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Found 7 results

  1. So I've been playing so much BF3 lately and I'm absolutely in love with the game. It's more of a team/squad working together game other than eliminating enemies straight away in some FPS games I played. So I just wanted to ask the community that if you played FPS games before, which one would you consider the best or favorite in your favor/opinion? (Of course my choice is BF3) For those who don't know- FPS- first person shooter (in this case) BF3- Battlefield 3
  2. [Fixed] So I want to know, what is your favorite shooter game to play, console or pc, and why. If you don't see a choice you like, just tell me and I will add it in. So, GO! ps. To lazy and tired to do other types of games like RPGs, Racing, and everything else. Sorry.
  3. hello guys ive posted this thread cos i really need some help and if you could give me a hand it would be much appreciated when i got battlefield there was one game type that i could never get any good at no matter how hard i tried and that game type is GUN MASTER ive been trying so hard to finish in the top 5 and i get so close some times but get stuck on a weapon and finish in 8th place to wrap this up could any of you fine ladies and gentlemen assist me in achieving this it would be much appreciated oh and by the way my gamer tag on PSN is Hunster_Scars
  4. yes, YES, YES!
  5. Hey Bronies! I was just wondering if any of you play Battlefield 3 on PC? I have currently been playing it a lot and have seen that we are the biggest community there BRONY WIN!!! http://battlelog.bat...54624772278002/ I wonder if there are any of you who play it so we can add each other on origin/battlelog and even make a clan!
  6. TO ALL THE BATTLEFIELD 3 PONIES OUT THERE I just made a Platoon for everypony on this forum to join..! It's called the 'MLP Forums Platoon' If you have Battlefield 3 for PC and/or console, do go ahead and apply for it! Here's the link: See you on the battlefield!
  7. I've been playing MW3 with the tag [MLP] and I was wondering if you guys were into the idea of having an official MLP clan for MW3/BF3.