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Found 8 results

  1. I just had a flashback about two minutes ago, and I said to myself I must publish this. Not a long ago flashback but still, I have never thought I would cry in a cartoon series. However, here it is the only time that I cried is because of that version of the song (although the original still makes me cry too) especially makes me feel really emotional. Hope you enjoy, or maybe you already know this remix version too. <3
  2. So...I just wanna know if there's anyone out there who likes Aviators and his music as much as I do. I'll just post his YouTube and SoundCloud links for now, and if this catches your eye and interests you, go ahead and let me know! Once again, if there's something that you think you might like, just say so!
  3. Hey there ponies of the creative ponyland! Seems like it's that time of the month again, so here's a brand new monthly post in honor of the amazing Aviators. New songs this month: Dreamwalker (April 11th) Spectres (April 16th, my birthday BTW) What's Up (4 Non Blondes Cover) [April 21st] Miscellaneous news: I know I posted this in the last post, but it is quite important and interesting. And what that is is Aviators' brand new EP, found right here: Well, I think that's just about it for this month. See y'all next month!
  4. I apologize for not continuing my monthly blog here; I've been quite busy working on it at Everypony , and of course that hasn't been appreciated there, so I'm gonna just ditch them and continue this blog mainly here and on Google+, mostly because on this forum, I most certainly do not have that much of a bad reputation. So anyhoo, if you don't know what this blog is, check my first post of it on my other blog. Simply put, it's a news source dedicated to none other than the amazing Brony musician Aviators. Nothing more. So, let's get back on track with this thing. New songs as of February and March: [A FNAF song] (February 1st) {Also on SoundCloud} (March 3rd) [inspired by Luna] (March 13th) [A FNAF3 song] {Also on SoundCloud} [A Dexter Song] (March 19th) {Also a single on BandCamp} And in case you were wondering a little bit about THIS month, yep, a WHOLE new EP has come out of this! (Yep, this at the beginning is definitely the cover art for the new FEVER EP.) Well, I think that's just about it for the two previous months. Catch y'all later in a couple of weeks with my April post!
  5. I'm doing this on Everypony as well, so I thought about it a little bit and thought why not on here as well? Anyway, I've decided to create a brand new monthly blog dedicated to bringing the latest news and stuff about the Brony-famed Sound of the Aviators. Each post, which will be posted on the last day of each month, will consist of the following: new songs released on YouTube in the corresponding month, news on upcoming music, and miscellaneous news. And that's the order they will come in. New songs this month: and also News of upcoming music: So the last livestream of Avi's that I went to (even though I was only present for about 20 minutes) gave me quite interesting news about his brand new upcoming EP titled "Fever" that will come out sometime after his next major album, From Oceans to Skies. It will basically be a sort of reflection of the 80s, and consist of some quite interesting styles that aren't exactly like the 80s styles, but quite interesting anyway. Miscellaneous News: Well...there's not a whole lot this month. But check this out: Also, I don't know if Twitch keeps archives of each channel's livestream sessions, so I'll check into that. And yes, if there are recorded archives of the streams, I will post them here. It probably doesn't, though. Well...I think that's all I have here to share this month. Catch y'all next month with some more great news!
  6. Well, this is a crappy picture done by me inspired by the lovely song, Ashes, by Aviators. It's called Ashes to Ashes :I
  7. Hey everyone! Check out my cover of Aviator's Someone Like Me! Its the first cover I've done that I don't completely hate, and that makes it good enough for other human beings to hear. Tell me what you think!
  8. Wondering what you all think about this remix, I spent along time working on this and it would be great to get some feedback on my work