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Found 83 results

  1. I just thought about this one today and I was wondering. How would ponies feel if they see their OC in the background or with one of the Mane 6 of the show? Think about how cool and awesome it would be to see your OC in the show. For example, I would want my OC to hangout with Pinkie Pie while we are both having a fun time dancing, sharing laughs, and becoming friends as we party together at one of her parties🎊🎉🎈!!!!! Or my OC can hangout with trixie and help her with her magic show! Or my OC could chill with one of the background ponies. What does everypony think?
  2. So.. I have seen many ponies with their background of their profile changed to a picture other then the default mlp forums background. I just wanted to know how I could do this :3
  3. Hello once more everypony! We all know there are many background ponies,some popular,some not.Some that are a one time use,some are there forever. So here on this thread,we shall discuss our favorite background ponies! have fun!!! No perverted fanart btw. ill mention mine first! My favorite is...Gordon Ramsay! Looks like some ponies are gonna have a shutdown here! Gordon: WHERES THE BUCKING LAMB SAUCE YOU MUTT!!! Chef: We don’t make lamb sauce... Also admins I did not know where to put this...
  4. Ok so its been A SUPER LONG TIME from my last mlp wallpaper I put some thoughts into and did one my favs: Discord! So no real effects minus a blur and slight change in perspective on the brushes! It might look a bit thrown "together" yet I did spend a good week testing out layout and colors and flipping things around and toss in brushes and stuff and size and well, yah I was happy. Mostly kept to some of Discord colors from his body if anything in hues! I have one more planned/working on! Vector:
  5. Some of you like Derpy, some of you like Lyra and Bonnie, some of you like Vinyl and Octavia, and some of you even like Carrot Top! All of you mention how awesome these BG ponies are, but there are still other BG ponies that need love too! This is Merry May! She used to be a very common BG pony! I consider her to be my personal favorite BG pony! However, she didn't have any dialogue on the show yet (except for a few mumbles in the BG, but I don't count that), and I've been hoping for the day she can finally come out of her shell and have a focused dialogued appearance! What do I get instead? LESS appearances from her! In season 6 she got way less appearances than she ever did, and in season 7, so far NO appearances! I'm getting a little worried. How do the animators pick their BG ponies anyway? So... the best for Merry to appear more? We need to show her more love! Make some fanfics about her, and some fanart, and mention her from time to time! Maybe someone will see it and add her to the BG again more often! Seriously though, this is a creative fandom! Derpy, Lyra, Bonnie, and Vinyl and all them? They wouldn't have been a thing without the fandom showing love to them! How about some love for Merry May? Really, I dunno why the animators don't add her in anymore. I got a question for y'all though. Do you have a favorite BG pony that's unpopular to the fandom that you want noticed more? Parasol, Sea Swirl, Sassaflash, Cloud Kicker, Noteworthy?
  6. In Feeling Pinkie Keen (S1 E15), the scene where Derpy drops a bunch of stuff onto Twilight. They briefly show the delivery wagon. There are a bunch of other Pegasi with Derpy. The one I want the name of is the stallion with the baseball cap & beard stubble. Also, was he ever smoking a cigar? He isn't now, but was he & it got censored out or am I just misremembering (distressingly common)? I know I could probably just look it up, but the -ING internet & I are NOT friends. I'm just too shiftless & inept to do it. I was hoping someone here could tell me
  7. Y'think we'll ever get some 80s style music in the show at all? Like maybe during a chase sequence or something, or even a musical number with an 80s style beat to it, like 80s classic rock or new wave? Like a Kenny Logans style musical number, or Madonna! That would be awesome!
  8. I'm trying to put together a show-accurate layout for Sweet Apple Acres. I see a few things that are pretty consistent, like how that carrot/barrel-themed storage building is to the left of the main farmhouse (which looks like a barn, but is really where AJ and family live), how there are white fences around the orchards and around the farm itself, and how there are these little red shack-like buildings to the right of the farmhouse. ...But I can't, for the life of me, guess at the function of those little red shack-like buildings. Each one has a tiny chimney coming out of it, but who would be burning what inside them and for what purpose, I can't guess. Can anyone help me out as to what the function of those buildings could possibly be? Or did the artists who put SAA together just make something up as visual filler?
  9. Hi there! So my little sister has recently come to adore everything MLP, which is great- I wasn't exactly encouraged to engage with it or similar kinds of franchise when I was younger, so I guess it's interesting and entertaining for me when she shows me all these songs and characters. I love seeing how happy it makes her! The thing is, she's made me a... pony-sona, or something (worth mentioning here that I'm very new to both forums and MLP, sorry in advance for the mistakes I will make!) called Glitter Hugs, with a storyline and everything (I am apparently an Element of Protection- though I gather that's frowned upon in OCs- and study under Princess Cadence, which suits me well) and I would like to return the favour. Being of an artistic persuasion, I drew her as an Equestria Girl (yes, she showed me the first two movies- I rather liked the art style, but not some of the outfits!) but now would like to give her in return a pony-sona with a backstory and history in Equestria as she has done for me. I don't feel that I know enough about the Ponyverse or their customs and culture to properly construct her a realistic and fun alter ego. I adore world building and character design, and so would like to do this properly! It seems like a great universe to create within. So, if anyone would be willing to help a big sister out and give me a bit of information on things like how ponies might pass through their society as they grow up and how their talents affect them, as well as how common unicorns/Pegasi/allicorns and Magic are. It would be so much appreciated. I've been reading threads on this forum which has been very informative, but more specific information would be wonderful. tl;dr (do you do that on here?) big sister would like to understand the world and fundamental rules of the MLPverse before embarking upon pony design. Thank you in advance, I look forward to finding out more! ^-^
  10. NO IDEA if this is the right place for this. But I'm trying to find a tutorial on the most efficient way of drawing interiors. Practice yes but is there better ways then being too meticulous on backgrounds that would take me weeks to a month to finish? The types of backgrounds I'm trying to make is for my ask blog. However I just want to improve in general.
  11. So I have a character who knows martial arts but isn't the kind of character where that would be readily apparent until he gets into a fight scene. How can I establish that my protagonist has this skill in a way that's organic through action or dialogue before he's actually called upon to defend himself? EDIT: The story does not take place in or around a dojo or school, nor in Japan, China, or even Equestria at least at the start. So the location does not lend itself to this knowledge either.
  12. I was a little bored and decided to try and make something in GIMP. I ended up making these 2 backgrounds for my iPhone. I now have 2 new backgrounds to use for my phone. What do you guys think? You can download them and use them if you want as well.
  13. Hello, my friend Ray is working on a large animated project called The Cinnamon Chestnut Project. She is in Need of Background Artists......................Here is a Trailer done by her. To give an idea of her style. She Can be Reached at:;
  14. I'll upload this image (1920x1080px, 244kb) to be my background, and when I go to press "Save Changes" this page pops up.
  15. I've been doing some requests for practice lately and I wanted some feedback on how this background looked. I'm comfortable with drawing characters but I rarely draw backgrounds, so this outline is about an hour and a half's worth of work for me. Does the perspective look right? Should I add more detail, take something away?
  16. Hello! My name is Boosh and I am the director of Royal Pony Studios. We are working on an original web series that involves our own characters and animation style, so we don't get copyrighted by Hasrbo! The team and I are currently looking for new background artists who can do both 2D and 3D if needed. Please add me on Skype @ booshthebrony for more details about the project! Thanks for your consideration and I hope to hear from you soon! -Boosh PS. We are also looking for storyboarders!
  17. Hello! My name is Boosh and I am the director of Royal Pony Studios. We are working on an original series that involves our own characters and animation style, so we don't get copyrighted by Hasrbo! The team and I are currently looking for new background artists who can do both 2D and 3D backgrounds if needed. Please add me on Skype @ booshthebrony for more details about the project! Thanks for your consideration and I hope to hear from you soon! -Boosh PS. We are also in need of story boarders!
  18. As the 100th MLP episode is just around the corner, I've decided to make my Top 5 Favorite Background Ponies list. But Photon? Why top 5 instead of top 10? Well, to be honest, I did not want to think too hard so I kept the list plain and simple. One thing I need to mention though is that this list may contain spoiler so you've been warned. Without further ado, let the list begin! #5 - Octavia First up on the list is Octavia. Oh's such a shame that she didn't get enough role time nowadays. Still, there's no denying she became a fan favorite. I do like Octavia because she's the only bass guitar player I know that plays in style. It's like she's calmly focused on playing her music while acting posh. I dunno but there's something about her that made us adore her. Maybe we can find out in the 100th episode? I'm sure of it. Looking forward to what role she would play. I think I know, do you? #4 - Bulk Biceps YEAH! Bulk Biceps in my opinion is a funny character and to our surprise, looks different than the others. There should be more be more ponies that have different body appearances in Equestria. Good thing we got to see more of him later on since we enjoyed his appearance. Wouldn't it be awesome when Bulk Biceps crashes through a wall shouting "YEAH!" out of thin air just like what the Kool-Aid Man does? Oh wait, I think he already did that. #3 - Doctor Whooves Ah yes, Doctor Whooves. Who else saw this pony and immediately thought of Doctor Who? it Time Turner? Oh, whatever. Even though I did not see much on what he does (except turning an hourglass over), I put him on number 3 for a reason. The reason is there are many fan made stuff of Doctor Whooves and all those great projects got my attention about this character. Heck, I even got some Doctor Whooves stuff. It's quite amazing how a reference can really work in the world of MLP. It's like the Doctor regenerated into a pony. I might see that happening which of course I don't think so. All in all, Doctor Whooves is great and we'll see what he'll do in the upcoming episode. Onwards and upwards Doctor. Onwards and upwards. #2 - Derpy Hooves Wuzzat!? Derpy is number 2 on the list!? Let's not get the pitchforks and torches out because I have an explanation on why Derpy is not number 1 on the list. Don't get me wrong. I love Derpy to bits but she was close to being my number 1. For me, her main role is to be hidden in certain MLP episodes just like Wally from...well, Where's Wally. Oh, don't worry about those episode that show her in the spotlight because I remember. In fact, I even remember posting a reaction video about that scene when she actually SPOKE! We bronies wanted to know what she sounded like and we found out. Ahh...good times. It was such a shame that she got the pinch after that. It's unfair that she got censored when there are other lunatics in cartoons. So why she did get the punishment. I have no idea but that all changed when she struck back like greased lightning in Season 4! I was gonna put her in the number 1 spot but there's this other pony who took a shine to me. Sorry Derpy but you're still awesome and adorable. So, who is number 1 on my list? I'll tell you. My personal favorite background pony iiiiiis... *cues The Legend of Zelda Treasure music* #1 - DJ Pon-3 Aww yeah! DJ Pon-3's in da house! This background character is just too cool and stylish for all us bronies. At first, I only saw her once in the first season and that's about it. However, as time went on, she became one of the background character all stars! Why? Because there were many fan made stuff that feature her and she even got herself an Equestria Girls short AND actually helped the Mane Six in Rainbow Rocks! No kidding. That's what I call a great background character. When I saw that video and the Rainbow Rocks movie, that showed my supreme love for her. She doesn't even need words to describe what she is. She's...oooh! I can't think of anything else to say! Oh, sorry for being carried away there but she's just awesome. A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Awesome. Totally can't wait to see her again and I bet many other DJ Pon-3 fans agree with me. Especially Nowacking. So, there you have it! That's my top 5 favorite background ponies! Which background pony is your favorite out of the lot? I'm sure we have plenty of things to discuss before the episode arrives. Until then, stay pony my friends. I've got some music to listen to! (Having trouble with the images so I may need to edit this list slightly.)
  19. When you add a background image to your profile, the maximum size is 255kb. That's fine if your image is a repeating pattern, but if you want to upload a single image to fill your background, the 255kb limit means instead of filling the background it appears as a small image in the top-left corner of the screen. It would be great if we could have larger size backgrounds for our profiles. I know it's not really a big deal, thought it might be worth mentioning though
  20. I just found out this pop-up book came out recently, and there's still no topic about it. I saw what it looks like in Equestria Daily, but I don't wanna show it here for spoilers, which has the appearance of the founders of Equestria among them (I didn't seen Commander Hurricane, but I'll be bugged if he's made a mare in it, despite being a stallion according to the Journal of the Two Sisters )
  21. Last year, I wrote a bunch of MLP-inspired background music for an upcoming radio play. Unfortunately I can't share any of it until the project is finished. So I did the sneaky thing and scored a small section that I wasn't assigned (there are five or six other composers on the project).
  22. Sorry if this is the wrong section for this topic And I couldn't find any other topic like this through searching, so apologies if this is a duplicate Let's say you had to pick a piece of music that would play throughout your time on the forums- a MLPForums theme, let's say- which is fitting (not necessarily one you like a lot), though it doesn't need to be pony music. What would you pick? At the moment, this is the main theme that comes to my mind (though my mind may change ): How about for you?
  23. Screw the lyre amirite guys? The piano's way easier. So here's my latest wallpaper, I hope you guys like it. Time taken to make is an estimate of 30 minutes~ Resolution is 1920 x 1080 Vector of Lyra by ArtPwny Download it here. (The download button is to the right of the page).
  24. Time for the 3rd best princess. Time taken is an estimate of 40 minutes~ Resolution is 1920 x 1080 Vector of Luna by Rariedash Download it here. (Download button is to the right of the page). If you want a Celestia one, go over here. Hope you guys enjoy it.