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Found 28 results

  1. I would love to raise awareness for World Autismday and autism in general. Autism is something that some people have to live with, and unlike most issues, it is not something people see or understand. People do not expect someone without legs to run. People do not expect a blind person to compete in archery. People do not see the issues Autists have to deal with and often do not take these issues seriously. Autists do not have specific and defined issues. It is a very very very broad array of issues they can have. Yes, as like every human they learn to deal and act upon their issues. But nevertheless, it doesn't hurt to show some compassion towards people with autism. I want to wish everyone with autism a very happy life and compassion! And if you are brave enough and willing, please feel free to share your story down below! I might do so 2 later on when I find the courage.
  2. Well, I feel like I could have made this one long post in hindsight. But, I'm past that point now, so here's the second part of a three part series of blog posts. Autism as a diagnosis has only been around for 70 years, and Asperger's has only been around for 20, so it is kind of expected for society to not really understand what the autistic population as a whole are going through. Not to mention, that in part 1 I mentioned the characteristics of autism. Those characteristics are very abnormal and quite noticeable. Though most people would discount them for awkwardness and obsessiveness, the trained eye is able to see through that. But the thing here is that this part is much more concerned with most people than it is with autists. As a whole, however, I think society is quite unaware, even in comparison to how unaware that I'd think they should be. Why do I think this is the case? Well, here's two reasons (even though there are probably more). Autism is Depicted Inaccurately in Media As I stated in part 1, I would define autism as an umbrella term for a developmental disorder that affects a variety of functions of the brain including the processing of sensory information, communication, motor skills, and also may effect the emotional stability of the affected. Most also affect cognitive skills. The disorder normally shows signs in the first three years, but some milder forms may not be diagnosed until adulthood, due to the fact that it's generally associated with cognitive deficiency, but they will nonetheless show difficulties in specific areas that may become concerning later in life. Going through that piece by piece, I can come to the conclusion that some TV shows, games, and movies try so hard to include autistic characters that they hardly ever get them right. Here's a few examples of them off-hand, and how they're inaccurate. Sheldon Cooper from "The Big Bang Theory"- He is actually LITTLE like an actual autist and more like extremely OCD person that literally feels for nobody. Which is so far off it's not even funny, just like the actual show he's in. Spencer Reid from "Criminal Minds"- His social skills are way too good, and his interests are far too diverse. That makes for the assumption that people that are a little bit awkward, are savant-like and nothing else have autism. Which is far from correct, honestly. Raymond Babbitt from "Rain Man" - A lot of the traits are overdone to the point where it makes it seem like you have to be seriously impaired to have any form of autism (which is WRONG). Sadly, THIS is the main influence for how society sees autistic people, so people like (potentially) me would be immediately shrugged off. Yes, there have been quite occasional accurate depictions, but for the most part most inclusions just seem like an attempt to say "oh we have an aspie for a character that's really smart! We're diverse!" When the way they portray them actually puts it into question. They usually must be savants and a little awkward and that's really it. No mention of things like struggling with motor skills, abnormal movement, and nothing involving cognitive delay (which happens even with autists with an above average IQ). That's not right, not right at all. Autism is much bigger than a little awkwardness! Also, there are only a SMALL percentage of autists are savants. I do mean a VERY small percentage. Autism Speaks is a BAD Organization to Represent the Autistic Autism Speaks always advertises itself as a group who is legitimately concerned about the autistic... While making it BLATANTLY OBVIOUS that they have ZERO concern for the well being of the autistic whatsoever. Autism Speaks is a hate group that oddly enough doesn't speak for the autistic as a whole. There's plenty of reasons why this is, and I've kept it short enough. NONE OF THE BOARD MEMBERS ARE AUTISTIC!!! How could they know what it's like WHEN QUITE LITERALLY NOBODY THERE IS ON THE SPECTRUM?!?!?! They demonize autism. This is what I meant in my political views blog when I was talking about autistic rights. It's OUR right to be autistic. They don't believe that, and instead it's a disease and a plague. This rhetoric is a big part of what makes them a hate group, as it makes the autistic out to be sub-human. Which is f***ing sick. This is actually ESPECIALLY bad for the autistic because as a group, we are far more prone to depression and anxiety issues, and this is BOUND to cause them! They use Autism Awareness Month and their ads to make the public LESS aware of how it REALLY is to be autistic! Is that intentional? I think the jury's out on that at the moment. But, I must say it's looking like they're going to come back with a guilty verdict. But nonetheless, what does that do for US? They literally partnered with a group that commits VIOLENT ACTS against the autistic! Who am I talking about? The Judge Rotenburg Center. You know what they do to the autistic? They TORTURE THEM AS AN "ATTTEMPT TO TREAT" THEM! They use techniques such as social isolation, physical violence, forced ammonia inhalation, food deprivation, sleep deprivation, and prolonged restraint in this pursuit, and as of the writing of the Autism Wiki article I'm using as a source, they've killed SIX people like this! And it wasn't that recent I don't think! They were going to change their direction, but no they have NOT. I have seen their ads on TV a few times since one of the chair people died in 2016, and they were replaced by somebody who wanted to change the message as stated by my source, but nothing happened. They still air ads demonizing autism and treating it like t may as well be f***ing AIDS, when IT'S NOT THE SAME! Autism is NOT a disease! It's not something you CURE! Autism is a lot more similar to something like Bipolar disorder (which I think I have a minor form of), where it's something that can be treated, but it's a part of the actual PERSON affected by it. Advocating to change a person's identity over not conforming is f***ing ORWELLIAN! I really hope that someday that THIS won't be the largest "advocacy group" (my a**) for autism in the future, and I have to say that I actually have hope for this. If we speak up and tell the public how evil they are and give them an alternative, we just might be able to take them down. But the only thing is that they have so much funding that it may be a little difficult to take them on. But you know, the bigger they are, the harder they FALL. Though the first step is to STOP supporting Autism Unawareness Month (That is what it really is)! Stop buying their agenda! This is SO important because this is how they raise money to research into forcibly making the autistic normal, and we CAN'T have that! There will be a part 3 on this about how autism as an issue should really be addressed, in more detail than I posted in my political views blog post. To sum it up for anybody who didn't read that post or those who didn't get it from here, I believe the autistic have the right to be who they are. Another note on some of the semantics in my post, switching between calling the autistic community they and us, you know I think I strongly suspect I'm on the autism spectrum myself and that's a show of it. I say "strongly suspect" because I can't be entirely sure, but in my mind I'm as close as could possibly be to 100% positive that I have undiagnosed Asperger's. Just some clarification there.
  3. My life has been really amazing over the past few months... It certainly has been, no doubt about it... No, it only has been compared to what it was before that. Before I met my boyfriend of about 3 months, I was extremely depressed. I think a lot of you may know the story here, but I was actually heavily considering committing suicide, in a way that would work unlike the last few attempts at my own life foiled by various things. But now I can comparatively say this life is pretty fantastic. At least my own self-esteem isn't that far down the toilet. It's gotten a lot better, but is it entirely better? No it isn't. I made this post in the "How are You Feeling Thread" at one point fairly recently: "I feel very upset with myself... ". I made this post after my boyfriend was upset with me for not listening to his music (even though, yes I should have sooner than I did, that isn't the point). I think if I could post the entire conversation, which I can't find it, you'd see that the post in and of itself indicates that my newfound self-esteem is very fragile. It was set off by something as small as my boyfriend getting a little angry at me over a track of EDM music he finished making. I'm still living most of my life in the $#!+hole known as my dad's (technically grandma's, considering she pays for EVERYTHING) house. The place has several problems that really prevent me from doing anything with my life. First one, is my dad. He will not clean up after himself. It basically makes the house into an extremely depressing environment with junk stacked everywhere. He also is such a man-child that helping him even with what I absolutely need to, is an absolute nightmare. It also doesn't help my ability to really communicate with him, that's already subject to my extreme introversion, but made worse by his stubborn inability to actually listen to what I have to say, instead making sorts of infuriatingly stupid jokes. Second one, is the environment itself. No air conditioning, no heating, bugs everywhere, NINE obnoxious dogs that won't leave me alone for five seconds when I go outside. My dad doesn't help this either, by constantly spouting off about how depressed he is and how the world is against him, and blah blah blah. Seriously, Dad, do you want to see me strung off the pecan tree, dangling by the homemade noose attached to my neck? I certainly hope not. It also doesn't help that there's no internet aside from the internet on my "dad's" (when it's my grandma paying the bill in all actuality) phone, which he gripes about me taking all of the time. Yeah, I do dad. You know why? THE INTERNET HAS BECOME A LESSER NECESSITY, LIKE HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING. I NEED them. Maybe not to SURVIVE, but to FUNCTION. Without it, I have no chance of survival. Period. I don't think my grandma wants me to run away from home because I have no chance there, so yeah, let me have it. All you use it for is looking at stupid $#!+ you find on Facebook and showing me your alt-right political memes that 9 times out of 10 are actually infuriatingly stupid (after you say you hate politics and offended people, you flock to both...). Also, I'm still QUITE unconfident of my ability to do anything for myself. Mind you, I'm weak, physically unfit, and by some definitions it is very likely that I'm actually disabled and should find a way to get that disability properly diagnosed so I can get disability checks. I have a lot of symptoms that suggest the possibility that I am on the autism spectrum (higher functioning, obviously). I mean I can't effectively communicate to anyone (yeah, even my own boyfriend, actually) due to a lack of social skills that also results in a lot of social anxiety, I had a LOT of developmental issues growing up, and believe me when I say that I am twitching like CRAZY right now. Only 3 of many things that make me think that there's a very high chance I'm on the spectrum. I am likely incapable of both the social and physical aspects of most any minimum wage job that I can get without references (and even then, it's actually really hard and getting harder and harder to even get THOSE without references.) This also means I can't effectively communicate with people outside of things that require no speech or eye to eye contact, and it also means that I can actually hardly do anything in a physical sense. Though the latter doesn't disturb me. I can just get my BF to do those things for me, even if it takes a little... convincing (and it seems I'm fairly good at that). BUT, is my life better? Of course it is. My self-esteem is getting better, I spend at least half of my days away from the House of Despair, and I have much more in terms of enjoyable experiences. I've been able to play Paladins again, and even a little bit of Team Fortress 2 (even though most of the time I try to play it online, my ping happens to spike ). I also have a little more confidence my tabletop game will go somewhere, and I don't feel as bad about myself. I don't see a noose in my future, also. I see... A small rented house on the outskirts of Houston, a lot of romance, a lot of my wants coming to fruition, and I even see a potential for personal success. No more of those self-help books that I just want to throw in the burn barrel. And soon enough, maybe no more living with my dysfunctional father. I just wanted to end this on a not-so-depressing note. I definitely do feel better, but it is a mistake to say life has suddenly become absolutely everything I want out of it.
  4. Hello there! So I've noticed that a fair amount of people on this forum, probably like 90% have autism, most of the time asperger autism. And that's kinda interesting to me, since in the normal world, only like 0.2% of people have have asperger autism. So I wanna know, who here is autistic, and in what ways does in affect you? I for myself have asperger autism, and it probably cause me to not be interested in relationships for the first 17 or 18 years of my life, so I more or less have to learn everything about dating now, which kinda sucks, but.....yeah.... I'am also just really bad in social situations in general....and I often overshare personal stuff which can be kinda awkward for the other person sometimes.
  5. This should be the last one of this series, discussing autism. As has been discussed, I don't like the way that autism as an issue is handled today, but I think that with leadership, dedication, and initiative the autistic community as a whole could potentially remedy this situation, at least in my opinion. I understand that less than 1% of the population are autists with an IQ above the mentally retarded line, but hear me out here. Fixing this issue won't be a quick process, but it will actually be worth it when we get proper awareness to the issue. Kill Autism Speaks! No, I do NOT mean killing any person. I mean making the organization collapse. Making one of the largest and most prevalent hate groups in America just simply collapse is no easy feat, though. Especially considering how much money Autism Awareness Month pumps in for them. We would have to find a way to attack them in a way that would make the public think "wow these really are evil people aren't they?" Eventually over time this could lead to the intended objective. Killing them off once and for all would improve the awareness the public has of the autistic as individuals instead of their unawareness in thinking it's a disease and a plague. What they should instead be made to ultimately accept is that this is a unique trait of who we are as individuals., It also helps with the end-goal of this sort of operation for there to be more proper representation in media, in other words less Sheldon Cooper types being placed on the autistic spectrum by TV shows just itching to find a way to put an autistic character in a TV show. In other words, treat us like the disabled or dwarves (I don't mean the dwarven race of fantasy games, obviously). How to Effectively Treat It I understand that word could have a sort of stigma in this case, but hear me out. What I mean here is nothing like what Autism Speaks advocates for. What I mean here is to look at the harmful symptoms themselves and find an effective way to treat those symptoms, with medications such as anti-depressants or anti-anxiety meds. Also drugs like Seroquel and Zyprexa that are meant to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder also provide benefits to the autistic. There are others of these kinds of drugs, but they're either not potent enough, (such is the case with Risperdol) or have too many and too potent of side effects (as is the case with (such is the case with Clozaril. Of course, don't go around telling your doctor to prescribe anything to you though, that's their job (BIG PHARMA). Also, counseling can be important, considering how therapeutic venting about it can be (oh trust me I know, it's part of the reason I posted this series of blog posts in the first place). Wow this one was really short, but hey it isn't necessarily that complicated to be honest... Just make the public aware of the real issues we face, and then try to combat those issues with the proper treatment, and also make them remember that we're people too and not just some sort of label.
  6. Well, I had a stray thought a few moments about making a blog post about autism, and really discuss the topic as a whole. The stray thought was partially triggered by a thought I have circling in the back of my mind that goes something like this: "If I really were to be diagnosed with Asperger's (if you didn't know, it's the mildest form of autism), what would it mean for me?". It came to evolve into something along the lines of "I know I've discussed it a lot before, but . Society lacks awareness of the issue, regardless of how much they may think otherwise. It's not really that much of a black and white topic, as many people who have invested research into it would understand. If anything, autism in general can be pretty complicated. I know plenty about the issue considering I've been researching into it for the past 3 years or so. What is Autism, Really? This may seem straight-forward, but it's not. It can be told a number of ways, as it still isn't truly understood and exactly established how exactly to define it. Here's a couple of examples: one from Leo Kanner, a psychiatrist who was one of the first to study autism, and another from the Autistic Society of America, respectively. "a developmental disability which affects language and communication, sensory processing and motor skills, cognition, and interaction" "Autism is a complex developmental disability that typically appears during the first three years of life and is the result of a neurological disorder that affects the normal functioning of the brain, impacting development in the areas of social interaction and communication skills. Both children and adults with autism typically show difficulties in verbal and non-verbal communication, social interactions, and leisure or play activities." These two definitions aren't exactly conclusive. Kanner's way of defining It is way more to the point, but the ASA's definition has some nuance lacked by the former. Sure, these definitions are clearly describing autism as anybody invested into the topic would know of it, but they aren't entirely congruous with each other. They both properly describe autism as developmental (the disability part isn't necessarily accepted much anymore by the autistic community). Both also describe issues with social interaction, but here's where they split. Kanner describes it affecting sensory processing, motor skills, and cognition as well. The ASA on the other hand describes in more detail how it impacts the affected. It states that it occurs within the first three years of life and that it's a complex disorder that isn't truly understood by the psychiatric community, and that autism in itself is a catch-all term. Both are correct in their own ways. But I personally believe this is the way I would define Autism: "Autism is an umbrella term for a developmental disorder that affects a variety of functions of the brain including the processing of sensory information, communication, motor skills, and also may effect the emotional stability of the affected. Most also affect cognitive skills. The disorder normally shows signs in the first three years, but some milder forms may not be diagnosed until adulthood, due to the fact that it's generally associated with cognitive deficiency, but they will nonetheless show difficulties in specific areas that may become concerning later in life." Wow that was a mouthful. It's basically a combination of both definitions, but a bit modernized as both definitions were a bit aged. In simpler terms, I'm stating that autism is actually a term for several conditions that affect neurological development. That's probably the simplest it could be made, really. What are the Symptoms of an Autism Spectrum Disorder? Whoa. Back up. ASDs have a multitude of complex, sometimes even contradictory symptoms.Nobody diagnosed with autism really crosses off every single box. It's always been more about an interpretation of a variety of symptoms that are indicative of an ASD. Here's some of the characteristics that are usually present in most autists. Note that the way these are presented aren't very specific, and in fact can allude to a vast array of symptoms. I will put them down here, and then relate them to myself to sort of explain what they're supposed to mean. Atypical movements. I have a consistent need to pop my knuckles, a very odd gait that changes from time to time (to explain, it's sort of a limp, sort of a long stride, and sort of a march), I also will occasionally rock back and forth in chairs, especially if I don't feel secure in them (in other words if I can't lean back far enough in it...) Communication issues. I don't think I really need to explain this one. Just not being able to communicate in an effective manner. Unusual responses to sensory input. I have always had issues with the sound of vacuum cleaners, I find them torturous and loud. So when one's going I usually have a habit of making weird noises in imitation of it to block the noise from them out. Unusual development for age. Well, considering I watch quite a variety of cartoons and enjoy them when most people around me my age would just cringe, the fact that I am quite the fan of Pixar, and that I still retain a borderline obsession with video games (particularly "unusual" in this category a love of the Pokémon and Mario franchises). Not to mention that I couldn't tie my shoes until I was 10, and I wet my bed until I was about 14. I also wet myself in public more than once, but that was more of a social anxiety issue. Specialized interests. Well, I feel the need to constantly discuss League of Legends and Paladins related things whether it be with somebody else or (99.99% of the time) myself. Also, my interest in game development kind of falls into this as well. Potentially having problems with the following: anxiety, depression, ADHD, epilepsy, dyspraxia, et cetera. I can check two of those boxes. I have had unchecked anxiety and depression issues for years now. As for ADHD, I don't think I have it but I do sort of fit the bill, albeit to a smaller degree. (Most Forms) Cognitive Delays. I actually had some. I was in special education classes until I was in the fifth grade. Even though I excelled in math, I was slow with reading initially. I had a kindergarten reading level in the third grade... That's pretty bad. But by the fifth grade, I had gotten ahead of the curb there as well, so I guess that's where it ended. By the sixth grade, I was able to read the entirety of Watership Down in a matter of a week (trust me, it is long. By long, I mean like the book was in excess of 400 pages... But the book is definitely a good book I'd more than definitely recommend to anyone with the patience to muddle through the beginning 40 pages or so). These are generally what psychiatrists and psychologists look for in diagnosing somebody with an autism spectrum disorder. They look for problems of those varieties, and if qualified professionals observe you and believe that you check enough boxes, they will diagnose you with a form of autism depending on which you check and don't. It's a bit more complicated than it seems, because different people have different requirements for what they'll diagnose as autistic... I'll release a part 2 and maybe a part 3 in the future. Maybe not too soon, but likely after a few days or so. I've really been spamming out these blog posts lately, and there's a chance I may not be able to post for a little while... Oh well... People are probably tired of me just posting more and more s*** anyways. *shrug*
  7. Yet another "Cry for Help" post. I feel like somebody's got to think that this is getting old. But this one concerns thoughts I've had for a while. I'll just get to the point... I Believe that I'm an Aspie I know I repeatedly express this feeling, but I feel this need to express my belief that I have Asperger's. I don't know what that need is about (probably the anxiety surrounding it), but I just can't not express it. I have a lot of symptoms that perfectly fit including, but not limited to: social awkwardness, developmental issues (shoe-tying, bed-wetting, and handwriting development in particular), repetitive behaviors, a select number of specific interests, emotional issues (particularly anxiety and depression) and issues expressing them outwardly, repetitive twitches and spasms, talking to myself more than I do with other people, sound sensitivity, an extreme sensitivity to physical pain, social isolation, and being proficient at only specific things. This has caused serious problems in my own life, including communication problems with my teachers and a lack of initiative applying for jobs. I need to get help for this I think, but I'm unfortunately incapable in my current circumstance. It has really, really harmed me, but what can I do if I can't afford anything or go anywhere to get real help, you know? My Gender Identity Issues My gender identity was a frequent topic of discussion when I was on my old account. I was transgender, then I was bi-gender, then I was non-binary, then I just dropped the whole gender thing completely. I'm not entirely sure what I am now. The thing is that I've found that logic and reasoning kind of eliminates the whole idea of multiple genders. I used to believe that there were 11 genders in total, but now I only believe there's 2. But the thing is, my past experiences and my feelings don't jive with logic here. I've always felt at least sort of like a woman in at least some fashion and have always felt sort of off-put by my masculinity. To be honest, it disgusts me in a lot of ways. I know that the people who say "there are only two genders" will tell me that I'm just trying to get attention, but the truth is that I'm not. This is a real issue for me, not feeling right in my own body. Feeling as conflicted and awkward as Stevonnie (Steven Universe) looks. I'm just so uncertain about it all. I feel like I want to express myself more, but I also feel like I shouldn't for the fear that it just won't feel right. Sorry for wasting everyone else's time again with these dumb blog posts I keep making. Seriously, they accomplish nothing in real life. I know they bring me a sort of relief of some of my anxiety (some meaning a lot in normal people terms and a little in my terms), but nothing really comes out of them. Why do I keep posting these instead of writing a suicide note? At least that will bring some relief to everyone else if I ultimately decide to end it all. They'll understand my emotional pain much better, and won't just think of my suicide as some sort of random event without reason. I know there must be an answer to that if I just keep on suffering like this... Right? If there weren't, I'd have overdosed on Ibuprofen by now. I don't know if that question was rhetorical or not anymore.
  8. It's a concern to me that I cannot find any Bronies like myself out there who has a learning disorder like I do. For instance, I have High-Functioning Autism (HFA for short), a.k.a. Aspergers Syndrome. There has been some talk on the internet that apparently the entire show of MLP:FiM actually helps people (in general) who have autism with their social skills. And I am yet to see any studies and evidence of this being true.
  9. Give thoughts? I think his stories are good, but his videos shooting shots at other YTers are going a little far
  10. So during my adventures on xbox and pc multiplayer games, I have noticed that on more than one occasion, haters continuously call me an autistic brony. Of course, brony hating insults don't hurt me but I was confused as per why someone would insult another person with autism and why bronies are insulted to have autism. So I'm asking you guys if you have ever been insulted similarly, heard of where the insult originated or if this is just a coincidence.
  11. If there's anything anyone wants to ask an autistic person, ask me. Or, if you want to ask somebody with ADHD something, also ask me. If you want to talk to somebody who isn't 100% awesome, go find Rarity. (MLG sunglasses appear on head) But seriously. If there's something you want to ask an autistic, I'm right here
  12. OK, so there's a new character on Sesame Street called Julia. And she's the first Sesame Street character with autism. While I approve that it's good in concept. I'm worried that it's a negative stereotype, because guess who is working with Sesame Street for the character. ''Autism Speaks''. Who make stereotypes that Autistics people put people in poverty and that parents hate them and that they need to be Eliminated. Now here's the thing, if this is so, then the character is going to be a negative stereotype whose parents will want to ''Eliminate'' her. Autism Speaks does not speak for autism, autistic kids do. None of the members of the board are autistic. Here is an article on Deviantart by Mintaka-TK about them, and a stamp if you are interested. Their funding never goes to families, it only goes to labs where they research on something that will eliminate the gift of autism. Now, what do you think? Is Julia a negative stereotype who their parents will hate and want to eliminate or not? I have autism myself by the way, so go easy on me if you think this article is too sensitive. Also, please no autism insults.
  13. So, one of the people I'm subscribed to on YouTube, Mr. Enter, wrote a Deviant Art Journal today criticizing the actions of one, Judge Rotenberg Center. In short, they try to "treat" people with Autism through methods like shock therapy. They're like a more extreme version of Autism Speaks. My thoughts: This is fucking sick. As someone on the Autism spectrum, I do not approve of these methods. You cannot cure Autism. It's a neurological disorder, not a freaking disease! Stop trying to cure it, especially through such extreme methods!
  14. I was reading something online and everyone kept saying twilight has autism and OCD? Do you think she has autism and OCD because I don't think she does.
  15. Okay one of my symptoms of autism is fine motor issues. Basically, I have trouble doing stuff that involve my hands such as drawing, driving, tying my shoes, etc. I never liked having these things. They always felt like such a crutch. I didn't learn how to ride my bike until I was 8 and I didn't learn how to tie my shoes until I was 12. Those I eventually did get over. The ones I'm trying to master are drawing and driving. The driving is probably just gonna take me a little longer. I'm 17 with a permit and the most I've driven is through my neighborhood with my mom making sure I stay in the right lane. The drawing is the one I really want to learn. I always envy the people who can do amazing art and always wanted to do that. Sadly that's difficult. I always hating art class growing up because my art would take a lot longer than other students and wouldn't come out as good. The best thing I drew was a Pinkie sketch sophomore year. Oh I wish I could get over these setbacks.
  16. This is an essay I wrote for my English class. We had to write about how it felt to be something about us, and I naturally chose autism. My teacher loved it so much, that I even got to read it in front of the entire school faculty. So here it is. How it Feels to be Autistic Me Sometimes, I feel as if I am from a foreign country. I sometimes have trouble picking up social cues and I always feel different compared to everyone else. The comparison of me to other people is like comparing someone from America to someone from France. Thus is my journey through my life of having autism. On some days, I feel like I am from England. For example, when I go to school, everyone has different social cues when talking to people like sarcasm, and joking around with people. When I hear these jokes, I sometimes take them a little too seriously. It is like these people have a different social standard compared to me. I talk a bit more formal at school like someone in England, while others talk like they are more casual like they are from America, That does not mean I don’t have any American blood. I can talk casual, just not as much as others. This is what can cause bumps in the road on my journey. On other days, I feel like I am from Brazil. In Brazil, the popular sport is Soccer while in America, the popular sport is Football. I have somewhat different interests than most kids. While most boys my age are into extreme sports, I am into watching cartoons. I never saw the appeal in throwing or kicking around a ball trying to score a point. I found my interests in having a cartoon give me a good old laugh. This makes it hard for me to talk about my interests because not many people are into the same activities I am. I do find other kids with these interests, but they are the kids I barely see. However, I have found some safe spots in my journey. When you go to some foreign country, you bring along a guest or someone to translate for you. This is the case when I’m at home. My family knows about autism and they do what they can to help me be treated just like everybody else. My mom gives me all the advice I need on how to be socially acceptable. My older sister keeps me entertained and gives me more personal advice that my mom struggles on giving. My step dad gives me more of the joking advice, to play along with me so I learn how to take a joke. With all these family members, I have clear translation on my journey. When in another country, you may also be handicapped with certain things such as being able to understand people. This is the case for me with anything involving motor skills. I grew up having fine motor issues, meaning that stuff like driving, drawing or tying my shoes is really hard to me. I did not learn how to tie my shoes until I was 12. I want to learn how to draw, but that will take a lot of practice and more learning. My drawing skills have gotten better though. I just need to relax and look at a reference picture to get it down well. I have found ways to get through this setback on my journey. The journey around the world with autism may be a long one, but it sure is a wild ride. I may not be as good at some tasks as other people are, but that doesn’t mean I am much lesser of a person than they are. I can talk, I can walk, I can socialize, and I know what is socially acceptable. This here is what makes my journey complete.
  17. My thoughts on a proposed law in congress that would offer tracking devices for special needs children.
  18. A rant by yours truly on haters and trolls using "autistic" as an insult.
  19. A video by yours truly criticizing how Autism is often framed as a death sentence when it is more complicated than that.
  20. Hi Folks! This topic isn't related to MLP but I'm looking for help. I'm a Santa Clara University undergrad and this season I'm in charge of putting up an exhibition to spread autism spectrum awareness for my campus. In this exhibition, I'm making an oppression section: on stigma, misrepresentation of autism in the media, news of individuals abused due to their condition. I'm also making a hope section: good information on the autism spectrum, celebrating neurodiversity, resources that'll help individuals on the spectrum. For interactivity, I'm thinking of letting viewers write anonymous letters. Students who identify on the spectrum may write their experiences anonymously (or identify themselves if they feel comfortable). Students who don't identify on the spectrum may write about their experiences with people who are on the spectrum. It could be their friends or family. Students may also write their impressions regarding the topic on autism. I'm also planning to have a comment box for students to write questions or suggestions to support SCU students on the autistic spectrum. Students may anonymously write encouraging statements and post them on the wall. Statements may include "I love someone who is autistic." or "I'm autistic and proud." Any ideas and resources are appreciated!
  21. A Youtube video I made on the CDC numbers on how many people diagnosed with Autism.
  22. So I was reading another thread earlier, which caused me to start analyzing Pinkie Pie's personality and behavior. I thought about the way she interacts with other ponies and how she's just a little bit different from everpony else. For a while, I've had this theory that Pinkie might have some sort of mental condition that would cause her to act so crazy all the time, and today it finally hit me as I realized these things: Pinkie Pie is a very sweet and loving individual who never seems to have any hatred at all. She has an exceptionally good memory and almost never forgets even the most trivial facts that she's learned about her friends. (The best example of this trait is show in the episode "A Friend in Deed," in which Pinkie remembers the birthdays of everypony in town and also chats with them about things going on in their lives.) She gets obsessive other things. Whenever Pinkie gets an idea in her head, it takes a lot of convincing to change her mind (if it needs changing, that is), as shown in episodes such as "Bridle Gossip," "Swarm of the Century," and "Luna Eclipsed." She isn't always that great at interpreting other ponies' feelings accurately and sometimes does seemingly mean or rude things without realizing it. Her entire state of mind is different from everypony else's. She doesn't seem to grasp what others consider the social norms, and she sees and knows things that other ponies never realize. my conclusion: Pinkie Pie is autistic. No, that is definitely not an insult; don't even think so for a minute. I know lots of people who have autism, and they are all delightful people. Pinkie Pie is even my favourite pony (though not for that reason), and I like the idea that she might represent this group of often badly misunderstood people. It would certainly explain why her friends put up with her nonsense so much (if they were good friends, they would be understanding of her condition and accept her as she is), but it would also show that a person's mental state shouldn't affect her ability to make friends and be loved. I shared this theory with an autistic friend of mine just now, and he agreed and gave it his "Austistic Approval stamp", although he admitted that he had never thought of it that way before. lawl What I want to know is what do you bronies think of this? Is Pinkie Pie autistic? Do you think the creators of the show intended for her to be portrayed this way? Would they be willing to accept it if brought to their attention? Do you think it's a good idea to have autistic ponies in the show, or at least to vaguely reference the idea of autism? Why or why not? Whatever you post, please do not say anything rude about people with autism, okay?
  23. A youtube video by yours truly, this one on why I don't care for the word "neurotypical".
  24. Source: Letter tells family to "euthanize" autistic boy for being a "nuisance".