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Found 10 results

  1. So if you don't know they gave official names to some of the ponies that we named our selves like Lyra or Carrot Top, So what do you prefer, I left a poll of the one I am aware of. I personally like all the cannon names, they are creative and they have been with us all this time, what do you prefer? EDIT: Oh dang it I just relized I posted in the wrong forum..... this is supposed to be in suger cube corner.... I am a horrible poster
  2. Hello, everypony! I have a field dual-purpose aesthetical problem that I have been unable to resolve by myself. I have been attempting to locate MLP plush backpacks or purses which will both serve my utilitarian needs and aesthetical preferences, and thus signal my affiliation to other bronies. I have run into failure every time. I can't seem to find a prospect here, or on Etsy, or Google, and other places. I thought I had found a suitable purse, but I was mistaken. I have been searching for something in the shape of the ponies, has a pleasing and adorable face, an actual, full mane and tail, medium-size, and either a backpack or a shoulder purse. Unfortunately, every single example I have come across did not meet one or more of those requirements. Some were basically a head and legs attached to a large central pouch rather than a pony, some had a creepy or repelling face and eyes, many had little hair or used large pieces of cloth or felt in lieu of hair, and some were too small. There are very few plush bags (though there were many non-plushie bags and non-bag plushies), and every single one was unsuitable. I thought I found a solution at last and ordered this from Ebay. I opened the package tonight. It's so small, that at best, it would be ATTACHED to one of my bags rather than be worn as one. It's otherwise suitable (though the mane and tail were corded and the hair's therefore not as straight as the image depicts), but the strap and bag are much, much smaller than I had expected. I don't have any options now besides asking you all if anyone knows of bags similar to the above which I cannot find with various forum and internet searches, preferably Twilight Sparkle. I would also entertain the option of hiring an artisan to create something like this if any of you are or know of such a person, though the fair price for such a thing might or might not be excessive for me.
  3. Post your backbacks, bags, totebags, school bags, whatever you use to carry stuff around in your daily life. This is what I use: Contents: Water bottle deck of playing cards (for when I get bored) first aid kit towelettes umbrella flashlight mini pony plushie
  4. For people who haven't heard about this yet, I'm sure they're reading the title and thinking "How in the wide wide world of Equestria can this be the right forum for this?" Trust me, I'm completely lucid when I type this. So, in case you somehow haven't heard yet, a school recently decided to tell a 9-year-old boy that he couldn't bring his MLP bag to school anymore. The reasoning is that, and I quote: Of course, that sentiment alone is dubious. I understand it to some degree, but at the same time I don't think the actions taken will help too much. The school already knows he's a brony. They're probably going to bully him just as hard with or without the backpack. Anyway, there's a bit of exposition for ya. Now we can get to the part where Glenn Beck comes in. Just today Glenn Beck released a video offering support to Grayson. Now, granted Beck does veer off into unnecessary tangents a few times, the first time being about "diversity and political correctness" and the second about Jerimiah Wright, but he doesn't dwell on them much. I can forgive that because I know Beck is a very political guy who's not afraid to voice his opinions, and he was speaking off the cuff. Even then he didn't let his unrelated political thoughts dominate the conversation, so good for him. I have to say, Glenn Beck is the last person I expected to hear chime in on this story. Even more surprising to me personally is the fact that the message is positive. Honestly hearing this put me in a pretty good mood, and I only hope that the white knights and/or brony haters of the Internet don't turn this heartfelt message into their own personal chew toy. Then again, that's probably wishful thinking because people are terrible.
  5. Whenever I see young girls on their way to school, there are two cartoons that predominate their backpacks: Dora the Explorer and Disney Princesses. This is really the vast majority of themed bags I see out there, two thirds easily. 10 or so years ago, I saw a lot more children with Powerpuff Girls bags than I do with MLP:FiM accessories today. In fact, I've only seen one child with an MLP bag since I saw that college student with that bootleg or fan modified backpack over a month ago. Really, if MLP:FiM is as popular with kids as it is with Bronies, shouldn't I be seeing more merchandise in my travels? At least I see a decent amount of Transformers bags being taken to school by the boys.
  6. THIS IS NOW OVER xD Art winner: ScottishUnicorn Writing winner: EvilShy Thank you everyone for your submissions. It was really hard to pick just one :] OK! So some of you are familiar with the blind bags that Hasbro sells. Well I finally found some and got 10. I got duplicates and so I decided that I would offer them to people. Details: There will be two contests. One for writers and one for artists. Artists: Very simple. Create anything MLP related that you want in any form you want. Any style, size and theme (including R34. I don't care) The things that will be looked at when judging in order of importance: creativity (50% influence) originality (30% influence) technical skill (20% influence) Writers:Virtually the same as the artists. All you have to do is write anything MLP themed. It could be a fanfic or poetry. Sad, r34, comedy, I don't care. The things that will be looked at when judging in order of importance: creativity (50% influence) originality (30% influence) technical skill (20% influence) Submissions:All submissions will be sent to me in a personal message with the title "Contest Submission" and then a link to a 3rd party site with the submission or with the submission attached directly to the message. All submissions for both contests will be due July 17th (you have 1 month) The reward: The reward for both will be a custom blind bag model painted as any OC you would like. Here is the base model: It is the lily blossom blind bag model It's a rainbow dash model so if that doesn't work for your OC... sorry : I will be using paint specifically designed for models. I have experience painting miniatures so you won't be getting anything low quality. If the cutie mark you ask for super complex it will be the done to the best of my ability same with the eyes By sending your submission to me via private message on the website you are agreeing to the following statements: I have the right to change the details of the contest without warning or reason at any time I have the right to refuse anyone's submission. If you win you will give me your mailing address so that I may send you the reward and for absolutely nothing else. You will retain all ownership of your submission, but will give me permission to post it here on this website and any other website that may be related to this contest with proper crediting. You own the design you request if you win. That means no background ponies and no foreground ponies. It also means you can't use anyone else's OC without proper permssion. If you have any questions PM me or ask them here. Thanks :]
  7. Alright bronies, time for a pop quiz. We all know the stories of the human-to-Equestria genre, along with a collective desire to go to Equestria. But have you really considered what sorts of preparations you would need? What if you knew perfectly well what you were bound to get yourself into, having watched all 52 episodes of the show back to back and taking notes on the details of the environment? What if there was a foolproof way (think stargate) to get there safely? What if you could bypass all the hilarity that would ensue in most of the known human-to-Ponyville fanfics, simply because you were prepared? So this is my challenge to you: were you to pack one bag (duffle for instance) to take on a sojourn to Ponyville, enough to survive for at least one week comfortably, what would you pack? One thing to keep in mind: unless you have one of those new-fangled solar-powered chargers for your gadgets, and even then, electronics are probably not a good idea (that means laptops, cellphones, iPod, etc.). Also, you are completely cut off from the human world for the time, so any form of radio, Internet, and cellphone communication is out of the question. Also (unless worst comes to worst, see below), food and drink should be readily available, though relatively few alcoholic beverages (unless you know how to moonshine LOL), and ponies don't smoke or do drugs, so you'll either have to forgo those or figure something out. Medications would have to be provided on your end if they are an absolute necessity. Finally, weapons scare the Fluttershy, so refrain from those... I guess that's it. If I missed anything, let me know. Oh, and one more important note: there is no guarantee to the ponies' hospitality (at least on the first day) no matter how nice you are. So when you're making your lists, please bear in mind that for the first few days you might have to end up snaring squirrels and filling waterskins in the Everfree forest. Surprisingly, this piece of opinion is more grounded in reality than you might think :-P I'd like to see what you would come up with! I'm inventorying my EDC supplies right now; after that I myself will reply. Peace, Sean
  8. Yeah so I made a Pinkie Pie bag a while ago (I kinda broke it, I have to fix it) and I'm planning on designing different kinds of pony bags. There are only a few problems... a) I can't find material that's tough enough, even tho I use the sticky fabric that thoughens it up They're so shabby Im ashamed of selling them forward But I have to say, that I like my idea. You have the two colors of the ponies (mane color and their body) and then you have their cutie mark... People, who don't watch the show, won't see that you're a brony - but other bronies definetely will!
  9. Well I guess this site accepts reviews from about anybody. I submitted it like a week ago and they put it up. You'll tell which one is me. Wintacular.
  10. Well... It's hard enough for my parents to believe that watching ponies DOESN'T affect my sexual orientation; and it's nearly impossible for them to even consider me purchasing (or having other people purchase for me) the merchandise for the show. So my only option is to hit the shops after school (possibly with my baby sister if people get suspicious...I'm not too open with brony-ism yet.) I want to get some of the blind bags--hoping for Rarity or Rainbow Dash (and when they're out) Lyra Heartstrings and Big Macintosh. Getting to the shop and locating the toys are the easy parts. My problem is my own skepticism if they are really worth it. They are just plastic figurines, and despite their epicness, shouldn't be more than a few bucks each blind bag. Because when it comes down to it, they are plastic and paint. Although, from what I've seen of them, the toys seem pretty durable (unlike previous generations of MLP toys.) But I know as well as you that anything based of any show gets it's price applejacked up to heights unbearable. Normally this wouldn't be a problem; I could normally just Google the toys and find the price in any of my local stores. However, no matter how I rephrase "My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Blind Bags Price" (removing/adding words, abbreviating mlpfiim, changing phrases, etc.) I still can't find the price! Sure I get the review videos and tutorial videos on finding the one you want... BUT I CAN'T FIND THE PRICE! I make burnt offerings to Google, I want my results! If any of you have gotten the blind bags, how much are they? And do you think the prices given are fair?