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Found 4 results

  1. 碇 シンジン


    I need to find a balance between too much messages and too few messages. As in deviant art im am no longer able to handle the messages as opposed to here where it's kinda too quiet for me but I'm actually afraid to start investing time to this site again fearing it will get out of hand like it did before. Usually when I'm passionate about something I put everything I got into it but these days it's starting to bite me back as I'm not satisfied of how slowly I answer the messages. But I dont really want to exhaust myself and use majority of my days on them. It used to be like that but through some adaptation and optimization I was sale to cut the time so I could handle it. But as everything was going well I got sick which I rarely do and I was unable to answer them so now that they have piled up i dont really know how I should progress the process further without going backwards. Also this site started to pique my interest again mainly because the updatend really made it look and feel more new and exciting for me as the old memories were kinda fetched into the old environment. Now I'm just kinda searching for the middle ground where I can manage these things and progress forward.
  2. In Swarm of the Century, Twilight asks Zecora for advice and when she gets there Zecora's balancing on a stick and then gets a fright, falls off, and asks "Have you gone mad?" but doesn't rhyme. Why wasn't she rhyming then, and on an unrelated note, why was she balancing on a stick?
  3. Despite taking place in a fantasy world, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has mostly been known for its slice of life episodes. But Season 4, and Season 3 to a lesser extent have ramped up the Action/Adventure aspects of the show considerably. Some fans insist that slice of life episodes should always be dominant. I however, always believed in a balance, a mix of slice of life episodes, and a mix of mystical element/action/adventure episodes. Kind of like what Adventure Time does, there are just as many episodes of Finn and Jake going on adventures as there are about them goofing off. I sometimes put Adventure Time and My Little Pony in the same sentence, but I feel MLP can learn a lot from Adventure Time without trying to copy it, and vice versa. With that being said, which would you rather have? Almost all Slice of life with the occasional adventure, almost all adventure with the occasional slice of life, or an equal balance of both, even have adventure elements blend with slice of life elements.
  4. *HEAVY PHILOSOPHY DISCLAIMER, IF UNINTERESTED IN PHILOSOPHY, DON'T WASTE TIME READING* ~Introduction~ So, I would like to bring up a discussion which always interests me. I first had this talk on the RuneScape forums, in philosophical debates about the gods. But it is one that very much applies to Equestria. Is Chaos actually inherently evil? The common argument brought up is that well, in the Equestrian paradigm, yes, Chaos is evil. But I would say that such a view actually is a direct contradiction to the other Equestrian paradigm that Harmony is the thing which society should strive for. Harmony is a subject which is very dear to me, and one that I have spent several years mulling over. I have had countless debates, read numerous books, and written several papers on the subject, not to mention a book which I am working on. As such, I have had much evolution in my ideas. I have made plenty of progress in my thoughts since I first started pondering Balance (a subject related to Harmony) back in the 9th grade, 5 years ago, on the RuneScape forums. And one thing which I have established many times over is the importance of opposites coexisting for Balance to occur, and for Harmony to exist. Existence has many parts. There are Yin, Yang, and Neutral aspects which make up everything. The Universe is a web of these various aspects, and their interactions. There are also different types of interactions which occur. The most notable interactions are called dualities, which are interactions between a Yin aspect, and its complementary Yang aspect. Their are other kinds, but interactions involving neutral forces are not an issue, as they do not threaten Harmony, or Balance. For our discussion here, we are focusing on the two dualities which are most prominent in the Equestrian paradigm. These dualities are Order/Chaos and Harmony/Discord. The Good/Evil duality in Equestria is equivalent to those two relationships, but we are going to examine if that should be the case. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~Order/Chaos~ Now, if we examine the Order/Chaos relationship, Order is Good and Chaos is Bad in Equestria. However, I would posit this: exactly why is Chaos a Bad? Chaos, while it does create some level of misery, is still a necessary part of life. If there was only pure Order, society would have to oppress anypony who deviates, as in the case of Discord (the entity), the Changelings, and Nightmare Moon. Oppression can lead to civil unrest, and leads to injustice. Mind, in Equestria deviants aren't common, so unrest isn't a big problem. But Injustice does occur. Was it right to banish the Changelings for their nature? Why was no attempt made to serve both ponies and Changelings? Was it Just to force Discord to reform? Couldn't he just be given another outlet for his Chaos? Attempts could have been made to be Just, but the pure Order which Equestria supports resulted in tyrant-like actions on the part of the Equestrians. Then the other factor of Order which is negative is that pure rigidity of society makes it fragile, and less capable of handling conflict. Your society might not change, and internally that could work fine. But if an external force works against your society, the lack of variety and innovation could backfire. If we examine history, we know that the greatest advances all came from times of conflict, or a problem which needed solving. A society lacking conflict internally will become complacent. "Why should we advance when things are working fine?" is a thought commonly held by an overly ordered and stable society, Then something new comes along and exceeds its level of innovation, and overtakes it. So Chaos is not only not Evil, but it can be Good at times too. ~No Chaos? An Affront to Harmony~ In the Introduction, I mentioned that the Equestrian anti-Chaos sentiment was actually contradictory to its paradigm of Harmony. How is this so? Well, simply put, Harmony is the state of existence in which all things love together in multiplicity, tolerating and respecting all different paradigms without qualms. As soon as the Equestrians decided that Chaos should be oppressed, they contradicted Harmony. Simply having the attitude that an aspect of existence should be tossed out the door means that Harmony is not the end goal, as Harmony involves tolerating views, not eliminating them. Attempts should have been made at reason and compromise. Oppression is inherently an unbalanced action, and Harmony cannot be achieved be acting against Harmony. Then there is also Balance to be considered as well. Balance is a notion which is related to Harmony. Balance is an overall equillibrium between opposite forces. Existence changes, so opposite forces won't stay equal forever. But in order for Harmony to exist, Balance must be strived for. Opposite forces cannot be allowed to grow to strong or too weak. If we are to take this Order/Chaos duality as an example, we know that too much Order and too little Chaos are both bad things. The inverse is also true, as seen if we examine Discord's reign.Balance means that we should weaken the strong or strengthen the weak forces in a duality, to prevent the scales from going too much in either direction. These Imbalances would help create Discord- a state of existence which has excessive suffering for one or more parties, where somepony or another is not happy. So, in conclusion, I would argue that Equestria has it all wrong. In oppressing Chaos, the Equestrians are causing Imbalance. On top of that, the blind intolerance of anypony who seems to threaten the status quo means that the Equestrians are acting in an inherently Discordant and unharmonious way. I know this was quite a waffle, and I appreciate anypony who took the time to read. But I really wanted to share my ideas, and I would love to hear your own. What do you think everypony? I look forward to reading your responses!