all!” she demanded, gesturing across the displayed socks with a hoof, a determined look on her face. Both Celestia and the salesmare were taken aback for a moment. But Celestia was quickest to recover herself, and promptly plunked down a sack full of bits. Luna had already begun stuffing her saddlebags with various colors of socks. However, she picked out four, seemingly at random, and placed them on her hooves. She looked ridiculous, but she didn't care. She found that she was happy making somepony else happy. There were sure to be quite a few ponies who would get a giggle from her antics... and though she was a princess... acting silly gave her a bit of realism. Now she realized why Celestia didn't always act properly, like with the cake, and how she was wearing the scarf. She acted proper at the proper time, and improper whenever it fit the situation. It took the Unicorn a moment to register exactly what had just happened. Her mouth was gaping at the unexpected turn of events. But, it dawned on her that she was still in the presence of royalty, and so she coughed, using the moment to compose herself. “O—Oh my, are you s—sure?” she asked, barely daring to believe it. “Yes, yes, quite.” Luna replied. She had finished emptying the counter of the remainder of the socks, and realized that her bags were getting a little full. She had realized there were so many of these “socks.” “I'll send somepony for the rest of them later, if you don't mind.” Celestia relived Luna of the dilemma of where in the world to fit more socks. “O—Oh, well I... thank you, your majesties.” The Unicorn bowed graciously before them. “It was really our pleasure.” said Celestia, ushering Luna away with a wing. There was a lot more to see in Canterlot than just plain socks. “Now Luna, come over here.” she indicated to the stall she had been looking at earlier. “Here, try this.” she placed down the bits and thanked the salespony. Then Celestia telekinetically handed Luna something. Luna investigated the item, swiveling it around so she could see all sides. “What is it?” she asked, still skeptical of all the strange new things she was finding. “You eat it.” Celestia said as they walked along the seemingly never ending line of vendors and stalls. She herself was licking the outside, but then she took a bite. Luna watched and began to follow suit. “Well, it does taste good...” she took a tentative bite, and herself unable to move her jaw properly. She struggled against the sticky substance until it gave way and allowed her to speak again. “W—What happened? What is it?” “It's a caramel apple Luna. Aren't they delicious?” Celestia smiled. She was still enjoying her own. “Well—Well, I guess.” she gnawed on hers for a bit, still wary of the new treat. As she was finishing, though, something else caught her eye. She moved toward it, already knowing that Celestia would follow. She stared at the multicolored round objects, which seemed to need to be tethered down by strings. Luna poked one, and it moved away. But then, it began coming back, bumping against her still raised hoof, and then settling in it's original place. “Can I interest you in—oh!” A look of surprise replaced the smile on the salespony's face as Celestia made her way over, and the pony realized just who he was speaking to. He cleared his throat before speaking again, regaining his composure. “Can I interest you in one of these fine balloons?” “What's it for?” Luna asked the stallion curiously. “Well, they're balloons.” he began with confidence. “There are a lot of different colors, and they—well, they float, for one thing... And they, uh... Y'know, they're a big hit with the foals... Foals just get a kick out of them...” He cleared his throat again. “...Maybe it's just not something you'd be particularly interested in...” he hung his head. “Oh no I... I think that they do seem a bit fascinating. You know they didn't have these a thousand years ago...” Celestia already had the bits down on the counter as Luna plucked a pink balloon from the bunch. The Pegasus salespony was flustered for a moment, before tucking away the bits. Celestia was already tying the balloon to the strap of her saddlebags. “Th—Thank you. Come again!” The balloon salespony perked up. Celestia nodded a thank you as she and Luna trotted away. The rest of the day was full of exploring for Luna. Celestia could see that she was finally enjoying herself. After the whole sock fiasco, everything seemed to go better. Luna tried on hats, ate cotton candy, bought a pair of sunglasses, lost several bits gambling, went to a movie, took more photos with the camera, and even attempted to put on a puppet show for some foals. It was an exciting day for all, with both the princesses out and about in Canterlot. But, it was nearly time for Celestia to lower the sun and make way for the moon, thus ending another day. The two sisters walked back to the castle, Luna's saddlebags full of all the interesting items she'd found throughout the day. No matter how useless the object, Celestia had paid for it, because it helped out her subjects, and it made Luna happy. Celestia saw Luna's eyes drooping and her hooves dragging. It had been a long day for both of them. Her horn glowed as she picked up Luna, placing her on her own back. “I can walk... my... self...” Luna trailed off, asleep. Celestia smiled. Today, Luna had finally been able to enjoy herself since her return. And though not even Celestia knew what the next day would hold, she hoped that it would be as pleasant as this one. Luna was home now, back where she belonged. Celestia felt her sister's warm body against her own. It was... comforting, to have her so close after so long. And there was nothing in Equestria that could separate them again. Celestia was sure of that. No matter what it took... They were going to be together. Forever.
  7. AN: Yet another one-shot. This one is totally crack shipping and non-serious. So yes, it does kind of suck. FiMFiction Link Description When Princess Celestia takes Princess Luna to a Wonderbolts show, Luna finds more entertainment then she was looking for... Firesky It all started the day Princess Celestia forced her sister Princess Luna to go to a Wonerbolts show. Luna didn't get out enough, and hopefully something exciting would peak her interest. It was rare that Celestia could get our of Canterlot Castle, and Luna was a perfect excuse to do so. The princess of the sun had rare time to enjoy herself, but her concern now was really for her sister. Luna seemed highly fascinated by the show, much to the pleasure of Celestia. There was also one Wonderbolt in particular she seemed unusually intrigued by, and this did not go unnoticed by Celestia. When the show was over, she surprised Luna by taking her to meet all of the performers, including the firey maned Spitfire. The troupe introduced themselves, of course, but they all knew of the princesses. Celestia and Luna both greeted all of them, although Celestia couldn't help but notice a slight blush as Luna shook Spitfire's hoof. After that, Luna told Celestia that she wanted to travel and see Equestria. Celestia would have much preferred for her sister to stay by her side where she could keep an eye on her, but more importantly, she wanted Luna to be happy. But secretly during her travels, Luna went to every Wonderbolt's show in every town and city. Wherever the next performance was, that's where Luna went next. It could be said that she stalked the traveling showponies. Luna didn't always go to see them after every show, although she well could have. She preferred to watch Spitfire from afar, afraid to get too close. After all, the firey mare could hate her for her crimes, as Luna felt many of the other ponies in Equestria did. But she was the only reason Luna went to all the shows. Little did Luna know that some of the Wonderbolts had noticed her hanging around by the autograph table after shows, or how she always sat in the front row, or the way she fidgeted while she waited for her favorite filly flyer. So after a show one day, Spitfire approached Luna. The blue filly looked around for somepony else whom Spitfire was coming to greet, but she was the only one there. In fact, she was one of the last ponies still at the arena, which happened more often than Luna realized. The princess was invited to dinner with the troupe, to which she reluctantly accepted. It was be rude not to, but why in the world had they chosen her? Although, since she was a princess, that might have had something to do with it. Perhaps they wanted a chance to perform at the castle for Celestia, or maybe they wanted to talk about the next event in Canterlot... either way, Luna couldn't decline. But when they arrived at the restaurant, the other members sat a bit further off, leaving herself and Spitfire alone in their own booth. Luna blushed furiously at being left alone with this particular mare, and then blushed even deeper in embarrassment at blushing in the first place. It almost seemed like a date, but Luna knew that that couldn't be possible. Spitfire, however, acted very nonchalant about the whole thing, making casual conversation during the meal. Luna just felt rather awkward during the whole thing, continually blushing, fidgeting, and looking away—or a combination of all three! Spitfire secretly found her antics rather entertaining. She also explained that she'd noticed Luna coming to their shows rather frequently, which Luna confessed was true. After their rather awkward meal, Luna was about to excuse herself. She was awfully nervous and just wanted to leave. But Spitfire told her to wait, leaning across the table to stop her. Luna turned back, and found her turquoise eyes locked with Spitfire's own auburn ones. The firey filly leaned forward, pressing her warm lips against Luna's and closing her eyes. Luna's own eyes went wide for a moment, and then she was overwhelmed with pleasure. She'd never kissed anypony—it wasn't allowed for a princess to be in love. But now, Luna didn't care. She'd had a thousand years of suffering, a thousand years of no contact from anypony. But in this moment, Luna forgot all that. The other Wonderbolt's began to cheer at them, but Spitfire ignored them. Luna couldn't hear them over the racing of her own heart and the whirling in her head. Her body flashed hot, and she closed her eyes as well, just feeling Spitfire so close, closer than anypony had ever been. Love between a princess and a common pony was taboo, they both knew. But for Luna, this was the happiest she had been since her return. * * * After that night, Luna traveled with the Wonderbolts, rather than just following in their hoofsteps. She grew in her relationship with Spitfire, but didn't dare tell Celestia for fear of what she might think. But as the tour neared Canterlot, Luna knew that the confrontation was coming. There was no telling how her sister would react. Celestia, meanwhile, had her suspicions. She knew that Luna was off traveling, but where she would go off to next was always a mystery. But, when she sent letters back, all she ever talked about was the Wonderbolts. Particularly, a certain performing mare kept creeping in. Although, over the past couple of months, Luna's letters had been far more infrequent. Celestia just hoped that everything was alright. It wasn't until Luna brought Spitfire to the castle that Celestia realized just how serious things really were. Luna was rather embarrassed that she hadn't told her sister sooner, and also that she'd fallen in love with a mare rather than a stallion. But that didn't matter to Celestia, because she could see that her sister was finally happy since her return. And, although it was unheard of and a rather taboo practice, Celestia blessed them with a foal of their own. Magic can do a lot of things, and though the foal contained both the genes of Luna and Spitfire, one of them had to carry the baby until birth. It wouldn't really do for a princess of Canterlot to be seen pregnant, and so Spitfire was chosen as the 'mother'. Spitfire lived in the castle with Luna, though at first she protested. She wasn't used to being doted on night and day, and not being able to practice her flying skills drove her crazy. But Luna was there every step of the way, keeping her company. And Luna was there to hold Spitfire's hoof on the night their beautiful foal was born. She had the same firey mane and auburn eyes as Spitfire. Though her body was a deep blue, much like Luna's. She was a Pegasus, much to the relief of Luna. Her foal would be able to go out into Equestria without everypony necessarily knowing her heritage. She wondered if that had been part of Celestia's doing, or if it had been up to genetics. Either way, the foal was theirs. She was aptly named Firesky, a combination of her looks and the traits of her mothers. As she grew up, she was always slightly taller than most fillies her age, which came from Luna's side. She was able to study under Celestia and Twilight Sparkle, and therefore had little exposure to the outside world. Spitfire returned to the Wonderbolt's shortly after Firesky's birth, while the foal remained with Luna. They knew it was the best decision, on the road wasn't a good place to raise a foal. Luna missed her, but she knew that Spitfire's place was with her teammates. As Firesky grew up, she wanted nothing more than to be a Wonderbolt like Spitfire. She was terribly independent, and never really took to the whole 'royalty' thing. Luna always had her hooves full taking care of Firesky. Spitfire has said that she wants Firesky to travel with the Wonderbolts, once she's a bit older, although Luna is reluctant. She's terribly afraid of Firesky getting hurt. Firesky is full of energy, and always looking for a race to prove her skill. She can often be found zooming around Canterlot, trying new tricks and often getting into trouble. She's as reckless as she is daring, and Luna can't seem to keep a hold on her. Spitfire doesn't mind the spirited filly though. Whenever she's in Canterlot, Spitfire stays at Canterlot Castle with Luna and Firesky. Her tales of other cities far and wide and the amazing places she's seen intrigue Firesky, and every time Spitfire makes an appearance Firesky begs to travel with her. Luna wishes to travel with her fillyfriend as well, but they both know that Firesky's education must come first. Firesky is sometimes made fun of for her heritage, but everypony knows that her aunt is Princess Celestia herself. Nopony dares to say anything to her face, but Luna is still highly aware of it. She doesn't let on to Firesky that she knows. She wants her foal to be happy, even though it means hiding a bit of the truth. But, if Firesky does catch wind of any rumors, she'll set the pony who started them back in their place. Luna would much rather have Firesky avoid quarrels rather than start them, but she is glad that she can take care of herself. Still, Firesky doesn't have many friends because of her unusual parentage, and also because she's a big of a bragger. She brags about how cool her mom's are, and how awesome a flyer she is. Although both things ARE true, nopony really cares to hear about them. Firesky pretends like that doesn't matter, because she just KNOWS that everypony will adore her once she becomes captain of the Wonderbolts. Firesky wants to someday take the Wonderbolts to a new level, and create a series of fantastic night revolving shows. Night really is the best time for flying, and it's when the more interesting and eccentric ponies are out and about. Firesky likes flying at night a lot. Both of those traits come from each side of her genes. She enjoys the stars, and the moon is bright enough to light up everything, but not nearly as bright as the sun so it doesn't blind her. It's also not too hot, so it's the perfect time for flying. Her love of flying and the night sky is evident in her Cutie Mark. Firesky got her Cutie Mark when she decided that she wanted to be a Wonderbolt. But it wasn't really that. It was a sign of how much she enjoyed flying fast, like Spitfire, and how much she enjoyed the night sky that Luna had made. It was a red crescent moon, a combination of Luna's own white crescent moon, and Spitfire's red lightning bolt. Luna and Spitfire even got Firesky an exact replica of a Wonderbolt suit, except that it's a bit smaller so it fits her better. Firesky loves wearing it, especially when she goes out flying. Luna always knows she's left the castle when the suit is gone too, which does help her keep track of her little filly. For now, though, Firesky is actually really glad to be able to have anything she wants, even if all she wants is to fly. Luna is often worried for the young filly's safety, but she does like to see her having fun and enjoying herself. After all, a filly like her could have turned out more like herself, shy and unsure. But Firesky is ready to take on the world, seemingly unafraid. She's a tough little filly, which Spitfire admires, and which Luna is glad of. Two moms may not be the norm, but that isn't going to stop Firesky from achieving her dreams. And if Firesky is happy, and so long as Spitfire is around, Luna is content.
  8. AN: Another one-shot fic. I think this turned out to be one of my better works, and kind of where I started writing more interesting MLP fanfics as a whole. FiMFiction Link Description It has been a year since the banishment of Nightmare Moon. Celestia pays a visit to her sister—or so she thinks. Nightmare Reborn Princess Celestia walked slowly and quietly into her private chambers late one night. She moved purposefully to the one window in the room. Moonlight was showing through, casting a faint white glow about the room. The fireplace was unlit, and there was no wind tonight to stir the tapestries that contained Historic events in Equestrian history. As soon as it came into sight, Celestia's eyes were focused on the moon. She stood in front of the window, staring up at the glowing orb. Her head lowered and her eyes closed as her horn begins to gleam brightly. She was concentrating hard, and her eyes squeezed tighter as she tried to focus. Celestia found herself on a gray and barren world. Did the spell work correctly? Did I transport my full self instead? Celestia wondered to herself. She looked down, noticing that she was transparent. However, she quickly became a bit more solid, gaining her white coat and looking every bit like her real counterpart. She looked around, but there was no sign of anypony. Celestia sighed in defeat. Perhaps the spell did not work correctly, or perhaps... Celestia gulped, forcing her thoughts away from worse punishments that could have happened to her sister. After all, how much did Celestia really know about the Elements of Harmony? Celestia's ears perked up suddenly. She'd heard a voice. “Celestia?” There was Luna, standing a ways off in front of Celestia. Luna galloped forward as Celestia's mouth opened in disbelief. There was Luna. Not Nightmare Moon, but Luna. The real, actual Luna: her sister. Luna stopped short of Celestia, not moving forward for an embrace or any sort of touch. Celestia's ears pinned back. She knew that Luna must resent her. However, her sister's face held a wide but worried looking smile across it. Luna's hooves even sort of looked like they were stuck to the ground. “Celestia? T—Tia? What are you doing here?” Luna asked, shocked and a bit confused. “Oh Luna! I'm so glad that you're alright, and that—that—“ Celestia bit her lip. There was no need to bring up Nightmare Moon. That was in the past now, and Luna was here and Nightmare Moon was gone. “It's a spell, Luna. I'm only here in my mind.” “O—Oh.” Luna responded, as her ears drooped and her smile faded. Celestia paused. Something was the matter. Although, that was to be expected. After all, she had banished her own sister to an empty land for an indefinite amount of time. Luna's head suddenly whipped up, and there were tears in her eyes, ready to spill over. “Please Tia, let me come home!” Luna pleaded. Then she began to cry. Celestia took a step back, reminded of the nickname that Luna used to call her when they were just fillies. Her heart ached, reminded of their innocent and carefree days. It pained her to see Luna suffering like this. But no more. “Luna. Luna of course I will! The Nightmare is gone now, and you won't have to be alone. I'm here, Luna. You don't—“ Celestia was cut off by the sound of laughter. It was a low and quiet laugh, dripping with contempt. Celestia quickly glanced around for the sound, as it quickly built up to a loud and booming cackle. But when she looked back at Luna, the ghostly figure of Nightmare Moon was standing over her sister, literally. Her dark form grew more solid as she spoke, while Luna completely faded away. “Luna belongs to me now, Tia.” Nightmare Moon sneered at the childish nickname. “Her body, her mind, her memories—they're all tied to me now, and all under my control. You can't have her, and you'll never see her again.” Nightmare Moon had been edging toward Celestia as the white Alicorn slowly moved backward. She wasn't quite sure who exactly she was dealing with. She had very little power here, and wasn't sure just how much power Nightmare Moon had truly retained upon her banishment. Suddenly, Nightmare Moon convulsed, and her head lowered and her eyes squinted shut. She stood like that for only a few seconds before her eyes opened again, glancing up at Celestia. And as Celestia looked up at Nightmare Moon again, she saw not the fearsome eyes of her adversary, but the eyes of her sister: Luna. Those sweet, beautiful, turquoise eyes were sad and pleading. “Tia...” The word was just a forced whisper. But Nightmare Moon convulsed a second time, her eyes squinting shut again as she regained control. The transformation was quicker this time, as Nightmare Moon was the stronger and more powerful. Once her eyes opened again, they were those of the evil Alicorn. “If you ever wish to defeat me, you'll have to destroy her too.” Nightmare Moon knew that she had the upper hoof. She was tainting the oh-so-powerful sun princess, knowing that there was nothing she could do. She could see the pain on Celestia face, and she smiled with pleasure. Nightmare Moon began to laugh again, the same as before. It started out low, but built up much quicker and louder this time. Clouds and lightning surrounded her from seemingly nowhere, and Celestia stepped back. Celestia found herself back in her room, still staring up at the moon. She crumpled to the floor, her eyes still locked on the white orb. “LUNA!” she cried out in agony, long and loud and clear. A sob escaped her as tears began to roll down her face. It was that moment in life when one believes that everything is going to be alright, and turn out okay. And then they get the news that the exact opposite has happened totally unexpectedly. The moment when the good news that was sure to come, absolutely sure... came as bad news. A patrolling guard heard Celestia's cry. He slowly opened the door, and Celestia heard it squeak. “Princess? Are you alright?” The guard inquired. “Leave me.” Celestia whispered, although it was too low for the guard to hear. “Princess?” The guard prodded again, taking a few steps closer. Celestia heard his hoofsteps on the stone floor. Suddenly, her head whipped around to face him. Her face was still wet with tears, and the emotions of pain, sorrow, and horror were clearly written over her features. “I SAID LEAVE ME!” she yelled at the guard, nearly choking on her words. The guard was startled, and his eyes went instantly wide, and fear took over his concerned expression. He backed up a couple of steps before turning and fleeing for his life. Celestia hung her head and turned back to the window. That was no way for a princess to act. It was awful and mean—she'd have to remember to apologize. It wasn't his fault. It was hers. Celestia sniffled as a shudder ran through her. She looked up at the moon for a last time that night. “Happy Birthday, Luna.”
  9. AN: This was a fanfic inspired by a comic by MadMax. FiMFiction Link Description Luna's Biggest Fan “Luna! Luna, look at this!” Celestia sounded excited. Luna was having tea in her room, quietly reading. She looked up when she heard Celestia coming down the hallway. When she threw open the door, Luna nearly dropped her tea. “LUNA!” Celestia yelled. “Come look at this!” she telepathically waved an open scroll through the air. Luna sighed and closed her book, setting it on a side table with her tea before she hopped down. “What is it?” she asked as she walked over to Celestia. She was actually curious now. Celestia looked as though she would burst with excitement. “It's a letter from one of our subjects! He's been a fan of you for a long time, and wants to meet you!” “Let me see that!” Luna said, grabbing the parchment with her own magic. Scanning it over, there could be no mistake. “I—I have a—” she said disbelievingly. Luna had thought that everypony had forgotten who she was, and was somepony who really, truly cared. Celestia grinned at her, her smiled only widening as Luna looked up. Her eyes welled up with tears—not of unhappiness, but of joy. Real, true joy, something that Luna had not had the pleasure of experiencing since her return. Celestia kept the huge smile on her face as she spoke. “I've already arranged for him to meet you in the royal garden later today. Now go and put on your best saddle!” Celestia nearly skipped from the room, leaving Luna alone with the letter. Luna read over it again to be sure, but there it was, plain as day. Somepony, and a Stallion at that, really, truly, wanted to meet her. Her heart beat faster as she moved over to her rather lacking wardrobe, which held just one frilly cloth saddle on a mannequin. Such a simple and yet beautiful thing. Celestia brought it for Luna just a few days earlier, as a gift. Suddenly, Luna was in a frenzy. She quickly slipped on the saddle, and then moved over to a mirror—goodness, it wouldn't do to meet a charming Stallion looking like this. So, after an hour or two of primping, Luna still felt that she wasn't ready—but it was time. She had pinned her hair up, trying to keep up to date with the latest trends...but she had no idea if it looked good or right. She had a pink bow around her tail, and even a ring on her horn—she'd thought that last bit had been too much, but Celestia said she looked perfect. Nervously, Luna walked down the hallway to the door leading to the castle garden. Celestia was alongside her, still smiling brilliantly. She opened the door, ushering Luna out, when Luna suddenly got cold feet. Her legs wobbled, and she stood, frozen. “What if—what if he doesn't like me?” she said, voicing her concerns to Celestia. “Nonsense!” Celestia assured her. “He'll love you. He IS your biggest fan, after all.” Luna swallowed, taking the first step onto the cool tall grass of the garden. Celestia butted her with her nose, and then Luna found herself standing alone. Luna took a deep breath and sighed, taking a couple more steps and glancing around for her mysterious admirer. She spread her wings one more time, laying them lightly against her sides and making sure her feathers were straight. “Hello?” Luna called tentatively, when simply looking yielded nothing. There was no answer, and Luna glanced back to look at Celestia—but she had gone, and the door was shut. Walking through the garden, Luna glanced this way and that...he had to be here. Celestia herself had arranged it. Clearing her throat, Luna once again called out, just a bit louder, “Hello?” Still no answer. Turning to the side in order to search elsewhere, Luna came face to face with—no, it couldn't be. Celestia wouldn't. But...she had. There was the fan. A fan. An actual, real, three bladed fan. Luna stared at it in shock and disbelief. While her mind struggled to comprehend Celestia's cruel joke, Luna suddenly heard laughing. Very loud laughing, echoing off the mountain and through the garden. Luna turned and looked up toward one of the castle balconies overlooking the garden, where Celestia was clearly visible. There she was, her head tilted back, her hooves holding her stomach as she shook with laughter. Things had always been this way. Celestia had always been a prankster, playing tricks on Luna. But why now. Luna had thought Celestia had grown out of her days of foolery and pranks. When they were foals, it was common for her sister to trick her. But they hadn't seen each other in a thousand years...and this was how Celestia was going to treat her? Luna's face and throat burned, fighting back tears as she turned back to the fan. Kicking it over with a hoof, Luna ran back to the castle door, Celestia's laughing ringing in her ears. Tears threatened to break free of her eyes, but Luna held them back. Not yet. Telepathically reaching for the door handle, Luna had the sudden feeling that Celestia may have locked the door...but to her relief, the door gave way, and Luna hurried inside, shutting it behind herself. She could still hear Celestia's insistent laughter through the door, and she ran as fast as she could back to her chambers. Once safely inside her room, Luna locked the door. Then the tears fell, heavy and fast. Luna tore the saddle off and ripped the hair pins from her mane, scattering the objects where they fell. The ribbon on her tail and the ring on her horn came off as well, falling to the floor and nearly being trampled in Luna's haste. Throwing herself onto the bed, Luna sobbed. It wasn't so much the prank as it was the nature of it. They hadn't seen each other in so long, and yet—Celestia had not changed. Luna needed her sister's love more than ever now. Most ponies in Equestria were not very fond of Luna due to her recent escapade. And in spite of that, Celestia still saw fit to make Luna suffer. How could Celestia do that? For once, just once, Luna had thought that maybe she would have a real friend. Somepony who had waited and wanted to meet her. Somepony other than Celestia that actually cared about her. But there seemed to be no such thing. Even though Luna was back in Equestria, she was still just as lonely as she had been during her imprisonment. But this time, ponies could choose whether or not they wanted to meet her or talk with her. And so far, no pony had. But Luna had dared to hope that once...just this once...that things were different. Things were no different, things had not changed. Celestia was still Celestia, loved by all Equestria. Everypony went on with their lives as if Luna did not exist. And for the amount of attention they paid to her, Luna may as well not have. As Luna cried into her already damp pillow, her sobs shaking her body as they ran like shivers through her, cut-off from the world and betrayed by her only sister, she felt completely alone.
  10. AN: This was sort of an early headcannon of how Nightmare Moon came about. Not super great, but hey, I wrote it. It's a one-shot fic. FiMFiction Link Description *Story too short to need one.* Nightmare Reborn It was night in Equestria. Luna was in down, deep down in one of the castle chambers. It was never used, so it was perfect. Everything was ready. The circle* was drawn, the potion was mixed. The spell book was open, held in the air by Princess Luna's levitation spell. Celestia had warned Luna about the black magic book. She had said it was only for research, not for practice. Luna stood on the edge of the circle, and began the incantation**. Signum a porro Ego permissum vos iam vestri vox fluant The circle began to glow white on the marked lines. Ex infusco vorago quod everto incendia Vestri vox est quis Ego votum The liquid in the vial changed from a light blue to black. Luna took the potion, pressing the vial to her lips as she swigged down the fizzy and bitter liquid. Orior oriri ortus iterum , vestri vicis has adveho Permissum is vomica iam exsisto laxo Obscurum ex a vicis pro nox noctis equus vadum exsisto existo iterum Luna watched the circle as a shadowy form arose from it. It was not a pony, nor any creature that she had seen in Equestria. She backed away, bumping the table that she had used to make the potion. A glass bottle on the edge toppled to the floor with a crash. The shadow came forward, and Luna stood, frozen in place now, horrified. Nightmare Moon cackled, long and loud. It felt good to be free. Though, this form...It was unusual, but it would do. She sifted through the thoughts and memories of the body she now had, taking in the history and things she immediately needed to know. She made her way up the stairs and out of the chamber. She passed through the throne room, taking in the place where she would soon rule. * * * Princess Celestia awoke just before dawn, as she always did, so that she could raise the sun and prepare for a new day. She quietly left her chambers, making her way up to the tallest tower in Canterlot. It was where she and Luna almost always went to carry out their respective duties. Luna was already there, surprisingly. Celestia sensed that something was amiss, but she strode over to her sister. She had been staring out of the one window in the spacious tower. As Celestia came up to it, she saw that the moon was higher in the sky than it should have been at this hour. Suddenly, Nightmare Moon whipped her head around, catching Celestia off guard and slicing into her shoulder with her horn. Celestia stumbled back, her eyes wide. Her shoulder was stained crimson as the blood began to spread. Celestia backed up, threatened by her own flesh and blood. Nightmare Moon watched her limp backwards until she reached the wall on the other side of the tower. Nightmare Moon put her head down, her horn forward. She spread her wings wide, and her front hoof scraped repeatedly on the ground. Her eyes pierced into Celestia, menacing. Celestia saw Luna preparing to attack. “Don't do this.” she pleaded with her sister, as she lowered her horn as well. It began to glow as Celestia prepared to defend herself against her sister. “THE NIGHT. WILL LAST. FOREVER!” she yelled. Nightmare Moon charged, clearing the distance between them easily. Celestia focused all her power, everything she had, into doing something, anything. She couldn't think of what to do. Her little sister, little Luna, had turned upon her. The Elements of Harmony, Celestia realized. If anything could save them both, it was the ancient lore. Celestia fought to remember the spell, the one that would call upon the Elements of Harmony—it would take a great deal of strength and concentration...but she had to do it. For Luna. Luna was upon her, and Celestia braced herself for impact...but it did not come. There was a bright flash as horn met horn, and when Celestia looked up...Luna was gone. “Luna?” she called out. “Luna?!” she glanced around in vain, when she saw the window again. Something made her look, made her check... Celestia looked at the moon, still high in the sky...and saw a shadow of Luna indented upon it. “What have I done?” she said, sliding to the floor, her eyes still fixated on the moon. “What have I done?” *This is Latin and roughly translates to: Sealed away from long ago I let you now your powers flow From blackest pit and demons fire Your power is what I desire Rise again, your time has come Let this curse now be undone Darkness from a time before The Nightmare shall arise once more
  11. AN: This story was written with a couple of other people, so MudBug and Skye (neither are members of this forum) also get credit. It's another early one, with another OC. This guy is a Pertyon though, which is like a magical winged deer. FiMFiction Link Description Luna and Celestia struggle to gain back their relationship after a thousand years. But this is not an easy road they must travel, and things may never be the same as they once were. Can the bond of sisterhood withstand the test of time? Can an old yet new friend help overcome old memories and forge new bonds between the sisters? Chapter 1 Princess Luna loved the garden behind the castle. It was something she often did since her return from exile. The garden hadn't been there a thousand years ago. Then again, neither had most of the castle. Or most of Equestria, for that matter. There were new towns, and cities—sometimes Luna even got lost in the castle, in her own home. There were so many new ponies to meet, so many new places to see. Everything was new. It made Luna feel like a helpless newborn foal. Luna hadn't left the castle grounds since the Summer Sun Celebration. The celebration had had multiple meanings this year. It had celebrated her return, but also her defeat. And of course, as usual, the longest day of the year. There had never been a celebration for the longest night of the year. But Luna was used to people celebrating her sister. Celestia had always been the favorite sister. Walking in the garden reminded Luna of her imprisonment on the moon. Things were lonely, but not as quiet. It was a place to be alone without truly being alone. Celestia was nearby in the castle, and there were all sorts of animals in the garden. Luna wasn't used to other ponies quite yet. She wanted to have friends, and to be able to talk with other ponies. She just didn't know how. Even if she wandered around the castle grounds, ponies tended to avoid her--even the guards. Luna knew why they didn't trust her. But she wasn't Nightmare Moon anymore. She was just Luna. Lonely Luna. Walking in the garden gave Luna time to think. She often went there to sing, being too embarrassed to ever try singing in front of anypony else. She would also do her fair share of writing, making up poetry or new songs. She liked to sketch the animals that she saw in the garden, and, being there so often, saw many of them regularly. Even though Luna was free to go wherever she pleased, she stayed close to home constantly. Even when Celestia went to public pony events, Luna declined and roamed the castle by her lonesome. Celestia never pushed Luna to go anywhere she didn't want to. Yet, as Luna continued through the garden, she reached the back wall. The end of the garden. And even though she was a princess of Equestria and had all the joys a pony could ask for, Luna couldn't help but feel like a prisoner in her own home. * * * Once the sun was in its proper place for the day, once everything was seen too and all letters, forms, bills, amendments, treaties, and various other pieces of paperwork were given her yay or nay, she was finally given time to herself. She could feel the tension building up in the space between her shoulders and wings slowly relieve itself as the stress melted like morning frost on the grass. Celestia had no trouble dealing with her work, at times it kept her occupied, but when she had other pressing matters on her mind it could teeter to the point of becoming almost unbearable for the ageless mare. She tucked her wings to her side and rested at upon her throne. So far, everything was in perfect working order. Nothing was out of place. No troubles were being had. And yet, something nagged cautiously at the back of her head like she was forgetting a minor detail. That was what bothered her. The main thing on her mind at the current, ever since the Summer Sun Celebration, was her younger sister. How the ponies treated or reacted to Luna at times hadn't slipped the graceful mare's eye, nor would it have it worried her as much if she didn't see how it was affecting her baby sibling so. Raising to her hooves and watching the guards at the sides of her throne instantly spur to attention, she nodded softly to them both, and they eased, if only slightly, in their armor. "Do either of you know where my sister is at the current?" she asked softly. The guards made no motion, no turn of a head or flick of a tail, but one of them answered her. "Princess Luna, your highness? Last I saw of her, she was making her way to the Royal Garden." Smiling, Celestia gave a soft word of thanks and made her way to the garden by hoof, enjoying the look of her home and seeing if she could spot anything new today. The maids had placed Sun Bloom in several vases, and several suits of ancient Equestrian armor had been newly polished. Once she had made her way out to the garden, she let out the faintest of sighs as her blessed sun touched her face, feeling the warmth caress her muzzle and forelock, before she trotted softly into the main center of the garden. "Luna?" she called out gently. "Luna, are you here?" Luna turned suddenly at the sound of someone calling her name. She walked back, toward the castle, glancing around for the source. That was when she saw Celestia. "O-o-oh, it's just you. Hello there, sister. Did you want me for something?" Celestia smiled at her sister with a soft and affectionate expression as she came in to sight. She quietly approached Luna as she looked down at the night sky colored filly, and found herself all the more joyful that she was in fact here, and not in the moon as so many nightmarish, paranoid thoughts still tried to convince her of. "I'd just finished with my duties and had come to see if you were alright." She glanced around the garden for a moment, and then glanced back to her sister. "How are you enjoying the garden? Not that much has changed, and I'm wondering if it's still a place of comfort for you." Luna glanced around at the beautiful garden, not recalling much of her time before her exile. "Everything-everything is fine." She tried to look confident in her answer, even though things were far from fine—and she felt that it was impossible for things to ever be right again. The smile on the Celestia's face faltered ever so slightly as she sidled up next to her sister, one large pristine wing moving to delicately rest on the blue filly's back as she watched her closely. Long multicolored bits of mane occasionally gave a whispering touch to the younger sister's side or cheek as the sun mare watched her quietly. "Nothing troubling you at all....?" She tentatively asked. "That—that tickles." said Luna, not sounding at all pleased by it. She turned her face away from Celestia's gracefully flowing mane. What was meant to be a comforting gesture quickly worried the elder Princess. Celestia blinked and watched her younger sister's attitude and demeanor change, her brow furrowed in a concerned frown as she tried to gently nudge her sibling's cheek with her muzzle. Just some effort to show she was there for her. Luna shut her eyes tightly for a few seconds, and then opened them again, half expecting to be back in exile. There had been so many times when she had dreamed about being back, and now that she was...she was still afraid that even this was all a dream. Luna stood, keeping her face turned away and her eyes averted from her sister, but Celestia's wing did not let up. "Everypony hates me." she whispered. "No, Luna...that isn't true." It couldn't be true, not after the greeting the filly was given in Ponyville. It just couldn't be. Holding her wing to Luna, she watched her sister quietly. "Luna, they just don't know you the way I do. I'm sure they love you greatly for the gift you give them." Luna gave a huffy sigh, but didn't turn her face back to look at her sister. “You've been doing just fine taking care of things, as I can clearly see. As far as everypony in Equestria is concerned, I'm not needed anymore.” she sighed again. “Besides, they don't trust me. No pony does.” Luna paused, and looked at Celestia. “And why should they, anyway, after what I did? I don't deserve for them to love me like they love you. I can't just come back and pretend like nothing happened; take my place by your side like I'm supposed to. Even if everypony accepted me as a ruler, my powers are so weak now that I wouldn't even be able to complete my appointed task." Luna paused, turning away from her sister again. "It's just better if I stay away from everypony for awhile. For a long while." Watching her sister, the princess felt her worry grow, before it released as a soft and gentle sigh. She wanted to help her sister overcome these paranoid thoughts and this self loathing. The thought of the ponies hating her young sibling for a misguided lapse of judgment was enough to irritate the elder Princess. But she didn't allow herself to feel angered, nor irritated in the slightest. If she should feel angry at anyone, she should feel so at herself. Looking to Luna, she let out a very faint sigh and drew closer to the dark indigo mare. " time, your powers will return, and I will help you. I miss the beautiful nights you brought to Equestria." Choosing her next words carefully, she gently shifted her head so her mane swept lightly from her face. "That is another thing I wished to speak with you on...I've been considering organizing a celebration..." She paused a moment or two before continuing, tucking her wings delicately to her sides. "...In honor of the moon..." Luna looked up at her sister, a glimmer of joy in her eyes...but it quickly faded. Celestia smiled softly at the brief glimpse of happiness in her sister's eyes..before it vanished. "Why?" Luna asked, seeming to be utterly confused by this announcement. The Summer Sun Celebration was annual, a celebration of Celestia's sun...Luna had always attended, staying by her sister's side and generally enjoying herself. The sun was something to actually celebrate—after all, it was warm, and enjoyable, it made things grow so that ponies could eat. The moon did nothing to aid ponykind in their lives. "I don't...I don't deserve that." Luna said, brushing off Celestia and beginning to walk away. Celestia watched her sister walk off for a moment, before she followed just a step or two behind and called out to her. "Sister, do not doubt the beauty of your night...without your moon, the oceans would become wild and unruly and eat parts of the land or disappear where it is truly needed. Rare herbs and flowers grow in your night like the Lunar Blossoms and the Moonbright Root..." She took a small step closer and smiled weakly at Luna. " the brightness of my day, no one can appreciate the sight of my sun...I think it would be lovely for them to appreciate your moon." Luna stopped and whirled around. “You don't get it. You just don't get it!” she stamped a hoof. "You've been ruling over Equestria for a thousand years, taking on both the duties of the sun and the moon.” Wincing at the young Princess' outburst, Celestia let her sister speak despite how much it pained the older sibling. The ponies of Equestria don't see a need for me anymore. Some of them don't even know who I am. Those that do fear me or hate me. Joining you in ruling Equestria wouldn't help anypony. I still haven't even gained back enough power to do my job properly. What kind of ruler can I be now?” Celestia watched her in a forlorn manner, and kept politely silent until Luna was finished. She approached her again, just a few steps closer, and let her sad eyes run over the filly, with a soft sigh that escaped through her nose gently. "We promised each other that we would rule together, long ago. I know your powers aren't strong enough Luna...but one day they will be...and I want you to be there by my side to raise your moon when that day comes..." Luna stared her sister down, her head tilted downward. “Don't talk to me about promises! That promise was broken a thousand years ago! You have no idea what it was like! You have no idea!” Luna breathed heavily, and her eyes filling with tears. She was angry. Angry that Celestia could be so stupid. She pretended as if nothing had happened—and truly, nothing had Celestia. Luna was the one who had had to suffer. Blinking at such an outburst, Celestia tilted her head back slightly as if that would give Luna some amount of space. Then she just listened and watched her sister with wide eyes. You can't know what that's like! A thousand years of loneliness and darkness. I would have rather died that day!” Luna ran off, past Celestia, through the garden and toward the castle. There was so much anger and sadness that escaped her sister in that instant. Celestia was so shocked that she barely had time to call out for her sibling before it was too late. She turned and watched the midnight blue filly run off, and rose a hoof to follow her. "Luna, wait! I—I..." She only managed two meager steps as she watched Luna run off. But Luna paused only to wipe the tears from her eyes, so that she could see properly, and then dashed off into the castle. A small and forlorn sigh escaped Celestia. Her brow furrowed sadly as she swallowed her sorrow. She wanted to cry, and the bubbling feeling in her throat compelled that want so badly. She felt her voice choke, and her hoof gently thudded against the soil in the faintest irritation. She whispered weakened words beneath her breath, though Luna was long gone.. "I...I had no choice....."