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Found 4 results

  1. Some of you like Derpy, some of you like Lyra and Bonnie, some of you like Vinyl and Octavia, and some of you even like Carrot Top! All of you mention how awesome these BG ponies are, but there are still other BG ponies that need love too! This is Merry May! She used to be a very common BG pony! I consider her to be my personal favorite BG pony! However, she didn't have any dialogue on the show yet (except for a few mumbles in the BG, but I don't count that), and I've been hoping for the day she can finally come out of her shell and have a focused dialogued appearance! What do I get instead? LESS appearances from her! In season 6 she got way less appearances than she ever did, and in season 7, so far NO appearances! I'm getting a little worried. How do the animators pick their BG ponies anyway? So... the best for Merry to appear more? We need to show her more love! Make some fanfics about her, and some fanart, and mention her from time to time! Maybe someone will see it and add her to the BG again more often! Seriously though, this is a creative fandom! Derpy, Lyra, Bonnie, and Vinyl and all them? They wouldn't have been a thing without the fandom showing love to them! How about some love for Merry May? Really, I dunno why the animators don't add her in anymore. I got a question for y'all though. Do you have a favorite BG pony that's unpopular to the fandom that you want noticed more? Parasol, Sea Swirl, Sassaflash, Cloud Kicker, Noteworthy?
  2. Y'think we'll ever get some 80s style music in the show at all? Like maybe during a chase sequence or something, or even a musical number with an 80s style beat to it, like 80s classic rock or new wave? Like a Kenny Logans style musical number, or Madonna! That would be awesome!
  3. To those who weren't observant enough when watching yesterday's new episode Pinkie Apple Pie, like myself, to notice this before I saw it on tumblr: See it? Let's take a closer look: Boy howdy, there's all sorts of easter eggs this season, isn't there? INTERNET CULTURE EVERYWHERE.
  4. Hi guys, i was getting tired of the old background so i tried all my skils to make one that i would be proud of and I WAS!! Here it is my new Profile background! Thanks to Jokuc and Cast for the help! Feedback is always welcome and only helps me get better.