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Found 5 results

  1. 2 topics have been created that has been taken from me. so I've decided to make an official Gentoo thread as Gentoo is awesome! get discussing for team Gentoo!
  2. Maybe the user gave you the device, think of how you'd use it, or maybe they did give you an actual Raspberry Pie, what are you going to do with it? BEGIN!
  3. I've been noticing a whole bunch of FUD being spread around about Macs, as I see with Linux. For the record, I DO NOT own a mac, so don't be callin' me a mac fanboy. So is your HP, Dell, Whatever you own, cause' guess what... they're ALL made in China , shocked much? Are we talking Macbook Pro? Mac pro? iMac? You might have a point there. If you mean the Macbook Air, okay, Enlighten me, Find me an ultrabook ( Keyword: ULTRABOOK ) that has the exact same specs as the base Macbook air 11", and for cheaper. For the longest time, I've thought this too, but as it turns out, it's far from it. If you know how to use the command line, it's far from it. It's a *nix just like Linux and BSD, So if you know what you're doing, you can do some impressive mods. sorry I felt like I had to vent a little bit, FUD spreaders are worse than any ol' Console, Windows, Apple, Whatever fanboy. Go on a head and enlighten me otherwise, happy clacking!
  4. if something like this exists, my bad. - Linux is more than capable of replacing Windows on the desktop ( already proven for servers ). - the Xbone is the worst console all because of its crappy DRM. - Both AMD and Intel are cool - Apple Macbook airs are the best valued ultrabook ( or flatbook ) you can buy at this point. - I think sound cards are obsolete, uneeded, and expensive. - Gaming laptops are pointless, Why would one need to game on the go? - Smartphones and tablets are pointless since they only consume media, and not really create. Go on ahead, post your unpopular tech related opinions. oh yeah... - Windows 8 UI, while usable, is very counter-intuitive, and thus steering many long time customers of M$ away.
  5. Thought I'd break up the chain! Before Fanbois/FanGoils be all like: The hell you talking about!? Win8/8.1 is best OS EVAR!!11!1!1!one!!!!! Let me just say this right now I don't exactly hate it, even though I say I do and have the title stating I do, I realize that even Windows 8/8.1 has a place as well, I'm just not their target audience. The UI - This is a common dislike of the OS, and don't get me wrong, I can use it.. I just choose not to. So counter-intuitive to me, and I don't see a point of it on the desktop at all. I know there are mods to make it look almost exactly like Windows 7, but I shouldn't have to modify my install for previously native functionality. The "Appstore" - Users might not be in a walled garden right now, but who's to say they won't be in the future? In my opinion at least, it seems as though M$ will eventually want to kill support for old software and force users to buy stuff from their store... I don't like that. Not ONE bit. The Internal Changes - The one that's most emphasized by Micro$oft is the fast boot, but what about other internal changes? Well being proprietary software, we're not allowed to see the code. Kinda suspicious of it but that's just me. Just simply explains a little why I don't like windows 8/8.1 , I might do this again and in more detail later. I just wanted to break the chain! happy clacking!